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SEO Keyword Search Tools – 1 Super Easy Method.

Getting the Seo Keyword Search Tools you need to make your business a success

Every 10 seconds or so in America, someone starts a home based business. Within six months most (80%?), will have given up. 

The tragedy of this is that nearly anyone can find a method to lead them to success. Similar to any other valuable guidance or personal improvement program.

There is no time that you know everything. SEO keyword search tools are often  overlooked or not being utilized to their full advantage, which is a pity because they are absolutely essential to establishing a winning online business.

With millions of bloggers in internet land, keywords, used correctly, are the holy grail to getting your blog or e-com store ranked by the search engines and made visible to more people who are searching for your product or service via Search Engines such as Bing or Google etc.

Not only blogs or E-Comm Stores,  Brick and Mortar stores would find a keyword search tool just as valuable if not more so than a E-Comm Store.

For instance if a bait and tackle shop looked up the most common terms for people searching for fishing lures, a good keyword search tool should be able to return not only the most common terms ( as well as the less searched terms), but also include brand names.

Helping the shop owner make buying decisions by giving him/ her information on what products are most likely to sell well.

Basically any shop either online or off would benefit by using Jaaxy, The Worlds Most Advanced keyword Search Tool

The Reason.

Search engines base their rankings on the most popular search terms, so the obvious way for any blogger is to incorporate relevant keywords in their blog.

Finding these keywords can be tricky, Google’s copious algorithm updates and SEO best practices can make this a tedious task. In an ever changing web page ranking environment it can be hard to know what is relevant and what isn’t.

Searching keywords.

A look at inputting “fishing lures” into Jaaxy gives us the initial search terms shown below.

Straight away you have a mix of the brands and type of lures buyers are looking for. So for “Fishing lures for Bass” there are 458 searches a month for this exact term, and 78 search’s if you are on Googles first page.

To refine this term further, if you are a blogger or store owner you can see there are 88 competing pages for this term, using the QSR feature.

This information can be refined further just by clicking on the term.

This is where it starts to get interesting, If you are blogging to market a particular lure for a specific type of Bass,  Jaaxy  will  dig down to specific niches.

But, don’t stop at one refinement,  you are able to dig down to further refine any term. You could also use the Brainstorm feature on Jaaxy to zero in on a  niche or product.


From the local coffee shop owner to a internet marketer, everyone is seeking a profitable corner of a larger market from which to make a living from.

The search functions on Jaaxy are the most advanced in the world, You can find good keywords to use for your blog, products that appeal to a particular niche, (and there are millions).

You can see what your competition is doing, you can see where your site ranks on either Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Anyone who has done keyword research for search engine optimization knows how time consuming it can be.

Jaaxy uses an advanced platform to make any search for keywords and competition research a breeze with a platform that lets you discover the most critical and hardest to find metrics.

Other features on Jaaxy include Domain Names,

A search of Domain Names on Jaaxy will give you the most sought after and valuable Domain names on the web.

You can buy these (if they are available), or use this feature to selected a high quality brand-able Domain name, linked to the keywords you have been searching through.

High quality, brand-able domain names are in short supply and like any type of real estate, once a domain is owned nobody else can own it.

Who should use Jaaxy.

In a nut shell anyone.  Even Tradies looking to improve their results from local directories.

This is the great thing about Jaaxy, you don’t have to tell the world what you do. Just tell the people who are relevant to your business, by getting in front of your competition with better SEO.

If you use a web master to build your web site ask them if they are using  Jaaxy.

If not then, the Web Page for your business will probably be languishing way back in the google rankings.

I know if I want a plumber I will only search the first one or two pages of a Google search.

For Internet Marketers and E-Comm stores.  Jaaxy should be a no-brainer, if you are marketing a service then Keywords are critical to the success of any web page.

If you are marketing a product then digging down to get the best keywords relevant to the niche you are targeting will not only help your online search product sales, but also, should give you a better return on your advertising spend with google ad words or facebook etc.

With over 8.7 million keywords uncovered monthly Jaaxy is the only complete keyword tool that uncovers all the critical metrics so necessary to the success of your venture.

How Much Does it Cost

Two questions to ask yourself. How much time could you save getting your website up and ranking in the first couple of pages of Google or Yahoo or Bing ?.    99.7% of all internet searches are owned by these three.

Update. Bing and Yahoo are now one and the same.

It is one thing to have a website for your business but if it is somewhere back around the 30th page of the search listings why bother having one?.

If the monthly fees for hosting your website are being met from other sources, should you not be doing something to get your site / product ranked higher in the search engines so that having a website actually makes sense, and it becomes an asset to your business ?.

Example of bare minimum start up costs here. 

Jaaxy has a starter trial where if you sign up you can get 30 searches free. Click here to try the Free Search

The Pro membership is the most popular for new websites due to its low cost. The Professional Plan

The Enterprise Plan is ideally suited to webmasters, affiliate marketers, bloggers, or those E-Comm stores who wish to sell world wide via the web. It includes the tools shown below plus everything in the starter and Pro Packages.


Search Engine Optimization need not be a time consuming, tiresome task, where even after you have done the work you still are not sure if the choice of keyword is the most appropriate.

Jaaxy does this for you, with the QSR feature giving the number of competing pages should you make the front page of Google or Yahoo or Bing.

Not all the keyword terms will make sense, but seeing one,  will only need a shift of a word to make sense without destroying the search term, or there may be a complete term that does make sense shown on the list with similar ratings.

UPDATE:- I have just seen a report which shows the importance of SEO.

A Bright Edge study, completed by analyzing billions of pieces of content, found that organic search engine results are responsible for 51% of all visits to both B2C and B2B websites. (Social media, on the other hand, sends only 5% of visitors to B2C and B2B websites.)

Statista predicts that the amount spent on SEO marketing in the U.S. will reach an impressive $79.27 billion by 2020.    *Source AWAI

A recent report from Borrell Associates backs that predication with a similar predication of their own: SEO spending will grow to nearly $80 billion by 2020. 

I could go on (more stats about SEO here), but the point is:

Companies who don’t optimize their online presence for search engines are falling by the wayside


I write using this site.

14 thoughts on “SEO Keyword Search Tools – 1 Super Easy Method.”

  1. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Hi Zayn, 

    I use Jaaxy as a process of elimination. So we have 458 (average) per month using this term. If you are on the first page you would receive approx. 78 views, and there are 88 competing pages. The thought behind this is you are into a lower competition keyword/ term. As a rule of thumb, it is easier to rank on a QSR below 100. 

    Your Numbers look pretty good , 115 is not to bad, I have used a QSR up to 130. (another website),  but the thing when you are getting up into higher QSR’s you have a hell of lot more competition. If you think your site is mature enough and can show through the competition then there is nothing wrong with that. 

    Like I say,  Use Jaaxy as a process of elimination. It is not clear on the second graphic, (sorry). However in the first graphic You can see SEO. This column gives you a metric out of 100 as to whether the term is good or not.  So, all the terms are good but the value for your term is 87. 

    This where Jaaxy gets to work. You will notice the top two terms are at 96 and 95. So these are excellent terms. Look at the traffic, and the QSR.  You have a specific term there. Fishing Lures for Walleye. You have only 45 competing websites, and traffic numbers of 55 (anything over 30 is a good starting point). 

    You can refine this even further by using the brainstorm feature on Jaaxy. As you can see in the third graphic, the deletion of one word from the term ” Fishing lures for Bass” to “Fishing lures Bass” and you have 7 less competing websites and the same amount of searches and traffic. The term still makes sense, although it is very direct. Using the brainstorm feature you could refine it further.  

    I have added another graphic. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I agreed that a good keywords Research Tool is a must-have tool for the success of any online business. It’s essential so that you can write SEO friendly content around focused keywords and ranked highly in SERPs. 

    As in your example, you have quoted ”Fishing lures for Bass” that having avg 458 searches a month for this exact term, and 78 traffic if ranked on the 1st page of SERPs  & 88 competing pages for this term, how about the keyword  ”bass Fishing Lures” has Agv – 3254, Traffic – 554 & QSR – 115, do you think this the keyword is better and easy to rank?

    I have been using free keywords tools and definitely would give Jaaxy a trial.

    Thank you for this helpful article.


  3. Talking about partnerships Louis, I think there are going to be more people working to-gether on various online projects. The costs of having an E-Comm store and promoting the products is getting out of hand. Already there are people linking up, to not only share the costs, but brainstorm advertising testing. Jaaxy can help here too, because it performs a more in depth look at keywords rather than just looking at say, Google trends or facebook insights (for example).

  4. Hi, I got to know about Jaaxy,  key word search tools from paragraph 1.  The name of the product brand through this keyword search tool, the store owner has a guide to which products to provide. Then it is only small steps to source all the information from the wholesaler, to sell worldwide web for affiliate marketing or ecommerce centers, Jaaxy Keyword search tools play an important role for them. I would encourage everyone to use it. Thank you.

  5. coolbudgetfamilyholidays

    Thank you for your detailed and informative article regarding Jaaxy,

    Jaaxy is an absolutely fascinating tool which provides you with such detailed information on what key words are being searched for on the internet. Your article has assisted in providing more in depth information on the meaning behind all the figures which are displayed and demonstrating why Jaaxy is a must have tool for anyone with an online business.

  6. Hi Michael,

    This is undoubtedly a necessary review. Home based business or online marketing is currently a popular trend. But due to lack of experience and adequate knowledge, many people stumble in this sector. The keyword is a very important factor in establishing an online business. Choosing the right keywords will save time and effort as well. I personally believe that Jaaxy plays an effective role in this case. Thank you so much for your valuable reviews with some important chart.


  7. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.search engine is a tool for getting ranking in google, this article explains further about Jaxxy. Jaxxy helps the keyword to be more faster than any. I would love to start my blog and add this to it for easy ranking. Thanks for the review, best regards

  8. Many people find blogging difficult because they fail to learn the basics and rudiments attached to it.

    Tons of value to be found on this post on SEO keyword search tools

    This is a great and simple to follow guide.You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me because I am about to start my blog and i have learnt alot here. Thanks for the eye opener 

  9. It is sad that a lot of entrepreneurs who delve into the online business niche, do so without having the right knowledge. The success of any business is hinged on its ability to reach a larger number of people, and perhaps open new frontiers of partnership.

    The same can be said of online marketing. To build a solid brand online, one must learn the basic white hat techniques to rank their website on SERPs. Tools like jaaxy come in handy, to assist online entrepreneurs make adequate research in relation to proper keyword usage. 

    I also make use of jaaxy, and I won’t hesitate to recommend it any day!

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