Work From Home Review.

Alorica vs Sitel. My No Holds Barred Review.

This review is not sponsored and is an unbiased assessment by a former employee of both companies as told to my blogging partner.

Updated March 2022.

My experience with Alorica vs Sitel as a stay-at-home momwork from home review

Being a stay-at-home parent definitely has its privileges, however, there are some big downsides. Having a steady residual income can be a challenge.

This work-from-home review is about my experiences on the differences as a work-from-home agent for Alorica and Sitel.

The way that society is set up, with inflation and the cost of living always on the rise, one income is just not going to suffice!

There are lots of ways around this conundrum.

Getting a work-from-home job is one solution to the issue.

Both Alorica and Sitel are not USA-centric and have work opportunities available in numerous countries.

Work From Home Review.

Of course, there are other alternatives that could lead to financial independence as posted here and here.  However, these are not likely to lead to immediate income.

Alorica’s Mission.

“Call us crazy, but we think serving customers is awesome. More than 600 million customer experience it every year.

All powered by customer service solutions designed to streamline operations, drive innovation and enhance your ROI. And all of them insanely great”.

Let’s Review this Work from Home Opportunity

Work From Home Review.

The interview was pretty straightforward and user-friendly.

Initially, you go to the company website and answer some questions.

Once they determine whether you will be a good fit you will receive a confirmation email.

This email will instruct you to sign up for a date and time for your over-the-phone interview.

They give you a number to call and the interview is purely automated. They ask you the typical interview questions and you must record your answer.

From there, expect paperwork for a background check and documents from a public notary.

You must set up your payment preferences, W4, and a Notarized Identification form.

What is involved in the Alorica Training?

  • You are instructed to go through self-paced modules.
  •  At the end of each module, you have to do a test.
  •  If you fail the test, there will be no retakes, so don’t rush through the test.
  • Lots of the questions will be about the specific client’s project.

I did not understand that there were no retakes and rushed through the initial test.

That eliminated my chances of working for general electric but landed a job on a work-from-home assignment.

What are the job responsibilities?

  • You must have a landline phone and a hard-wired computer.
  • You will be given software to check your internet speed and space on your computer.
  • If you pass, you are responsible for getting your own headset.

For my assignment, I would take calls from individuals who wanted to purchase as seen on TV products.

How much do they pay and is it worth the Effort?

That Depends. The pay rates are $9.00 to $10.00 (2019), per hour depending on the assignment. It takes little effort and minimal typing and administrative training.

Not worth the consistent monitoring in my opinion.

Is it a scam?

No, It’s 100% safe.

Are there better alternatives?

Work From Home Review.

There are alternatives to Alorica that give you more freedom.

Sitel would be one that I would recommend just because there is a bit more support from supervisors, and you are not stuck within a rigid script, that if you veer off,  will get you in trouble.

My verdict of Alorica


  • The plus side is that you can pretty much choose your schedule and work in 30-minute increments.
  • If you give them enough time you are able to get rid of and switch shifts as needed, without a doctor’s note so if there is something that is over 24 hours out you have time.
  • If there is a shorter time frame, then you can easily find someone to take your shift because people are constantly looking for work.


  •  The downside is that when it’s slow and there is no work available, you are subject to being underemployed.
  • You are monitored very closely.
  • They run off a point system.
  •  If you don’t up-sell each client (which can be annoying), then you will have disciplinary action taken against you.
  • If you receive too many corrections, they will take you off of their assignment.
Alorica vs Sitel. My No Holds Barred Review.

Introduction to Sitel

This is another temp agency that works with third parties to provide customer service for individuals.

There are differences when dealing with each company.

Their about page.

” Sitel Group combines comprehensive customer care capabilities with unparalleled digital, training and technology expertise to help build brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.

We partner with our clients to effectively harness our industry’s explosive digital transformation to ensure an innovative, end-to-end solution to managing and enhancing the customer experience.

Sitel Group.

My Job Responsibilities.

When I was working for Sitel, I was on assignment for Turbo Tax. My main duty was to work the back end of the software.

This was quite pedantic and called for a deeper level of training.

Navigating through the Turbo tax website was certainly at a different level to Alorica’s clients.

How much do they pay/ Is it worthwhile?

Sitel pays $11.00, per hour (2018- 19), and I feel that for all they want us to know, it’s pretty fair.

They could go up 1, maybe 2 dollars.

Girl relaxing and reading information on an Apple computer. Used in the article Alorica vs Sitel. My no holds barred review.
Laptop lifestyle.

What is involved in the Sitel training?

  • The interview process involves going into a group chat room.
  • You will be with a list of 30 interviewees and about 10 recruiters.
  •  The interviewers were put in Queue and you were asked specific questions about working from home.
  •  My experience working with Alorica made me a better candidate for Sitel.
  •  Once the interview was over, I pretty much was given the job.
  • They did turn on the camera to see your face as well as ran a speed test on your computer.
  • As long as your computer passes the test, you are hired.



  • Sitel sends supplies for the job.
  •  Includes a phone and headset. A backdrop that went on the back of your chair. (With Alorica, you have to provide your own equipment.)
  • The fact that they show they are serious by providing the necessary tools to work from home, was a game changer for me.
  • At the end of your tenure, they only ask that you return your equipment, which is not an unreasonable request.


  • The trainings are not self-paced, and all the modules that you go through are done together as a group and via conference call.
  •  There are some advantages and some disadvantages to this.

Training Comparisons.

With the Alorica training.

  • There was no one to ask questions if you were stuck.

With Sitel, it being fast-paced, if you fell far behind the group, you were out of luck.

My computer crashed during training. Some downloaded software was incorrectly downloaded, and I fell behind.  

While there was someone in IT who was able to resolve the issue, this took DAYS. By the time the issue was resolved, I was so far behind, there was nothing anyone could do.

Is it a scam?

No, it is 100% legit! I do recommend working with them

My Honest Verdict.

Working for Sitel is much better than working for Alorica.

  • From the pay
  • To the quality of work
  • Not having to up-sell for your client
  • And without the close monitoring of Alorica

I had a better experience working for them than I did with Alorica.

I hope this helps.

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