IAP College Certificate Course Review. 3 Popular IAP Online Courses Reviewed.

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The 3 Certificate programs covered in this IAP College Certificate Course Review are designed to help students gain specialized knowledge in…

  1. Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  2. Time Management Coaching
  3. Sociology

In addition to your current knowledge and skills, there will be times you need to upgrade your skills particularly if you…

Want a promotion, or a different career with similar skills?

It is nothing new, some big names in the movie / TV industry have opted out of acting, and moved into completely different fields of employment.

  • Tom Selleck manages an Avocado farm
  • Dylan Sprouse is a Brewmaster
  • Nikki Blonsky is a hairdresser
  • Taran Noah Smith (one of Tim the Toolmans T.V. kids), is an event planner, putting on exhibitions in art galleries and museums.

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Q. Are online course certificates recognized?

As more and more individuals turn to online education to advance their careers or gain new skills, it’s natural to wonder if online course certificates are recognized by employers and educational institutions. The good news is that many online course providers offer accredited courses that are recognized and respected by employers and universities. However, it’s important to do your due diligence and ensure that the course you choose meets your specific career or educational goals. By taking the time to research and select a reputable online course provider, you can feel confident in the value of the certificate you earn and the progress of your learning journey

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I hope you find these reviews helpful.

Teach English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is for people who want to travel and explore.

Or, work with refugees, or teach immigrants and foreign students studying in your country.

Disclosure:- I have completed a high-level TEFL / TESOL course from another institution.

So obviously there will be some comparison.

Before we take a look at what IAP is offering, let’s get familiar with some common terms and tests applied to English as a foreign language.

What is the Meaning of TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teach English as a Foreign Language

There is a stack of acronyms and abbreviations.

ELLEnglish language learner
ELTEnglish language teaching
ESLEnglish as a second language
ESPEnglish for specific purposes
ESOLEnglish for speakers of other languages
TEFLTeaching English as a foreign language
TESLTeaching English as a second language
TESOLTeaching English to speakers of other languages
Theoretical StylesAndragogy (student led learning) and Pedagogy (teacher directed learning).

What is the difference between ESOL and TEFL?

Teaching English as a second language is intense, with a big focus on pronunciation and grammar.

Generally, the student is preparing for higher learning in other fields, business English, or a job in a native English-speaking country, for which they will have to pass a proficiency test.

TOEIC: The test of English for international communication is one test.

IELTS: International English testing system is another.

There are two types of IELTS tests.

  1. The academic version
  2. The general training version.

Teaching English as a foreign language on the other hand is more about being able to communicate in English, without necessarily being 100% fluent.

TOEFL:- Test of English as a foreign language.

This is a proficiency test in the USA.

A teacher at the front of a class showing pictures of teeth. Used in the article IAP College Certificate Course Review
Showing flash cards.

What will you learn in the IAP TEFL course?

They advertise their course as an EFL(English as a Foreign Language), course.

In my opinion, the 6 weeks expected to complete the course seems optimistic if you are working 9-5.

They do allow time extensions. I guess if you want something bad enough you will get it done.

To be fair to IAP, there do appear to be a few modules that you should be able to breeze through.

You can see more Here.

Let’s continue.

Among the list of IAP modules, you will find:

  • Getting Hired
  • Creating a winning resume and cover letter
  • How to find domestic and international job openings.
  • And other “how to’s”

Here is something I have learned.

If you want to teach English in Asia or Europe (where the money is).

Preference is given to those with an undergraduate degree.

Not every employer requires one, but if you have one, you will generally earn a higher income.

It doesn’t matter what the discipline is, but a Bachelor of something (nursing for example), and preferably TEFLEN (ELF), or TESOL certifications (or both), tacked onto it.

If you want to teach English in Latin America, then a TEFL / TESOL certificate on its own is acceptable.

However, government educational institutions and private language schools will generally require an undergraduate degree in some discipline.

Teaching in Latin America pays way less than teaching in Asia.

Although freelancing or working online can pay more.

In its favor, the cost of living in Latin America is generally lower, and there is lots to see and do.

There are a lot of modules in the IAP course that would be helpful to someone wanting to start their own business.

A couple below.

  1. Starting your own TEFL freelance business.
  2. Marketing your TEFL freelance business.

As well as the obligatory English modules.

  • Creating lesson plans
  • English language skills
  • Assessment tools and techniques
  • Evaluating learners.

I don’t see teaching fluency and sub-skills, normally a module on its own in these types of courses.

It does have a module for legal and financial matters.
If you are thinking of working overseas, you will want to check on visa requirements.

These change regularly.

Pros of the IAP TEFL Course.

  • An IAP certificate is generally a well-respected document. IAP’s parent company (Fabjob Inc), has been supplying textbooks, and course guides to universities and libraries for years.
  • You have access to a college tutor.
  • The course has a lot of information on working for yourself, or gaining employment either domestically, or internationally.
  • It does provide a refresher grammar course.
  • Lots of information on “who, how, and where” to get hired.
  • Lots of information on class preparation, preparing supplies and materials, assessments, etc.
  • Well suited for someone who wants to teach online.
  • Lots of information for someone wanting to freelance.

Cons of the IAP TEFL Course.

  • Not suited to non-native English speakers. (IMHO).
  • Teaching internationally varies from country to country. Some basic cultural practices or at least references to them could have been included.
  • Probably could be condensed a little, as some of the information is already freely available.

Conclusion. Is the IAP TEFL Course good value?

It is in the price range of the most popular short courses. Other courses I have seen can cost up to $3,000 and include a couple of days of classroom experience, although they are advertised as online classes.

So add your travel and accommodation expenses on top of that.

There are quite a few 120-hour courses around the $120 – $350.00. mark.

I think the IAP EFL course offers comparable value to those.

But unless you have a bachelor’s degree or diploma, then just completing the TEFL course will limit your opportunities, particularly in Asia.

In Central and South America it is a prerequisite to have a TEFL certificate, without necessarily having a Bachelor’s degree.

I could go back anytime I wanted to…

I could go back anytime I wanted to pursue with my course, I forgot my password many times and the IAP team responded to my email very quick on how to reset things. I love the fact that I could go back on the review answers after taking a test, I like the test you take after each module, it helps to remember what you’ve learn previously and refresh your memory. The information you get from the course are really oriented to help you in your journey as a Teacher of English as a foreign Language. I really love taking my time to assimilate the information, no pressure on you, you get it done when you feel it’s time to take the final exam.

Date of experience: November 24, 2022

You can see the complete details of IAP’s ELF course and latest pricing by clicking here icon

Two suited arms shacking hands in a greeting with Time is Money in blue text on a grey background and Time Management Coach in  36 px black text on a cream background in the foreground of Time is money. Used in the article, IAP College Certificate Course Review
Importance of Time Management.

IAP’s Time Management Coach Course.

One person who made a big deal out of time management and time management coaching is Tony Robbins.

This IAP time management course may not make you another Tony Robbins but may make you the person Tony Robbins refers to as a results coach.

To be honest, this course is more about developing systems related to reduced costs in workplaces, finding weak spots in employees’ tasks, or the business system, and helping them become more efficient.

So it is a lot more in-depth than say, the Pomodoro method which is basically for self employed people.

You would likely find yourself working with human resource managers, business owners, and perhaps even sole traders.

Unlike the Tony Robbins courses, or similar ones dealing with lifestyle, personal goals, fitness, etc.

I know, I get emails about procrastination too, and it is part of this course. But in a different context.

Let’s go take a quick look at time management

Why is Time Management Important?

In a nutshell, it is a doing more with less strategy.

I know. It doesn’t sound good if you are an employee. But stay positive here.

If you’re an employee with time management skills and put them to use at work, you might see a boost in your pay packet…Maybe! I am making no promises.

Let’s look at some benefits of the good use of time.

  • Get rid of negative habits like procrastination, overscheduling, and giving in to distractions.
  • Develop self-awareness around the use of time
  • Find your peak performance time
  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Less stress and more confidence.

By providing a productive and healthy company culture you can energize your employees, and attract the talent you will need in the future.

So, what does a time management coach do?

A guy with a clock face in a white shirt, with a bow tie and arms folded. A blue background with a duo tone red circle behind his shoulders, used in the article IAP College Certificate Course Review
Time management coach

Help people achieve all of the above by observing and developing systems.

To begin with, it will have you more organized, calm & in control.

I know, it is really tough to undo negative habits like being overwhelmed, leading to procrastination, being careless (overscheduling), or giving in to distraction.

Also as a coach, you must overcome these in your own life to help others effectively in theirs.

So once you have worked on yourself, then you can work on others and show them…

  • How to prioritize what is most important so they are focusing on the right things
  • How to review existing systems and create new ones which they enjoy using
  • Show people how to have more time for the things that matter in their lives. 
  • And much, much more.

Who will Benefit from Time Management Techniques?

It is very likely not everyone will want to be a time management coach, but many will be happy to do the course solely for their own benefit.

Obviously, there is a huge, broad field of businesses & employees who could use the services of a time management coach.

Let’s not forget Students & Athletes, and very busy self-employed people.

In the review above I am talking about teachers.

Do you think teachers and schools could use some time management tools?

How about people in the medical profession?

I am sure they could.

The IAP course will give you modules on choosing a target market and the marketing tools & techniques to attract those clients.

Plus you can do it from the comfort of your own home at times that suit you.

To see the complete details of the time management coaching course click here. icon

IAP Sociology Certificate

A tanned young guy with a dark beard holding a book in his left hand while turning pages with his right hand, He is dressed in a denim jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. In the background is a city scape of high rise buildings and crowds of people. Used in the article, IAP College Certificate Course Review
The study of human behaviour.

People often ask “Is Sociology even useful” or “What is Sociology?”

The IAP Sociology Certificate course is designed to give students short-term training into the many facets of life.

For example:-

  • How an individual’s behaviors are influenced by their groups and society
  • Social Issues, criminology, alcohol and drug addiction
  • Culture, relationships, religion, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality
  • Media, inequality and aging.
  • And much much more.

Completion of the course is expected 9 weeks after beginning the course.

I think it will take many people longer.

You do have up to 18 weeks, & can ask for extensions if you need them.

Generally, the IAP certificate courses are designed for students who have not graduated from a college or university. Or, Employers have a requirement for additional certifications to gain an edge in other positions.

This will usually give you leverage for higher wages and maybe better working conditions.

At times (as I am sure you are aware), certificates are required by employers or educational institutions to supplement your knowledge and skills.

The good thing about IAP is that you can complete your sociology certificate online from the comfort of your home at times that are suitable for you.

Why get a Sociology Certificate?

As well as a stand-alone career, Some knowledge of Sociology is beneficial when included with other careers that have a need for insights into people’s behavior and customs.

Careers in the public sector are another.

To see the complete details on the IAP Sociology Course click here icon

My Conclusion.

The three courses together should lead to a better employment outcome either as an employee or a freelancer.

Also:- In many countries payment for any courses used towards employment may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Thanks for reading,

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