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There is thousands of WordPress themes available. Literally thousands and thousands of free and premium wordpress themes.

If you are shopping for themes then you could spend days window-shopping through the directories.

Unfortunately, many of the themes available in WordPress are outdated, their codes are redundant, and many of them belong in theme coding heaven.

Admittedly the majority of free themes, are for use by the “casual blogger” or someone just testing the waters.

Many of them have been designed by people experimenting with CCS. That is the beauty of (free) open-source code. The downside of course is there are a lot of junk themes.

These free themes also serve as a guide to the “performance” of a premium theme.

Professional bloggers, E-Comm businesses, and others will always trail a free theme before handing over money.

If there is a premium theme backing up a free theme, then it is likely that the bugs have been ironed out, and it is compatible with commonly used plugins (not all of them obviously).

Can it be customized?

  • Is it fast to load
  • What are the image options
  • Typography options
  • Color options

Let’s look at free WordPress themes and review My Theme Shop Themes and Alidropship Themes.

WordPress Free Themes

WordPress is the go-to website-building platform for nearly 50% of all online website builders.

If you are a blogger looking to monetize your passion or a business owner who wants to raise your company’s profile. WordPress has something for you.

In this post, I will look at a couple of “off the beaten track” free and premium WordPress themes suitable for a wide range of uses.

By paying a few dollars for premium, you’ll benefit from lots of extra features that make the management of your theme so much easier if you decide to enter the mainstream blogging arena.

You will have things to make your website building a lot more rewarding.

  • like, better built-in search engine optimization
  • better control of your website with theme management control centers

Premium sites make it easier for you to tweak certain elements of your website without having to take classes in computer coding and without affecting the search engine optimization of the theme.

Best WordPress Themes

It is a brave person who makes that statement and tries to back it up.

Of all the thousands of themes out there, a statement like that is totally subjective. People have their favorites.

I am biased toward a few, but never would I say they are the best.

Highly Rated? yes. It’s just what I have become comfortable working with.

Switching Themes.

This is pretty much a no-brainer. on your dashboard go to Appearance >>Themes>> Add Theme>> Upload theme. See the video below if you’re unsure.

My Theme Shop

After using free WordPress designs over the years and not really knowing much about anything. SEO, or what a heavy or light plugin was.

At the time I was using All in One SEO (which is quite good by the way) and getting serious about learning WordPress and what makes a successful blog.

I was still researching search engine optimization, while many of my colleagues were switching to Yoast or going to All in One Pro.

I found one called Rank Math and wanted to know more about it.

They had a Facebook group (often this can be a place where people vent their frustrations if things aren’t working as they expect). What I found on Facebook was enough to convince me to give Rank Math a go.

I liked it, installed it, and upgraded to the Pro Version shortly after.

I did have a couple of small problems initially with it but received great service from this small company and everything was resolved amazingly quickly.

Looking into them further I discovered they have a backroom department making themes.

And that was my introduction to My Theme Shop.

Premium WordPress themes from my theme shop are known for their fast loading, ease of setting up, and ease of customizing.

See more in the video below.

Speedy to load with the CCS Search engine optimized, these themes have free versions for bloggers or those in E-Commerce to test drive before going premium.

Often they run special deals on new releases and you can pick up a good deal on very well-optimized themes.

This blog uses Schema

What’s Included in My theme Shop Premium Themes

  • SEO and speed optimized
  • Great easy-to-use options panel ( see pic above), to manage fonts, headers, footers ads, and colors.
  • Typography. Select from over 600 Google fonts or any of the included standard fonts to make your website uniquely yours.
  • Short Codes. Every premium theme comes with a beginner-friendly shortcode plugin that allows you to display call-to-action buttons, contact forms other buttons with sizing options in your posts.
  • Unlimited color and background options.
  • Most important of all. They are Ultra Responsive Designs using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 markup
  • They will display equally as good on Mobile devices and Tablets as well as Laptops and Desktops.
  • For more features and benefits check out the links below.
Premium WordPress Themes. Don't Buy 1 Until You Have Read This.
Speed Test Schema vs Genesis

Premium WordPress Themes for Bloggers

My theme shop specializes in themes for bloggers.

Schema:- is a fast-loading, ultra-SEO friendly, WordPress theme, developed by the creators of Rank Math SEO.

Featuring all the best MyThemeShop features, including a custom options panel, shortcodes and widgets, and a pixel-perfect design.

Schema also includes rich snippets in order to help search engines your site and rank you higher.

Schema is only one of their 120 + themes though.

Other popular ones include “Publisher” and “Saddle”, which are Adsense optimized.

This is great for bloggers who often worry about advertisements overpowering their content.

And… I found out the coding for their themes still delivers a fast-loading site even with lots of images.

Some of My Theme Shop Themes Power Sites Worth Millions

Scott Delong started a Buzzfeed-type website from my theme shop theme and sold it in a cash and stock deal is will him gross him $100 million.

He could have used any other theme…

Except that he needed a theme that could handle viral traffic from social media sites.

The beauty of my theme shop themes is not only are they designed to attract traffic but they are also designed to handle it as well.

Want to know how to get 100 million visitors to your blog?

Take a look at this link. How to get 100 million visitors to your site.

Premium WordPress Themes. Don't Buy 1 Until You Have Read This.
Done using a theme from my theme shop.
Premium WordPress Themes. Don't Buy 1 Until You Have Read This.
According to Erin Griffith of, “…  ViralNova was just one of the many ways Scott could have chosen to kill boredom.
Premium WordPress Themes. Don't Buy 1 Until You Have Read This.
Fully optimized for social shares, speed and search engine rankings.

An E-Commerce Website with WordPress.

My Theme shop has themes for blogging, E-Commerce, and Business.

Most premium WordPress themes have a built-in E-Commerce option and My Theme Shop is no different.

From a personal point of view, I have yet to seriously trial it in the E-Commerce sphere. I have used Shopify and I like Alidropship / Woo Commerce.

Keep a lookout for a serious comparison on these pages in the near future.

With My Theme Shop, you have 8 choices.

One of the most important things in selecting a theme is to check how recently it has been updated. If it hasn’t been updated for more than 4 months, Leave It Alone.

The reason for this is, WordPress updates regularly, but every 6 months or so WordPress has a major update.

If your site codes haven’t been kept up, then it could crash due to conflicts with coding.

With My theme shop, you won’t have this problem because they have such a small stable of themes, and their themes are regularly updated and optimized.

My Theme Shop E-commerce Themes.

My theme shop with only 7 themes in e-commerce, I think need more evaluation time on those themes.

I am not recommending against them, it is just a personal preference, at this stage and I do follow Woo-Commerce threads over on FaceBook.

I am a never say never type of person.

I am sure the guys out in the back room of my theme shop are working hard at getting something really good for critical, hard-to-please people (like me).

My Theme Shop

Installing My Theme Shop themes

Alidropship Themes

Installing Alidropship themes

Dedicated E-Commerce Themes

Among the myriad of free and premium themes available, I have found these WordPress-dedicated E-Commerce themes.

All designed for Woo-Commerce, these themes have been developed by people involved in E-Commerce. Let’s have a look…

Premium WordPress Themes Don't Buy Until You Have Read This.
El Greco Theme. I should mention everything on my pages are multilingual.

The shot above of the El Greco theme is one of a few Woo themes and Alidropship themes that are dedicated to drop shipping / E-Commerce.

El Greco is a sleek and fully responsive theme much appreciated by WordPress and WooCommerce users.

It easily handles any niche and catalog, so customers can enjoy all the comfort and convenience of online shopping.

Options of these themes usually include everything shown in the screenshot below with a couple of other cosmetic features, like a Parallax banner which will give some depth to your banner.

Premium WordPress Themes Don't Buy Until You Have Read This.
Typical E-Comm site options

Of course, cosmetic features play an important role in E-Commerce. Good photos of products, and a visually appealing site, all help to make a site profitable.

The biggest thing with Woo Commerce themes is their ability to handle plugins and images.

The plugins need to be lightweight and have fast loading times. For example, Add to cart, Go to checkout.

Dropship and E-Commerce sites are image heavy so you need good optimization from Plugins like Compressor, combined with your theme settings.

The selection of plugins is always a factor, so it is best just to install those recommended by the theme provider.

Any problems and you have a fallback position to fix the issue.

Of particular importance are the payment processors. If you are unsure or simply don’t know, ask. These people will go the extra mile to help you.

Talking of which, this post on payment processors may be of interest to e-commerce users.

Premium WordPress Themes Don't Buy Until You Have Read This.
Alidropship has a one-off payment for all its themes. See below for a discount offer.

Adding Descriptions

One of the chores many people have an intense dislike doing.

The fact is though, whether it is an online or brick-and-mortar store you need to able to tell a prospective customer what your “widget” does.

If you had read this post, you would know that Alidropship was founded by some young guys after they had completed their IT degrees at University. After they had paid their way through Uni by running drop shipping businesses

Their latest app…Is a tool that will do descriptions for you.

You can get all the info here.

This is a brand-new app, so get onto it while it is still at a testing-the-waters low price.

Free vs Paid E-Commerce Themes.

In my opinion, free themes are a waste of time with E-Commerce.

I know you have to outlay money for hosting, domain names, and a few other things. But in the overall scheme of things those expenses are not that great.

The expenses that count are the themes and the plugins. Go pro everything. You can save money by using Rank Math SEO.

It is as good as the paid version of Yoast or AIO. Only, Rank Math is free.

Plugins are one the biggest headaches for any website owner, WordPress, Wix, or any website platform.

Plugins, like WordPress, need to be updated to avoid conflicts with coding used by other plugins and WordPress itself.

The term IT people use is fluid. If you think of running water or a small gently flowing creek as the web. Everything looks nice and smooth on top, but at the bottom, small stones are constantly being moved (updated).

One of the other reasons I like My Theme Shop / Alidropship is… I get a same-day response for any issue/question I might have.

Premium WordPress Themes. Don't Buy 1 Until You Have Read This.
Me, experimenting with plugins.

Always have a fallback position, even experienced webmasters have a friend they can call..

People go to Shopify or Magneto thinking these are free of conflicts, they are not, because they use 3rd party apps.


Premium WordPress Themes should go hand in hand with plugins that are compatible with them.

This is one of the reasons I use my theme shop. When you download a premium theme the recommended plugins created for it, come with the installation.

It is up to you to install and activate them though. I don’t use them all. I delete what I don’t want and go with what’s left.

I run this site on 6 plugins, sometimes 7 if I am testing a new one.

E-Commerce themes work in the same way, but you will have more plugins than a blog site. Some plugins are heavy others are light.

You need your site to be fast loading. Go with the recommended plugins, they have been tested.

Discount offer For Alidropship Themes.

Use the below link to go to the Alidropship site. The Discount link Once you have made a selection and arrive at the checkout page add GETTHEME10 .

You can get this and other discounts by using this link

Final Note

Both of these companies have safe, secure payment methods and great support staff to back you with any issues you may have getting the most out of these theme plugins.

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