Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle. 9 Businesses that may offer an opportunity

A red heart shaped cushion with a grey ribbon wrapped across it with chains and other sex toys below it and the headline Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle superimposed across the image in white and light blue.
Sex and Money

Selling sex toys may not be everyones idea of a side hustle. But with 50,000 entrepreneurial women signing up to one company in 2021, someone has to be making money!

Current estimates vary, but figures of $850 – $1billion+ just for the United States alone, should give some idea of how popular the sex toy market is.

So how hard is it to become invloved, and is it as lucrative as it appears.

Pitfalls:- Startup Costs and Quotas.

The 9 MLM businesses I look at below have been around for a while, and all have similar expectations from their members.

Like… sell more stuff and do it now.

Over the years there have been “consultants” leaving one company, after making good money, starting their own business, then finding themselves embroiled in lawsuits because they “borrowed” the previous company’s intellectual property.

Lawsuits seem to be a common theme (popular?), with MLMs. (just sayin’).

Customers suing companies, the FTC suing companies. Companies suing consultants.

If you take another company’s procedures and trade secrets, then make sure you have deep pockets, because they will come after you, and you will find yourself in a courtroom.

The Pitfalls:

Like any MLM, you will have the same issues with marketing adult products, as you would a health and wellness product.

Like overcoming peoples scepticism when it comes to MLMs.

But this is a whole different ball game. It is sex!

You need to not only be OK with exploring sexual aids (product knowledge is vital in any sales job), but also discuss them with, and more importantly, market them to others.

  • Start-up costs: All MLM companies require money up front to participate.
  • You need to be comfortable talking about bedroom intimacy in front of people.
  • Arranging parties: This can be hard. Not only getting people interested, but more often than not, people will back out at the last minute leaving you disappointed.
  • Quotas: Generally with all MLMs you need to maintain a certain level of sales (PV), each month (sometimes 2), to remain an active member.
Photo of Rina Valan founder of Fantasia Home Parties, used in the article, Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle
Sextoyologist, Rina Valan. Founder of Fantasia Home Parties.

Let’s start with one that claims to be the oldest adult network marketing MLM.

1. Fantasia Home Parties. (Now Part of Lovewinx or vice versa).

Fantasia Home Parties claims it is not only the longest and first of its kind in continual operation, but it is also one of the first founded by a woman.

Actually, it isn’t. So maybe some MLM hype-style marketing has been done here.

I reveal the real one below. Pure Romance was founded in 1983.

Date of founding and owner. 1984. Rina Valan
Business Model. Multi Level Marketing
Turnover.* $5.0 million.
Contacts and website.Helene Bernicoff. Sales Manager.
*Combined with Lovewinx it is estimated at 14.6 million per annum. I have seen other figures of $600,000 – $1.5 mill. for FHP and $960,000 for Lovewinx.
The truth is in there somewhere.

I have not been able to find how many consultants they have promoting their products.

Even more unusual, I cannot find any complaints to the BBB about it.

Most unusual for a company that has been around for so long.

There is another company called Fantasia based in Canada which uses home parties to sell its products.

I also see that Lovewinx has a Canadian site. Maybe there is a connection.

Whether it has umbrellaed both Fantasia businesses or whether Fantasia is just a high-level distributor for Lovewinx is a subject for another time.

Fantasia Home Party Products.

Fantasia Home Parties offers romance/adult products, which include MADAME X, games, sex toys, educational materials, lingerie, spa products, and many others.

Can I make money with Fantasia Home Party’s

There are 3 ways to make money with Fantasia.

You are able to mix and match these.

The no inventory option is the one that is heavily promoted.

1. The No Inventory Option

Essentially you buy a kit for use at home parties, send in the orders to Fantasia and they ship the products out on your behalf.

You get a 40% commission on all sales.

2. The Stock/ Inventory Option.

You have a selection of products on hand for immediate sale.

You will need a portable EFTPOS scanner.

Essentially you buy at wholesale (50% less than RRP), and you make 50% (or more depending, if you price them higher), on your sales.

3. Personal Website Sales. With your enrollment, you automatically get a complete Fantasia website that can be personalized.

This works like the drop ship model, where all orders are fulfilled by Fantasia and you keep 40% of the sales.

2. Ann Summers (UK).

There is quite an amount of turbulent history with this English company.

It has been embroiled in lawsuits with various British government departments, religious groups, and commercial organizations, like Apple Inc.

This may be a deterrent to many people.

Maybe they are working on the theory that any publicity is good publicity.

Let’s take a look.

Date of Founding and Owner.1970. Michael Cabom-Waterfield. He named the company Ann Summers after his secretary Annice Summers.
These days it is run by Jacqueline Gold
Business Model.About 145 Retail outlets throughout the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. MLM parties, Franchises, and Affiliate marketing
Turnover. $180 million in 2021 (approx.)
Contact and Website. Maria Hollins. Sales managing director.

The company was taken over in 1971, by David Gold and his brother Ralph.

In those days sex toys, and sexy lingerie magazines were pretty much an underground business.

In 1981 Jacqueline Gold introduced the party plan idea.

 Initially, the Ann Summers parties were as much a way of circumventing regulations restricting the display of sex toys as they were a marketing tactic.

An image of a green "G spot Rabbit" exclusive to Ann Summers stores and party plans. Used in the article, Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle
The G-spot Rabbit, exclusive to Ann Summers.

Ann Summers Products

Known for having exclusive rights to the vibrating rabbit, other products include lingerie, cosmetics, and various other sex toys.

These are promoted at women-only parties.

Can I make money with Ann Summers?

First, you need to buy a sales kit. You have three options.

  1. Starter kit £39. This includes £125 worth of products.
  2. Party Pro Kit for £69. This includes £275 worth of products.
  3. The Digital account is £10. You receive no products but have access to all the training and the web portal. You will get £10 credit after your first order.

Three ways for an MLMer to make money here.

1. Get Paid to Party.

They offer training, but basically, you have to get people together for a party. Social Selling

2. Get Paid to Party a little more.

Training on using social media, posting images, and placing advertisements to generate sales.

3. Virtual Selling

This includes using catalogs, and regular brainstorming sessions to generate sales via digital and virtual parties.

All options have the opportunity to sell online and worldwide.

However, Virtual selling only allows you to sell online.

Payments and Benefits.

It is hard to know the structure of the MLM payment plan without joining.

But generally, it seems to be more of a sales job rather than a dedicated MLM.

It appears that as your sales increase (or your team’s sales?), you are paid additional bonuses.

Screenshot of commissions and benefits offered by Ann Summers for their sales people. Pink background with white text, used in the article Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle
Benefits for Ann Summer’s network marketing salespeople.

Most reviews I have seen are generally pretty happy with the products, but (like all MLMs), are disappointed they don’t earn more, or find arranging parties difficult.

Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle. 9 Businesses that may offer an opportunity

3. Bedroom Kandi

Compared to Ann Summers, this one has a dedicated MLM compensation plan similar to others I have written about.

This one started with 5 products, and now ( after hiring a product designer), has a range of hundreds including intimate toys, bath and body products, as well as cosmetics.

Date of Founding and Owner.2011. Kandi Burruss in conjunction with Brian & Suki Dunham. A division of Kandi Koated Entertainment and Suki parties.
On the BBB website, it has Brian Dunham listed as the owner.
Business Model.The MLM party plan was introduced in 2012 to drive sales. Affiliate marketing is used in the USA & Canada.
Turnover P/Annum$12.2 million to Feb. 2022. Approx.70 employees.
Contact and website. Hours are 9 am -5 pm M-F.

There seems to be very little controversy about Bedroom Kandi.

It claims to have sold over 10,000 party kits.

On the Better Business Bureau website, I could only find 3 complaints.

Like many MLMs it targets stay-at-home moms and single mothers with its recruitment marketing.

Bedroom Kandi Products.

The merchandise selection includes vibrators, sex toys, lubricants, products for foreplay, male items, and a selection of small training publications.

Bedroom Kandi does not sell lingerie.

Can I make money with Bedroom Kandi?

According to their website... you will join us in the important role of educating people and their partners about intimate wellness, empowering them to take control of their sexual health, and playing an important role in the discussion of sexuality…”

Again you need to outlay money.

There are Four starter kits to choose from to start your business.

All are valued at 50% below retail (supposedly).

  1. The Entrepreneur Kit: $499.00 They value this at $1000.00 retail
  2. The Executive kit: $199.00 ($400.00 value)
  3. The Kandi Koated beauty kit for those that want to focus on cosmetics $199.00. ($400.00 value).
  4. The Experience kit. $99.00 (valued at $200.00).

In addition to the costs above you have to pay any taxes as well as shipping.

Payments and Benefits.

From what I can find.

Before expenses: approximately 78% of “consultants” make nothing. 20% make about $58.00 a month on average and a very small number make better than $500.00 a month before expenses.

Below are the typical MLM style gradings used by Bedroom Kandi.

Compensation plan for bedroom kandi, showing the usual mlm gradings of bronze, silver, gold,platinum and diamond. Used in the article Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle
Bedroom Kandi compensation plan.

I will let you figure out who the 2% are who are raking in the cash.

4. Lovewinx

Screenshot of Lovewinx's website heading, showing Fantasia home parties logo on the right of the heading. Used in the articleAre Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle,
Lovewinx and Fantasia Home Parties.

I have mentioned this above, you can see the Fantasia Home Parties logo on Lovewinx’s website heading.

Lovewinx operates (apparently), as a stand-alone business. So let’s take a look at it.

Date of Founding and Owner.2014. Jaime Lamp is listed as a co-founder. She was previously a “consultant” with Slumber Parties Inc. which was acquired by Pure Romance in 2013.
Business Model.Multi-Level Network Marketing. USA & Canada.
Turnover.$14.6 million. **See note below Fantasia Home Parties.
Contacts and Website:No names are given just an email address.

Where most of the home parties in other companies are for women only, anyone over 18 (including men), can attend a Lovewinx party.

Lovewinx’s Products.

Lovewinx sells all the usual suspects, men’s and women’s cosmetics, oils for bath and body, and lingerie.

And…(need I say it..) sex toys, including BDSM gear.

Can I make money with Lovewinx?

According to their website they “… provide all the tools and support you need for your new business”

You can join Lovewinx USA or Lovewinx Canada.

There are three kits of differing values. All kits include order forms and catalogs.

You can see the USA kit contents here.

  • Kit A : Retail. $400.00. You Pay. $195.00 and you get 150 sales points.
  • Kit B : Retail. $1,000.00. You Pay. $295.00 and you get 300 sales points.
  • Kit C : Retail. $2,000.00. You Pay. $495.00 and you get 450 sales points.

There is also a pack they call “career boosters”.

For an extra $125 for kit’s A&B or $250 for kit C, you can get extra products to help boost your sales.

Will you make money? Again, according to their website.

Your money-making ability relies on you and the efforts you put into your business. Success with LOVEWINX results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work and diligence. You decide how much you want to make by the number of parties you do.


The problem, of course, is getting people to come to parties and buy stuff.

96% of people make less than $100 a year.

Chart showing the income disclosure for Lovewinx. Used  in the article, Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle
Lovewinx income disclosure. Note the last sentence.

Payments and Benefits.

You get paid when you sell products. Essentially you buy at wholesale and sell at retail. A bonus is applied to sales volumes.

There is no need to recruit members, but building a downline to maximize profits is an option.

To see a full compensation plan you would need to sign up and ask Lovewinx.

There are 7 levels.

If you rich the top rank you earn from six levels of team payout, a Monthly Lifestyle Bonus and even earn a car bonus for the lease of a Mercedes.

But you needto generate $6,000,000 in uni-level team volume (across levels 1 to 6), to receive a “yearly Mercedes car lease”.

It seems a pretty tough ask for people to progress through their MLM structure.

You need to maintain $100 per month in personal sales to maintain you status as a regular consultant.

This requirement increases to $300 for the Senior Consultant rank.

Then, $1,200 in personal sales each month, along with $2,500 in your downline for the next rank.

From there it jumps to $2,000 personal sales p/mth. for the next four ranks.

Lovewinx’s partner, Fantasia home parties seems to be the better option, but I see nothing in either of them that would entice me to become involved as a “consultant”.

Screrenshot from the Pure Romance catalogue. Shows a part naked female anatomy lying down, with fingers from one hand slightly touching her leg.
 With a printed message on her stomach, saying Pure Romance, the intimacy collection. If you thought you knew sex, think again. Make every intimate unforgettable with silky lubricants, sensual enhancements and breathtaking toys. 
Used in the article,  Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle.
Pic from the Pure Romance digital catalog.

5. Pure Romance.

Would you believe the biggest MLM competitor to Pure Romance is Pampered Chef?

This MLM started with humble beginnings in Loveland (near Cincinnati) Ohio.

It now ranks around number 50 among the top 100 direct marketing companies in the world.

Date of Founding and Owner1993. Founded as “Slumber Parties” by Patty Brisben in Ohio USA. Renamed Pure Romance in 2003. It purchased “Passion Parties” in 2016.
Business ModelMulti-level network marketing. USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand.
Turnover2020. $350 million. Approx. 63,000 “consultants”.
Contact and Website.Email and Phone numbers are available at this link. Office hours are 9 am -10 pm Mon-Thur. Fridays:-9am – 5pm.

Being the biggest in the intimate home party business means there are going to be complaints.

There are about 33 in the last 3 years on the BBB website.

Two hands holding a light colored vibrator at each end to display it for a photo. Used in the article, Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle.
Sex toy sold by Pure Romance.

Pure Romance’s Products.

Ok…like the others, they sell sex toys.

They also sell lingerie, health and sexual wellness products, bath/beauty and body lotions, lubricants, and creams.

Can I make money with Pure Romance?

There is no need to sponsor others into this business, however, they do encourage it to maximize your earnings.

So, Two ways to make money.

  1. Have parties and sell products.
  2. Sponsor other people into your network.

The retail margin available at each rank is shown in the table below:

Screenshot of Pure Romance's mlm ranking tree showing buying discount %. with the discount for a new member (40%), highlighted. Used in the article Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle.
Pure Romances MLM 8-level ranking tree.

As a new active consultant, you can make 40% off every sale you make to a full-paying customer.

Pure Romance suggests that if you arrange one sex product party a week, and sell $600 worth of products, you can make $240.

Not to bad for a side hustle, if the expenses are kept to a minimum.

To join you need to purchase a partner pack.

There are various options, and you can start from as little as $39.00

The main two options are…

  1. Standard Partner Pack. Quoted at $350.00 value. You pay $89.00
  2. Delux Partner Pack. Quoted at $995.00 value. You pay $249.00

Each pack comes with marketing materials including order forms, catalogs, a replicated website and lots of training material for social media, and a guide for selling online.

The screenshot below shows Pure Romance’s income disclosure for 2021. The amounts earned are the gross amounts before expenses.

It is better than the average of most MLMs

All up there were 84,000 US partners who ordered products for resale.

63,000 of those who made some money from selling products or from those they sponsored.

In a typical month 23,000 were earning $300.00 + per month.

Screenshot of Pure Romance's income disclosure for 2021. Used in the article Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle.
Pure Romance income disclosure for 2021.

Payments and Benefits

Pure Romance pays weekly.

You only need to place an order via your website or online office every 2 months.

There also have the usual sales bonuses, trips, and rewards plus access to training development courses.

Probably one of the better intimate home party MLMs.

As their product range outside of sex toys is quite extensive, This will give you plenty of alternatives to make sales.

Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle. 9 Businesses that may offer an opportunity

6 Athena’s Home Parties

Searching the internet for sex toy MLMs I found Pure Romance at the top of pages one, two, and three.

Dig deeper and there are gems to be found. Athena’s home parties look to be one of those gems.

Let’s take a look.

Date of Founding and Owner. 1998.  Jennifer Jolicoeur. Athena’s Home Novelties
Business Model: MLM. Approx 7000 members across 44 States in the USA.
Turnover P/A:Estimated at $21million. Payouts are estimated at $8.30 million by Dun & Bradstreet.
Contacts and Website:There are contacts for customer service, training, and email marketing. Office hours are 9 am- 5 pm M-F.

For an MLM dealing in sex toys, and novelties this one comes with a difference.

They also have Men “consultants.

However, nobody is called a “salesperson, consultant” or whatever.

The term for the ladies hosting parties is Goddess.

For men, the term is, Adoni.

It is a company on a mission to change the world one orgasm at a time.

Athena’s Home Novelties Products.

Based in Rhode Island, hey actually have a committee – the Goddess / Adonis Advisory Board (GAAB) that selects from the (literally), thousands of products that are sent their way every year.

They ask each sales rep from the manufacturers to narrow it down and just send a dozen new products that they’re most excited about.

The product list is way too large to include everything here.

As well as sex toys they also have a focus on sex education (the others do too, but probably not as intense as this one), and, like the others, they have an extensive range of creams, lotions, aromatherapy, and CBD products.

All in a massive 91-page catalog.

Screenshot of some of Anthena's home novelties creams, bath &shower gels exfoliating scrubs. Used in the article Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle
Some of Athena’s home novelties creams and bath gels etc..

Can I make money with Athena’s Home Novelties?

Like the others, they say it is up to you.

You will become part of their First 100- days Facebook group, with access to videos, webinars, and workshops.

There is a joining fee of $29.95.

With that, you receive a $50 credit* to start building your demo kit and gain access to our thorough training program.

Complete the training and Athena’s will issue you a 50% off coupon code.

You can further customize your kit and invest as much as you want.

2 ways to make money.

First, you need either Kit A or Kit B

Kit A will set you back $250.00, this has about $500+ of supplies and products at retail value.

Kit B will set you back $500.00, and has about $1000.00+ worth of products and supplies at retail value.

On top of those outlays you will pay a nominal monthly fee for the technology side of your business.

A Website, domain name, and updates.

In addition, you receive.

  • Order forms
  • Catalogs. (2, one for sex toys one for creams, bath gels, etc.)
  • Premium items
  • Training manual on CD
  • Website
  • A welcome gift
  1. The Independent Goddess/ Adoni plan. Buy a demo kit and other inventory for your parties. Customers leave with their products at the end of the night. You will need to have your own merchant account for credit card processing / PayPal etc. At the end of the night, your profit is in your pocket. But you will have to fulfill any orders you were not carrying inventory for. And of course, restock.
  2. The Freedom Goddess / Adoni Plan. You can do what the Independent Goddesses/ Adoni’s do, or Just rock up to a party with a demo kit, receive orders, and get Athena’s to fulfill them.

Their stock-carrying independent salesforce (these work just like normal wholesale / retail arrangements. Not MLM), makes between 40% on sales up to $1499.

Then 45% on sales $1500.00 – $2499.00

Above $2,500.00 you make 50%.

The Freedom plan is one where you are encouraged to recruit others.

It pays a flat rate of 35%.

It makes sense because Athenas is doing all the back-end work for you.

You will also be getting % from your sign-ups, so if you can build them up then you are making passive income.

It is quite a simple MLM structure, there are only 4 levels and it pays out 3 levels deep if you are an Enlightened one or Wise One

Pay LevelPersonal Monthly SalesPersonal 1st. Level Active RecruitsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Destined One$5001 – 42.00%N/AN/A
Inspired One$10005 – 92.50%1.50%N/A
Enlightened One$150010 – 243.00%2.00%1.5%
Wise One$200025+3.50%2.50%2.00%
Athena’s payout MLM scale.

Payments and Benefits

On top of the above, there are some good cash bonuses

if you can meet a couple of targets. For example:

A $500 car bonus if 10 out of 30 members make $500.00 in sales in one month.

Rising to $2500.00 if 50 of your 650 members make sales of $500.00 in a month.

As well they have lots of competitions, getaways, discounted gift cards for customers, and other incentives.

This company seems to be free of any drama normally surrounding other MLMs.

There are no complaints about it the BBB, a few on Google give it a 4.9-star rating.

Many of its sales force are university students.

It looks like a fun company to be involved with.

7. My Secret Luxury Affiliate Program

Let’s veer to something slightly different from MLMs. An Affiliate program.

This is for people who don’t want to deal with all the retail side of MLMs as well as pressure from either your upline wanting more sales or your downline wanting information you cannot provide.

With this one, you will need a website. If you’re not sure where to start, check this out.

What joining an affiliate program like My Secret Luxury will do, is monetized your website.

You promote it and any income you earn is earnt passively.

No parties or calling your friends and relatives.

Please Note: I have no affiliation with My Secret Luxury or any other MLM businesses reviewed in this article.

Date and FounderJanuary 2021. Stacy Rybchin
Business Model E-commerce store. Fashion,
Turnover Unknown
Contacts: Email contact on her Website.

You could call enlisting affiliates a downline. The difference is there are no override commissions or bonuses to pay, websites to replicate, plus MLMs usually always offer training, webinars, etc.

Still, she has to spend a couple of hours designing some banners and text links for affiliates to use.

These links will enable a “cookie” to give life to any affiliate’s links that get clicked on.

That way they can be paid if a sale comes from their link. (currently the cookie life is 60 days and the payments are set at 10%).

This is someone who is making the most of an E-Comm website. It looks like it could be a Shopify store, which was all the rage back in 2012.

Actually, I am pretty sure Shopify has apps that can be used to set up an MLM or affiliate structure.

She has filled it with products targeting one niche and inviting people to become affiliates for her products.

If you’re thinking about going down this path note, she has three things that are important to affiliates.

  • Listed quality products with a 100% guarantee
  • Good shipping practices.
  • A trustworthy website.

Can you Make Money with My Secret Luxury?

If you have a website that is relevant to this niche and knows what is required for a website to attract sales then, yeah you will make some money.

Payments and Benefits

Currently, the payments are set at 10% of the purchase price if they purchase from your link within 60 days of clicking on it.

Apart from that, there are no competitions, no traveling to exotic places for meetings, and no “motivational” phone calls trying to get you to sell more.

8. Beautifully Intimate. (Previously known as Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties).

Although this company sells sex toys. Its main focus is Lingerie, and like the others, sells by the party plan.

Although not exclusively, it has an online store (Shopify), from which people can purchase items.

Its target market seems to be Batchelor / Batchelorette parties and 21st birthday parties.

Like Athena’s above, men and women are able to participate in their plan.

Women are known as Divas and men as Hustlers.

Date of Founding and Owner(s):2016. Then it was known as Sexy Diva Lingerie and owned by Mary Baker. It was taken over in 2019 by Jeanna Merhroff who renamed the business Beautifully Intimate.
Business Model:Party plan and online sales
Contacts =, Website:

Beautifully Intimate Products

They have a massive amount of products (approx 14,000), on their website.

From what I have seen, they mostly seem reasonably priced. examples?

It is hard to measure the quality of the products because of a lack of feedback from customers.

It also is not on the BBB so we have to assume that the shipping and products are Ok.

But (there is always a but)…

  • With so many items available online it is hard to believe there have been no size issues even though they have size charts.
  • Parties might be easier where the organizer carries samples. Still, it would require the manufacturer to have very good quality control.

Can you make money with Beautifully Intimate?

It is open to both men and women so, both sexes have an opportunity to earn money.

Like some of the others you will start off earning 35% discounts on products you purchase, which you can sell at a 35% markup – and likewise, you receive 35% commissions from online sales.

Downline commissions are paid down to 10 levels deep.

  • On level 1 you get paid 4%,
  • On level 2 you get paid 3%,
  • Then 2.5%, 2%, 1.5%
  • Then 1% for levels 6-10.

Payments and Benefits

Some rates can increase to as much as a 45% commission from online sales, and a 50% discount on personal orders.

Apart from those, there are no competitions or any of the extras some of the others above have.

Update: On their website, they are saying a new plan will be coming soon.

Sex Site Affiliates.

These are not MLM but dedicated affiliated sites. Their very nature makes most of them unsuitable for MLM.

However like MLM product sites, they do provide a way for earning income online, and despite the taboo nature of these sites, they are popular with a large demographic.

I am not going to talk about XXXvideos, or others found on the first couple of the 1st pages of Google.

Let’s look at one I found on Google’s page 3.

Lovense is a little different, and a savvy person could easily utilize their products in an MLM plan or perhaps even dropship using a e-comm store.

9. Lovense

Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle. 9 Businesses that may offer an opportunity

Hi-Tech Love Toys

Lovense is a Singapore-based sex tech company founded in 2010, specializing in the development of remotely-controlled sex toys and pleasure products, as well as accompanying software.

  • Founder(s) :- Dan Liu and Eddy Olivares
  • Based:- Singapore
  • 21 years in operation.
  • Lovense Link

Technology meets sex toys. It was probably a given that it was always going to happen, and this firm was awake to that 10 years ago and created the smart vibrator.

They are still doing it.

Price wise the costs are not too bad when compared to some of the stuff some of the MLMs are selling.

Quality with many of the MLM’s toys has been a long-standing issue.

The pink Lush 3 remote control vibrator, It is "U"U shaped with the controls at the thin end. Used in the article, Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle.

So paying an extra $20.00 or $30.00 to have something guaranteed to be of good quality with the ability to connect your Spotify account and map out a vibration pattern for songs you like!

In fact, if you are in a long-distance relationship many of their toys can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

 A screenshot of the Lush 3 benefits, showing the 360deg standing range, the 360deg. sitting range and internet control. Used in the article Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle
Benefits of the Lush 3 smart egg vibrator.

I didn’t see anything on Lovense’s site that mentioned dropshipping, but you could always ask if you wanted to add their products to a dropshipping store.

They do have an affiliate program, so if you’re a blogger and in the sex niche this company is definitely worth considering having an association with.


MLM companies often do their best to have products that appeal to certain demographics and try to solve a problem, ( weight loss for example).

Or mainstream niches like jewelry where they try to compete on price.

Or Get Rich Quick schemes which only ever enrich the promoters.

These sex toy MLMs are a little different, you know you will make some money (like Tupperware I guess), but do it for the enjoyment of the party and building a client base.

I don’t do MLMs, I am way too lazy for that.

My preference is Wealthy Affiliate

Are Sex Toy MLMs a Good Side Hustle. 9 Businesses that may offer an opportunity

Thanks for reading

You can see more on MLMs Here.

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  1. Hello. The site is very interesting to me, even though I’m not in that world, and I can’t really brag that I have experience with this. However, I noticed that today it is no longer a taboo for me and today my friends are happy to visit sites like this and order sexy toys. So I will recommend your site to them.

  2. Hi Michael, looking at your website brought back memories for me. The snippet regarding Ann Summers in the UK. There was a time when we girls were attending gatherings such as these on a regular basis. I don’t think that’s quite the case now. Also, the shops or outlets, I’m not so sure how much business they actually do, as most women now order online. You do see these in the high street still, but even though there’s no stigma attached nowadays, they never seem to have much foot traffic in them.

    Online seems to be the way in the UK.



  3. Hello Michael 

    I have to say that I am impressed with your website. I could sit back and read this all day because I love the whole idea of side hustles and making your money work for you. That is one of the reasons I decided to take this journey at WA because I wanted more than just to settle with a 9 to 5. You give your audience a great deal of information on how they can accomplish becoming an entrepreneur. Also I like how you give your audience details on what to look for when it comes to MLM scams.  This will really be helpful and save a lot of people from heartaches of being manipulated by some of these fraud companies.  Keep up the Amazing work and I have to revisit your site again. 

  4. I think sex toys can be a good side hustle. Kandi Burress from Real Housewives of Atlanta is doing well and her product line is legit. This is an MLM opportunity i would get involved in.

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