Breaking Into Tech: The Success Guide If You’re Starting From Scratch.

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How to Break Into Tech with No Experience

If you have ever dreamed of diving into the tech world but felt held back by a lack of experience or money you’re doing yourself a disservice by giving up on the idea. What if I told you that this isn’t just for tech-savvy geniuses or coding prodigies? What if your ticket to this tech utopia doesn’t require years of experience or a hefty degree? It’s a journey many have embarked on, and you can too, and do it without the hefty price tag.

Let’s face it, making a career shift in a field as dynamic as tech can be both exciting and intimidating.

The success stories of those who have gone through the training and are now earning high five and six figure salaries are many.

Like Ian, a former Truck driver and hundreds more like him, who relate tales of their challenges and success’s

You might be reading this and making excuses as to why you can’t make the shift, at the same time, wondering if it’s even possible to break into such a well paid industry without years of study. Remember… every expert was once a beginner.

Here’s the thing though – your doubts and curiosity about tech are the first steps towards a rewarding new career path, and you’ve already taken those steps just by considering the change.

Let’s get going and talk about turning that spark of interest into a well paid professional achievement.

This is where Careerist fits in – It is the benchmark in the tech education landscape, and is uniquely tailored to guide you from curiosity to six figure career, no matter what your starting point is.

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The Tech Industry Landscape

Why Tech is a Promising Career Path

The tech industry is not just for the tech-savvy or the computer science graduates; it’s a field overflowing with opportunities for anyone willing to learn and grow.

Many successful tech professionals started just where you are now. Maybe you have friends who have made the transition from being underpaid and unappreciated, to highly paid tech professionals.

All they did was blend some curiosity with the right guidance, and transformed their interest in technology into lucrative and fulfilling careers.

And it’s not just about coding or software development; the tech world is incredibly varied.

One of the most accessible and in-demand areas right now is Quality Assurance (QA), a field where precision, problem-solving, and a keen eye for detail can open doors to amazing career opportunities.

Why Choose Careerist for Your Tech Journey?

It Offers A Unique Blend of Manual QA and QA Automation Training.

At Careerist, they believe tech education should have a comprehensive approach. Their program doesn’t just skim the surface; it dives deep into the workings of Manual QA and QA Automation.

What does this mean for you?

It means you’re not just learning the ropes; you will be mastering them. You will be equipped with a versatile skill set that’s highly valued in today’s tech job market. Their instructors aren’t just teachers; they’re industry veterans from top-tier companies like Google, Meta, and Reddit.

Learning from their real-world experiences, you’ll gain insights that books alone can’t provide. Plus, their one-on-one career coaching ensures that your education is personalized, focusing on your unique strengths and career aspirations.

My dream came true!

I’d been wanting to get a job in IT for a while, but I didn’t quite understand what to start with, since they all ask for at least some experience and knowledge. A friend of mine told me about Careerist and I thought that it was worth a try, and I’m glad I did! True, the education process was fast paced and rather difficult, and finding a job was too. Anyway, it was all worth it. Now I can enjoy working from home, from anywhere really, and my salary is about 50% more than it was at my old job

William. Verified by GitHub

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The Challenge of Entering Tech Without Experience

You probably still have those doubting Thomas thoughts running through your mind asking. “But what if I’m starting from scratch?”

That’s fine, that is where the beauty of the tech industry lies – it values skill and passion over just degrees, diplomas and pedigrees.

The key lies in finding the right path and the right guidance to navigate through the digital maze, and this is where Careerist’s unique approach shines, as Abdul explains below.

Effective & Interesting

I’ll always recommend this program, it literally helped me get into the tech bubble. The instructors are knowledgeable and patient, the materials are detailed and self-explanatory. The experience I got during the internship afterward was beneficial. My mentor was quite responsive and prepared me well for my interviews. After applying for jobs, with the help of JAS, I was able to ace most of my interviews and secured three offers at the end of three months…

Abdul-Gafar Bello: Verified by LinkedIn

Understanding QA: The Gateway to a Six Figure Income.

What is Manual QA?

QA automation in a futuristic and high-tech setting. The scene includes a sophisticated computer setup with multiple screens displaying different stages of software testing, along with graphical representations of code, bug tracking, and automated test results. The background features abstract digital elements, symbolizing data processing and software development in a sleek, modern technology workspace. Used in the article: How to break into tech with no experience.

Manual QA, or Quality Assurance, is your gateway into the tech world. It’s the art and science of ensuring software works flawlessly – it might not get all the glory, but it’s absolutely necessary.

And the best part? It’s the perfect starting point for anyone looking to break into tech. No experience? No problem.

The Rise of QA Automation

As you grow in your tech journey, QA Automation is your next milestone. It’s where efficiency meets innovation, automating the testing process to make software even more reliable.

It’s a skill that’s in high demand, and mastering it puts you on the fast track to higher earnings.

Careerist’s Comprehensive QA Program

Combining Manual QA and QA Automation Training

Careerist knows that diving into the tech world can be daunting, especially when you’re part of a cohort without tech experience, or among the 50% of people who are new to online learning. That’s why Careerist’s program is designed with you in mind.

It’s a blend of Manual QA and QA Automation training that takes you step by step from beginner to pro.

  1. You’ll learn the ropes of the tech world in a way that’s comprehensive, without being overwhelmed

2. Their program is structured to fit your life, whether you’re juggling a full-time job or balancing part-time work.

3. It’s perfect for those who have some college experience but no degree, and especially for those of you looking to pivot into a new, well paid profession in tech.

Learning from the Best: Instructors from Top Tech Companies

Software development instructor showing a student the process on a white board. Used  in the article: How to break into Tech with no experience.
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They bring insights from the front lines of the tech world, offering mentorship that’s rich with real-world experience.

At Careerist, this will be your everyday reality.

A chance for you to learn from the best, giving you an edge in an industry that’s competitive and incredibly rewarding if you follow through after the training.

Impactful and Knowledgeable Course Material

Careerist has been an eye opening experience for me. They have cultivated an environment for success in the tech industry. This bootcamp helped people like myself with no tech experience, gain confidence breaking into the industry. The mentor help from Nadia came with such high value. Her ability to take my past and current experience and shape them into what tech companies are looking for is truly remarkable. Nadia, along with the rest of the Careerist team, have opened my mind to the importance of always enhancing your technical skills. With the valuable information that was given to me, I will be sure to tell others around about the great program of Careerist. 

Emmanuel Flanders Verified by LinkedIn.

Unique Features of Careerist’s Program

One-on-One Career Coaching

Careerist understands that each of you has a unique journey. Whether you’re the breadwinner in a family, a recent college dropout, or someone with a burning interest in science and technology, personalized coaching is what sets Careerist apart.

An image of the 8 step process Careerist students go through to become qualified. Used in the article How to Break into Tech with no Experience.

The one-on-one career coaching is tailored to your individual needs, helping you navigate your path to a tech career with confidence and clarity.

Illustration of a student who has completed his online course. Showing a certificate books pens and phones. Used in the article: how to break into tech with no experience.
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Tech Mentorship: Beyond the Classroom

Careerist’s mentorship goes beyond traditional teaching. It’s about connecting, networking, and gaining insights that textbooks can’t offer.

This is where you get to apply what you learn in real-life, scenarios, preparing you not just for a job, but for a thriving career in tech.

Thorough, Hands-On Experience with Great Instructors

Careerist has helped continue my professional education in the UI/UX design industry. It enabled me to increase my skills and confidence in areas that I felt were lacking in order for me to pursue better job opportunities. I have finished the first part of the course and am about to start the internship where we break off into groups and work under a professional design lead for a real company. I’m very excited to work in a group and on a real client. I am impressed by all of the instructors who are industry professionals and excel in their areas of design expertise. I feel like I’ve learned a lot, and am motivated to continue my professional career. 

Cal K. verified by LinkedIn.

How Careerist Prepares You for the Tech Job Market

Hands-on Projects and Real-World Application

At Careerist, they believe in learning by doing. Their hands-on approach means you won’t just be learning theories; you’ll be applying them in real projects.

This practical experience is invaluable, especially for those who’ve never had the chance to work in tech before.

It’s about bridging the gap between theory and practice, making you job-ready from day one.

Up to Date.

I’m now in my second month of work after finishing a manual qa course. Although we knew that our teachers were employed in the industry, I could never imagine that they would actually give us such up-to-date information. Most of the things I’ve heard during the onboarding period in my company were the things I’ve already heard from my mentors in class and during the internship!

Anderson James
Graduated: 2023

Bridging the Gap: From Learning to Earning

Careerist is not just about teaching; they’re about launching careers. With Careerist, your journey from learning to earning is seamless.

Their job placement support is top-notch, boasting a high success rate. They are there to help you transition from the classroom to your dream job in tech, every step of the way.

They even offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t land a job in tech within one year of graduation. More on this below.

Who Should Consider Careerist’s QA Program?

Ideal Candidates for the Program

Let’s talk about who will benefit the most from this transformative journey:

A 30 something female learning online. Used in the article: How to break into tech with no experience.
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  • The Career Explorer (18-55 years old): Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a mid-life career shift, their program is tailored for all ages. It’s never too early or too late to start your tech journey.
  • The Tech Novice: If you’re part of that 73% cohort with no prior tech experience, this program is your perfect first step. You start with the basics, making tech accessible and engaging, no matter your background.
  • The Online Learning Newbie: For those who have limited experience with online classes, their interactive and supportive online learning environment makes your transition smooth and enjoyable..
  • The Aspiring Tech Professional: If you’re among those seeking a new profession in tech, the Careerist program offers the most direct and comprehensive path to not just enter, but excel in the tech industry.
  • The Science and Tech Aficionado: Have a keen interest in science and technology? The Careerist program turns your passion into a well paid career, equipping you with practical skills that are in high demand.
  • The Full-Time Worker Seeking Upward Mobility: For those in a full-time job, especially those within the $20,000 – $40,000 per year range, the program offers a flexible learning schedule that allows you to upskill without giving up your current job.
  • The Part-Time Worker Aiming for Stability: For those working part-time, this is your chance to leap into a full-time, stable, and more fulfilling career in tech

In short, if you’re motivated to make a change, regardless of your current situation, Careerist is there to turn your tech aspirations into reality.

Accessible with zero technical background. If you can handle your PC and mobile phone comfortably, you can learn the material and perform the functions of the work by course end. No bull.

Jennifer Schafer: verified by LinkedIn.

FAQs: Addressing Some Common Concerns

Have questions? Careerist has answers. From program specifics to career outcomes. This FAQ section is designed to clear your doubts and help you make an informed decision. Remember, knowledge is power, especially when it’s about taking charge of your career.

“Careerist has already changed my life for the better! I have amazing teachers, mentors and coaches. Everyone has been very supportive throughout the whole journey. I am at the end of my Manual QA course, but I can’t wait to start my QA Automation course next. I would definitely recommend anyone wanting a better job, higher pay, or better career, to try Careerist. It has truly been life changing!

Melanie Fernandez

Who Hires Careerist Students?

The well known tech companies, Amazon, Meta, Intel, Oracle Samsung and others have all hired Careerist students. However there are over 1,000 companies in 40 states who now employ Careerist graduates, with 57% of them working remotely!

Lessor known companies who have hired Careerist students. Used in the article: How to break into tech with no Experience.
Image: Careerist

Is Careerist a Trustworthy Company?

Careerist is known for offering courses in technology and IT fields, it has built a reputation for providing career-focused training.

Just to re-cap: We have covered the main points on Careerist (below), and provided links to various parts of the Careerist’s website where everything is spelt out in greater detail. The Link again.

  1. Course Quality and Relevance: Careerist’s courses are designed to be relevant to current industry needs, especially in tech and IT fields. They focus on imparting practical skills that are applicable in the job market.
  2. Instructor Expertise: They boast instructors from notable tech companies, which lends credibility to their teaching staff and course material.
  3. Job Placement Success: Careerist offers job placement assistance, a key factor for many students. Their success rate in placing students in relevant jobs can be a significant trust factor
  4. Transparency and Support: Reliable customer service, clear communication regarding course details, fees, and expectations, and support throughout the course duration are important for trust.

We have also done our due diligence thoroughly, by looking for people who have experience with Careerist courses to see if Careerist is walking the talk.

From what I have seen they are. Over all Trust Pilot rates them at 4.7. Although I am generally skeptical of review sites, I find Trust pilot is one of the better ones.

Trust Pilot rating of Careerist. Used in the article: How to break into Tech with no Experience.

Sitejabber also rates Careerist a 4:7. Indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Over the past 12 months (2022-2023) Careerist has a 94.6% approval rating on Sitejabber.

It seems that across the spectrum about 4.7 is a mean average over the past 12 months.

In my experience anything below 4.4 is getting into a problem zone. Above that, there may be the occasional disgruntled client where things didn’t work out as they expected. But, 4.6-4.8 ratings is the benchmark for reputable online courses.


If you are looking to break into tech, Careerist is the place to go. I just completed the Manual QA. It was challenging but very informative and rewarding. I landed a job very quickly with the tools from the program.  You receive support from anyone of the Careerist mentors and it was also great meeting people who are learning along with me. 

Byran Fields: Verified by LinkedIn.

The Sign Up Process.

Go to There are two options.

1.Scroll down the page to Training programs and you will see 4 program boxes. Click Apply for your selection. You will then be taken to another box below your selection to enter your details. (Your preference will be recorded)

4 deals offered by Careerist. Manual QA, Automation QA, QA Bundle, and Sales Engineering. Used in the article: How to break into tech with no experience.
These discounts may or may not be available at the time of reading

2. If you are not sure of which course you want just scroll a little further until you see this box (below) and fill in your details.

Careerist sign up section.Used in the article: How to break into tech with no Experience.
A young girl with dark curly hair sitting in front of a laptop, one hand under her chin and a big smile. Used in the article: How to break into tech with no experience.
Image: Careerist.

They will then get back to you with all the details of your selected program, the payment options and the course start dates.

The Next Step is Yours!

Now that you have seen how Careerist can transform your career path, the next step is yours to take.

Don’t let the lack of experience hold you back. With their most comprehensive QA program, expert instructors, and unwavering support, your tech career is just a course away.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Join Careerist’s QA Program today and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in tech.

Join our QA complete training program and save up to 40%!

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