How to Write SEO Optimized Copy 3 Easy hacks to Improve Your SEO.

How to Write SEO Optimized Copy
Writers Block?


A great piece of content will win the hearts of its audience and be SEO-friendly. How to write SEO optimized copy is easier said than done. However there is a lot of help available.

If your a WordPress user, you have access to search engine optimized tools such as All in One SEO, Yoast and more recently Rank Math is promoting itself as a search engine optimizer of content.

How to Write SEO Optimized Copy and Create Relevant Content.

Regardless of the industry you are involved in relevant content and staying on subject will always be in demand. Bing and Google update their algorithms about 6 or 7 times a day, trying to improve the results for people searching for information.

In addition to that, Google, Bing, in fact all search engines, Duck Duck Go, Yandex etc., have periods throughout the year where their systems are re-calibrated to try and improve the results delivered to people searching for information.

Of course not everyone is happy about this process, but it is what it is, and as content creators we need to try and keep up with what terms people are using when searching for information.

Having content that is relevant is easy enough for many people to do. Having content that is relevant and SEO friendly is a different can of worms altogether. Obviously the best place to start with a your SEO optimized content is with the headline. Lets see how it is done…

A Winning SEO Headline

The first part of getting your article optimized for SEO is sometimes the hardest. Many people I know, and even I do this sometimes, leave the headline until last.

Your headline needs to be a maximum of 75 characters for the permalink. For those new to this look above into the search bar and that is your permalink. In this case it should be The permalink is “how to write seo optimized copy”

These limits on characters and spacing is standard across the web, and you do not have much margin if your content (or copy), strays out side these limits. Preferably, for the permalink it would be better to be slightly less than 75 words. Other limits include 60 for the title and 160 characters for the excerpt.

The hard part of a headline is it needs to perform 3 main things.

  • Keep it short for compliance and appealing
  • Is it likely to be something someone would type into a search bar ?
  • Configuring it with a title that offers a benefit.

Selecting a Headline for Your Blog Post

Your topic dictates this obviously, but you do need to try for something that will be typed into a search bar, but not so frequently that your article is going to smothered.

Research shows that people rarely ever go past page 3 if they are looking for information on a subject.

You need to be aiming for page 1 of the search results. If you follow these tips you will be there.

I use a keyword finder called Jaaxy You can see how I used it here.

You can try it out it won’t cost you anything, but what I look for is a QSR around 100 with a minimum traffic flow of at least 30. This is called low hanging fruit. Follow the process and you will soar above some of the main players in the page rankings.

How to Write SEO Optimized Copy
Close enough… Remember amateurs go for perfection, professionals get results.

There are other ways you can research on Jaaxy to test a term or even brainstorm a term or word. It is best to try it out for yourself, but just experiment, say on finding keywords for your next 15 articles.

I try to quickly select one phrase or keyword and test it in the google search bar, reduce it down (sounds like I am cooking something), to as low a search volume as I can and then use it. The exact search term for the headline on this article is around 1.7 million !

With out that refinement, which is sometimes as simple as shifting words around or deleting one for another, the number of searches could have been over 180 million. Another hack common among experienced marketers is to check what Google autofills as you type in a term.

How to Write SEO Optimized Copy
How to Write SEO Optimized Copy
check the searches compared to the pic opposite.

Obviously no method of selecting a relevant headline is perfect and often this is the reason many content writers and copy writers too, choose to wait until they have finished the article before deciding on keywords for the title. As you can see in the above two screen shots it is only a simple matter of manipulating a couple of words before I got the result I wanted.

How to Write SEO Optimized Copy

Other Tools For Keywords.

Google has Google keyword planner, there are also paid tools like SEMRush and Moz. I prefer All in One SEO and Rank Math over Yoast for my site SEO.

As I write, Rank Math sits beside my text screen and lets me know how I am doing, ticking boxes as it reads the tasks I have completed.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

This is not a term that I see too much of in any article dealing with search engine optimization. Essentially it is the secondary keywords related to the subject (theme) of this article.

In the panel on the right (beside the text panel), if you click document and scroll down a little you will see “Tags”. “Add new Tag” I think these are redundant and do not add anything.

Many people still like to add their secondary keywords into this box. You can add 5 additional keywords into this section. Depending on your SEO you can add more than one focus keyword.

Your main focus keyword should be your permalink, and add 3 or 4 others used regularly throughout your article. After that I don’t add any more.

If you have an article that is 2,000 even 5,000 words long, Google, Bing or whichever search engine is crawling the article will discover keywords you probably never thought were keywords. That’s why I do not over do it the settings.

So many gurus talks content, content marketing or content writing. Not everyone struggles with content, I find it the easy part. Getting the headline right is just as important as writing useful content. What is the point of useful content or a great story if the title delivers no visitors to read it?

Create a Keyword Strategy

There is way to much emphasis on creating a keyword strategy. I see this and think the gurus have slipped in a good phrase to confuse a newbie.

Copy / content optimization needs some care, in that you are not stuffing keywords into your content.

Pick your titles using SEO keywords, and then write naturally. I think of it this way…

When your writing content, you should be writing for your reader. Google and Bing, actually all search engines are readers. They crawl your articles and catalogue them, if your article is likely to answer a readers question… it will rank well.

Bing the second most popular search engine recently underwent a major make over. Google is undergoing one as I write this. Google now is able to check spelling. It is doing this so it can better unravel and comprehend some of the articles online to see if they would answer a searcher’s request.

After this latest make over Google will be able to rank paragraphs.

The Message from Google themselves…

Quote… “We’ve recently made a breakthrough in ranking and are now able to not just index web pages, but individual passages from the pages. By better understanding the relevancy of specific passages, not just the overall page, we can find that needle-in-a-haystack information you’re looking for. This technology will improve 7 percent of search queries across all languages as we roll it out globally.” …Unquote.

Optimizing for Mobile. The Role of Themes and Plugins.

Google now has mobile-first indexing, which means that it’s prioritizing that over desktop computers. Your site optimization focus should turn to images and having them compressed so your site loads fast.

The optimization of any website is dependent on the content (including the headline / title), the theme and the plugins. Yoast, All in One SEO and Rank Math are all plugins.

The importance of a theme in all of this, is the coding that allows it to adapt to the different modes of online communication. Desktop, Laptop and Mobile. A themes code could also include other options such as lossy optimization options which can save up to 90% of the file weight with a very small loss of image quality.

For image compression plugins I can recommended two plugins Kraken and Smush. Of course there are others out there, and If you have any comments to make one way or the other on any image compression plugin, I am happy for you to share it here.

A premium theme plays a big part in the optimization of a website. as mentioned above offering things like loosy loading for images, also different typography options ( many premium themes have all 800 of Google’s fonts), and color options for your articles.

The cost of a premium theme varies between $60 and $100, payable each year. When buying a theme check that it is regularly updated. WordPress and many plugins have regular updates and your theme should too.

This is so that your webpage does not have its codes clashing with a updated plugin. For an example of what a premium webpage theme offers have a look here.


As you can see the three important things you need to keep in mind when putting a post together is the title content and compress any images to make sure your page loads fast. The complete process though, is a holistic one involving a optimum website, hosting, plugins and of course the content or copy. If you can follow along with this process you will soon start seeing your efforts giving you the results you desire.

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How to Write SEO Optimized Copy 3 Easy hacks to Improve Your SEO.

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Review of Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing as a Business Model to boost Sales Post Covid-19

Review of Drop Shipping as a Business Model Post Covid-19

The idea for this review of drop shipping and affiliate marketing as a business model to boost sales, post Covid-19, came to me the other day, when writing up a new about me page for a clients website.

Without wanting to understate it. 2020 has so far been a tumultuous year for business owners and employees. Many business owners are looking for a new path to get cash flow happening.

As well as researching a few sites, relevant to his tool making business.

At the moment, the clearest path appears to be selling online. LinkedIn is one of many business sites pushing digital selling.

Not to mention the ads on my FaceBook page for work at home agents.

Is this the End of Retail ?

Review of Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing as a Business Model Post Covid-19
The End of Retail.

Large and small retailers have been hammered by this shutdown.

My colleague, business analyst, Sirnivasan Mahanti, is of the opinion that, if 50% of the smaller business’s return it will be a miracle.

Over time, he says much will depend on the how the shopping centers restructure their business’s to keep and attract new tenants.

People are going to be less likely to become locked into expensive rents when they are only getting a 3%, or less return on their investment.

Many will ride into the sunset he say’s, others will transition to online only.

Brick and Mortar business’s (depending on their structure ), will try a combination of online, and walk ins.

Already we are seeing stock normally on a shop shelf, being sold off on E-Bay.

Baby gear, tradesmans tools, home wares, custom out door furniture.

So what you might ask, they have been on E-Bay for ages.

Not quite.. They used to be. Then E-Bay was swamped with Chinese Made everything.

Now it is more country centric. With many small manufacturers products, showing they are willing to compete against cheaper Chinese products.

A Massive Mindset Shift !

While doing the new “About Us”, page for my brother’s business. I went and had a look at some of his retailers. To see the marketing methods they are employing to drive sales.

These are Nation wide brick and mortar automotive parts and tools suppliers.

One of the business’s is drop shipping… I went and had a look on E-Bay. ( drop shippers paradise for some niches).

I saw this product. I have done an evaluation for this Here.

Review of Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing as a Business Model to boost Sales Post Covid-19
G&G Technics Harmonic Balancer Puller

A drop shipper accepted by the retailer is promoting some of the retailer’s products on E-Bay. (some good sales numbers too).

Then I had a look at another of his retailers.

One other business offers 4% commission with a 30 day cookie to people wanting to become Affiliate Marketers of their products

Not bad, compare that with Amazon and its 1.5% or less, and a one day cookie.

Plus they have a website that doesn’t want to let you go until you buy something, unlike Amazon.

Selling Your Product Online.

OF the 6 nationwide retailers my brother supplies, only 2 had upped the ante to become more aggressive and exploit the online alternatives.

This is not to say the others were not investigating the idea.

The two established ways if your serious about selling your products online are Affiliate Marketing and Drop shipping.

If your not doing it your missing out. Big Time!

There is a cost to set up, but it is not prohibitive.

A quick comparison between Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping can be found here.

Affiliate Marketing or Drop Shipping ?

Which ever one you go with, there are companies that want to help you. Lots of them.

The goals of the advertising company will align along the need (after some horse trading ), manufacturing companies have for an advertising and marketing partner.

The reach and scale of the agency… The fit with your production runs and how it fits with your cost structure.

Premium digital media companies test new audiences and drive performance with multichannel products, consumer insights, and advanced ad technology.

Reputable affiliate management companies have a set of conditions you must fulfill to be accepted into their fold.

Some Examples

  • Does your Yearly turnover exceed $2,000,000.
  • Can you pay a deposit ? On top of a management fee, to be used by the marketing company to pay affiliates.
  • Do you have discounted offers.
  • Does your website have pop ups.
  • What creatives are you able to give affiliates. (Banners, Text Ads and the like).
  • What Commission will you be offering Affiliates?
  • What time will you give a cookie until it expires. (explanation below)

The management companies then assess everything, perhaps offer other assistance, or give you a phone call.

Have someone assess your site and its SEO optimization before accepting you into the fold.

After the initial set up and once you have been accepted, it is up to you as to whether you review affiliates who apply, or if they are to be automatically approved. (once their details have been supplied to the networks affiliate management).

Every now and then you may want to run sales ” Black Friday Specials” and the like. For these you will need to work with the management company.

Give them some ideas to create coding for whatever advertising you are intending to use. ie. Banners or Text.

What is an Internet Cookie?

You have probably seen those pop ups at the bottom of your screen when you go to a some random website.

They will have a little box or a drop down box that says, ” This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you”.

“We use this information in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors both on this website and other media. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy” .

What it means is your IP address (computer), is being recorded. In the case of an affiliate marketer who has had some one come to your site from his site, there will be a record of where the visitor has come from.

Techies say “fires a cookie”. Which means who ever was visiting the affiliates website has clicked a link that leads to your website.

Anyway the IP address of the affiliate is linked to the IP address of the visitor. The question for you is…

If the visitor comes back in a week or a month and buys something, does the affiliate still get a commission ?

This is of interest to Affiliates, as you can imagine.

7 day, 30 day and 90 day cookies are common. Companies like E-Bay and Amazon have a 24 hour cookie.

Reputable Affiliate Marketing Companies.


The above list is by no means exhaustive, there are many more business affiliate programs online.

The choice you need to make, is whether to align your business with your niche.

This can be hard as not every niche out there is covered…

Or join a network with a broad merchant base and let content marketers, and affiliates choose you from the category (Niche), that aligns with them.

If you go with this model then I would suggest to review the publishers website to make sure it aligns with your products.

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Market Research. The Future Potential of Dropshipping.

Drop Shipping research covers two areas.

  • Dropshipping Software
  • Physical products

For dropshipping software your research should have an overview regarding the competitive landscape, raw materials and downstream buyers.

Plus any research should now broadly analyze the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the overall market growth.

This is useful for companies like Oblero, SalesSource, Doba and AliDropship

Research Companies such as aeresearch or 3w Market Research provide very in depth information

The potential (from what I have seen), is great, but don’t take my word for it check out the reports above yourself.

The Best Sources for Drop Shipping Your Product.

I have at the link below, a list of Drop Shipping Platforms to give you an alternative to setting up your own drop shipping section within your company.

List of Drop Shipping Platforms You will want to bookmark this page once it opens.

Essentially this list is to give you a lead in to getting your products listed throughout the world.

The top 4 are SaleHoo, Worldwide Brands, Sproket and Go Ten.

For Researching on how your Physical Product is likely to Perform.

Companies like 3W Market Research ( listed above), provide in depth reports on anything business.

Do you want to know the outlook for Forged Railway Wheels? They can tell you.

The outlook for Snowmaking machines, Auto Accessories, Orthopedic Care Products, Jewelry… ? The list is near endless.

The outlook. Year on Year growth prospects, regional market scope, product-market various applications, market size according to a specific product.

Dropshipping sales and revenue by region, manufacturing cost analysis, industrial chain, market affecting factors.

They could be the most valuable reports you will ever subscribe to.

If you are able to reach an agreement with a company such as Sprocket or GoTen this will be the most efficient way to get your product out to the world.

Companies like GoTen, World Wide Brands and SaleHoo rely on market research to keep abreast of trending products and future developments.

Generally speaking, companies like Oblero and Sprocket lean more to the higher volume consumer products, and hand made crafts. Themed Throw Pillow covers for example.

You will be vetted.

It is the reason Salehoo came into being. Once done however…

It leaves you to concentrate on making your products.

Every business is different. but the changes should not be massive to your marketing and distribution section.

If you want to set up your own little drop shipping section, it is not hard, you need a little space. A good work bench and a computer station.

The challenge will be finding drop shippers. If you do trade shows, you should have no problem, adding a link to your website helps. Goggle searches could help too.

Some basic Rules for Setting up Your own Dropship Operation.

Undercutting the Sellers.

Don’t do it.

This is a disgraceful practice that will only backfire.

I have seen it on E-Bay, A wholesaler advertising a product at less than the wholesale price others would have to pay.

That guy would not have made enough money to cover the postage.

If you are going to include drop shipping in your business mix, have a definite retail price setting for your products.

The people who sign up to sell your products deserve a fair go. I remember when the rip offs were rife coming out of China years ago. There is a review here.

Time to leave that in the past…

Back to a definite price point…

Here are a couple of ideas on how to achieve this.

  • Have the price point for the drop shipper as a percentage of of your retail price.
  • Depending on your costs. An example could be. 65% for you 35% for the drop shipper. This is the simplest. Everyone knows the boundaries.
  • Have a recommended retail price, and leave it to the drop shippers to set their own retail price. This works well.
  • If you are going to be selling, then stick to your retail price, the drop shippers may sell at less than you, but you still get your 65 – 70% or what ever.
  • This site will give you a great overview of how a good drop ship company works.

Product Distribution

If this is a change from your normal day to day business operations, there will need to be some additional area set aside for your Drop Ship operation.

  • Computer Station,
  • Packaging bench
  • Visible phone numbers for couriers
  • Postal declarations ( depending on your country.
  • Set up an account(s) with your postal service.
  • Ability to receive payments efficently… PayPal, Stripe, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc. Bank Deposit should be a last resort.

For accounting, have the drop shippers set up with a reference. So his sales are recorded.

Payment… The Best Part.

The great thing about Drop shipping it works 24/7. While your asleep somewhere on the other side of the world your products will be having eyeballs on them.

Nothing like starting the day with positive cash flow !

1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth, Fast.

1 work from home idea to fast track yor wealth
1Work From Home Idea to Fast Track Your Wealth
your finances should be going in this direction

Every now and then I stumble across something that demands my attention. This is one of those. In fact it is explosive !.

A work from home idea to fast track your wealth, fast. It goes to show everything you need, is under your nose (sometimes).

These day’s, you could swear that the intention of those in charge is to keep you poor. And have you working longer hours to stay poor !.

Here is something that any one can do no matter where they live or what language you speak. It does cost money, but, so does food. As much as we all like “free” things, free doesn’t get you very far.

The Coming Covid – 19, Depression / Recession / Economic Re-Set.

Something like the Coronavirus comes along and creates a financial bloodbath so big, our great, great grand kids will still be paying off the debt.

People talk about the Great Depression, Spanish flu, The Black Plague. I guess not too many reading this, or even walking around, will have experienced that, so, most of us have no idea really of what to expect once we are done with isolation.

Right now, you have probably received a supplement from the government to help buy some food. Maybe you have shut the doors of your business because of the lock down / social distancing rules.

If your sitting at home wondering when you will be going back to work, keep reading. I am going to show you how you can be making $6,000 – $50,000 a month.

If you get into this there may be no need to go back to the Corporate pigeon hole.

The Financial whiz bangs and the talking heads on T.V, are all in a massive bull market of misery. Rather than listen to them, keep an open mind and think of alternatives.

Anything is possible.

In this Post, business analyst Sirnivasan Mahanti (Rab), detailed 3 obstacles he sees, that the retail sector has to over come. One other thing he said was, with change comes opportunity.

But, he warns, “.. governments and central banks are referencing pages from previous playbooks. With currency devaluations, and manipulation of the precious metal prices imminent, physical items you can turn over quickly, are likely to be the safest commodities to be involved with.

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One Internet Home Business Opportunity That Will Produce a Steady Flow of Consistent Profits.

In normal times, what I am about to show you would fly off the table in super quick time. But we are not in normal times. And really this work from home idea is never marketed to the point of saturation.

I have other work from home reviews that will not come close to this. I have also done some MLM reviews, they don’t come close.

There is also a cost to become involved… and it is not MLM.

If you get sick of earning you up to $50,000 a month. You can always sell it, and move onto bigger things.

I am not pushing some MLM or BlockChain, or some other dodgy program, that will flush your hard earned down the toilet, and leave you in a financial bodybag.

At a behind closed door meeting last week ( 2nd week of April, 2020 ), Amazon decided to slash the percentages it pays to affiliates to almost Zero !

I read the other day that Amazon has been listing inferior products with very basic reviews, and also, I have read, it has butt ugly delivery practices.

At first, what I was reading defied common sense, but after about 3 of my colleagues complained, I sent an email to Rab ( Sirnivasan), to see what his opinion was.

His reply (in a nut shell), was to be prepared and strive to be self sufficient. There will be more and more companies scraping every cent they can, from where ever they can, over the coming months. Services too, will be striving to be as efficient as possible.

Self Sufficiency.

Although this Covid- 19 economic downturn was unpredictable, money is a concern no matter how diligently we have saved.

If you have invested in the share market, then your stocks have probably taken a hit. I know mine have. But some were already on a downward trend.

And to double down on the shrinking share price of stocks, many companies will not be paying dividends this year.

Many home business ideas for making an income, seem outdated, unfashionable, or just plain boring. Well, year on year those boring websites keep turning the results. And there are always bringing new products coming on stream.

Best of all, you can always a steady income, no matter old old or inexperienced you are.

Time to get Fired up on Your Financial Health

1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth.
get fired up.

As i mentioned earlier, Amazon is not being very helpful to anyone. E-Bay is getting expensive, the craft sites as well. Then there are the funnels, lead magnets and all the other whiz bang things that fill my inbox.

If you are not very tech savvy you will be floundering around in circles, paying for things you don’t understand. Making money on the net doesn’t have to be hard, sometimes humans over complicate things.

There are no tricks to earning an income on line. Your problems will either be technical, or marketing, or a combination of those.

1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth, Fast.
1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth, Fast.
See it for your yourself Here.

In the above screen shots you have two choices. If you have some Website building skills then all you need is the plugin to get your store set up.

If you have no Website building skills, you can pay some one to set it up for you, and put some of the profits towards learning some website building skills.

What you get

I said there is a cost involved, and if you are not tech savvy don’t worry, there is help for you. As much as you need.

  • Full ownership of the drop shipping business.  No playing by anyone else’s rules or limits. Do whatever you want with your store including: customization, expand your catalogue, re-set markups as required to take advantage of different seasons. .
  • You can even sell your store. 
  •  Live support by your own personal manager. 
  • Whether your decide to just buy the AliDropship plugin and build a store your self, or order a ready custom store.
  • You will have FREE lifelong support and plugin updates.
  • The dedicated manager will answer all your questions and take care of any technical issues.
  • One-time payment for the online store
  • You will only pay ONCE for the WordPress / Woo plugin or ready made store. There will be no further monthly fees!
  • Order a turnkey custom store. 
  • If you don’t have time to build an online store, you can order a custom one. We’ll create it from A to Z according to your preferences.
  • The cost of this service starts at only $299.
  • This is a one-time payment ! No more to pay !

You still have to pay for your domain name (about $13.00 per year), and your hosting which varies between $1 and $5 per week. Depending on the number of sites you have.

For less than $1000, you will be set up and ready to make money within the next 30 days. Others are charging up to $3500, just for the training, no Website! No hosting, no site set up, and no products !

Much of their training revolves around Amazon, which is taking bigger chunks from sellers profits, and just recently as I have mentioned, shafted a few hundred thousand bloggers.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something Different.

It will spice up your life.

Drop shipping is a leading e-commerce business model. You don’t need to own products to start selling. The key to running a successful drop shipping business is the management infrastructure.  A poor system will create nightmares for any drop shipper.   

Ali drop ship is a powerful drop shipping website plugin that will automate the process, connect store owners to millions of products and give you all the tools to run your business. Get them here

Check out the Profit Calculator.

Selecting Good Products.


Click on this to get all the frequently asked questions.

Aliexpress and COVID – 19

1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth, Fast.

Aliexpress is a many faceted organisation. Much angst is being thrown around at the moment about China and its role in this virus.

If you were really prejudiced you would not be this far down the page. If your reading this, then your obviously a rational person who decides things on facts. Not media speculation, or gossip from the neighbour.

I have mentioned Jack Ma in this post Although he was one of the guys who created Alibaba, and then Aliexpress. These days he is more associated with philanthropy work than business acquisitions.

At the end of the day Aliexpress is still the go to place for consumer items. It is still the number one wholesale site, if you navigate with care.

When opposition business, and the news feeds are piling in because a company is successful. History shows that those companies keep being successful.

One fear many people have is personal and financial security. In recent times this has probably had as much an influence for people buying online as have convenience and cheaper prices.

Secure a Lifetime of Prosperity.

1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth.
Steady flow of consistent impressive profits

Making piles of money is never boring. When you consider what all this amazing wealth can bring you.

Any type of lifestyle you choose to live. Anywhere you want to settle down, if you want to settle down. All the nice things you ever desired is yours.

It is not only one of the most profitable ventures, but also one of the safest, You can get started for about $300.00. That should be enough to get you up and earning in a short time. Many people have started with this plan and stuck with it.

There are many good, okay and bad online opportunities, but most of them come and go, or at least slowly fade away.

However, eCommerce has not only been a staple throughout out internet history, but it also has the best projection for the future.  Based on these three things.

  • Opportunity -with thousands of difference products to sell in hundreds of niches you’ll always have something to offer. This means you don’t have to fight with hundreds of other marketers selling the same thing.
  • Profitability – while profit potential with eCommerce has been always big, it also required a hefty upfront investment. This is no longer the case.
  • Stability – as you can see the E-Comm market is a pretty stable one. Which makes sense as more and more people buy things online and will continue to do that on daily basis. So this is a lasting business.
1 Work From Home Idea To Fast Track Your Wealth, Fast.
Pick your Package, A one time payment for all plans

Until next time,


I write on this platform.

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19

How to earn online post covid -19 After Amazon Ambushed Thousands of Online Marketers, Forcing Mass Competition For Disappearing Low Cost Business Opportunities.

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19

Earning online got very messy last week. Crashing like a massive pyramid scheme. Many affiliate marketers, having done (sometimes) years of work posting reviews of Amazon Products, had that income taken from them at the stroke of pen.

Their commissions to be reduced to near Zero.

Many felt they had been ambushed, no warnings given and coming as a brutal shock to many. A few days later WalMart gave a similar notice to their affiliates. But for most, it was just a case of get up of the floor, brush off the sawdust, and move into bigger and better things. Others just walked away from the whole sorry saga.

How to Earn Online Post Covid-19

This could be a problem, because there are also hundreds of thousands more entering the earning on line space, due to COVID -19, and many have no idea how to earn online, and will be easy prey for scammers.

Compared with those who have just been shafted by Amazon and WalMart, who have had years of experience affiliate marketing , setting up websites (some have 2 or 3, or more websites). Many coaching, mentoring and running courses.

The problems for newbies as is often the case, is understanding what is fair value, and how many swipes of the credit card are needed before realizing that your being ripped off.

Income Stagnation

The stagnation of income has for many, made starting a side hustle difficult. With costs set in US Dollars. The exchange rates of various countries is down near half or less of what the US Dollar is.

Being at the mercy of the tier one corporate’s and the market manipulators at the Central Banks, is becoming harder for people to break out of that little straight jacket.

A friend of mine in Australia pays a monthly subscription of $49 US. At the moment (March 2020), equal to $79.00 AU.

Big deal, you might say. But when you are down in the trenches trying to make ends meet, every little bit counts. If I can put something here to help your side hustle earn quickly, I will put it in these pages.

Which is why you should subscribe :- (copy and paste to your email)

The up side of course, if you are selling items priced in US Dollars, the exchange is working in your favor. But, you need to be making consistent sales to have it work for you.

The last thing any marketer needs, Is a merchant who decides to pull the rug from under you.

The Corporate’s, Post COVID -19

As readers of this blog know, I travel a lot. Today this appeared in my inbox.

PriceSmart inc. (NASDAQ) psmt. Sees Sales Surge Almost 20% In March. Postpones 2 new Colombian Stores, To Launch Online Shopping & Delivery Option

The story gathers interest as you read further down the page. Costa Rica Opening Postponed, Jamaica & Colombia Store Developments Halted. Although sales increased by $48 million over the March 2019 figures, currency fluctuations took $7.7 million off the bottom line for March 2020.

You can see where this is going from the last piece of the headline, ie “To Launch Online Shopping and Delivery Option”.

The full story here.

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19

Shopping Complex’s

Tenants in large shopping complex’s haven’t been happy campers for a long time. High rentals, restrictive hours, many are paying franchise fees and hardly any are making a sustainable return.

The business model of Price Smart is the same as Costco, WalMart, Bunnings, Home Depot, et.el. Running large, stand alone centers of their own.

In the post Covid environment, it is likely to be some time before we (as consumers), know what restrictions, shopping complex’s and stand alone warehouse type business will have to operate under.

The 3 major hurdles business analyst Sirnivasan Mahanti, sees for the retail sector coming out of this shut down are.

  • Warehouse retail outlets and shopping center complex’s, will probably have some restrictions on numbers allowed to shop at any one time.
  • Until things settle down ( which, could be as much as two years away, the fluctuating dollar ( currency manipulations by central banks), is going to create havoc with profitability. Not to mention imports and exports.
  • Increasing numbers of retail outlets will close their doors and move to an online presence, much like Amazon.

Who is Sirnivasan

Sirnivasan specializes in small to medium business. He is also a respected financial analyst. He predicted the 2008 financial melt down because he was seeing overheating currency markets as well as…

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19
Presenting the winning award at the ceremony for the 2016 RBI Policy Challenge, to students of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

Increasing oil prices, increasing demand for debt and large numbers of Ratings moving from AAA to lower levels in the medium loan markets, resulting in the calling in of toxic loans, triggering the meltdown of Global financial markets.

Looking back, Sirnivasan say’s, the main driver for the financial collapse was the dramatic increase in Chinese industrial outputs fueled by Western consumerism for Luxury goods.

Some remember it as the era of people buying T.V.s bigger than their cars.

For years Sirnivasan helped people take an idea, or small operation to the next level. Some are still popular today.

Others, he helped take from an office at the back of a house to a mainstream brick and mortar store. Some offer franchises.

So it is fair to say he knows what he is talking about when talking business.

How certain scenarios are likely to play out, and what the next trends are likely to be.


Orig3n DNA Tests - Free Shipping!

Private Label Goods

Many of the products sold by Price Smart, Costco, Amazon, Wal Mart and others are private label, (or white label), products not normally available in many 2nd and 3rd world countries.

One of the reasons these companies are so popular even in 1st world countries), is the Generic branding and Cheaper pricing !. I am sure you get the picture.

Entrepreneurial people started utilizing private (white), label products years ago. Today, thousands now appear in Amazon’s catalogue, in WalMart, in fact any retail outlet you care to think of.

Now with Amazon and WalMart slashing payments to affiliates and suppliers, Drop shipping is now a very attractive option. Those with an entrepreneurial mindset are now sniffing the breeze, ready for a huge shift.

Lets face it, Amazon and Walmart aren’t the only two business on the planet. Get in here and have a look around and you will see thousands.

To learn about starting your own private / white label business, here is a Special New user offer! Up to 75% off.How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19

Sirnivasan, nicknamed RAD, because of his lack of car reversing skills (reverse and dent), says the informal economy, (common to so many 2nd and 3rd world countries), will become more visible in 1st world countries, albiet under a different name “ the gig economy

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19
uber in Colombia

He says while ” governments are happy to have corporate’s like Uber run the gig economy, their current lack of profitability will see fragmentation among the participants, and more people move on to do their own thing”.

Countries like Australia, will have to loosen their industrial relation laws so as not to have an unemployment rate bounce, of up to 5%, or maybe more, which, in the short term, which would take the “official unemployment” rate past 10%

Of course there will be greater policing of the gig economy and its participants, to “safeguard” workers rights. “But you would expect that the principal of unintended consequences will undoubtedly kick in”, Sirnivasan said.

Planning for earning online

Like the old saying, if you don’t have a plan, then you plan to fail. So, over the next couple of weeks of the corona lock down, there will be plenty of links on this site to read through.

These will open the doors, so you avoid becoming a pawn in the new economy. Some require some money up front, I don’t know of any profitable business that started with nothing. Even the Colonel had to buy some chicken and spices to start.

If you have $1,000, then getting started with one these will leave you a buffer of working capital with which to build on. These are the best importing / drop shipping opportunities available today. One here.

I wrote a warning about importing safely from China a while back. It may be more relevant now. I should probably add that China is only a hub for much of Asia. You can read it here

This next link, is big on management structure. The mainstream media may not be giving this branding favorable reporting at the moment. But it really is only a play on a business name, legally “ripped off” by a Russian computer expert for a plugin.

For the latest in Discounts and for Ordering this Product Go to This Site and scroll to the Bottom of the Page.


I write Here

Copyright ©All Rights Reserved


Drop Ship. Join the top 10% of online Money Earners. Review

Drop Ship. Join the top 10% of online Money Earners.

Joining the top 10% of online money earners Is not that hard. But You Need To Play Smart.

Drop shipping is one of the most under estimated and misunderstood concepts in today’s online business. With easy to understand concepts, coupled with the right merchants and payment providers, Drop Shipping can easily put you in the top 10% of all online money earners.

What is it.

If you have ever bought anything off Shopify, Wish et el, then it is a 99% chance it is a drop ship item.

Oxygen Plus

The only variants, someone selling from say, Etsy , is more likely to send their own item.

Drop shipping, you hold no inventory, and when an item sells, the payment goes to your account. You pay ( the agreed percentage to the manufacturer), and keep the percentage you had it marked up by.

Then give the manufacturer the details of the buyer, the manufacturer then ships the item to the buyer.

A quick exercise Comparing the pros and cons with affiliate marketing.

The Benefits of Drop Shipping Vs Affiliate Marketing

Hands on Substantial Income Vs A Trickle of Passive Income.

Everyone plugs affiliate marketing as the way to have an online income. Even I have said it, but I’ve never said you will get rich.

Look at all the tricks you need for content. If you are suffering from writers block. You put it off for another day.

Here is what ClickBank’s Community Manager Beau Blackwell , had to say about affiliate marketing. quote ” It’s no secret that out of the hundreds of thousands of new people who decide to try affiliate marketing every year, only a small percentage ever make enough to quit their day job or significantly change their lifestyle”.

“Is it because affiliate marketing is too competitive, too hard for non techie people, or just not all that is cracked up to be. ” unquote.

Last I heard, the percentage who succeed is about 3%

If you don’t know, Click Bank is probably the number 1 site for digital merchants and vending websites in existence today.

Affiliate Marketing Pros.

  • Potential to earn Passive Income.
  • Can be set up with zero cost
  • No contact with customer required (often not allowed).
  • No Geographical restrictions
  • Can’t think of anything else.

Affiliate Marketing Cons.

  • Need time to know how to set up a website properly
  • Either no income or very little during this learning curve
  • Months? long lead time before your website is rank well enough by Google and other search engines, if ever!.
  • Constantly having to coming up with new ideas to blog about in your niche.
  • Need at least very good SEO skills. Advanced skills is better.
  • Good writing skills
  • Extensive marketing and promotion required.
  • Low percentage rate of commissions. Often marketing costs exceed income.
  • Short term cookie life.
  • Some merchants close their affiliate accounts, leaving you with useless blog posts.
  • Not always available to non English speakers.
  • Chances of being in the top 10% of online income earners are very slim.
Drop Ship and Join the top 10% of online Money Earners.
Your parcel

Drop Shipping Pros

  • No risk
  • High Margins
  • No need to carry inventory.
  • It is not necessary to be niche specific
  • A drop ship web site can be set up in a few days and be earning income almost immediately.
  • Don’t need advanced SEO skills.
  • You are able to establish a relationship with merchants and earn additional income as an affiliate.
  • You set your own prices.
  • If outsourcing, the Tech Skills of Virtual Assistants do not have to be extensive.
  • Low cost set up
  • Only basic tech skills required.

Drop Shipping Cons.

  • Making price adjustments to hit a sweet spot, can take time on some items.
  • Staying on top of payments, taxes and being accurate with customers details. If you are doing this then your making money. You can always hire someone to do this.
  • Keeping advertising costs under control.
  • Refrain from extravagant spending of profits. Invest some of it in Gold.

In a nut shell just basic business book keeping. If your starting from zero e-commerce knowledge, then Drop Shipping wins hands down. If you have some experience marketing things on the internet through E-Bay or Etsy, then, drop shipping is the logical step to give your income a serious boost.

It gets Better.

Made for You websites.

Amazon or some Amazon Associates kicked this off way back in the early / mid 2000’s. Where, for about $6,000 you could have a website, domain name, and niche. You then populated it with items from your niche.

Drop Ship and Join the top 10% of online Money Earners.

You had to learn basic coding, and write descriptions using the code box, which is why it never really took off.

Since then The drop shipping space has been filled by Shopify, Big E-Comm, and others.

Now there is no need to do or know any coding.

Every drop ship platform follows similar formulas, some have more apps than others, some push harder in their advertising to get you signed up using their platform. I did posts some time back, see one here


Jack Ma

This is the guy who turned E-Commerce on its head. While people were looking through their cupboards for things to sell on E-Bay, Jack was being rejected by the Harvard Business School.

After the tenth rejection he, and a few friends managed to cobble together about $80,000 to form a new business, They called it Alibaba.

The rest, as they say is history.

Aliexpress Plugins & Made for you Webstores

Recently a company was set up based on a plugin they called the Alidropship plugin.

If you don’t know Aliexpress is an E-Comm platform for Small and Medium enterprises (SME’s), from across Asia as well as foreign companies who have set up bases in Asia and manufacture products there.

A history of the company here.

The Ali drop ship offices has its offices located in Irvine California. It is totally independent of the aliexpress wholesale operations and the plugin was not developed by Aliexpress.

The alidropship plugin created a way for many people who wanted to enter into online commerce but were not able to due to their limited IT skills.

Many of the staff have drop ship experience. Many are IT experts,all are proficient at their job and keen to help you to succeed with your business.

Earn Profit Margins up to 2000 % With an outlay of $89.00

This Plugin allows you to import products straight to your Word press or Woo Commerce Store. Process clients orders and track you business performance.

Over 100,000 trusted suppliers, 100 million products. Free Shipping and No Hidden Fees and Charges. Full lifetime support.

Unlike other drop ship hosts, Aliexpress is here to help you succeed. The cost of the plugin? A miserable $89.00.

Earn another 12% on your sales.

As well as earning a return on the products you sell, you can also pocket some more money, or to use as a discount for your customers.

Lets face it you need to stay on top of the competition.

The cashback scheme works as follows: you click a special affiliate link and purchase the desired products on AliExpress.

After the products are delivered, part of the cost ( up to 12%), is returned to you in your affiliate account. This is a additional bonus on top of your drop shipping income.

The Full list of what is on offer.

  • Custom Stores
  • Ali Drop Ship Plugin
  • Ali Drop Ship Woo Plugin
  • Hosting
  • Premium Drop Shipping Stores
  • Services and Add Ons.
  • Themes
  • Import Packages
  • Ali Drop Ship Chrome Extension.
  • Established Stores For Sale.

For Free you get

A comprehensive list of help centers to help you succeed with your business. Niche testing and niche ideas, marketing tips, profit calculator. Check out all the resources and review the hosting plans Here

Niche Ideas

2020 videos available here

Your Guarantees.

1. Full ownership of their drop shipping business. You don’t depend on anyone else’s rules or limits. and you can do whatever you like with your store including: customization, expanding their catalogue, setting markups. You can even sell your store, and we will help with that too.
2. A One-time payment for your online store. You only pay ONCE for our WordPress / Woo plugin or ready made store. Forget about any further monthly fees!
3. Order a turnkey custom store. If you don’t have time to build an online store, you can always order one. We’ll create it, from A to Z according to your preferences. The cost of this service starts at only $299. This is a one-time payment, too!
4. Live support by personal manager. Whether you decide to buy the AliDrop ship plugin and build a store by yourself … or order a custom store, we provide FREE lifelong support and plugin updates. A dedicated manager will answer all of your questions and take care of any technical issues.

You can sign up for your wealth builder Here

What People are Saying

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Review For 2020. Is PayPal Safe or a Hackers Paradise?

PayPal has for years been promoted as the safest way to transact money online. One month into 2020 and 4 suspect transactions on my Visa account, two on my MasterCard, I am asking myself the question, Is PayPal Safe or a Hackers Paradise. With Covid -19 and the world closing up shop, what is the future of PayPal ?

A Brief PayPal History.

Is PayPal Safe or a Hackers Paradise ?.

PayPal was first listed as Confinity founded by Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Luke Nosek, Yu Pan, Ken Howery and Russell Simmons. Elon Musk who founded the online bank X-Com merged with Confinity which then became known as PayPal.

The company was then bought by E-Bay shortly after listing as a public company in 2002. PayPal already being a large part of E-bays success, this merger could only mean the future was going to go ahead in leaps and bounds.

And so it did, becoming the go to selling and payment option for drop shipping and importing things through Aliexpress. Initially some who jumped on the band wagon where stung by unscrupulous merchants, And PayPal still had security issues to overcome with its payment algorithms.

But with this initial trial and error there was a determination to see it work. Eventually merchants, drop shippers / importers, and retail buyers were able to shop online with confidence that their payments were secure, and technology opened a way to verify merchants as being legitimate.

Is PayPal a Hackers Paradise
Safe Online Shopping

E-Bay spun PayPal off in 2015, by which time it was ranked 200th in terms of revenue on the Fortune 500 largest Corporations.

PayPal. An Un-welcomed Innovation

PayPal was never welcomed into the financial sector with open arms, and cheering crowds. PayPal’s initial idea (according to one of the founders, Luke Nosek ), was to create a global currency that was independent of interference by the usual suspects. Corrupt cartels of banks and governments debasing their currencies.

PayPal was not to be independent though. That idea never materialized due to investor pressure to release a product ASAP. Still PayPal did publicly open the concept of an independent currency. About 9 years later Bitcoin was released.

Initially loved by the consumers and merchants on E-Bay. PayPal has had to constantly battle government regulations, fight claims of violating patents, class actions, and any number of compliance issues from foreign regulators, banks and security issues from consumers.

PayPal Merchant Services

With PayPal ramping up its merchant services for online retailers, it also began expanding its network to off line purchases. By 2011, with over 100 million active user accounts in 190 different markets and in 25 different currencies.

Ten years earlier PayPal was struggling with money laundering, credit card charge backs, all threatening the viability of its association with credit card providers.

In his book The PayPal Wars former marketing director, Eric Jackson states that PayPal at one point was incurring fraud losses of $2,300 per hour ! However instead of treating it as a legal problem, PayPal decided to treat it as a Risk Management problem.

Some of the most disruptive hacking has come from political activists, unhappy with decisions made by governments and backed by corporations. Wikileaks being a prime example.

As for fraud, PayPal is one of the best when it comes to detecting fraudulent transactions . By acquiring Fraud Services in 2008 for $165M, which would incorporate additional security to the VeriSign payment solution purchased in 2005. As well, in conjunction with Master card, PayPal developed and launched the PayPal secure card service in 2007.

These days PayPal has a fraud rate of about 0.30 of revenue. Still considerable when you consider the amount PayPal turns over, but also take into account it has around 300 million accounts.

Still it is way less than the 1:32 % average for retail merchants.

Meet #1 WordPress Plugin for dropshipping business

Covid-19, Co-Incidence I was Hacked or ?

It had been about 18 mths or two years since I had a problem with unauthorised transactions on my PayPal account.

So it came as a bit of a shock to receive 3 emails telling me I had bought some Nike Shoes !. This was on the 3rd of February, 2020. For PayPal to action an investigation into my accusations. The time from contact to resolution was about 24 – 36 hours. All money was recovered. The Coronavirus was not yet full on news.

One thing to remember though. Pay Pal gives you a month to file a complaint. if you leave your complaint for longer than a month then it will not always be possible to have your money returned.

PayPal also requests that you forward suspected phishing emails to them for their security IT guys to check what is going on

As COVID – 19 bites into the economy PayPal has issued a statement detailing its response and tips for consumer safety. See Here.

PayPal and The Future.

With much of the world going into near shutdown, hackers will use this time to get busy. People, out of money or short of money will be looking for both honest, and dishonest ways to make a buck over the next few months. The hackers will be waiting.

Is PayPal a Hackers Paradise
waiting for you

I don’t want to crystal ball what will or won’t happen over the next few months. But, I have been around long enough to know there will be a complete reset coming to the way we work and create wealth.

History tells me the most reliable way to make an income in any economic climate is importing and exporting.

You can start by drop shipping, and these days finding honest merchants is not as hard as it used to be. PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, et el are all up to speed with consumer protection. But, to put everything in your favor, you might want to read this post I wrote nearly a year ago.

Regards, and stay safe, these are troubling times, and are not to underestimated.


You can find me here usually.

7 Reasons Your Compelling Affiliate Content Sucks.

Your Compelling Affiliate Content Sucks.

Maybe the reason your compelling affiliate content sucks, is you were suffering writers block, or lacking time to put together a good article. Or you were just over it and needed time out. 

 unhappy female face. Your Compelling Affiliate Content Sucks.
your kidding                                                                                                               

So you went to Fiverr , and hired the one who promised the most for the least $’s, and the article came back written in Pigeon English. 

You couldn’t afford any more money so you edited it yourself.

You might laugh, but it does happen and I don’t mean to disparage fiverr because there are many excellent freelancers there.

The need to continually put out new original content can be stressful. Lets look at some of the problems.  

The Problems With Content

  1. – Affiliate promotional samples are short
  2. – Spinning Existing Content
  3. – Disjointed content
  4. – SEO –  not specific
  5. – Your Make Money Online business is the same old same old rehash of shiny objects,and expensive promises. 
  6. – Content uniqueness.
  7. – Writers Block.  Finding Inspiration for content

Affiliate Promotional Samples

Often these are short usually around 300 – 500 words. For SEO, this won’t cut it. The whole basis of any content is SEO.

Unless you can nail this then you are writing for the exercise.

Adding two Affiliate samples together is not going to help you. Although there may be a line or two that you could use, they are often old and no longer original. 

The accepted rule is.  Content for articles should be around 600 – 1000 words, and 2500 words and above is top tier. 

There are exceptions though. A statistic I saw a while ago said the average blog is around 300 – 600 words.

A Lot of Content Is Not Articles.

What about all the visual stuff out there, videos, photography, some courses, 3d niches, music, sketching. They may only have a couple of hundred words and still rank. 

7 reasons your compelling content sucks
Everyone loves a story with pictures

Google loves long, quality content, 2500 words or more. It must relevant to the topic though.

Ok, that is a given, but it is not always necessary.

And if your going to spend the time writing long content, then make sure someone wants to know what your writing about. 

Most bloggers settle for 750 – 1500 words.  Provided other things like meta data and keywords are in the right places, you will go close to achieving a mid 80’s +, SEO score. 

And, there is nothing wrong with that.

Spinning Articles

This bird doesn’t fly. I am aware of the claims made about the various forms of  software. This one is popular,  but the reality is, Google is not stupid.

If you want to spin content from a blog post on another site and use it in a new post. The google crawl will pick it up.

Plus, there is the disadvantage of the new Headline.

How much different can you make it to suit the spun content, or vice versa, and will it rank? 

Disjointed Content

You haven’t mapped out how your post is going to take shape. You veer off topic, the links aren’t relevant, and it is hard to read.

I have first hand experience of this. It is not intentional. You just want to sit down and write, create something brand new that is going to change our lives and the world.

And you ended up writing crap. It didn’t matter, some of us learn the hard way. Come back and edit later. The positive take is you got something out there. 

But you should improve. Right? 

Sometimes it goes the other way, and we do create something new that is going to change the world.  Other times those days can be hard to replicate.

Writers Block (again). How robotic can a person be?. 

With affiliate marketing it can become a struggle to be compelling, and stay within the bounds of honesty, if your trying to have someone click a link and buy the widget or digital thing you are promoting.

SEO Not Specific

You researched for a headline using the latest whiz bang tool, then wrote a post where the headline had nothing, or very little to do with the content. 

Your selling an apple peeler, to get a higher word count you move onto peeling cucumbers.

You hit publish, submit it to Google, Bing, and other search engines.

It is indexed a month later and can be found on page 50. 

Make Money Online Business

Burning Money, Your Compelling Affiliate Content Sucks,
Lets burn some money

For those in the make money online niche. Many move to attract attention to their website, and buy the latest $147.00,  $29.00 E-Book to generate traffic.

Then hand over a few hundred $$$ to someone who will push your promotion to their email list. 

A smorgasbord of shiny objects promising wealth and fame is often the downfall for many affiliate marketers 

Spending too much time with any of the below to get lookers at your product is also  time and money sucking. 

Social media marketing,  Viral marketing,  Video marketing, Paid advertising (PPC, PPV, Native, Media Buying), Influencer marketing

And others I have probably forgotten about. 

The problem of course, is income will take a long time to overtake expenditure.

Many in this niche do not have enough notes, or plastic (with enough credit), in their wallets, to maintain this type of promotion for any amount of time. 

In fact, this is the point where most give up. You need to get your SEO act together and start putting out good content. The reality is it is not that hard.


AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping,

Content Uniqueness

Every experts favorite statement. “Make your content unique“.


What the hell can you say about a portable hair dryer that hasn’t already been said, Instagramed, or sent viral across Face Book or Pinterest.

Finding angles can be hard. Is the research likely to tell you anything more than than what the product features tell you?.  Have a look it might be a dud. 

7 Reasons Your Compelling Affiliate Content Sucks.
Like being on a Motorbike.

 Unless you can turn it into fun, content will always be a struggle.

On those days where you are struggling and overthinking a task, walking away is sometimes the best option.

Come back to it when you are feeling more relaxed. 

How do you do that?  Take a light – hearted approach to the process. Don’t write a story and become too attached to it, or try to predict what it can do.

A short engaging article which gets people talking is just as good as a long engaging article that gets people talking.

Write from the perspective of being helpful and not taking yourself too seriously. If 300 – 400 words is all it takes to cover all the relevant points, and some additional relevant content (why they should buy for eg. ), so be it.  

Finding Inspiration For Content.

There are lots of ways. Watch a movie, something said in a conversation, and what they call curated content  which can provide all sorts of ideas for any market. 

This is not to be confused with spun content. The two are chalk and cheese. 

Curated content comes in two forms. Content aggregation and content discovery. 

Content Aggregation 

 Is the aggregation of content, which simply means syndicating someone else’s content that you found from their feed. Example of a great tool. Feebly 

You are able to add, remove, and organize the various blogs and sites you want to follow, as well as de-clutter your inbox.

You can view the complete or partial article through the tool and access it anywhere as it is web based.

In a nutshell, an aggregation tools allows you to compile the sites you like to read, all in one place. 

Content Curation

Content Curation differs from content aggregation in that it requires a manual addition of content.

OK, sorry there is work involved. 

When done properly, the full process of content curation can take as much time as creating original content.

Sometimes more.

You have to source, repackage and share a ton of information.  This can be done more efficiently with automated tools.

But, you must also spend time filtering the content, adding insight and perspective, and building relationships with influencer’s and other publishers.

Your Compelling Affiliate Content Sucks
shot of scoop it.

The best way to utilize this is to use it as a discovery tool. This may best be defined as 

The art of sourcing, filtering and repackaging all forms of existing content to share with a specific audience to add value to their lives and save them time.           See here.

An example of a great tool is Scoop  

The content is curated by its members, so you can follow topics, new players in the game and users, so you don’t have to do fresh searches. 

There is a lot to like about these tools, granted curation takes time, but as an idea tool for new topics that will be of value to your audience, it is time well spent. 

   You now have a place to grab some great ideas, next time you suffer writers block. 😎

As an affiliate marketer or blogger, you need a constant stream of ideas for your playbook. 

Done properly, Google will love you too.  

But, at the end of the day just remember.

Curation can certainly lighten the load and open new doors, it will never replace the authority-building power that comes with creating original content.

Girl on a computer, Your Compelling Affiliate Content Sucks
Working on new Ideas.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

I have a small favor to ask. If you found this article useful could you share it please, some one else might find it useful too.

Until next time.

7 Reasons Your Compelling Affiliate Content Sucks.
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The Best Drop Shipping Business Opportunities – All On 1 Site

Drop Shipping Business Opportunities The big players in Drop Shipping, even hosting companies, are promoting drop shipping business opportunities as a way to give up the  9 – 5 J.O.B. Done with proper due diligence,  drop shipping can dramatically improve your lifestyle. Are the Best opportunities for drop shipping to be found on Aliexpress or … Read more

7000 Incredible Landscaping Designs with Photos

Landscaping Design Ideas-Photos

 If you have had problems with any of the following you need to look at Ideas 4 Landscaping.

Under-estimated the time and cost required to complete your landscape project.
Contractors over complicating the process to justify their price.
Not sure where to start
You don’t understand the process, or are unsure about the materials required.
Just want a simple plan that could be completed in a weekend

How You Can Make Money From Blogging. For Free.

Can you make money from blogging? Includes a Free Trial

The Online Gig Economy. Regardless of the online media, it involves writing.  Web pages need content, videos need scripts, photos need tags,  products need selling points, questions need answers.  Here is one established program which shows, How you can make money from blogging, for free.  Free of course is subjective. You will not have money … Read more

Online Business Ideas for Beginners

Low Cost Business Opportunities

Home Based Business Opportunities If you have been thinking of doing a side hustle then these online business ideas for beginners show that it is not a complicated process.    The expansion of the internet opened up a whole new wonderful world for individuals to unleash their inner soul and become as creative as they … Read more

How to Make Money With A Hobby.

How to Make Money Woodworking - Turning your Hobby into an Income

  How to Make Money with a Hobby – Teds Wood Working Review.  Going back to my roots with this. About 10 years ago I received an email with the subject line  something like you see above. How to make money with a hobby. This Teds woodworking review is from personal experience.  Although it was … Read more

SEO Keyword Search Tools – 1 Super Easy Method.

Low Cost Business Opportunities

Getting the Seo Keyword Search Tools you need to make your business a success Every 10 seconds or so in America, someone starts a home based business. Within six months most (80%?), will have given up.  The tragedy of this is that nearly anyone can find a method to lead them to success. Similar to … Read more

Drop Shipping.- Finding a Unique Product

Drop Shipping.- Finding a Unique Product

Drop Ship Definition. Drop Shipping and finding a unique product does involve some skill and a perhaps a little luck.  Essentially it is the online version of an import / export agency.  The main difference being you don’t need to buy a container load of items and wait until they are landed at a wharf, … Read more

Passive Income Streams -Grow your Side Hustle

Are you being paid peanuts? Passive Income Streams -Grow your Side Hustle There are literally hundreds of ways to earn a passive income. Two of the internet’s “Big Ideas” are Affiliate Marketing and Drop shipping. Making a passive income online has quite a few challenges. There are some gems, which can be very successful, but … Read more

2019 Review Wealthy Affiliates – Free Affiliate Websites. Updated 2020

A powerful research tool for any niche.  Jaaxy  allows you to create and manage powerful lists of keywords, one of the most advanced keyword tools in the world. It has other powerful features that allow you to research and analyze your competition, uncover millions of keywords, discover SEO trends, finding trending and lucrative ideas, plus other features, such as Niche keyword lists, Site ranking to keep you up to date on your sites performance.

Sqribble. The Easy Way to do Quality eBooks.

Your Ultimate eBook Solution It’s a known fact — good design wins not only people’s trust but screams “high quality!”Exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd,and SELL MORE  of what you do at a higher price. Sqribble Does all this and Then Some. Squibble is Available for a Limited Time with a One … Read more