Top 7 Reasons Students Prefer Edureka Tech Courses. Instructor-led, Assignments, Real Life Projects are Just Some of the Reasons.

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The benchmark for students fulfilling their expectations has risen over the past few years, and many students are now drawn to learning directly from industry experts rather than learning from an Instructor with none, or very little industry experience, as is often the case with most Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS). It is also why businesses are now more open to choosing graduates who have completed specialized Instructor-led online courses over those with full University degrees.

Top 7 Reasons Why Students Prefer Edureka Courses (in no particular order).

Edureka has an easy and affordable learning solution that is accessible to millions of learners. With students spread across countries like the US, India, the UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Middle East, Brazil and many others, Edureka has built a community of over 1 million learners and growing across the globe.

Here is 7 reasons why:

  1. Instructor-led live online courses, interactive classes with individual attention
  2. Expert support when you need it.
  3. Online Courses with industry-relevant case studies
  4. Industry-recognized certifications
  5. Lifetime access to reference material
  6. A dedicated learning Manager
  7. An engaged global learning community 

Let’s start from the top with:

1. Instructor-led Live Online Courses, Interactive Classes with Individual Attention.

What is instructor-led training?

In a nutshell, Instructor-led training, commonly known as ILT, is any training that is facilitated by an instructor, either online or in a classroom setting.

  • Eduerka Instructor -led training in the online environment is little different from the classroom setting, encouraging a connection between instructor and students which allows for greater knowledge transfer.
  • Eduerka offers expert educators and lifetime access to their learning platform to ensure they maintain some of the highest course completion rates in the industry.
  • Most of Edureka’s courses are a thoughtful compilation of Instructor -Led and Self Paced Courses, allowing students to be guided by industry experts, as well as learning skills at their own pace.
  • All Edureka’s instructors have been employed at the coal face of tech and teach from real world experience, not academia script.
  • It is mandatory for Eduerka instructors to have good oral communication skills, with the ability to convey complex database concepts in a clear and understandable manner.

The DevOps Masters Program, DevOps, Docker, AWS Development, Splunk Developer & Admin are Instructor – led Online Courses. Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Mastering Git and GitHub, Linux Fundamentals, Python Scripting are self paced Courses.

When you select a course you can be certain that your Edureka’s instructor is a professional in their field and has specialized in-depth working knowledge of that domain with a passion for sharing their expert knowledge with students and professionals.

Eduerka mission statement could read: World-class education in emerging tech at an affordable price.

Overall according to the ratings, students generally seem happy with the quality of their teaching.

2. Expert Support When You Need it.

  • Edureka employs 24/7 support even after your course completion.
  • They can help organise your classes, if you are having difficulties with time zones, as well as help and advise and help on your course selection.
  • They do provide pre-placement support, and try and connect their learners with any relevant openings whenever they are available with their corporate partners.
  • If needed support they will also assist you in rewriting your CV and preparing you for your next interview!

Edureka’s mission is to get as many people to complete their courses as possible. If you seem to be lagging behind, or not very engaged in the course, they’ll be in touch to keep you on track and encouraging you to complete to complete the course.

Overall the ratings for their support are in the 4.2- 4.8 range. So, their support has quite a reasonably high level of satisfaction.

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3. Online Courses with Industry-relevant Case Studies

First let’s have an overview of Edureka, who runs it and what their backgrounds are:

A thumbnail image of Mr. Kalpathi S. Suresh Executive director of Edureka. Used in the article: Top 7 Reasons Students Prefer Edureka Tech Courses

MR.KALPATHI S. SURESH. Executive Director cum Chairman

B.Tech. IIT Madras,
M.Sc. Clemson University, USA.

Started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 1991. He holds a bachelor’s degree in technology in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras and also holds a Master’s degree of Science in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University, South Carolina USA. His experience provides a unique and varied perspective and uncovers details and solutions that might be otherwise overlooked.

a thumbnail image of Vineet Chaturvedi Co-founder of Edureka: Used in the article: Top 7 Reasons Students Prefer Edureka Tech Courses

VINEET CHATURVEDI. Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


He has been instrumental in setting up and growing the Edureka learner community and making it the go to Ed-Tech Organisation. He has been closely involved in every business function ranging from Sales to Operations to Marketing, and emerging businesses. He embodies a “ridiculous commitment,” philosophy that has seen him tirelessly support various teams and mentor learners

A thumbnail image of Lvleen Bhatia Co-founder of Edureka used in the article: Top 7 Reasons Students Prefer Edureka Tech Courses



 He played a huge part in setting up the strategic direction of the company, defining its priorities, and driving the mission and company’s work culture. He brings with him 13 years of expertise across technology, digital marketing, growth hacking, customer acquisition and hiring. Prior to co-founding Edureka, he headed the R&D at DbyDX Labs.
At Texas Instruments he helped the company stay at the cutting edge of technology. His interests include Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. He started his career at Infosys as a software engineer and has also held key roles at Texas Instruments and Synopsys.

A thumbnail image of Kapil Tyagi. Co-founder of Edureka. Used in the article: Top 7 Reasons Students Prefer Edureka Tech Courses

KAPIL TYAGI. Co-Founder.

B.Tech.IIT Bombay.

15 years of experience across technologies, product development for mobile and consumer web, along with business excellence acumen. Prior to Edureka, he started his own mobile development company, DbyDX, which was later acquired by Kellton Tech, a BSE listed technology company. Kapil is an IIT-Bombay alumnus.

From the Co-founders mix of real world experience these are the guys who are responsible for keeping the business relevant, and making sure the business is supplying up to date content for students.

There are others in the mix as well, including the two guys below who are responsible for architecting the courses.

A thumbnail image of Abhishek Kumar Associate Vice President of Eduerka. Used in the article:Top 7 Reasons Students Prefer Edureka Tech Courses

Abhishek is the guy behind developing and implementing learning strategies and programs. He has designed various e-learning courses, career plans, and workshops for B2B clients. He is the go to expert when it comes to budget forecasting and relationships with vendors and consultants.

 He also has a role as the first point of contact for customers seeking help with products and support issues.

A thumbnail image of Vineet Verma Associate Vice President of Edureka. Used in the article: Top 7 Reasons Students Prefer Edureka Tech Courses

 He has 15+ Years of experience in architecting, designing, developing software systems, developing learning strategies, and planning implementation.
An expert leader and planner with expertise in strategic planning and technology management, he has designed pedagogies, and e-learning solutions and has brought to Edureka the right technologies at the right time. His curiosity for technology advances drives him to conduct further research, which has served as a Catalyst for giving Edureka learners a top-tier tech-learning environment.

These are they guys at the top of the Edureka tree. They are the ones responsible for passing on the message, “…that when a student commits to a course, Eduerka commits to the student.”

They are not going to sugar coat it – the intention is to have you succeed come what may, and make sure that you run out of excuses to not complete the course.

All courses have Quizzes & Assignments and are all an integral part of the learning methodology used, along with focus on Industry-based live use-case studies.

4. Industry-Recognized Certifications.

There is a lot of debate about whether or not certifications issued by online course providers are worth the paper they are written on.

Edureka provides certification courses, master courses, webinars, and community platforms. It stands out by offering live classes, flexible schedules.

Edureka is also well known for its Advanced Executive Certification Programs for students and working professionals. 

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons specific to Edureka.

Pros Cons
Edureka is a legitimate online education provider certified by PMI as an Authorized Training Partner (ATP). (PMI certifications are credentials administered by the professional organization Project Management Institute. Eduerka also has partnerships with Universities.They are not accredited by “independent groups” such as ICSOC. (International Council of Specialized Online Certifications.
PMI certifications are recognized around the world and qualify recipients to work in many industries.. They usually don’t carry the same value as a University degree or certification.
Many of Edureka’s programmes are focused on delivering the specific skills and knowledge required to pass key industry exams, such as the Microsoft Azure AZ-305 exam, the Scrum Master certification, or Robotic Process Automation training using UiPath will prepare you for UiPath’s RPA Certification exam.The value of any online certification can be dependent on how well the new graduate performs his job.
Edureka is one of the few that will provide real-world practical projects.  Each Edureka program is supported with several hands-on project scenarios. Case studies and workshops are continually updated to ensure they remain currentThere is discrimination among employers based on the learning institutions location.
For courses such as Python Programming, Edureka issues it own certificate of completion.
Microsoft Azure Certification Training


If you haven’t guessed yet, Edureka is based in India, and for those who don’t know, India’s learning institutions have a foundation based on the British educational system. All of its courses are in English.

As well many of its courses are co-branded with other organizations, Future Skills Prime and NASSCOM for example, as well as Universities and corporate entities.

These days, tech firms are generally more interested in whether or not the graduate can do the job rather than having a certificate of competence.

That said however, having a certificate is better than not having one!

5. Lifetime Access to Reference Material.

Part of the attraction for students learning through Edureka is the lifetime access to reference material, so you can continue to learn and grow even after you complete the course.

You are also entitled to future updates for free with unlimited access.

6. A Dedicated Learning Manager

This is a great feature that is unique to Edureka, with the presence of a dedicated learning manager the a students are not left on their own immediately upon registration.

Learners are provided with amazing support that assists them in sorting through the platform’s options. This could include anything from live class notifications or a variety of course options, to setting timings, and tracking your learning progress and performance. 

7. An Engaged Global Learning Community.

The discussion forum covers all subjects available on Edureka and All users may ask questions and exchange their learning experiences.

Choose the category which you’d like to discuss, type a question, provide a little more detailed information, and answers will be forthcoming.

A screenshot of the Eduerka community forum. Used in the article: Top 7 Reasons Students Prefer Eduerka Tech Courses.
See the complete page here.

Essentially it doesn’t matter where in the world you are based you are able to access Edureka’s courses at a time of your choosing.

Essentially, Edureka’s tech courses are beneficial for those looking to gain in-demand tech skills, with courses carefully curated to meet current industry standards and job market needs.

The platform’s focus on live, instructor-led training, combined with the flexibility of weekend and weekday classes, makes it ideal for professionals seeking to advance their careers in technology.

The platform is praised for its ease of use, simple and intuitive course navigation, and clear, concise course pages with consistent ratings across the pricing (although some say it is pricey), instructors and support service.

Regarding the pricing, it is clearly shown below the detailed section of each course and, the amount you see will be in your currency. It is easily paid through PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there a Job Guarantee?

Short answer is NO.

However companies can submit any open tech positions they may have, and Edureka will put those in front of students who have completed the relevant course(s).

So if your a business looking for staff in any of the following categories, Edureka would like to hear from you.

1. You are looking for professionals with hands-on experience in relatively new technologies.

2. You are looking for professionals with guaranteed experience and expertise in technologies.

3. You are looking for professionals who are updated and industry-relevant.

screenshot of Edureka's Python interview Q&As. Used in the article: Top 7 Reasons Students prefer Edureka courses.
Image: Edureka.

Edureka will put your positions in front of the applicable cohort and then it is up to the student to put their best foot forward.

To help the students do this Edureka has a series of “coaching” interview lessons.

This is not unique to Edureka though many colleges put a lot of effort into this area, because just waving goodbye after the student completes their course is not going to do much for their reputation.

So , the longer answer is No they don’t guarantee you a job but will give you all the assistance they can to help you land one.

It is 2 way street though, you first have to complete the course.

What is the Value Proposition of Edureka?

The biggest competitor to any online college is Udemy, for the simple reason of Udemy’s pricing.

A Udemy course provider has none of the overheads of a college, wages for instructors, support staff, insurance, or brick and mortar premises etc.

If we look at Udemy’s best selling AWS Solution Architect Training, and Edureka’s AWS Solution Architect Training the price difference is eyewatering, until you dig further into the respective courses.

Udemy’s top rated course is $35.00. and rated at 4.7/5

Edureka’s is $450 and rated at 4.52/5 (average from 4 rating sites)

On Udemy it is suggested you need basic IT knowledge to undertake that particular course.

Edureka makes this suggestion as a prerequisite: “If you are new in the tech field from a non-It background, then it’s recommended to start with Cloud Practitioner AWS Certification that validates foundational knowledge of AWS terminology.”

Successful completion of these courses puts you in the mix for a $130,000+ p/yr position.

So the question becomes, which course will give you the most thorough training (if IT skills are lacking), where you will get instructor-led training, real life case studies, assignments and support, ensuring your skills are up to the task to succeed and begin earning $130,000+?

I will leave you to answer that!

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