What is the Kibo Code

What is the Kibo Code Quantum, is it a Scam. Updated 2022 to Kibo Eclipse.

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It is a New Year and the online “get rich this year”, hype has begun, lets do a review of Kibo Code Quantum, and see if this fits into your New Years Resolutions.

Update for 2022. Un updated version of Kibo Quantum called Kibo Eclipse has been released. Details below.

What Is the Kibo Code Quantum? Is it the Key to Tapping into an Online Bonanza of Riches, or a Wallet Emptying Scam.

“What is the Kibo Code?”. The short answer is, the Kibo Code is a dropship program that promises a big boost to your finances, as they hold your hand, and lead you down a cobbled road to a distant rainbow, and your very own pot of gold.

Ok, lets get start with some background on who is behind this.

This is a program pushed by Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton, who have been pushing MMO ( “Make Money Online“), programs for over 12 years.

One of their big success’s was a product called the “100K Factory Revolution”.

This was a product based on drop shipping using WordPress (Woo-Commerce).

Woo- Commerce at the time was no where near developed as it is today, and was not able to support the huge numbers of transactions some of the more successful entrepreneurs were making.

After a couple of years this forced Aiden and Steve to look at alternatives and they then began promoting 100K Revolution using Shopify as the drop shipping platform.

This was also quite successful for a couple of years until about 2017 when 100K Revolution passed into internet heaven.

Shopify has an affiliate program.

I am guessing everyone who signed on to the 100K Factory Revolution, after about 2014 ?, then signing up with Shopify, were generating affiliate cash flow for Steve and Aiden, on top of getting the sign up fees for the 100K Factory Revolution.

So they were raking in cash from two sources.

The 100K Factory Revolution had a good run for about 5 years (until 2017), before passing into internet heaven.

Shopify may have been part of the issue for dis-continuing 100K Revolution.

Unlike Woo-Commerce, Shopify has monthly fees, and other charges for plugins and Apps, which soon add up.

The middle to bottom tier of 100K entrepreneurs would have struggled with these.

Throw in the advertising costs to get sales and you are needing pretty good numbers to stay viable.

Was 100K Factory Revolution a Scam

The short answer is No (depending on who you ask),… and I believe there is still back office support for those who became involved and continued with the program.

There were some people who were very successful, others may have made some money, others ?, more than likely lost control of their advertising expenditure and found themselves in a financial body bag.

The 100K program was based on having products from Aliexpress, and using Facebook advertising. Which is not all it is cracked up to be.

Those who made the most money, were finding products that had a good chance of going “viral” on face book and selling for around $10.00 – $30.00, making them an impulse buy.

Despite the “training” which strongly suggested to focus on a niche, many just pushed products likely to generate quick sales. And there is nothing wrong with that.

But instead of building a brand, people were chasing a quick buck, and you need a lot of $3.00 profits to build a sustainable business.

If you spent anytime on Facebook back in those days you might remember it being awash with “Free” Whiz Bang Kitchen and Gardening products. “Just Pay Shipping“.

As with all things in marketing, what worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work to-day.

Such is the fickle nature of the consumer.

For many it then became an unsustainable business.

As we all know if your chasing losses, you are only digging yourself into a deeper hole.

I had a look at 100K Factory Revolution and the thing (apart from the cost of joining (about $2500 from memory), what struck me the most, was the graphics showing the amount of money people were spending on advertising to get a positive return.

While I am sure the figures quoted where accurate, I noticed they were a gross figure without the costs removed !

Sometimes as much as 70% of the gross number would have been spent on advertising. Add in Shopify’s costs and…?

The Build up to the Release of the Kibo Code.

A promotional graphic showing What is the Kibo Code
Ticket to Eldorado

12 months ago they started the Kibo Code as a beta test. You can see the small peak to the left of the graph in Google trends graphic below.

So there was a dribbling of interest over the past 12 months in finding out what the Kibo Code was all about.

Then an explosive surge of interest at the beginning of 2021 after a 12 month build up of anticipation, including a massive email campaign in the final 2 months.

What is the Kibo Code graph showing interest over the past 12 months.
Kibo Code interest over time.

So, after a year of testing, and tweaking, adding bonus’s and training to help novices tuning in to the workshops, refining the sales copy, the sales charts, email mailouts…

Everything, to having it fully optimized for the presentation, which like any good sales pitch in the make money online niche they are specialists at.

The Basis for Kibo Quantum.

Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth looked at Japanese Stores, and how they moved items that sold quickly to the front of the display windows, and moved slow selling items to the back of the display section.

I am not sure this is unique to the Japanese, but anyway they have created a dropship plan based around this concept.

At the time of writing this 3rd Feb. 2021, the program is nearing the end of its recruitment drive, following the same formula used with the 100k Factory Revolution. Video workshops, PDF’s and graphics, and all the rest of it.

This time, Aiden and Steve have enlisted Mark Ling, another successful online entrepreneur, along with a couple of others I am not familiar with.

Mark Ling runs a program called Affiliroma ( a review here), He is also reasonably well known in the MMO niche, as the face behind the drop ship platform Salehoo, of which he is a part owner.

I have written about drop shipping and Salehoo quite a bit on this site.

It is a site that vets the integrity of suppliers, and features reports on the latest best selling items on E-Bay and Amazon.

These day’s is now tied in with Shopify.

This time Steve and Aiden have departed from the basic concept of 100k factory Revolution ( where you had to build your own website), and are offering done for you websites” using only suppliers from the USA.

How does the Kibo Code differ to 100K Factory Revolution

Like 100K Factory Revolution, the Kibo Code is all about “how to make money online” using a drop shipping store as the vehicle to accumulate wealth.

This time selling only items from American suppliers, to Americans with a focus onFree Traffic as the key selling point.

Given the recent political troubles with China, this may seem opportunistic. But the reality is, the Kibo Code program was already in Beta Test Mode before Covid, as you can see in the graph above.

Because the Kibo Code has a lot of reliance on Facebooks Marketplace platform. Waiting two / three weeks for something you bought on FB Marketplace to be shipped from Asia or Europe to the USA was not going to cut it.

So they are using American dropship suppliers.

The only one I know with the most comprehensive catalogue of American Dropshippers is World Wide Brands, and it costs about $299.00.

Whether or not they have broken that down and included it in their program, I couldn’t say, as there are also overseas suppliers with warehouses in the USA.

What is the Kibo Code Quantum, is it a Scam. Updated 2022 to Kibo Eclipse.

All in all, It seems like a re-run of the 100K factory Revolution, using the book of faces with a few modifications.

Although they say Facebook will not be the only “vehicle” used for marketing.

While that may seem a small deviation, when you include all the bonus’s and hand holding, the Kibo Code does seem to offer more than 100K did.

Some of what Kibo Offers.

  • The Kibo Code is not using Shopify.
  • Facebook still seems like the preferred advertising Medium.
  • A seemingly endless list of Bonus’s, in their “Launchpad”
  • Done for you websites.
  • Comprehensive training.
  • Other expert entrepeneurs.

Why Enlist Mark Ling

Mark Ling has a long history in drop shipping, being a part owner of the Salehoo dropship platform since 2005.

Listening to some of the Kibo Code sales pitch the other day, I thought it strange that when, Steve and Aiden were talking about pricing items, they never mentioned “Salehoo labs”

For pricing products, Salehoo labs has one of the best pricing comparison tools around, as it tells you what is selling on E-Bay, at what price and quantity. It is so easy to use and gives very useful information.

But no mention is made of this in the sales materials.

Maybe that is insider information that comes into play later in their program, as they do mention a “shortcut to pricing” in the “Kibo Code Quantum training labs”.

One other thing to note here, is that Aiden Booth and Mark Ling have both been involved in MMO for a long period.

Both come from New Zealand and over the years, along with Steve Clayton, they have developed a lot of insider contacts who know the ropes on how to market these programs.

Pro’s and Cons of the Kibo Code

Some of the components of What is the Kibo Code
Promises of being there for you.

The concept is good, although many people will see it as expensive. The Kibo code quantum training includes a lot of hand holding for newbies in their materials and training.

So there will to be a cost for the hand holding by experienced pros.

They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Even a 60 day guarantee with additional money if the system is not working for you.

The Pro’s

  •  It’s a model for selling physical products that doesn’t require you to buy any inventory to get started.
  • You get handed your own ‘ready to go’ website, with profitable products (10 of which will be exclusively for you).
  • One price and no recurring charges for additional plugins, unlike Shopify and other platforms.
  • You get full access to their cutting edge Launch Platform, that plugs into over 220+ USA based drop shippers, fulfils orders for you and more.
  • A proven system to build a consistent online income-stream without needing Amazon, Shopify, inventory orders or an overseas supplier.
  • You will be shown how to get Free Traffic to your products, as well as other training and tips on marketing.
  • They have reversed the risk to make it as painless as possible for you to concentrate on getting some cash flow happening. See image below.
risk reversal marketing ploy in What is the Kibo Code
Part of the risk reversal sales pitch. Note the return of $1000 advertising costs.

The Kibo Code does have a lot to offer. We will look at the cost below. There is a reason for the cost being substantial, one of them is to deter tyre kickers.

The other is to appeal to those willing to “put their ass on the line”, learn the ropes and make money.

The Cons.

sales graph showing $128.649.65  for the promotion of What is the Kibo Code
Total sales Not ROI.(return on investment).

In the Sales material the Organizers of the Kibo Code have gone to painful lengths to say that it works, that big money is being made, that they can be trusted and you have nothing to lose.

It might be true that some experienced entrepreneurs are cranking out the big bucks, and some new players will likely hit the mother lode.

For others the whole thing might become just another horror movie. But this is a risk not unique to online business’s.

It can ( and does), happen with any business, online or off.

So lets look at the Cons. Most of them have little to do with the Kibo Code and more to do with human nature!

  • Putting the cost on the Plastic and not making enough sales to cover the payments if you took the time payment plan.
  • Not allowing enough money for advertising expenses.
  • Not taking the time to learn and understand the concepts. They do emphasize that you need to put in the work to be successful.
  • No detail on Webserver hosting and future costs of hosting.
  • No mention of tax implications. Just be aware if you make money some government, somewhere will want a cut.
  • *Note*: They are probably under no obligations to do so, and They do give tips, but if your running this thing from Spain ( or even New Zealand ), then you should be checking your pricing to see if your price point is competitive, by factoring in tax implications, advertising and other external costs that may have an affect on the viability of this business.

Is the Kibo Code Quantum a Scam

No, it is not even close. There are too many reputations on the line for them to become involved in any skullduggery.

Will I be signing on to the Kibo Code. No.

The reason why I won’t be is because, I would be falling into another online trap called the “shiny object syndrome”. Which is essentially jumping from one huge promise to another without being fully committed to any.

And blowing money copious amounts of money in the process.


the cost of Kibo Code. in the blog on What is the Kibo Code
The cost for the Kibo Code.

$3,497US for many people is a serious amount of money. As I said earlier they have priced it to deter the tyre kickers, and just have those prepared to throw away any seeds of doubt, to earn head shaking amounts of money.

I have experience with drop shipping over the years, based on a single product (niche), that had variations ( about 200 of them).

My current website is a niche. It is what works for me, Others prefer a more general type site.

I tell you this, just so you know I am not a newbie at all this. I started drop shipping on E-Bay more than 17 years ago.

$3500 for a dropship website loaded with products (although they don’t say how many), is not too bad really, particularly if they are proven sellers.

Add in all the training and bonus’s and it represents fair value in my opinion.

I know of others who charge $1500 and only add about 50 random products.

There are others who charge anywhere up to $50,000 for a drop ship site and take ages to build it.

I heard this from a member of an affiliate site who actually paid $50,000 , and still has to optimize it with proper product descriptions! Sad, because I thought he would have known better.

The rip off merchants are out there, and they know every wallet emptying trick there is to know and are probably inventing more as you are reading this.

My Rating.

I will rate it a 6.5 out of 10.

They have emphasized that it does take work and some money. You cannot be any more upfront than that. They have lessoned the risk for those serious about having a crack, by including ongoing training.

They have a proven track record previously with the 100K Factory Revolution, so they are building on that experience with help from other experienced online entrepreneurs, and all this knowledge is passed on to you.

Making money online is not easy and drop shipping is no exception. Even though these guys paint a rosy picture, most of the money is made from a few products.

It is those you have to find and Capitalize on

Update for 2022

For 2022, They have released KIBO Code Eclipse.

Like a new model car they have added more bells and whistles. In the Kibo code review above, I detailed quite a lot about the system. Basically they have added more training, apps and places to sell products.

Quite likely the members of the Kibo Code Quantum are already aware of many of these, if not all of them.

Screenshot of banner for Kibo Eclipse used in the article, What is the Kibo Code Quantum
The new improved version.

As they say in their promo sheet…

This is a PROVEN, rock-solid online sales system that we have been making millions with for years.

It’s easy to set up, surprisingly simple to run… and the good news for you is…

You can see results FAST…

You DON’T need to work 24 hours a day…

It’s rewarding and FUN…

…and most importantly, it has the potential to generate enough money for you to do what you want, whenever you want — FOREVER – if you take the “bull by the horns” and decide that you want to succeed.

Kibo Code Eclipse.

So what sort of results have users been getting? Lets take a look at a screen shot.

Screen shot of earnings made a member of Kibo Quantum, used in the article, What is the Kibo Code Quantum
Not bad numbers really, about 32% return

Obviously not all are this good, and looking at his profile he is a Kibo Quantum member.

So the screen shots of actual earnings are quite modest compared to the advertising. But reasonable for a new business.

Screen shots of earnings by people using the Kibo code, used in the article, What is the Kibo Code Quantum
Some more earnings.

What does Kibo Eclipse offer over Kibo Quantum?

In a nutshell, more automation and more software. Plus the $42 billion market place that eats Amazon? It’s Walmart.

The cost is still $3495. As they say, it is for only those who are serious about doing this.

screen shot of software included with kibo code eclipse, used in the article, What is the Kibo Code Quantum
New additions to Kibo Eclipse.


Nothing changes for me. If you are serious about earning online with a store then this could be for you. But you need to go into this with all guns blazing.

There are no half measures with this, even though they still offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

I will lift my rating to a 7 – 10

It is hard to find independent reviews on the Kibo Code either Kibo Quantum or Kibo Eclipse.

I Googled Kibo Code Review Reddit, and Kibo code Reddit, normally Reddit is a hot spot for revealing scams. There was nothing there that suggested it was a scam.

But there is a Sub-Reddit with 12 members who have all posted glowing reviews. ?

Another search for kibo code complaints, and I failed to find any, either on Quora or Reddit.

However there are lots of so called reviews praising the system. This can be a red flag if there are no dissenting views.

Other Options

If you don’t want to spend the $3500 to become a member of the Kibo Code and want to have a dropship store or just sell some widget you make…


If you are a Shopify, Magento, Wix, Open Cart or Big Commerce et.el. client and sick of the monthly fees, here is a bit of inside info for you.

If you want a custom site done for you starting from just a couple of hundred bucks, built by experienced drop shippers, who pass on their knowledge through regular blog posts, then…

You can Get all that info Here.

You pay one price, and just look after the hosting when it falls due.

Thanks for reading.

As always fell free to leave your comments below.


AKA thebarefootaffiliate.

What is the Kibo Code Quantum, is it a Scam. Updated 2022 to Kibo Eclipse.

Images of Kibo Code from the Kibo Code sales material. No payment was received from the owners of the Kibo Code for this article.

Update :- They closed the doors on the Kibo Code Quantum around February 6th in 2021. So It will probably be the same for Kibo Eclipse in 2022.

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10 thoughts on “What is the Kibo Code Quantum, is it a Scam. Updated 2022 to Kibo Eclipse.”

  1. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately there are many people who are in the same boat as you. Some, no doubt will fork over the money for the kibo code in the hope they chance upon a big payday. 

    All part of that entrepreneurial spirit I guess. You never know unless you try.  

  2. Thankyou for your review on the Kibo Code, it looks like it could work if you had the money to do it. For me however 3000+ is a pretty big chunk of change. Not for everyone of course but for me it is. Your review did a very good job at showing the pros and cons. This will definitely give someone interested in the kibo code the information they need to make a decision.

  3. Hi,

    Regarding the closed doors thing, it will be a yearly event for them. So expect the Kibo Code to be appearing again next year. 

    Also there is a link at the bottom where people can get more information. This in addition to the info in this post.

    The main take out from my post is (I hope), that although a lot of money it is not a scam and they have gone to great lengths to show that with time to test and see if it is for you. If not then you can get your money back.


  4. Some great insight into the platform Michael!

    I’ve got a feeling the “closed doors” thing is purposeful marketing since it lets people know there’s “demand” out there, encouraging you to join while you can and in this case, join the waiting list.

    Even though the investment might be worth it if you put the time to really build your dropshipping business, I just don’t see most regular people looking to start a business spend this much money without too much knowledge of what they’ll get.

  5. I agree it is not for everyone, and I am sure the promotors know that. 

    You mention Wealthy Affiliate which is cheap by comparison, but takes longer to derive income. The promotors of the Kibo Code have it set up to get you earning quickly plus they have a ton of bonuses with ongoing support.  

  6. Hi Michael. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with online business and posts like this are extremely useful. I was reading before about Kibo Code program and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. Looking on your detailed review, its now clear to me that platform is not the scam, yet I don’t believe its good starting point for beginners. There are so many other ways to earn money online (like wealthy affiliated) that I don’t believe its worth time and money.

  7. There is no training as such on this site, yet ! Their will be though it is still in the planning stages. 

    However if you are outsourcing the building of a drop ship site the good ones have a blog offering training. One here.

  8. Thank you for this thorough review of the Kibo Code. I have been concentrating on affiliate marketing but have been thinking about dabbling in dropshipping. However, all the methods I have read about so far, including this one seem to be really expensive. Although it is always a good idea to get training if you want to be successful, you still need to weigh up whether or not it will be worth it in the long run.

    I was glad to see that at the bottom of your post you offered a less expensive option to try out, so I am going to investigate this a little further. Is there training on drop shipping available on this site?

  9. Thank you so much for your review on Kibo Code, I came across this the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about. Personally, drop shipping is just not for me. I find that there are just so many aspects to it and I have to work harder and longer just to compete with other drop shippers. I think I am going to stick with affiliate marketing. 

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