Links to Useful Sites

Links to Useful Sites For Online/Offline Entrepreneurs

This page contains a series of links to useful sites for entrepreneurs.

I have stuck with ones I have researched thoroughly and know to be genuine.

A couple I have tried. However…

There is no way I can cover them all.

I am sure there are others that are better than these.

Probably a lot more that are worse too.

But we need to start somewhere.

Some of the links here are affiliate links and I will receive a commission if you buy something. This is at no additional cost to you ( Put it this way, a $5 or $15 commission is not going to change my lifestyle). Also, I am not an employee of any of these businesses.

So my opinions are… just my opinions.

Links to Useful Sites For Online/Offline Entrepreneurs
Coffee Time.

Why become an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship has its ebbs and flows. The reasons are varied, economic conditions are one.

Another (probably more important), is workplaces.

They can become toxic, political power plays among management, and heavy-handed work conditions all have a demoralizing effect on the employees on the ground.

Workers in Hi-Vis lined up in rows as a sniffer dog and its handler walk between them trying to detect drugs. Used in the page Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs
A pre-start at an Australian corporate construction worksite.

The money and benefits might be good, but you have to give up a lot of yourself to work for the corporates.

I am not saying you should be free to go to work bombed out from a night of drug use, or hungover from a night of heavy drinking.

You shouldn’t, and most people don’t.

Although back in the day someone with a hangover would come in and sweat the alcohol out in a couple of hours.

I have done it. Payday Friday and Saturday was too far away.

Time is moving on and you’re still in the same ol’ job, doing the same ol’ things, telling yourself that there was just never the right time to start that online business or some other project you talk about in the man cave.

Well, l will let you into a secret: there is never the right time! …

Like investing the best time to start is Now!

Entrepreneurship is a mindset.

A mental thing that you can do more with your life than whatever your current situation is.

The need to be better, and have more freedom to run your own race.

You don’t need to move into a completely different field (although some do).

An engineer sick of the political office games might start a consultancy business.

I know one who started a scuba diving business!

A school principal, 25 years in education gave it away and started a landscape business.

A Human Resource officer may get out of the corporate office and start a social justice business advising workers of their rights, or be an independent recruiter for smaller companies.

A baker, electrician, or carpenter may want to start their own business.

Pros and Cons of being an Entrepreneur.

If you were to start with the cons and then list the pros, you would probably only have half as many pros as you would cons.

That applies whether it is an online business or a brick-and-mortar business.

Starting an online business may not have the extent of bureaucracy involved compared to starting a brick-and-mortar business, but…

Both online and offline businesses have high failure rates. Research and planning are the keys.

How you spend your 6 pm -12 am time determines if your idea will work for you.

Online businesses have a higher failure rate because the owners just say “stuff it, I am sick of this.” and click off.

People lose motivation.

The good thing with a brick-and-mortar business is you can delegate.

Want to go fishing for a couple of days? You can hand the reins over to a trusted friend/employee.

The majority of online businesses do not necessarily require a large input of dollars to get started.

But they can burn through money if you are not careful.

A brick-and-mortar business usually requires a substantial initial investment, rent, tools, vehicles, office equipment, payroll, and insurance.

Add bureaucratic certifications, courses, health and safety compliance, etc; to your brick-and-mortar business, and you can see why many people are turned off starting one.

Whatever it is you want information on, I hope these resources are helpful for you.

All the online businesses listed have extensive learning materials available.

If you are a more hands-on-type person, the IAP (International Association of Professionals), courses will be very beneficial in getting your business through the bureaucratic hoops and operating successfully.

IAP is not Canada /North America-centric either, entrepreneurs from all over the world have found it useful.

Here are some Business Resources to help you whether you want to Earn Online and Off.

Just click on the link or graphic and it will direct you to the relevant page.

IAP Career College


A free E-Book on e-Commerce.

the green Sellfy logo
Sell your products
Easy-to-use eCommerce for creators. Sell merchandise or digital products — all from one place.

See more on the Sellfy Blog.

A Quick Story. I will try and make it short.

This is from a time back in another life.

Our cat died, it had been in the family for years and the kids were really attached to it.

My wife just wanted to wrap it in an old towel and have me dig a grave and bury it.

The kids (twin girls), weren’t happy, they wanted it in a coffin. My wife went to get a beer carton she used to keep receipts in.

A varnished timber pet coffin.with a lid, used in the page, Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs
Pet coffin.

“No, get dad to make one,” the girls said.

I had some plywood in the shed, and about an hour later the coffin was done.

I even gave it a coat of varnish.

I always had offcuts of timber left over from different jobs, which often went to waste.

Now I had a use for them.

A pink coated pet urn with a screw on lid used in the page, Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs
Pet Urns.

Sometime later I found these pet urns online.

Thinking they would be a good companion for the pet coffins, I bought a few just to check their quality, and see if they would be suitable.

Eventually, I set up a dropshipping store to sell them online.

I made some sales, but about 3 months after setting up the store, I got an order for 200 of them from a funeral home in Germany.

Things then snowballed from there.

The pet coffins became popular locally, I eventually made different sizes for the various breeds of cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and even mice.

I set up a web page for them, and eventually had people coming from out of town to buy them.

As well, some veterinarians were buying them for resale.

So having a website gave me a broader market.

Setting up a website back then was a lot different compared to now. Trust me!

These days even the most tech-challenged can have one up in a couple of days.

When people talk about affiliate sites, they often think it is just promoting someone else’s product.

But it can be your own, or a combination of yours and something else that is compatible.

I didn’t know enough about animals to bother setting one up related to pets.

Nor was I really interested in promoting woodworking tools.

I worked with tools all day and was happy to turn off talking about work at the end of the day.

Besides, I have my brand preferences and they are not available in all countries.

This brings up a point about Affiliate Marketing, people are often stuck for a niche.

The consensus seems to be to write about what you are passionate about, or something you know a lot about.

I don’t completely agree with the consensus. Each to their own I say.

A quick tip for a niche:- Goggle Wikipedia for hobbies.

That business with the pet coffins did well, and the guy who bought it from me now has his own pet crematorium.

END of story.

PS:- If you have an interest in woodworking (even if you are a carpenter), get Teds Woodworking.

Of course, you can always build your own online / dropship store using WordPress. See how here.

The Best Free and Premium Themes for WordPress and WooCommerce.

WordPress Themes.

There are thousands of WordPress themes. Some good some not so good.

The main thing to be aware of is how recently they have been updated.

And, if it is easy to get help if there are glitches.

The ones below are my choices.

This website uses the Schema theme.

Screenshot of free themes from "My Theme Shop" used in the resource page Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs
Just click the image for more details.
Screenshot of Schema theme from "My Theme Shop" used in the resource page Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs
Screenshot of Schema theme from "My Theme Shop" used in the resource page Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs
See the Schema video Here.


All WordPress themes have some capability with WooCommerce.

Not all of them are designed to handle many images, and other data required for it though.

All the themes I recommend are able to fully utilize the full scope of WooCommerce capabilities “out of the box” with plenty of features to create your own unique style.

Scerrn shot of the Coupon theme used in the page Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs
Click here or on the image to see more on the Coupon theme.

Setting up a WordPress Theme

Some videos for you. Try not to doze off.

Videos of setting up WordPress. used in the page, Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs.
Videos of setting up WordPress. used in the page, Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs.
Videos of setting up WordPress. used in the page, Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs.
Videos of setting up WordPress. used in the page, Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs.
Click here to see all the videos.

More boring stuff.

If you got this far and don’t want to go to the advanced videos bookmark the link at the end of the sentence to see 20 common WordPress errors and how to fix them. Link Here

Videos of setting up WordPress. used in the page, Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs.
Click here to see all the videos.
Pic of a computer with 6 colored squares and dollar signs cascading from it. and affiliate marketing in a H2 heading underneath the computer. Used in the page Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs

Affiliate Marketing Courses

Learn how to make money online as an Affiliate

These three popular programs can lead you to places where you probably never considered success online could be achievable.

This may be of use to some of you thinking about affiliate Marketing.

Join with an open mind.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

The $497 per year cost of this is less than what many people pay for quality hosting.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, there are no upsells on your hosting. It also includes a free domain for the first year.

A quick Comparision with other popular hosting companies.

Comparison of costs and benefits table of Wealthy Affiliate, Pagely, WP Engine, and Kinsta.

Links to Useful Sites For Online/Offline Entrepreneurs

2. Solo Build It.

3. Affilorama.

 Affilorama logo, used in the resource page,  Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs
Affilorama logo.

100 Free Lessons are just part of the deal at Affilorama.

It is a different setup to Solo Build It and Wealthy Affiliate and is also a little more expensive.

However, there is a lot of free stuff there.

Screen shot of How to Not Screw up Affiliate Marketing headline from Affilorama, used in the resource page,  Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs

Click here for a complete look at Affilorama.

Search Engine Optimization.

You will see a lot about SEO should you become involved with affiliate marketing. Really any website that has some commercial intent will have some focus on SEO.

Importantly… don’t stress about it.

Rank Math SEO Plugin

I used the free version for ages, then bought the Pro version. I have another website that uses AISEO. But this is better IMHO.

A comparison of Rank Math and AISEO can be seen here.

Screenshot of Rank Math features used in the page Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs
See more here

Rank Math advertisment for SEO solutions. Used in the resource page Links to Useful Sites For Online Entrepreneurs
See more here.

Hosting and Domain Names.

This has become a bit of a mess over the past 10 years or so.

People not happy with one service, cancel it to try another, then find the “new” company is also part of the company they just canceled.

Links to Useful Sites For Online/Offline Entrepreneurs

Here are two I Recommend you Look closely at before parting with your hard-earned

I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate above. These two are a little cheaper.

At its most basic level, Siteground offers these benefits and features. It is also recommended by WordPress for WooCommerce.

This is their basic plan.

  • 1 website
  • 10 GB of web space
  • Indicated for ~ 10,000 visits/month
  • Traffic unmeasured
  • Free Domain
  • WordPress Migrator. Free
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Daily backups
  • Free CDN
  • Free Email
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Ready-to-use cache
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Balance with Renewable energy
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Add collaborators

For a more in-depth look at Siteground Click Here.


I think we all know that once a big company buys a smaller company the smaller company’s service and uniqueness disappear.

Bluehost had been in the EIG group since 2012.

Now Endurance (EIG), has since been taken over by Newfold Digital.

There are now around 70 hosting companies in that business, including, BlueHost, HostGator, iPage, Small Orange, and so on…

Getty Images buying and Unsplash is another sad example of a bigger company turning an acquisition into a clone of itself.

Unsplash is virtually dead.


Where once Bluehost was top of the tree for WordPress hosting, it is bleeding customers, because of, among other things security glitches, and user support.

Still, it has its supporters, its high-end business of consulting and web design is where they have the most focus.

Links to Useful Sites For Online/Offline Entrepreneurs

Self Improvement


A quick look at this awesome program.

Mindvalley is much more than just an education company. They provide the education that regular schools forgot.

They teach the world the art of truly living extraordinary, fulfilling, happy lives.

They bring you world-class courses from the world’s top personal growth authors and brands, to allow you to create remarkable transformations in all areas of your life.

Mindvalley creates the world’s best programs, in every category of human transformation (and now entrepreneurship).

Learn from the best teachers on this powerful science-based learning platform.

Start with a free masterclass. Click on the link below.

Discover What You Really Want In All 12 Dimensions Of Your Life, And Have It All With Lifebook Online (Mindvalley Signature Program) – Watch This FREE Masterclass To Discover The 4 Most Powerful Questions To LifeLinks to Useful Sites For Online/Offline Entrepreneurs

Have Fun

Michael. Aka The Bare Foot Affiliate.

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  1. This is an interesting post and it covers a lot of ground.  I love that you’ve given different options because working from home is not a one size fits all!  I, personally, do affiliate marketing through one company that you’ve platforms you mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate, and I recommend it 100%.  I find the self-improvement sites interesting.  

  2. Lizzy Stabel

    Thanks for this blog post on links to useful sites for entrepreneurs. I have been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time now, but I’m afraid to start dropshipping as well. As I heard that affiliate marketing is more successful than drop shipping, is this true? 

    About your last observation, I don’t think that woodwork or gardening is “boring” at all 😉

    Thanks for this information,

    Best regards,


  3. I feel that as affiliate marketers we sometimes get so caught up in content creation and website maintenance that we completely forget to take care of ourselves.  And obviously, if we do not incorporate self-care into our routines, the results end up being completely disastrous.  I really appreciate that you include MindValley in your article, as I think it should be the number one priority, before deciding on dropshipping vs. affiliate marketing or domain X vs. Domain Y, or even which program to choose to help you succeed.  

    Thanks for a great reminder.  Also, I will be checking out each of these dropshipping recommendations.  

  4. Michael Dubhthaigh

    The major disruptions are for passenger flights. The way it is now, freight moves a lot quicker, as airlines are adding passenger planes to their freight fleets. Also deliver times are less now than previously, due to the number of warehouses that have been set up and located in various countries around the world “because” of the pandemic. 

  5. Monika Mundell

    It’s funny to stumble across this article Michael. I’ve been toying with starting a little drop shipping website for years. But never took action. These resources look solid so thank you.

    My one BIG concern these days is the shipping delays that are happening all around the world. The supply lines are set to be even more disrupted over the coming year so how would a drop shipping business survive this?

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