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EPROLO Branded Dropshipping. Building Trust into Your Brand.

Eprolo logo used in the article EPROLO Branded Dropshipping
Eprolo logo.

Hi and welcome. Some of the links in here are affiliate links and I may be paid a few shekels if you purchase something. However, this is at no extra cost to you.

EPROLO Branded Dropshipping has the tools you need to build trust into your brand. If you are just starting out with a dropship business then, Eprolo will give your business every chance for success.

If you have been in business for a while and not seeing the results you hoped for, using Eprolo’s branding tools will help lift a struggling business to one with sustainable profitability.

So, if you would like a fast and easy way to grow the number of sales your business is getting now, Eprolo just might have the answers your looking for.

Best of all it is not going to blow your costs out of the water. So...

Who is Eprolo and What does it Do.

Eprolo is a business that markets its self as being responsible for the ordering fulfillment, product sourcing, quality control, warehousing, packing, and shipping for dropshipping stores across the world.

It has 10 dropship product categories and 107 subcategories. Their sourcing team is constantly looking for new trending products to meet online demand. Currently there are over one million products on their wholesale dropship platform. And…

Eprolo’s one big promise is to never charge a membership fee. You only need to use a credit card when paying for customer orders and shipping.

Eprolo has also developed its own Express Shipping Channel, which shortens the average shipping times down to 5-8 days. Sometimes less, depending where you live. Compared to the usual 7- 21+ currently on offer from other sites. Plus…

Photo of packaging for sending items ordered online in the article EPROLO Branded Dropshipping. Building Trust into Your Brand.
Your Business Your Name

All packages are shipped under the name of your online store.

But you can do better than that. By taking advantage of Eprolo’s optional customized branding tools, and promote your brand further by use of any of the following tools. You then begin to make your business more recognizable and memorable for new and existing customers.

  • Print On Demand dropshipping products,
  • Adding a custom logo
  • Sticker, or gift card to your package.
  • Create custom private labeled products with no minimum order quantity.
  • $30.00 will get you started branding your items.

Unlike the current situation where…

If you have an item sent from some other manufacturer or wholesaler, you are relying on their honesty to send the article blind. As an example, it is estimated that 70% of “wholesalers” on Aliexpress are not wholesalers but resellers.

There is nothing stopping them from slipping in their own business card when they ship out an item you sold.

It is not only Aliexpress, there are thousands of manufacturers and wholesalers around the world who use dropshipping as a business model.

So although the drop ship business model is relatively easy to get into, the system relies on trust, all the way from sourcing ,to the final destination. Your customer.

And then, unless you have personal experience with an item, there is the issue of quality.

The number of times that topic has reared its head over the years is probably not countable.

Eprolo does two things to make sure your customer gets a quality product.

After the product is sourced and delivered to Eprolo’s warehouse, it is checked to see if it meets Eprolo’s standards. If it doesn’t it is not stocked. Then before the item is shipped out, it is checked again before going into the packaging to be shipped to your customer.

Having trust in a supplier and making sure the customer gets a quality product is a huge issue of trust in this world of electronic business.

Often times that trust is broken.

With warehouse at various locations around the world and special product lines for some countries, such as the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and EU countries.

Once sent ,the order tracking number will be available on both your store and your Eprolo dashboard.

Eprolo Integrations

Ten years of experience in ecommerce taught the team at Eprolo what systems work, and which ones to do away with. Now the Eprolo developed business model is designed to raise the bar of the dropshipping business to new levels, and help your business become a dynamic and sustainable profitable online business.

Eprolo is not an app that connects dropshipping suppliers and online stores like Oberlo marketplace, or Sprocket. Instead it is a lifelong free platform that provides a one-stop shop solution.

Eprolo integrates with Shopify, Woo Commerce, Ebay Dropshipping and Print on Demand. Plus, if you have multiple stores you can have them all under the one Eprolo account.

Comparing Eprolo to other Dropshipping Platforms.

These are some of the more popular dropship platforms used in today’s online shopping world.

Although Eprolo is listed as free here, it should be remembered that to use it with Shopify, you first need a Shopify store, these have a cost starting from $29 a month.

To use it with eBay will incur a cost as well, although it is much less than Shopify, eBay does have back end costs.

If you use Woo Commerce then the Eprolo app can be downloaded to provide a lifelong free WooCommerce dropshipping one stop shop plugin that meets your demands, from purchasing, warehousing, supplying and packaging to shipping.

Comparision table of Eprolo and other dropship platforms in the article, EPROLO Branded Dropshipping. Building Trust into Your Brand.
Comparative tables.

A Quick Note on Hosting and Themes

I will just steer away from Eprolo for a moment, obviously not everyone who reads this will not be an experienced E-Comm merchant.

With Woo Commerce you will still need to have hosting for your webstore. Site Ground , Another is Crazy Domains which really, is not crazy at all.

These are 3 of the better ones. There are others and new ones appearing all the time. Some have email hosting which is important, but try keep the bells and whistles to a minimum.

Most E-Commerce sites tend towards “Heavy”, by that I mean they have lots of images and the site can sometimes be slow to load. One thing I have learnt, is customers don’t hang around.

Most small business choose shared hosting because it is the most cost-effective plan. Way less expensive than other hosting services, such as dedicated hosting.

So if you are using Woo Commerce, choose your hosting provider carefully. Make sure it is reliable and can handle loads of traffic and data. The last thing you want is a slow loading website.

Themes: There is literally thousands of free themes on wordpress. Most are reasonable but Woo Commerce is a different animal. While most free themes have Woo Commerce included in their theme, a Premium theme built for Woo Commerce is preferable to the free themes. One reason being if your not tech savvy you have support you can turn to.

All of the above are some of the reasons many people gravitate to Shopify or other platforms. If your just starting out then you need to be looking at costs. Probably the last thing you need if your just starting out is recurring costs.

The idea is to be in it for the long game.

An example of a WordPress E-Comm site using shared hosting can be seen here. Not too shabby uh?

Back to Eprolo.

The Benefits of Using Eprolo

Screen shot of the Eprolo dashboard shown in the article EPROLO Branded Dropshipping. Building Trust into Your Brand.
Your Eprolo dashboard and search categories.

So far we have looked at some of the features and benefits of using Eprolo for downloading products, and getting them to your customers as quickly as possible, often times in as little as a couple of days.

Users of Eprolo at Shopify have given it a big tick of Approval.

Shopify rating for Eprolo shown in the article EPROLO Branded Dropshipping. Building Trust into Your Brand.
Recent Eprolo app ratings.

Below is a quick list of why you should be using Eprolo in your business and have these tools working for you.

Photo of Eprolo Scotch packing tape used in the article EPROLO Branded Dropshipping. Building Trust into Your Brand.
Business Branding
  • Branding :- An inexpensive method to begin getting your brand recognized.  Start with $30 for 10pcs of scotch tape with your own logo or company name. Each roll is100 meters and will pack around 100 packages. 10pcs = 1000 packages, $0.03 for each package.(Estimated Quantity)
  • Quality :- Checked on the way in and before it goes out.
  • Fast Shipping :- Depending where you are shipping can take as little as 3 days
  • Free for life :- Once you sign up on the Eprolo website ( it won’t cost you anything), you will have your own dashboard, from where you can import and track sales. You will also be able to download the Chrome extension from your dashboard page.
  • Simple to download :- In your store, just go to WordPress plugins, then search for Eprolo and click on install.
  • Print on Demand :- One of the most popular ways to get started dropshipping. If your a graphic designer or just have a good imagination. Print on Demand is a great way to start an online business.

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