How good are Atomy MLM products?

How Good are Atomy MLM Products? Can you Make Money with them.

A pic of a computer screen showing the home page of atomy, in the foreground is a large lock with a red circle and on the right of the pic is a login box.then a hashtag with to become a member you need to be sponsored. On the left is the question "What is a sales rep" and a small box with >home. Used in the article How good are Atomy MLM products?
You need to be sponsored to be able to join.

Since its founding in 2009, Atomy claims to have 16 million members and a turnover of around $1.83 billion (2021). However, finding an independent user experience as to how good Atomy’s products are is not easy.

Essentially you are on a fishing expedition.

To join you have to be “sponsored”.

Amazon reviews on the *Atomy Skin Care 6 System show:-

  • 52% 5-star ratings from 105 reviews.
  • 23% gave it a 4-star rating
  • 13% gave it a one-star rating.

So they are in the ballpark of average to very good products

Let’s take a look.

  • UPDATE: the Atomy Skin Care 6 System has since been renamed Atomy Skin Care System. The Fame.

How Good are Atomy MLM Products?

Let’s look at skincare. One of the more notorious MLM offerings

Generally speaking, you are looking at mostly supermarket-quality, or a little better than supermarket-quality goods.

Skincare and cosmetics are the most heavily promoted, and are of okay quality although previously, there were warnings not to use products with fragrances infused into them.

A more recent update on their skin-care ingredients shows us they use…

  • Antioxidants
  • Emollients
  • Humectants
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Niacinamide
  • Peptides

All of these are considered good ingredients for skin care products.

They also include botany extracts, green tea, cica, fig, basil, sea buckthorn, chamomile, etc.

These all have beneficial compounds to combat skin redness, help with environmental stress, and soothe the skin.

Let’s take a look at some other products.

Atomy Personal Care and Home Items.

A list of areas Atomy sells products.Health, skin care, oral care, Laundry, Processed food, kitchen and many more supermarket type products, Used in the article How Good are Atomy MLM Products?
Atomy Mall.

For things like toothbrushes, I would probably pay $11 for a pack of 8.

Shipping may deter me from that idea though.

Actually, you get free shipping if you spend over $120.00

Coffee: It is packed in satchels (probably to make shipping easier), but, 80 satchels for $20?

Ok cheaper than Starbucks, but a 150-gram jar gives about the same number of coffees and is about half the price depending on the brand you buy.

Manuka Honey is one product I had a good look at. Two countries produce this New Zealand and Australia.

Atomy has the Australian Manuka and sells it at $105.00 for 250 grams net of honey.

Granted, the price of Manuka honey is higher than normal forest/farm blended honey because of its “superior” antibacterial properties.

A lot of the cost is in the certifications, but $105 for one jar, or $198 for two is right at the top of the price range, even for the highest-rated Manuka honey.

There is not a lot to see in the other products, Noni juice, dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents, etc.

The quality is probably better than average across the range from what I have seen.

Prices are not comparable to say Target, Walmart, Costco, or Aldi.

You wouldn’t expect that I guess it is am MLM after all.

All things considered, I think their products are average value… But, you need to spend like you are grocery shopping to get the free shipping.

Atomy, unlike many MLM companies, who can build $1,000.00 value into a piece of 2nd hand string and tell you what a bargain it is at $300.00, does not have those skills.

If you want to see a big build up of bull manure in skin care products check out what Monet sells.

Be careful though, you may find yourself reaching for your wallet.

How Good are Atomy MLM Products? Can you Make Money with them.


This is one product that Atomy has had to come out and defend because there have been murmurings about HemoHim being problematic.

Hemohim is little more than a mix of natural ingredients to boost your immune system and Atomy have studies to show it has some beneficial effects.

This might be an attack from big Pharma.

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a disparaging campaign against natural immunity over the past couple of years.

Experimental Vaccinations are the new immunity.

Can you Make Money with Atomy?

It is an MLM… So, NO in my opinion.

The difference with this one is, there is no initial outlay for products.

That is a good start. Nothing to clutter up the garage or lounge room.

Members buy from an Online Mall. You’re not going to be ordering products for others.

Even better there is no need to be having hard sell parties.

From there it starts to become complicated.

You cannot earn commissions until you have reached a certain number of Personal Points Values.

It is not a high bar, about $30.00 of purchases will be enough to have enough PV points to start earning.

Essentially the more you buy, the more PV points you accumulate then they are distributed between you and your upline group.

As for earning money, like all MLMs, only a very few make enough to call it a full-time income.

Of the approximately 14 -16 million members only about 5,000 were making anything close to a full-time income.

ATOMY Earnings: As of August 2020 : about 600 people earn over $100,000 per year. Included in the 600 are 40 people earning $400,000 per year. There were 4,300 Sales Masters who earned $1,000 per 2 weeks or more 12x per year.


The Compensation Plan

I am not even going to begin to explain it.

For an in-depth look at their compensation plan go here.

Experience working for Atomy.

From a “distributor” who joined to have the freedom of working for himself.

I really dread the people and working culture in my experience. A one of them forces their extreme-no-rest-till-you-are-successful workaholic lifestyle to us, being extremely manipulative , demanding of how we should be as a leader, giving unreasonable goals, and guilt tripping sometimes. I feel that no matter how much i try I’m never gonna be good enough, and she said so many harsh things to me too (i understand everyone might have different culture in their group and it also depends on the people there so i do not blame atomy on this one too). I specially hated the zoom meetings in my group since most of the time it is based on the upline ranting about downline that doesn’t do his/her job or quitting .


Final Thoughts.

Much like a dropshipping store, their products have been carefully selected.

I was thinking initially that it was an Amazon imitation.

It isn’t, Amazon has affiliates to which it pays commissions for items sold from the affiliate’s website.

Amazon commissions are extremely miserable unless you are into promoting hi-ticket items.

Possibly if you were to sign up, and run an affiliate-style blog alongside the mall in your country, it might bring in a few dollars, as it appears that the vast majority of members are only there to buy products, not recruit anyone into a down line.

That would work ok for you if your downline was made up of return buyers.

It does have the potential work-from-home capability, but it will take time before profits cover expenses.

Unlike a dropshipping store where you can set the price, or buy at wholesale and sell at retail (60/40 is common), you are working with smaller percentages and relying on a downline to lift your income.

Thanks for reading.


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