how to find keywords for a website

How to Find Keywords for a Website, and Improve your Rankings

How to target Keywords for a Website or BlogHow to find Keywords for a website

Even though you may be fully conversant with the subject your writing about.  Not knowing how to find  keywords for a website, and target those keywords will have your blog posts lingering in keyword purgatory.

For the business owner trying to increase the flow of organic traffic to his website, I will show a great way on how to find keywords for a website.

If it is not done right, and done at the beginning of setting up a website or content page, then it is a complete wasted effort.

Many bloggers are just posting blogs on their thoughts, daily activities, holidays and really have no use ( or even care ), about keyword research, or page rankings because their posts are only going to family and friends,

For the serious blogger or the SEO writer, and others involved in internet marketing, it is a different ball game and keyword research is the foundation of their work.

So how do you do keyword research for a Website

Generally it starts with a 2 step process.

Better Keyword Research Gets you Better Results.

Step 1:

Identify Keyword Opportunities. keyword research will always get you better results. Before you can target anything, you need to determine what keyword phrases are likely to bring in traffic actually looking for information about whatever you are offering.

For blog writers there are any number of sites to research what people are looking for answers to. These questions could be looked at to measure the value of answering those questions as a blog post, using the question as a headline.

The headline. There are quite a several good keyword search tools available. The one I use is  Jaaxy. It is easy to use, it is affordable and it gives me the metrics I need.

I don’t use Google’s free keyword tool. The reason?, Google has advertisers, who pay big dollars to advertise with them, using pay per click and other expensive avenues.

money, how to find keywords for a website

They are not going to keep paying out money if Google is doing the same thing for free. 

Also, Google is not likely to do anything to upset their revenue flows, and although Google will give out terms people are searching for, they are in no particular order, have very little metrics.

My guess is, when Google updates it algorithms, it is unlikely their keyword tool is also updated.

Some people may find a benefit in using Googles free keyword tool.  But if you are really serious about having a successful blog or website, then you really do need to look at a paid version of a good keyword Tool.

If your a member of Wealthy Affiliate your membership will include the lite version of Jaaxy Which is great if your just starting out,  as it includes a lot of the tools the more expensive versions have.  There is also a Free Trial which will give you an idea of what Jaaxy can do.

Step One : The Headline. Google allows a Headline to have 60 characters, including spaces. Google does make allowances, but your focus is having a headline that makes sense and gets searches and fits within the 60 character limit. Long Tail keywords greater than 60 spaces can work,  and Google will make allowances for these,  so long as they are relevant to the content.

headline, How to find keywords for a website For arguments’ sake, lets say your a travel agent or Tour Guide and you want to improve an under performing tour to Paris.

The last guy who did the SEO for your site never got the results you were looking for, so you want to try something for yourself.

You have read  blog posts, where they tell you the “what” but not the “How”. you’ve checked out the prices on software, and you are not prepared to outlay upwards of $1000 per month for pages of graphs and wheels and analytics, which would take a computer nerd a year to figure out.

You have also probably read in any number of Blog posts  that you need a headline that is high in the searches and has little competition. There is more work to researching keywords than these simplified statements imply.  Googles algorithms play a big part in ranking sites as I have previously mentioned here

Here is How Jaaxy can help.

 How to find keywords for a website, swiss army knife
Jaaxy. Everything you need for Keyword Research

With over 500 Million “brand new” search terms being searched every day, it is important that you have a keyword tool that can offer accurate traffic, competition, and domain insights into billions of keywords.

With the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, you are going to be able to quickly discover unique, hot and untouched keywords,  that you will then be able to use to drive your SEO and PPC campaigns to new heights.

Lets try an example.

Sebastian runs a tour guide business showing people around Paris.  Business is slow, the PPC and the facebook ads are not really paying their way and he has little organic traffic to his website.

Rather than spend more money on Advertising,  he decides to try and boost the organic traffic visiting his website.

He knows it may not have an immediate effect, but over time this could be the most important step he takes to keep his business sustainable.

He starts by Brainstorming a headline ( on paper ). What does the trip include? , Sightseeing Paris, Bus tours of Paris, Walking tours, Restaurants, or try generic terms, like, Things to do in Paris. 10 best things to do in Paris.

Then he inputs those terms into Jaaxy’s keyword search. this will give him a measurement of how  popular a particular search term is. it will also tell him how much competition there is for that search term, as well as alternatives.

In Jaaxy we have the following.

 How to find keywords for a website, Jaaxy Data,

As you can see in the results above, the traffic is not that great on most of them.  Paris Sightseeing Tours looks OK.  And Sightseeing Paris also looks OK.  They make sense and have low competition and reasonable traffic.

jaaxy, How to find keywords for a website

Other terms. Things to do in Paris.

Jaaxy,How to find keywords for a website

Some of these do not make sense.  On the right there are other terms he could use to brainstorm further.

Paris Sightseeing Tours still looks to offer the best search results for me. Its traffic is not as high as Sightseeing Paris, but it has better SEO and  less competition.

Lets check with Google. Out of 20+ million results The exact term (Paris Sightseeing Tours), is number 4 on Googles first Page.

Google results, How to find Keywords for a website

Using this headline, and provided Sebastian has quality content, in a short time he should see his webpage somewhere around here.

Note, the current Google page  has Tours, Tickets, Activities in the headline.

My tip here is to Just use the Paris Sightseeing Tours as your headline.  I am a big believer in the KISS principle. Google titles allow for 60 spaces.

If your title is longer (A long tail keyword), Google will make exceptions. For a title around 75 – 78  spaces Google will truncate it. 

It has to make sense though.  You can play around with titles longer than 60 Characters.

Google will pull other information from your Meta description or or it may just use your business name.

For paragraph headings.  See what other highly ranked search terms there were. Things to do in Paris could be one, Sightseeing Paris could be another.

Then go on to describe the activities the tour will do in Paris, using headings that are already searched for, and then, write good relevant content.

How to Optimize for Search Engines

Step 2:

Keep your topic Narrow and relevant.

You are using a headline and headings that are already searched for by people who might be planning a trip to Paris.

There is no need to try to stuff your content with further keywords.

Try not to use the headline more than twice throughout the whole content. It may not be possible to not use parts of the terms, in your content about Paris Sightseeing Tours.

So long as the content flows freely and does not seemed forced then this is okay. Trying to fit keyword phrases where they really make no sense,  will only see Google penalize you and rank your content as spam.

Writing for SEO, is writing for your audience, speaking to them conversationally. At the same time, you’re still reaching the search engines and getting indexed.

SEO experts track what works, no one outside of Google knows Googles secret Algorithms, and if they did they are not likely to tell you.  The most important ingredient is to have quality content that meets a need.

We could call these  Quality Assurance Searches.

How to earn money blogging  , How to find Keywords for a website, dollars

Jaaxy offers the following benefits.

1. It will save you hours per week on your research activities, giving you more time to work on other aspects of your business

2. If you want to master keyword research and rank at will,  the competition data revealed at Jaaxy for specific keywords is going to give you the true competitive edge.

3. A growing database of 100’s of MILLIONS of keywords,  Jaaxy is the most powerful, accurate, and robust keyword research platform on the market.

4. Save, store, share, export and manage all of your keyword research activities with Jaaxy’s state of the art keyword management platform.

5. These tools and more will save you time and money and take your blogging to the next level.

This Video is over a year old and Jaaxy, like any good software has regular updates, but the principles remain the same. How to use Jaaxy

To sign up for a free trial of Jaaxy Go Here.


I use this as my writing platform.

copyright©April 2019.

Disclaimer. By purchasing any products on this site I may make a commission, at no cost to you.

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19 thoughts on “How to Find Keywords for a Website, and Improve your Rankings”

  1. Hi Robert,
    I know of people who just write, and a day later they are indexed. I tried it and got indexed… about 3 months later. lol.
    After reading your comment I went and highlighted a couple of places where I had “provide quality content”.
    I agree with you, “content is king”. I think by doing some research you do focus on your subject more than you otherwise might.
    And lets not forget PPC, the keywords tie the whole thing to-gether.
    Great comment.
    All the best to you

  2. Robert Prescott

    Hey Michael, great review on Jaaxy! It sounds like a win-win for keyword research. I agree with you on Google’s free keyword tool. I wouldn’t use it either. Actually I have recently found out that a lot of Google employees who write blogs do not use it either. LOL

    My friend is a senior programmer at Google in their Search Ranking division. He shared some SEO knowledge with me that would probably be of BIG interest to many bloggers, but I will not divulge them here. However what you claim in this post about keywords, he agrees with, so do I.

    One thing I will mention from my discussion with my friend…Google does not rank our content solely on low competition keywords but rather on the overall quality of our ENTIRE content. This means that if our content provides great quality, it could still rank on Google Page 1 without considering your target keyword.

    BUT the importance of your target keyword is still viable to rank for that specific keyword. So in a nutshell this means… Using a good keyword research tool for finding low competition keywords is still important but providing thorough and informative content around that keyword is vital. This is why “content is king.”

  3. Hi Joseph,
    Regarding long tail keywords. They have to make sense. As a user of Jaaxy you will have seen numerous search terms that don’t really make grammatrical sense.
    My take on these, is that many people make a spelling mistake or miss a word and the intuitive search engine kicks in and offers terms. When clicking on one of Googles terms you only see the term offered, but the actual search term recorded is a jumbled mess. My take anyway. I not enough of a computer nerd to fully understand the inner workings of search engines.
    All the best with your indexing efforts.

  4. Hi Michael,

    I also use Jaaxy and it’s by far the best keyword search tool out there, there maybe others, but the features within Jaaxy are just amazing, anyways, you did mention something about long tail keywords, actually I was using a couple of it in my posts and it does work fine. Although at first, I was scared into thinking that characters longer than a minimum of 60 words is not good, however since it worked for me and yes you did clarified that part briefly but effectively.

    Thanks Michael.

  5. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Thank you Fahim,

    The lite version is very capable. I know you will have success using it.

  6. Thank you for a great article and sharing some important details.

    I love using Jaaxy. I got to know the tool as part of Wealthy Affiliate. Finding a good keyword that has low competition can be a tough task, and Jaaxy is a fantastic help. Over time I have used a number of tools but Jaaxy is by far the best.

    When I find a keyword I like, I then cross-check some of the Jaaxy results manually on Google. Jaaxy is impressive.

    Happy keyword hunting!

  7. Joseph Amigo Matonge

    I love Jaaxy and find it very reliable if anyone wants to excel in Google rankings. In your elaborate review of Jaaxy, you have proved that any keyword must have competition of less than 100 in order to rank well. The keyword must also get good organic traffic. You have also proved that the integrity of Jaaxy is a key element when doing keyword research. Long live JAAXY!

  8. Hi,

    First of all i want to thank you for sharing this article.

    Jaxxy is an important tool for every affiliate marketer who want to keep their website in great condition . I have the lite version of jaxxy  and i think i cannot do my work without it.

    It is very helpful for an affiliate marketeer. Your article will help everyone to know much about jaxxy .

    Thank you again for sharing such a great article with us .

  9. Great walkthrough of how to find keywords for a website and the Jaaxy keyword research tool, Michael!
    I’ve personally used Jaaxy for several years after trying many others and I LOVE IT!
    Basically, it’s easy to use and it simply works!
    Nice post, cheers 🙂

  10. Thank you Shakil,

    It is always good knowing someone has benefited from something I have done. 

    I wish you all the best in your endevours, and also,  you can feel free to share the article with your friends. 



  11. Hi 

    Thank you so much for sharing such an educative article with all the necessary information about “How to Find Keywords for a Website”

    Really this is an amazing article.I was not familiar with  jaxxy until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I got to know about this jaxxy. 

    After reading your article I have learned something new that the right keyword is essential for affiliate marketer and jaxxy is the keyword research tool.

    Now I am a new premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Still I am not started my own blog post. When I start writing my blog posts, I will use jaxxy keywords for my website.

    I have gained all the necessary information about this topic that you have highlighted very nicely on your article.

    I hope this will be very much helpful for the affiliate marketer.

    I am going to bookmark this article.

  12. Firstly, thanks for sharing this informative and detailed post. Jaaxy is an exceptional tool meant to make life easier for any affiliate marketer who is serious about keeping their websites above other competitors. Virtually everything is available. I got to know about this tool by joining Wealthy Affiliate and its really been helpful in setting me up.

    Though I’m still on the lite version of jaaxy but I wouldn’t mind subscribing to it after my free searches are exhausted. Thanks for the insights in the post

  13. Thank you Josie,

    The alternate keyword phrases are a big help when choosing which phrase to use, often themes overlap, keywords for your blog, or keywords for SEO,etc. . 

    All the best to you,


  14. I use Jaaxy as a part of Wealthy Affiliate, but how you explained to do the brainstorming before using Jaaxy was actually quite helpful. That opens up a whole new world of making your content work with the right keywords. I love using Jaaxy to get keywords! It’s surprised me every time how quickly a post can be indexed with the right keywords. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Gotta agree Marissa. It is certainly great at the front end of a blog post where you are researching which keywords to use. Other systems are maybe stronger at the back end giving info on how to improve your post. But you need to be able to get off to a flying start. I find Jaaxy a good tool for generating ideas as well.
    Thank you for your thoughts.

  16. Hi Michael,

    I’ve been using the Lite version of Jaaxy and I am pretty happy with it. I don’t think I would be able to work without it.

    Jaaxy gives you almost everything you need in order to stay ahead of your competitors. It’s a must-have tool if you have an online business and you want to get rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


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