Are Things Going Sour for Livegood? 7 Good Reasons to Avoid Livegood.

Livegood is a multi level marketing company based in Florida, and it is trying to keep the momentum of signing up new members going.

After months of seeing the hype about Livegood as people shill about it all across social media, I think its lustre is fading. Its star is falling, in fact, if you were to ask “Are things going sour for Livegood ?” I would refer you to Trustpilot and Google reviews, and the growing percentage of 1 star reviews. Currently sitting around 10% of all the reviews on Trust Pilot.

Livegood is unusual because there are no 4, 3 or 2 star reviews.

Just 5’s and 1’s. So it is either very good or very bad… Interesting… I had doubts about Livegood’s authenticity previously.

I am also naturally sceptical of an abundance of short positive product reviews eg; (Great, I like it, Game changer etc.), and I released some frustration about them here.

Except for a super-hyped up launch in some ritzy ballroom, Livegood followed the script from the MLM play book nearly to perfection when launching.

The shills across social media ensured it received maximum exposure and recruits, and the shilling for more recruits continues with post after post on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter et.el.

Some have even gone so far as to do mailouts.

A postcard with the address removed showing a banner with "Finally... A home Based Business Everyone can do" and at the bottom "Get Paid Up to $2,047 Monthly Without Referring a Single Person" Used in the article Are Things Going Sour for Livegood?
Livegood Mailout postcard Image: Redditt.

7 Good Reasons to Avoid Livegood.

1. The Payments are no Longer Flowing.

They owe me a commission check since May19th. And another one since June 1st. They keep telling me it will be in Thursdays commission. Still waiting. This is frustrating. My patience has run out. Working and NOT getting paid dampers ones enthusiasm for their occupation.

I wrote to the founder, Ben Glinsky, he told me he has no time to deal with this. WHAT??

Tony DeFrancisco.

If the founder found time to write back saying ” He has no time..” that should surely raise a few eyebrows… Like he had time to answer…

Life at the top can be tough…

I joined the business and recruited people who also managed to recruit others and was placed on Bronze level. I did everything I was told to do in order to withdraw my commission but I never got my money, instead they kept deducting membership fee until I decided to cancel my membership.

Scelo Chonco
Screenshot of comments on Livegood's facebook page asking if ayone had received payments. Used in the article, Are Things Going Sour for Livegood?
Comments on the Livegood Facebook page.

Have the owners become so flush with funds that they don’t care anymore, or is the bookkeeping so bad no one is brave enough to look at it?

2. Livegood Customer Support is Non-Existent.

More related to products not being received.

I have ordered products on 24th February, 2023 and to date, I have not received them at my address in the USA. I wrote support twice and have not been receiving any response

Mona Grant-Roberts.

Poor Mona, she was waiting for orders from the “Daily Sale” a couple of years back too.

They seem to runout of product frequently. Factor4 has been on back order for 2 months now. This is bad inventory control. Now they are out of coffee. And previously other products have been on back order.

They have been promising a Collagen product for three months now. Still waiting.

Tony DeFrancisco.

Tony has a number of issues with Livegood. including not being paid (above).

A screenshot of Livegood's product page on facebook asking about customer support. Used in the article,  Are Things Going Sour for Livegood?
A livegood member on Facebook

3. Charging Membership fees after Cancellation.

This is a common problem, and it is not solely related to MLM companies.

But adding this one to the one above who also complained of not being paid, and still having payments taken from his account.

It just adds to the discussion that for every good MLM, there are ten desperate ones creating havoc with clients money, and Livegood is looking more like a desperado as the weeks go by.

I made monthly payment and livegood kept sending me message to still pay. I wrote livegood customer support that I have already paid, they never responded. 

Then they removed everyone under me.


It is true, I never noticed they never had a phone number when I did this review on Livegood. If you are offering refunds then why wouldn’t you have a phone number… unless you had something to hide.

4. The Training Videos are Non Existent.

I’ve never been able to log into a video meeting for the past 3 months because they’re to busy to reply

 The same message gets sent 2 hours after the video presentation has expired or ended.

Patrik Ballan.

Well… that is if they actually broadcasted the video presentation.

They do have videos where they tell us how great they are.

5. Livegoods Payment Page is Insecure.

If you buy something off Shopify, eBay, Amazon or any other shopping site you will see signs saying things like “encrypted, secure payment protected by McAfee, Norton” etc.

Not so with Livegood.

Screenshot of Livegoods payment page showing no security. Used in the article, Are Things Going Sour for Livegood?
No security banners/stickers. Image: Livegood.

 …please don’t give them access to your personal information like your credit card. I bought coffee from this company, and they never reimbursed me!! They kept my money, plus there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER to talk to anyone in case you have a problem with them.

Cindy White.

Livegood also offers refunds, a 90 day money back guarantee, however there is no refund sticker anywhere in the checkout area.

6. The Business Address could be Fake.

The Livegood details of 1201 Jupiter Park Dr #5 Fl Us3ed in the article, Are Things Going Sour for Livegood?
A google map showing 1201 Jupiter Park Drive #5. Used in the article,  Are Things Going Sour for Livegood?

It may be, Google searches show that address to be a Paint Store.

1201 Jupiter Park Dr. Unit 5  Jupiter , Florida, 33458

No Hours Of Operation listed

(714) 783-6050 ?

Other reviews I have read speculate it is a house.

It could be, but looking at the listing, it is a condo and is off market,

The most likely scenario is they have a unit or share a unit with another business who

7. To Make Money You Need to Recruit.

More related to: How do I make money with Livegood network marketing?

With the small percentages on offer for the products, you are going to need a lot of people under you buying stuff to make more than enough to buy the cat food.

To keep the prices low on the products the commissions on products are paid from the membership fees.

They mention Amazon as having 160 million people paying $15 for “free delivery “

The comparison with Amazon is interesting.

Livegood has health and wellness products.

Amazon Prime has live sports, videos, gaming, music, photo storage, reading on top of Prime shopping benefits over and above Amazon.

Plus, when you buy from Amazon there is no upline chain to take a bite from your dollars.

In the video below Ben Glinsky and Nauder Khazan push the line that to to make decent money you need to be recruiting.

They say it is still early days and now is the time to jump in.

If you look at the matrixes they present it should become obvious that Livegood is just a Ponzi scheme with a product.


Because the branding of products is easily manipulated with terms like… certified organic, green, natural, etc. Health and Wellness products are the go to niche for multi level marketers.

There are red flags popping up in the Google and Trust Pilot reviews with Livegood, so care should be taken if you are thinking of joining this business.

While a $40.00 joining fee and/or $10.00 a month doesn’t sound like much, people who have been cancelling are still having their accounts debited and not receiving any customer support.

Remember with MLM these are the visible costs, the costs of doing mailouts, phone calls and driving around hunting for people to join costs money too.

Then there are the long delays of products being out of stock, and people not being paid their commissions.

The uncertainty of their business premises and Ben Glinsky’s refusal to help a client also raises a red flag.

MY Rating 1.0 star

A giphy showing one star. Used in the article, Are Things Going Sour for Livegood?
One Star for this

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