Spocket app Products Review

Spocket app Products Review. Is this the app from Hell? 13 Dropshipper’s experiences with products on the Spocket app.

A selection of Spockets products from their website. They include a pull-over, Long battery life headsets, A collection of socks, a model with women bras. Used in the article Spocket app Products Review.
A selection of Spockets products.

I take a look at 13 drop shipper’s experiences using Spocket. This Spocket app products review will show user complaints about using Spocket and selling its products. As e-Commerce website owners know, the three most important factors that influence your online shop are prices, delivery times, and the quality of your items. It appears that Spocket fails on all three.

Spockets Failure as an App

For Shopify users, or wannabe drop shippers thinking about an app for importing products from the US and Europe, Spocket, is probably one that has been in your face demanding your attention.

You may think that 13 reviews are a small sample but, they are representative of more than 200 mediocre to bad reviews I have seen.

As well as Shopify, it also integrates with these other e-commerce platforms:-

  • Wix.
  • BigCommerce.
  • Felex.
  • Ecwid.
  • Squarespace.
  • WooCommerce.
  • Square.

I thought it would be a good app. I did try the starter version a few years ago. But it never really had anything that I wasn’t already selling or found unique.

Plus the prices on Spocket were higher than similar products on other sites.

So I never got to really test it out.

Recently I was looking for a specific golfing item I thought might do well.

I decided to check out Spocket to see if they had it and check the reviews.

Spocket didn’t have it.

More out of curiosity than anything else I decided to see how Spocket was performing,

So, over to the rating reviews on Shopify and the first thing I saw was a complaint!

Excerpt below.

To not get charged by their not so upfront approach, you need to set your password within the app after downloading. It will not accept your Shopify password. Set a password in Spocket and then continue to cancel.

Excerpt of a 2 star review. Spocket app reviews on Shopify

Maybe that complaint was a bit rough. Didn’t read the instructions and blamed Spocket?

Maybe someone was having a bad hair day or… Maybe not?

But throughout my research on it continually came up, as being less than optimum.

This one from the BigCommerce platform is another that catches your eye as you check the page 1 reviews.

A recent review on BigCommerce

Do not use

July, 6 2022

Please do not use this company. They will charge your account 3 or 4 times at a time even if you cancel your subscription. Because of them I have $300 worth of return check fees. Please don’t give them your information. Beware of some of the positive reviews. Some just might be fake.

BigCommerce Spocket review.

Like Shopify, most of the positive reviews were from new clients who had only had it for a few days and used it maybe once to import items. However…

I was more interested in the reviews of the products they had on offer.

  • Availability
  • The quality
  • The range
  • The pricing.

Just looking at the review summaries you would think Spocket is ok.

  • A 4.6-star rating on Shopify. 3005 reviews
  • A 4.8-star rating on BigCommerce. 70 reviews
  • A 4.1-star rating on Capterra. 15 reviews
  • Wix gives it a 4.2-star rating from 75 reviews.


Product Hunt.com gives it a 1.8-star rating from 26 reviews.

1.8? Ok, only 3 of those 26 bothered to give it a star rating.

Complaints about Spocket’s Products.

Upfront: Spocket doesn’t make any products. It sources them from various suppliers around the world.

I have done minimal editing on these reviews. There is a lot of emotion in some of them.

I have put an asterisk on problem sentences and given my interpretation below the complaint. Other asterisks are on words I have inserted.

Let’s dive into the first one.

Review Number 1.

June 25th 2021

Do not use this awful service.

What do you like best?

I liked that they said US shipping companies. They maybe use one that has barely any products.

What do you dislike?

The downsides of spocket is using spocket. They are going to tell you that they have a huge production selection that ships direct from the USA. They do have a couple vendors US based that cost so much that makes it impossible to drop ship. You can literally buy the item off Amazon for less than your COST on spocket. Then the vendor will charge $8 shipping. It makes no sense to use this service. They will often give you suggested retail with a product, when you add the shipping your making less than $1. Then on top of all this, the vendors will change there shipping price quite often. If your not paying attention and making sure to adjust your pricing this could end up costing you money when you make a sale. The inventory on here is awful also, who wants to *pay* $50 for a beach towel!

Recommendations to others considering the product:

If you are considering getting into Dropshipping and worried about shipping times or products, DO NOT USE THIS CONPANY. *There false advertising and lies will make you there great. There are so much worse than even AliExpress.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

Absolutely nothing, I lost money.

Review collected by G2.com

*The false advertising and lies they tell are great (?).

One very unhappy ex-user. I am wondering if the $50 for a beach towel is the “wholesale” price. I’m guessing it probably is.

Obviously, they are really pissed off.

Review Number 2.

Another Zero star complaint...

“Stay far away”

Overall: The worst. I wish I didn’t give them my information.

Pros: Nothing. It’s not really worth giving them any of your information.

Cons: This is by far the worst app. First their dropshipping service is expensive for what you get. Items are not in stock even though it says it is . There isn’t even a vast variety of items to choose from. But the best part of this is that this company will continue to charge you even after you cancel. They don’t charge you just once and not just twice but 3 or 4 times in a row. Please be careful when reading positive reviews. I think some of them are fake.

Switched From: Modalyst, Wholesale2B and Salehoo.

review on Capterra.com

Ok, Not much variety.

And it is true there are fake reviews on so-called independent sites on many products.

On many companies I review, it is easy to see the problems before even looking at a review.

For example, odering stuff from this Jewelry company, was always going to be risky.

If there are reviews gushing with praise about a product then it is best to assume it is fake.

Review Number 3.

A bit old. This one is from August 2020.

“Spocket review of products with Shopify”

OverallLimited amounts of products available. Needs more product availability to sustain more sales for shopify store owners. I felt due to limited amount quantities available it was not a good fit for my store.

Pros: The process is easy to set up with the integrations of Shopify.

Cons: Product available and quantities were very limited. *Which is big problem for any online store is inventory.


* Product availability and quantities were very limited, which is a big problem for any online store as inventory needs to be available.

From the Capterra.com reviews, the final take on the pros and cons was based on just 15 reviews.

The Pros and Cons of Spocket.


  • “From the variety and quality of dropshipping products and vendors and the improvement of our tools from using Spocket.”
  • “Also, Spocket supports more stores than a lot of these drop-shipping management SaaS providers. It’s not just Shopify with Spocket, it also supports WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, etc.”


  • “Limited amounts of products available. Needs more product availability to sustain more sales for Shopify store owners.”
  • “I can not easily use Spocket with my Wix store.”
  • “This is by far the worst app. First, their dropshipping service is expensive for what you get.”

A vague take on the pros I thought.

The product inventory does seem limited, although Spocket claims to have 1 million items in its inventory.

Many of them apparently are not genuine wholesalers as we will see further below.

15 reviews is hardly a fair sample to measure any product. Nevertheless, they looked to be genuine complaints made by genuine users.

People giving the work-from-home/ earn online thing rely on reviews. HONEST ones!

Unfortunately, there are many, many reviews that are less than honest.

The Rating Summary for Spocket on Capterra.com

  • 4.1 Overall star rating
  • 4.3 For ease of use
  • 4.0 For customer service.

For dropshippers, a 4.1-star rating is below the threshold normally accepted for a good product.

Not only from China but anywhere.

Anything below a 4.4-star rating is generally accepted as getting into the lower quality (problem) area.

Here Spocket fell below 4.4 on every measure.

Spocket Complaints on Shopify

Shopify has over 3000 reviews on Spocket so it made sense to go back and look at those.

I had a quick look at Trust Pilot and while it can be a good source of info for some businesses, there seemed to be a lot of cut-and-paste from Shopify’s site.

It gives a 4.7-star rating from 1,800 reviews.

Because many of those reviews were on the Shopify site I have not bothered to include Trust Pilot here.

Finding honest reviews can be tricky and it is easy to get caught up in all the hype.

Let’s look at number 4. This one is not so much a complaint as a comment.

Review Number 4.

Still, she only gave it a 3-star rating.


November 23, 2022.

Location Canada

Time spent using app 14 days

The support seems good, however the products that I sell are with another similar service and it’s free. Even though Spocket does have good deals on some things the cost is extremely high and there is not much profit left.
I do appreciate the service; however, I see no benefit in it. No profit margin is left. When I ask for a list, they provided one however with the monthly fee I expected to find my products. I found none of them. So, while they appear they want to help, in the end they don’t. Only on signup.

Shopify Spocket reviews.

Erwin from Spocket was onto this and this reply appeared the next day.

Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. We regret that your experience did not meet your expectations and have shared your feedback with our team. We invite you to contact us via email at support@spocket.co or 24×7 live chat to discuss your experience in more detail. – Erwin

Shopify Spocket reviews.

How about you contact them, Erwin… This is just sweeping problems under the carpet.

Review Number 5.

This guy had been using it for 2 years and this happened.

Cork & Leaf

Location United States

Time spent using app:  Almost 2 years

VERY UNRELIABLE! I have had to cancel several of my orders due to no inventory to Fullfill the orders, yet the inventory shows there is product. All they can say is: we will investigate but it keeps happening!! How are you supposed to put your name on their products If they can’t Fullfill? Save yourself money and find a more reliable drop shipper. I should of canceled the first time it happened but gave them the chance and *they* never delivered as drop shipper.

Shopify Spocket reviews.

Erwin was onto it almost immediately.

Developer reply

November 23, 2022

We’re very sorry to hear about your experience but thank you for sharing it! Our sincerest apologies if we were not able to meet your expectations at this time. One of our account managers will reach out to you directly to help with any issues that you may have otherwise, please chat with us or send us an email at support@spocket.co so we can look into this matter right away. Thank you for your understanding and patience! – Erwin

Shopify Spocket reviews.

WTF with any issues you may have otherwise?

Or is the comma in the wrong place?

No product = No customers. Not just one order but several!

After nearly 2 years he gave them a 1-star rating. ?

It can cost a substantial amount of money to get set up properly with a drop-ship store.

To have lost money repeatedly across several sales, I would say the last thing he needs is another investigation.

Review Number 6.

10th November 2022

A cat wearing a brown cowboy hat used as a model for one of Spockets premium products. A premium crown bottom left Used in the article, Spocket app Products Review.
A Spocket premium product.


Location United States

Time spent using app 3 days

They asked to upgrade to see the “winning products” category, while this category has around 15-20 products MAX!
It’s unbelievable that they push to upgrade for this

Shopify Spocket reviews.

Erwin was onto it.

Developer reply

November 10, 2022

We extremely apologize, this has happened. Would you mind reaching out to us via email at support@spocket.co with more details about the situation so we can look into this matter right away? – Erwin

Shopify Spocket reviews.

I am not sure what they are going to look into, if that is what premium is, then surely it is what it is!

Spocket product reviews on BigCommerce.

There were no developer replies on Big Commerce.

This 7th. review probably sums up best the issues faced by many drop shippers using the app.

Review Number 7.

Not easy to manage products in BigCommerce

3-star rating

July, 8 2021.

I am not sure how this App gets top reviews. There are several major issues with the APP: 1- You CANNOT see who the actual vendor/suppliers you’re dealing with. Spocket hides their names and gives them an Alias because they don’t want you contacting the supplier directly. If you have an issue or want to contact your supplier you have to go through their support team. 2- This App will not allow you to map products to any Sub-Category you might have in your store. It treats all categories as a main category. For example if you have “For Her > Apparel” and “For Him > Apparel”, when you try to make the items your options will be “Apparel”, “Apparel”, so you can’t tell if its apparel for Her or for Him. So your only option is to put it all under “For Her” or “For Him” and then manually update each product in BigCommerce to be in their correct subcategory. And when you have to do that for 100s or thousands of products, then you’ll be spending days and/or weeks correcting the categories. 3- You CANNOT edit product description, price, etc after you have loaded/pushed the product to your store. And tech support said that you can not edit it in your store either because that might cause transmission errors when its sending updates. You will have to delete/remove the product you want to edit from your store and spocket list, reselect it again, then edit it and reload/push to your store again. 4- You can not create different lists, so all your products are thrown into one list. For example, gardening, clothing, electronics, etc all jumbo up into one list 5- You cannot set pricing to be automated, such as % markup based on wholesale price plus shipping cost etc. You will have to manually enter the price you want to display on your store. And if your supplier increases its prices you might not know about it until its too late thus costing you money in the end. All these issues can be easily resolved – technically speaking. And when you’re paying $90 or more per month, you expect an app that will help you with managing your store selection, and not one that will make you work harder for it.

3-star review of the Spocket app on BigCommerce.

A great summary of the problems, but there was no developer response.


Review Number 8.

Another skeptic smells a rat in the cheese factory.

Not sure how this app is getting good reviews it is a waste of time

March, 31 2021

There is no way this app is getting 5 stars. You take your time adding product only to find out days later there *is no stock all the time. Its constantly changing and no product. The customer support was great but the app is useless.

BigCommerce review of Spocket.

*…was never any stock?

Is Spocket worth the Money?

I typed the above heading into the Google search bar and it came back with a lot of Reddit pages with opinions/answers.

Reddit is normally a good site for honest down to earth opinions.

I took a look at the most recent one from March 2022. and a couple of comments about the products in Spocket’s catalog were not exactly flattering.

Here are the responses:- The 4th one is interesting.

Review Number 9.

From Reddit

Is Spocket Worth the Money

1. No.
2. Lots of it is glorified AliExpress products for double the price.
3. Yeah…try Eprolo, cj alike. Faster shipping and customer support is available. Find your products on ecomforecaster and then you can find similar on cj or Eprolo to private label them/ faster shipping.
4. I’ve noticed that quite a few of the suppliers on Spocket don’t ship worldwide, and some don’t even ship to Canada

When looking through the one and two-star reviews on Shopify, and BigCommerce I would have to agree with the first response in the above list!

5-star ratings with two-word cliches Game changer, Great app, and Timesaver, are common in the positive reviews on all the sites I looked at.

They are hardly words that give a ringing endorsement.

Review Number 10. From a Wix User.

There are 75 reviews on Wix, with a 4.2-star rating average. Again, below that magic 4.4-star rating.

Mddistributions / Oct 29, 2022

A 2-star rating.

While usable, I would not recommend it.The plans are really bad, especially if you want to carry more then 25 premium products. The margins are low and sometimes doesn’t even cover your cost and the shipping cost. I guess you can always pass on the shipping cost to the customer, but it’s hard when Amazon has the same product at your cost, free shipping, and ships in a day or two. It’s hard to make a profit while staying competitive.

Technical Issues:

  1. Doesn’t import the cost of the products
  2. Doesn’t import the shipping cost
  3. Title & Description do not adhere to Wix’s standards
  4. Descriptions have a lot of grammar and punctuation issues and need a lot of editing.
Wix Spocket review.

Spocket responded with.

Spocket TeamThank you for your feedback! We are very sorry to hear about your experience. Our sincerest apologies if we were not able to meet your expectations at this time. It would mean so much to me if you can spare a few minutes of your time to talk about this issue and allow us to provide an exceptional resolution. Please chat with us or send us an email at support@spocket.co so we can look into this matter right away. Thank you for your understanding and patience! – Erwin

Spocket response.

Erwin must really have his work cut out responding to these.


Regardless of which product importer you use you will nearly always need to re-do the descriptions.

You normally do have to set your own shipping rates, and you set your prices.

As for titles, you should always create new ones.

You do all this before importing to your site. Once imported you can re-do the descriptions.

Having a good understanding of any plugin before you start using it is recommended.

Review Number 11. From Wix again.

A 1-star rating.

Tkcbrandingdesign / Oct 07, 2022

Misleading and Not Accountable. I work with multiple retail clients and have also used Spocket for one of my other businesses and found them to be misleading, offering bait and switch tactics and avoiding to resolve issues. They charged my account on the 1st day of a 14day trial period, then refused to refund the charge. They placed that responsibility on the host platform, when it is indeed their offer and service. From a fulfillment standpoint, a lot of the vendors that they host as Top or Premier vendors, don’t fulfill orders in the promised delivery timeframe. I had long made the decision to not use them personally, but still informed clients about the option to guage their own experience. After this last issue, I will no longer be recommending them to clients. *Updated Response to Erwin* I sent a copy of the invoice showing the charge the same day the trial was to start. I was told it wouldn’t be refunded. Spocket needs to remove the Free Trial verbiage if they’re not willing to offer to Wix customers.

Wix review of Spocket.

Erwin responded again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this feedback. We make it a point to be known for customer service, so this situation caught us a little off guard. Would you mind reaching out to us via email at support@spocket.co with more details about the situation? Any more light you could shed on what happened would be much appreciated and would help me to find the right solution moving forward. Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you! – Erwin

Caught off guard again? You’re kidding me. More like a shark feeding on people who are trying to create an online business to earn a few extra dollars.

Review Number 12. Another Wix User.

Tadshairandaccesso / Sep 01, 2022

Not great with orders and shipping. I have had and used this app for a month now, and received an order for a customer on 8/21/2022, and just received an email today from Spocket to inform me that the order has been canceled due to the supplier did not ship the order in a timely manner. I am starting my business, by using drop shipping suppliers, and this is not the experience I expected. Usually I would give it a chance, but this is something that I am really trying to make it work, considering this is my first time starting my online business, and I just cannot invest in monthly payments with a supplier that does not keep up their end of the bargain.

Wix review of Spocket.

I feel for this guy.

There is money to be made by having a work-from-home online business.

Experiences like this do nothing but leave a sour taste in your mouth, and add to the reputation that online businesses are scams.

In this case, Spocket has doubled down on leaving a bad taste in both the customer’s and the vendor’s mouths and probably the merchant’s.

Spocket is a service and should know better than to treat people this way.

Related Article Here.

Let’s look at Erwin’s reply.

Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. We regret that your experience did not meet your expectations and have shared your feedback with our team. We invite you to contact us via email at support@spocket.co or 24×7 live chat to discuss your experience in more detail. – Erwin

Spocket Team

That sucks big time.

“Shared his concerns with the team”? Spare me! Was it something for them to read while having morning tea?

The guy made a sale. Spocket stuffed it up.

At the very least They should have contacted him.

There should have been a re-reimbursement of the sale value and a huge apology.

Then return his subscription and cancel his account (properly), so there is no further opportunity to stuff him around (or anyone else), again.

Review Number 13. From Product Hunt.com

Actually, she is a Shopify user.

It doesn’t get any better.

Caroline Andresen

Does not recommend this product

Thought it was good at first but started realizing their products could be sourced directly for less! Then Beware…many products lead you to believe they are US because they are shipping from here but I tested out samples that came from China! Might as well use Oberlo then for free instead of $49/month – beware if you sign up for annual and don’t like it too bad – better luck next year! NO REFUNDS. Hmmm…if they are so sure of their product why trap subscribers I wonder.

No developer response.

I guess Erwin can’t be everywhere putting out fires.

Spockets Aliexpress Extension.

Aliexpress is still popular. The reason is simple.

They deliver. It might take a couple of weeks ( in many cases they are less), but your customer gets what they have ordered.

As an option in Spocket, it seemed like a smart move to have the Aliexpress scraper.

The problem it seems is the pricing, and I am not sure that the products have been selected carefully.

If you import from Aliexpress it has to be a 4.4-Star rating absolute minimum before you even think of listing a product.

( I think I said that above). ?.

Then there is the matter of who you are buying from.

A manufacturer or a wholesaler?

The Aliexpress scraper used via Spocket prices the item for you.

Whatever setting they gave it took the “cheap” out of Aliexpress.

As the owner of Oak and Honey said, “These are the same items found on Aliexpress with a huge markup making it impossible to sell at a competitive amount.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate into profits for the shop owner as the markup apparently stays with Spocket.

Another excerpt from their review.

1 of 5 stars

July 29, 2022

Oak And Honey

Location United States

Time spent using app 3 months

Launched our Shopify store about 1 month ago and added Spocket to import items from Aliexpress to our Shopify store using the AliScraper add-on. We have had nothing but issues from the first order: 1. Unit cost imported by Spocket does not match the supplier cost from Aliexpress resulting in me being charged more than the customer paid for several items.

Excerpt from Shopify Spocket review.

Aliexpress scrapers have been around for years.

You could likely find someone on Fiverr to make you a basic one.


Problems pop up in any company. The best thing to do is own them.

A screenshot from my email today.

A screenshot from Sellbrite explaining they have a problem with their label printer. Used in the articleSpocket app Products Review
At least some have the decency to give you a heads up.

The breakdown of the ratings of Spocket on Shopify.

4.6 of 5 stars from 3005 users.

Counts per rating level

Rating level and Percentage of usersActual Number of users
5 out of 5 stars. 81%of users. 2421 users.
4 out of 5 stars. 10% of users 300 users
3 out of 5 stars. 2% of users 59 users
2 out of 5 stars. 1% of users 28 users
1 out of 5 stars. 7% of users. 197 users

Figures on their own either look good or bad, but figures alone never really tell the full story.

The vast majority of the 5-star ratings had only had experience with the app for the most part less than a month, and very few or no sales.

Plus many of the 5-star reviews were only short cliched words.

They had only experienced the importer.

A lot of the 1-star users had experienced sales and saw things go pear-shaped.

The above reviews are only a small sample of the 197 Spocket horror stories on Shopify.

Many others had problems with still being charged after they had canceled their accounts.

There are free Aliexpress scrapers DSers is one.

For a paid one that actually works try Alidropship, It has a one-off payment and it is yours.

Plus they keep it updated.

Like most importers, it has its idiosyncracies one being the pricing settings:

You have to define your product pricing ranges before you start importing products.

Without wanting to state the obvious…

If you don’t, you won’t make any profits because you would sell the product for the original price from AliExpress. Add in your overheads and you are paying someone to buy your stuff.

There has been a lot of money invested in the Spocket app.

Maybe they could use some money to repair user confidence in their product.

Keep going as they are and they are selling a lie.

I think we all know how that ends.

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