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The No.1  Website Keyword Ranking Tool


Website Keyword Ranking Tools.

The other day I did a post on Drop Shipping ( one of a few I have done ). 

One of the responses I received one was from a guy who said he needed to work on their SEO for their E-Commerce site, and asking what software I use. 

I told him I am using Jaxxy,  that this keyword ranking tool is the worlds best. Quoted as the worlds most advanced keyword software

I have never really thought too much about it, certainly I would add alt tags for photos, and try to write good product descripitions.

I figured this guy is trying to cut down on his advertising costs by having organic traffic, or maybe seeing what products are popular.

A Look at some recent data.

A Bright Edge study, completed by analyzing billions of pieces of content, found that organic search engine results are responsible for 51% of all visits to both B2C and B2B websites. (Social media, on the other hand, sends only 5% of visitors to B2C and B2B websites.)

That should tell you that having good search engine optimisation is going to save you money. Less expenditure on Pay Per Clicks, and other advertising mediums.

Note Social Media’s dismal results. Only 5 % of visitors to business to consumer and business to business websites.

Advertising on Social Media.

From the above results it would seem the returns from social media are probably not worth the effort and expenditure put into them.

I have had business owners tell me that advertising on face book generally alternates between a loss and break even (still a loss), with the occasional profitable advertisement, which is usually not enough to make up for the losses.

Granted advertising on face book is a specialized task, and for Instagram and Twitter you need lots of followers to get your product out there.

Often companies and individuals are lost for ideas when the ROI is not meeting expectations, even after re targeting visitors who left their email address after clicking on the advertisement but never bought.

The No.1  Website Keyword Ranking Tool


For a lot of business things have not changed too much. They still rely on displays at trade shows and the business card which includes a website and email address underneath the phone and fax number for those who might buy sometime in the future.

Nothing wrong with that, but basically it tells me that the website has been set up just to have a website with no thought given to ranking on the Search Engines or getting organic traffic.

The only people who visit the site will be the ones who have kept the business card, and / or have bought previously.

Maybe it is time for a rethink, and look at a way to have people who need or would desire your product find you, even if they have not heard of you before.

Optimising for Search Engine Optimisation

Many business set up web sites in the name of their company or partnership. This is not really a good way to have a website ranked.

I can understand a company trying for branding, but for the title of your web page “Ted and Mal’s Mower Supplies” is not really going to cut it, even in your local online search directory.

Including more information using highest ranked brands, parts and  services are all needed to give Google an complete look at their page.  

Everything for a website should be planned before you even buy a domain. The domain name you choose should itself be either a keyword phrase or keyword or very similar to one that has good metrics for searches.

To find these phrases or keywords with good metrics you need a good keyword tool to do this, otherwise you could be days searching through mostly irrelevant data with no metrics on how good or bad a term is.

The tool being used by many successful writers of web pages is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is a different sort of keyword rank checker. Although it does give you details on your sites rankings after it has been posted.

It provides you with keywords and all the metrics required, before you even start to put content on your site.

It is rated as the most advanced SEO keyword platform in the world. It has a cost, but it is not so prohibitive that only professional SEO writers are able to use it.

The cost structure is set up so that even the person with a small E-commerce store can afford it after a free trial.

About Jaaxy

The screen shot below is from the Jaaxy enterprise platform.

The No.1  Website Keyword Ranking Tool

looking through results

We are looking for good keywords for Dog Training Supplies (as an example).  Here you get all the information to check for keyword ranking.

The terms under keyword are actual search terms. As you move across to the right you have the average number of times per month that search term has been used.

The traffic number is the visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the search engines. Try to keep 30 as a minimum.

QSR is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact term.

KQI is the keyword quality indicator. Green is good, Yellow is OK, Red is not good.

SEO is score based on traffic and competition. On a scale of 1 – 100. The higher the score the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page. (higher is better).

Domains. This tells you which domains are available for those terms

Just an observation, there is 141 competing websites for the term ” Hunting dog training supplies”, It has excellent SEO and nearly 200 monthly searches, yet, . net and. Org domains are available.

Other Features of Jaaxy

The No.1  Website Keyword Ranking Tool

Jaaxy Keyword response

The No.1  Website Keyword Ranking Tool

Saving lists

Jaaxy keeps your search history and you can save your terms.

It is as simple as ticking the box beside the term and a pop up will give you a choice of saving the term as new term or to an existing set.

Once saved you can export them to a spreadsheet or edit them, the platform is designed for efficiency.

So you are able to keep track of your work, particularly if you are providing a website content writing service or other online writing services.

The Alphabet Soup feature I find, is a good place to start when I am starting something new. I have a blank page and say, for example I need something for machinery sales.

The No.1  Website Keyword Ranking Tool

Ideas generator

So type in machine sales into the keyword search bar and you get a starting point. See screen shot below.

By clicking on one of these I can then start to analyze the choices offered.


The majority of keyword trackers can only check your position in the search engine rankings after your site is listed, and only if your site has been found by the search engines.

Most marketers haven’t a clue what ranking factors contribute to rankings in Google, whereas which ones will rank your website in search engines such as Bing and Yahoo which rely on completely different ranking factors and algorithms.

Using Jaaxy like a Keyword Research Ninja 

To Sign up for a free trial,  Click here



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