What can you sell on Sellfy? Is it a Legit Ecommerce Platform?

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What can you sell on Sellfy? and is it a legitimate platform.

SELLFY WAS CREATED to provide extremely easy solutions to sell digital products from your own website.

Over the past couple of years selling online and dropshipping exceeded all expectations and this trend looks like continuing for a while longer.

Sellfy was also one of the first to offer advanced tools to enhance sales and promote products via social media.

It is now one of the leading online dropship platforms, where you can sell nearly every product imaginable.

And… Yes, it is a legitimate company!

You can sell:-

  • eBooks
  • Music
  • Videos, courses
  • Merchandise
  • Home decor
  • Graphics
  • Anything else you can think of (that’s legal of course).

As well, Sellfy is available in other languages.

For instance if you are from a Spanish speaking country, your dashboard and product list is in Spanish making your work easier when adding new products etc; as well as for your customers to navigate through your products and purchase an item. If your products appear in an English speaking country (for example), they will appear in English allowing them to purchase items as well.

Company Profile

Founded 2011
OwnersKristaps Alks and Maris Dagis.
BasedLatvia. Europe.
Members Approx; 60,000 creators have used Sellfy

The Benefits People have found using Sellfy.

Cost was one of the biggest factors for many people. More on that below.

However, the massive versatility and ease of use of the Sellfy platform is also one of the main reasons many people like it.

You can see that for yourself here.

A screenshot of the Sellfy dashboard used in the article What can you sell on Sellfy?
Sellfy Dashboard screenshot.

According to Google, Shopify is the third biggest seller of physical merchandise after e-Bay

Google has the book of faces ranked second !

I would dispute that, but that is not what this article is about.

Let’s go back to Shopify for a minute.

For creators of digital products Shopify can be a little expensive.

Anyone who has used Shopify, will know that there are lots of 3rd party apps for various things.

The cost of using these apps are on top of your Shopify costs.

I am not going into a Sellfy vs Shopify comparison, because it would be like comparing chalk with cheese.

Shopify does its thing very well, and so does Sellfy.

Sellfy initially was developed specifically for digital products, and that is still the core of its business model.

For any visual artist, digital or traditional, who wants to market their own tutorials.

Sellfy has some very useful tools to make this as easy as cutting cake.

You can sell any kind of digital product on Sellfy

  • Video and Films
  • Videos and Photo effects
  • Images.
  • Digital books
  • PDF’s
  • Audio files and Music.
  • Tutorials.

Best of all, you can prevent buyers from sharing your product files online, by issuing unique download links with limited download attempts.

You can sell physical products.

Print on demand is a popular concept and Sellfy excels at this.

The Sellfy shop user interface is one of the easiest to work with with.

You can build a fully functioning store selling digital, physical or subscription products, and have it all completed in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Maybe two.

Sellfy Pricing

The pricing starts at $0.

This is not a free then pay $X, but a free forever plan.

It is limited as to how much you can do with it obviously, but it still offers more than others in this space.

Let’s take a look at it.

  • Limited to 10 physical or Print on Demand products.
  • No transaction fees
  • You have a Store editor and Store theme choice
  • You can offer Coupon codes
  • You have PayPal / Stripe gateway support
  • Advanced Tax and Vat settings
  • Free SSL and 24/7 email support
  • Optimized for mobile
  • You can integrate your free store with an existing website, social media or anywhere else by adding buy it now buttons, product links etc.

Not too shabby for a free site.

The Paid for Platforms.

These start at $22.00 and go up to $119.00 per month based on a yearly plan.

You might have seen them advertised at $19.00 a month, but this is a bit of ambiguous marketing because it is based on a two year plan, paid up front.

Still the $22.00 a month (paid yearly =$264.00) is not a bad deal.

All plans include your hosting.

There are no transaction fees on any of their plans so basically the payment lets you get on with selling without worrying about fees eating into your profits.

The only limitation is that after $10,000 of sales turnover you have to move to a higher cost plan.

The Business and Premium Plans

The business plan is $59.00 per month or $708.00 billed yearly.

This one has the benefit of removing Sellfy’s branding from the theme.

Again it comes with a turnover limitation.

This time it is $50,000 remember Sellfy is not charging a transaction fee on top of your PayPal or Stripe fees.

The Premium Plan is $119.00 per month or $1,428.00 billed yearly.

This is quite generous in that you can turnover $200,000 a year.

The complete details below.

Sellfy Pros and Cons.

Pricing is Ok. If you just paid monthly, then your starter plan monthly fee is $29.00.

This is not much different to Shopify’s base starter rate.


The obvious benefits are

  • No transaction fees.
  • Language translations.
  • Great for Digital Marketers and Physical products.
  • Up to 10GB per product to host and distribute large digital files
  • 24/7 helpline
  • Built in Print on Demand.
  • Options to expand if your turnover goes above $200,000 per year.
  • Piracy protection for videos
  • Download protection for PDF’s to prevent buyers sharing your product files online.
  • Built in Email marketing
  • Sellfy has a couple of features that you have to pay for on Shopify,
  • Reliable secure payments
  • 14 days free to start


Like I said above It is a wasted exercise comparing Sellfy with Shopify.

Shopify is a multi million dollar enterprise with bells and whistles hanging off everything.

You do have to pay for them though.

Turnover limitations on Sellfy. Although I doubt they are too hard to live with. Others have them as well.

One notable downside I see with Sellfy (and it is not confined to Sellfy), is the lack of optional payment processors out side of PayPal and Stripe.

They are not always available in South American countries and some countries in Asia.

I wrote an article a while back on payment processors for South America which may be of interest.

While it is good that platforms are able to now diversify their languages, adding other payment processors would go a long way to expanding their business.

One other payment processor that is probably worth a look at if you are buying from overseas suppliers is VEEM.
I am not fully up to speed with it but it looks to offer a good alternative to PayPal.

As always do your own due diligence.

See the complete details on Sellfy Here.

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