How to become an Affiliate Marketer

How to become an Affiliate Marketer and Increase your Income by Following a few Simple Steps

Today I will look at affiliate marketing and how to become an an affiliate marketer and increase your income by following a few simple steps.

Obviously this will not be every body’s cup of tea. But as a way to add supplementary income to an existing income it is definitely worth thinking about.

Like many people on the cusp of retirement you might be a little concerned for your future. You may or may not have thought about affiliate marketing, you may not even know what it is.

how to become an affiliate marketer
Hard hit Mom and Pop business’s.

Economic Fails

The U.S. economy added 661,000 jobs in September — the smallest monthly job gain since May. While that is still a good number, how badly COVID-19 is hurting Americans on the cusp of retirement is not mentioned.

According to a Washington Post report the job gains were in leisure and hospitality, which added 318,000 jobs back in September, mostly at restaurants and bars. Retail added back another 142,000 jobs, driven in part by hiring at clothing stores.

Many of the business’s in the above list are Mom and Pop business’s with many of these on the cusp of retirement.

It is also estimated that about 50% of workers over the age of 55 will be poor or near poor adults by the time they reach 65,  according to Teresa Ghilarducci, a professor at The New School in New York City, and one of the USA’s leading experts on retirement.

Economy Reshaping

Economists say that reshaping of industries, consumer preferences and workforce dynamics will continue for years to come.

One only has to look at Amazon to see the changes it has made to the way it operates. I have written about other changes made by large companies in previous pages

As people scout the horizons for alternatives to the traditional 9 -5 and ask questions in the forums I will try and provide some answers on not only how to be an affiliate marketer, but also on how to become successful at it.

The Transition

There is a learning curve involved here. Many people think it is simply a matter of putting some flashing pictures on a blog and they are off to the races.

And of course there are options to buy an already established online business to give you a head start into earning online. Often these are a good lead in and can have you earning while you undertake further studies into the world of earning income online.

Why Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is probably the least risky of all the ways to earn an income online. I am not saying you can’t fall foul of scams, but being level headed about it and using common sense you will avoid the scams.

Some of them are quite convincing, and many follow a similar theme as the scam in this post which I wrote about quite some time ago.

Obviously Sex and Gambling are big players in the online world and many offer affiliate programs. Get the right one and it can be lucrative.

Slip up, and the phone company will be one of the first in line to take your home. What has a phone company got to do with affiliate marketing you might ask.

To get money out of people who have signed up for in particular investment schemes such as / binary crypto /forex/ option trading schemes, you will be required to call the person who signed up on your link and try to have them “invest” money.

How do I know this ? I used to get phone calls. Like many people, I sign up for some things just to investigate further, not necessarily use them.

Which Affiliate Programs are Best

This is debatable. There are quite a few. Some are split into different modules and you pay as you go, others are monthly or yearly payments with discounts for yearly payments. Some are expensive some aren’t.

The way to rate any program is not by the cost it. The old saying ” You get what you pay for ” is relevant (as always).

You can waste a lot of time on “Free” things, and there is no money back. ?

While it would be nice to wake up tomorrow morning and see something like the picture below in your PayPal account… The reality is not too many do.

How to become an affiliate marketer
Money while you sleep.

Of those that do see regular payments like these, a look at their past to see how they get payments like these, and you will find there was a learning curve involved.

You will see it mentioned often in these pages.

To begin your journey into Affiliate Marketing, I have a couple of write ups on other platforms in these pages which you can review and maybe get a feel if it is something you think you could succeed at.

Other sources for affiliate marketing courses can be found over at Udemy where you can find courses for most anything, and for the most part they are quite inexpensive.

But remember, You get what you pay for.

Show me the Money

Starting a blog is relativity easy, but… (yes but)… if your setting it up on your own and without any prior experience with pages /posts/ setting up your website writing posts and submitting them to search engines…

You will run into problems… guaranteed.

That will be the first thing to turn you off and you may just give up on the whole idea. Here is why it is better you sign up with a platform with an active community where you can ask for help. And that help will be freely given.

One such site is Wealthy Affiliate which has a very active community and 24/ 7 help included in their pricing.

If you can start off on the right foot and follow the lessons, then that will smooth the ride out for the rest of your affiliate marketing / online journey.

Making money from anything online is possible, if you know what your doing, and there are only a few platforms that excel at showing what it takes.

You will see all sorts of claims on line as to how much money people are making. Unfortunately the majority of them are just that.. wild claims.

Other claims can be verified and this one is. There are others, I show them elsewhere in this blog. The most profitable are usually in boring niches like “Coffee” or “home brewing” or “building

Which ever way you look at it, you need to make the first move money is not going to fall into your lap without some effort on your part.

The most important step on becoming an affiliate marketer I think, talking from experience. Is once you make the decision work at it.

There are lots of “How to” experiences out there but how to become an affiliate marketer is like all other “How to’s” and requires some dedication.

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