Thrive W brochure. used in the articleWhat is Thrive W Weight loss and How Effective is This MLM Product?

What is Thrive Weight loss and How Effective is This MLM Product?


Another MLM product that has been around for about 10 years. It is still popular, so let’s look beneath the gloss and hype and see What is Thrive Weight loss about, to see if the claims match the results.

What is Thrive Weight loss About?

Thrive W brochure, used in the article What is Thrive W. How Effective is This MLM Product
Thrive W.

Thrive W ( Thrive for women), is promoted as the only premium lifestyle capsule of its kind.

A supplement touted to have multiple benefits ranging from weight loss to supporting muscle growth.

It’s also said to contain an “anti-aging and antioxidant blend” of ingredients as well.

There are a lot of ingredients in Thrive For Women. We will look at some of them a little further below.

The hype includes this little line…THRIVE W is about reaching for more and achieving more, each and every day.

There is also Thrive M ( Thrive for men). Also, they make and sell a Thrive Patch for weight loss.

A process Le-Vel calls Derma Fusion Technology.

This works much the same way as patches for smokers wanting to kick the habit. Where the ingredients in the patch are absorbed through your skin.

Le-Vel also markets the Thrive shake, which is a gluten-free, ultra-premium shake with a unique mixture of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, plant extracts, probiotics, and amino acids. 

It’s ultra-micronized, which means it’s broken down into extremely small particles for optimal absorption and to help with lean muscle support, weight management, and fitness… Supposedly.

They have also added a new product called Thrive Heat (following the his and hers mode of marketing), and Thrive Chill to their list of weight loss products.

Le-Vel Logo. Used in the article What is Thrive W.
Le-Vel Logo.

Profile of Le-Vel

Founders: Jason Camper and Paul Gravette

Date Founded: 07/24/2012

Industry: Dietary Supplements, Direct Sales 


Social Media: Twitter and Youtube

Address: 9201 Warren Pkwy, STE 200, Frisco, TX 75035-6242

Phone Number : (888) 557-0005

BBB Rating: A+

BBB Accreditation: Accredited since 09/13/2018

Le-Vel Financials

In 2017 Le-Vel broke the billion-dollar turnover threshold in sales. Typical of many MLM companies the number one question asked is if it is a pyramid scheme.

These days (2021), it makes over 2 billion dollars in sales.

By definition, it is not a pyramid scheme. Multi-level marketing and Pyramid schemes are very similar.

For a multi-level scheme to be legal it must have a product to market. In this instance, Le-Vel has a few products.

It also holds numerous patents for its products. Whether they be branding or for proprietary blends only they would know.

Still, the focus of many MLM schemes is to recruit as many people as possible and create a downline. It is the only way to make money with MLM.

As that is the only way to have repeat sales of the product and move up to higher income levels. Usually defined by a shiny rock, but from what I can see, Le-Vel just uses levels.

You can see their PDF on promoter remuneration here.

Be prepared to be confused.

Nowhere could I find any income disclosure for promotors of Le-Vel.

It is not compulsory to publish one, but other companies I have reviewed have one published.

The Research used for Thrive W

The Le-Vel website states this about Thrive W: “From years of experience, science, and perfecting, THRIVE W is the only premium lifestyle capsule of its kind.” 

Nowhere can I see anything related to Le-Vel and research.

Research should be able to give us conclusions for clinical test results over set periods of time. Which would go a long way to giving their claims a scientific base.

Unfortunately, I am unable to locate anything.

The proprietary blends without getting too deeply into them here include:

A quick look at the label shows a lot of vitamins. A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12 + Vitamin D3. Nothing detrimental to see here.

A look at the ingredients and we can see Guarana, Green Tea, and Green Coffee beans. Straight away we can see caffeine involved. Increased energy? Maybe… depends on the amounts used.

Now, Green Tea, Guarana, and Green Coffee beans seem to make up a part of many weight loss products flooding the market these days.

Although these would only make up a tiny part of the blend (and they don’t say if the Guarana used is an extract of the plant, or the plant itself.

But where is the research to show that green tea or green coffee beans help people lose weight?

Surely this study on green tea gives deserves some respect.

Often they tweak these blends, depending on the feedback they get.

It is not unusual to “adjust” batches (remove something, add more of something else).

The Thrive W Experience involves three main steps:3

  1. Take a supplement capsule in the morning. Thrive W or Thrive M (for men).
  2. Drink a shake during lunch.
  3. Switch to a new Thrive Patch every 24 hours.

You are meant to follow this routine for 8 weeks, and see some sort of “Improvement”.

The cost is about $300 for two months’ supply.

It is what comes after that is the problem. Selling to your friends and relatives. ?

I should mention, other helpful ways to lose weight would be to exercise and eat healthy foods. Often times the reasons for failing to lose weight are mentally related more so than anything else.

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How Effective is Thrive W

From what I can find the complaints about Thrive W and Le-Vel are of the usual “I want you to stop sending me stuff” or “When are you going to refund me” Much the same as other MLMs I have reviewed.

Other complaints include misrepresentation of products by promoters ( a common occurrence in nearly all MLMs).

 Adverse reactions to Thrive reported so far have included, abdominal pain, headache, and increased blood pressure. Three of the 16 reports cited the need for hospitalization or a visit to the emergency room.

A more complete list of complaints can be seen here.

In one instance Thrive has been blamed for behavioral changes leading to murder.

There are a lot of Thrive users on Pinterest, the book of faces, and even eBay. Plus you can also see them on the usual suspects, Twitter and Instagram.

On eBay, they are selling 60 caps of Thrive W for around $65.00. You might want to compare that, to what your “sponsor” is wanting you to pay.

Are There Better Options than MLM for Earning from Home?

Obviously, there are, and many can be started with little money.

Check out this resource page.

Thanks for reading.

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