Are Munbyn Label Printers Good for ECommerce Businesses.

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Munbyn Thermal Printer

Munbyn thermal receipt printer used in the article Are Munbyn Label Printers Good
Thermal Receipt Printer

Are Munbyn label printers good for Ecommerce businesses? A side by side comparison with Rollo and Dymo is below.

About Thermal Printers.

Recent technology improvements have seen their use in business increase markedly over ink-jet printers and Dot Matrix.

You are probably familiar with the small receipt printers used by stores. So, how effective and efficient are thermal printers at printing other items, such as product labeling or shipping labels?

In case your wondering : Thermal printers are one of the most widely printers used in many types of businesses.

The reason these are preferred:- Is they are smaller, quicker, and print more quietly than dot-matrix printers.

Other than, that these printers are lightweight and consume very little power, they don’t require ink or ribbons, they are an affordable option for businesses that print labels regularly.

Other Commercial applications of thermal printers include, point of sale systems, voucher printers in slot machines, ATM’s, and print-on-demand labels for shipping and products.

Some Common Questions about Label Printers for E-Commerce.

Common questions on the E-Commerce forums and in Google include :-

  • Can I make my own shipping label for eBay?
  • Can I Customize Shipping Labels
  • Is having a thermal printer worth it ?

To answer the E-bay question,

“When you create the label in the old format you could select add a SKU, on the new format you can select “Add custom text to label”.  That’s all you can do from ebay.”


Can I Customize Shipping Labels For My Ecommerce Store.

Platforms like Shopify have options for order fulfillment. These include, manual, automatic, using an app, or custom fulfillment.

If you are a Shopify user they have a free template you can use, if you are fulfilling your orders manually.

If you are a Shopify user, their free shipping label template is relatively easy. Other platforms will have something similar.

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Enter your information into the online form
  • 3. Click “Create shipping label”
  • 4. Wait for the shipping label email from Shopify to arrive in your inbox
  • 5. Click on the link “Get your shipping label now”
  • 6. Click “Download PDF”
  • 7. Print and use the label.
  • Or, email it to the customer with instructions to print and tape it to their parcel, if they are returning an item.

Of course you still need to put a stamp on it, and put it in the post, before you can chalk up another happy customer.

Is having a Thermal Printer Worth the Expense.

There is a great mix of businesses using WooCommerce, Magneto, Ecwid etc; as platforms for their business.

From well known multinational’s like Red Bull (Shopify), to entrepreneurs on Etsy, making baby clothing from home, each business tries to utilize assets that are cost effective for their business.

Sometimes purchasing new equipment for a tax write off may not be at all beneficial to the overall effectiveness of the business operation.

A receipt or label printer is generally looked upon as a one off expense, that once paid for, you tend to forget about until it wears out.

What isn’t taken into (too much), consideration is the cost for new rolls or packs of paper, ink, or ribbons if using a dot matrix printer, over the life of the machine.

Often we buy knowing the basics, but are not too concerned about the future costs.

  • Dot-matrix printers use ribbons, which are cheap, but must be replaced frequently; they are also the slowest.
  • Inkjet printers are faster, and their cartridges last up to several times longer, but also cost more than ribbons. More again if you use a logo.
  • Thermal printers are faster still, and require no ink; however, thermal paper costs slightly more than regular paper.

These days with cost differences between small ink-jets and thermal printers of around $50 – $100, the thermal printer will overtake the ink-jet on cost per benefit, after about the second set of ink cartridges.

Considering the life span of printers, the savings can amount to a tidy sum.

Thermal Printers use heat to transfer pigments onto a surface, such as shipping labels. These printers don’t use ink or toner like ink-jets printers.

Instead, they use thermal paper for creating the images.

You can even use fanfold instead of label rolls. Unlike label rolls, they feed directly into the printer to drive your cost per thermal label down even further!

Munbyn Shipping Label Printer used in the article, Are Munbyn Label Printers Good for ECommerce Businesses.
Munbyn Thermal Printer.

Lets do a side by side comparison with Rollo and Dymo. Two other popular thermal printers, to see how Munbyn stacks up.

Thermal Shipping Label Printer. Pro Version.
Thermal Label Heavy Duty Printer
Label Writer4XL
Labels SupportedSupports both Rolled and Fanfold Labels.Supports both Rolled and Fanfold labels Only supports Dymo specific label rolls
Set up DifficultyEasyFairly easyFairly easy.
Print Speed150mm/sec*Up to. 155mm/sec88mm/sec
Print Resolution300dpiMax 203dpiMax 300dpi
Bottom Line A one click install saves a lot of headaches with installation.
Very affordable, great print quality in this price range.
Not compatible with Chrome OS, Surface tablet PC, iPad
The Rollo printer is an affordable, option that gives you some flexibility offered by more higher-end printers
It has a lesser print quality than the other models in its price range.
Not supported on ShipStation Connect.
The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL is the easiest of these label printers to set up, but is much more restrictive in terms of supported labels, which can be a turnoff for some buyers
Set UpWindows, MacWindows, MacWindows, Mac
NotesAutomatic Label Identification. 1 year warranty.*Works best if kept under 100mm/sec.
1 year warranty.
Requires Dymo supported labels.
2 year limited warranty


Unlike the Dymo, which requires very specific rolls, you can feed a box of 4″x6″ labels into the Munbyn and get printing.

The Munbyn thermal printer rates at 4 and a half stars on Amazon, slightly above Rollo, and the same as the Dymo.

It costs about the same or slightly less than the Rollo (on Amazon), and both the Rollo and Munbyn, cost less than the 4XL Dymo.

Like other printers the Munbyn is suitable for most thermal direct labels – including Warehouse labels, Shipping labels, Food Nutrition Labels, Amazon FBA Labels, UPS, etc.

Printing label Types Include

Thermal Label Paper, Thermal Continuous Paper, Thermal Blackmark Paper (Shipping labels, Mailing labels, Address labels, Postage labels, UPC labels, Barcode Labels, Bottle Labels, File Labels, Roll Labels, Fanfold Labels, etc:

It is Compatible with most shipping platforms including, Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, FedEx, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Shippo, Ordoro, Endicia Dazzle, Shipwire, Shipworks, Stockx, Xps Ship, etc. etc.

It can be used in many applications such as, Express logistics, Tax receipts, toll stations, hospital and medical, hotels, bakeries, bookstores, supermarket chains, scientific research institutions, clothing industry and more.

To buy the Munbyn Pro click on the link below.

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