4 Stellar US Cities for Digital Nomads and Tips for Starting Strong.

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Working remotely, establishing your own hours and traveling as much as you want, when you want, may be your version of heaven on earth!
As a digital nomad, the reality is that you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

That said, even though the possibilities are essentially endless, you must live and work in a city
where the quality of life and living costs are reasonable, and where there is a nomad-friendly environment.

Below, I explore how to get started, along with four top-notch US cities I have found with great infrastructure and a welcoming environment, where living and working as a digital nomad entrepreneur offers some excellent opportunities.

To Start as a Digital Nomad You Need to Lay a Strong Foundation

Following business best practices is vital to your success as a digital nomad entrepreneur.
Begin by writing a solid business plan that outlines your goals and objectives, and be ready to
work hard at landing those first clients. To that end, you need to develop a marketing strategy to reach your target audience.

Starting out, you may discover it helps to have a brochure, business cards, or other handouts for cafés, coworking spaces, public libraries and such, just to get the word out about your services. You can easily make one that looks professional using a free template.

And, when you land those clients, always communicate carefully to keep them informed and satisfied.

Let’s take a look at 4 great US cities for digital nomads.

1. Asheville, North Carolina.

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This charming city is nestled in the mountains of North Carolina. Its natural beauty, cultural events, and budding food scene make it a hotspot for digital nomad entrepreneurs.

The quality of life is exceptional in Asheville as it boosts a welcoming community of like-minded
individuals, lots of outdoor activities, and, importantly, affordable cost of living. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment for $800 – $1,300 a month, depending on your needs and preferences.

2. Pensacola, Florida.

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Pensacola is located along the beautiful Gulf Coast and has a laid-back atmosphere, making it fantastic for nomads.

It offers affordable living and an outstanding quality of life, with access to numerous beaches and outdoor fun like fishing, kayaking, and boating.

The cost of living is lower than the national average in Pensacola, and a one-bedroom apartment ranges
from $700 to $1,200 a month.

3.Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Located in America’s heartland, Tulsa is a city with endless opportunities for digital nomad entrepreneurs. The city’s flourishing economy, low living costs, and vibrant nightlife create a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to thrive.
Tulsa has a wide range of accommodations with a one-bedroom apartment averaging between $600 and $1,000 a month. Its robust manufacturing industry and energy sector provide numerous business opportunities for digital entrepreneurs.

4. Nashville, Tennessee.

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Also known as “Music City,“ Nashville is a thriving metropolis bustling with creativity, energy, and endless opportunities. Recently, it has been attracting an influx of young professionals looking for a balance between work and play.
Nashville’s cost of living is affordable, with one-bedroom apartments renting out for $900 –$1,500 a month. The city offers an abundance of recreational activities, art galleries, music venues, and exquisite culinary experiences.

An Alternative: Consider Compromising with a Vacation Home.

A holiday home, Used in the article, Used in the article, 4 Stellar US Cities for Digital Nomads.
Holiday Home. Image: Pixabay.

Satisfying your wanderlust is a wonderful thing, but there is something to be said for having a
predictable space and routine when you’re trying to be productive and efficient. To that end, if you have a particular favorite destination, you might decide to invest in a vacation home.

It can be the best of both worlds, blending the opportunity to travel with a home-away-from home, and you could even rent it out when you aren’t using it.

Plus, if you have kids or pets that go with you, you’ll find having a familiar space might be even more important and helpful to them.

Put Smart Home Devices to Work.

Smart Home devices showing a doorbell and solar charger. Used in the article, 4 Stellar US cities for Digital Nomads.
Solar charger and doorbell. Image: Smarthome.

Digital nomads typically find that getting away from home is fantastic, but at the same time, those who are homeowners can feel challenged.

If you’re balancing travel with a permanent residence consider enlisting the help of smart home tools to ensure your property stays safe and secure.

Smart thermostats and doorbells can ease your mind, and troubleshooting issues like a streaming error is easy with online resources. Look for user-friendly solutions so you can stay on track while you’re on the road.

The Bottom Line

The United States has a plethora of cities that can give you quality living and working opportunities as a digital nomad entrepreneur. These may not be the first cities that come to mind when you think of digital entrepreneurship, but they offer genuine balance, affordability, and growth opportunities.

When selecting where to live and work, you must consider factors such as the cost of living,
proximity to airports, quality of life, and avenues for business growth.

These cities are worth adding to your list, but keep researching for more ideas!

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