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Dagcoin MLM: What a Big Mistake!

The Dagcoin market is rife with shady crypto dealings and transactions

Hi, and welcome to this review of Dagcoin.

With over 500,000 members, Dagcoin MLM claims it is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in the world. So much so, that it’s speculated to become the preferred cryptocurrency of the future.

A crypto designed for using, not trading is the headline on its website.

But how likely is this to happen, really? Is it one of a growing number of crypto scams or a legitimate player?

Below is why you should think twice (or thrice) before investing in Dagcoin or joining their MLM program.

Product Name: Dagcoin

Price: NA

Founder: Nils Grossberg

Product type: MLM (cryptocurrency)

Overall Ranking: 1 / 10

Who’s behind Dagcoin?

Known as a man on a mission to change the world, Nils Grossberg founded Dagcoin in 2017.

Interestingly, however, little is known about Grossberg. His name is nowhere to be found on Dagcoin’s official website (and other reputable parts of the web).

His name pops up on LinkedIn, but there’s not much activity there. Plus, social media platforms can be made up.

So I did some internet digging about Nils Grossberg and soon discovered why there’s not much information about him.

He was part of the Onecoin team, an infamous crypto MLM known for running a Ponzi Scheme.

Some people believe that Dagcoin MLM is a copy of Onecoin, and just like it, a bad MLM opportunity.

But let’s give this man a fair review and see if he’s turned over a new leaf with this cryptocurrency.

What is Dagcoin?

It is a cryptocurrency designed to be used the same way we use money. Like getting paid, going shopping, taking loans, paying for services, travelling, etc.

In other words, it is a digital version of money. It’s an electronic currency that replaces cash, checks, and credit cards.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, however, Dagcoin relies on a new technology called DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). The model replaces blocks (in the blockchain technology) to create a faster and more effective structure for storing data and processing transactions.

Their website indicates that there are 9 billion Dagcoins in total and 3 billion are currently in circulation!

But be warned, this one cannot be traded with other cryptocurrencies, so it doesn’t have any real market value!

How does Dagcoin work?

Simply put, you buy them. The money you invest gives you an equivalent amount of Dagcoins in exchange for what ever amount of dollars you outlayed.

As stated on their website, the current price of Dagcoin is $0.75. € ($0.90).

The price increases as the community and businesses that accept Dagcoin grows, and vice versa.

You can buy Dagcoing on the SwipeX Exchange, which is their official exchange platform.

How to Join Dagcoin MLM

Moving past the Dagchain technicalities, Dagcoin is a MLM, and as such, it should have a product or a service line. It has neither one of them.

It’s almost a mystery how to join this MLM. There’s no information whatsoever on their website.

I imagine that once you sign up, you’re given the freedom to invest in Dagcoin as well as sell memberships.

From other online reviews, it would seem that the more you invest, the more Dagcoins you get in return.

For example:

If you invest $100, you receive 100 Dagcoins

But if you invest $2’000 you receive 3’000 Dagcoins

You get the drift.

But hear this, once you invest in them you can’t do anything with it for 8 months.

During this time, they will pay you a 3% weekly ROI ( return on investment) on withheld funds. After 8 months, 50% of ROI is (finally) paid out to you, and the rest is withheld for ANOTHER 8 months.

But wait! There’s more.

35% of all commissions must be reinvested back into Dagcoin.

If you think this sounds like a bad MLM, it’s just one of many. See our worst MLM companies.

The Pros & Cons

Facebook post on Dagcoin, used in the article Dagcoin MLM: What a Big Mistake!
Let’s get Rich…!

Let’s be honest, Dagcoin has many red flags that tell you something is not quite right.

  1. Hidden WHOIS information. Dagcoin’s website does not give any WHOIS information. This is a RED FLAG.
  2. MLM Coin? No legitimate coin or token is promoted via MLM, but Dagcoin is. This is a RED FLAG.
  3. Promising huge returns: This is a RED FLAG.
  4. “Better Than Bitcoin”: Any company saying it’s the next Bitcoin or better than Bitcoin, is not. This is a RED FLAG.
  5. Not listed on popular exchanges: They will make you believe they are “exclusive” and “don’t need popular exchanges”. This is a RED FLAG.
  6. I went to the Success Factory facebook an entrepreneurial group promoting Dagcoin among other MLMs. No link related to Dagcoin would load. All I got was “page not available” or a 404 error. Another RED FLAG.

The Biggest Red Flag I Found

I kept searching on Google for other sites with something good to say about Dagcoin. I found this one over on LinkedIn. It looked like a thorough review.

The problem was, the links didn’t work. All you see are 404 error pages. Even the “Independent Analysis Document” failed to load.

Two links did work though. In the article, the author talked about Diaxagte, a company that had signed up to accept Dagcoins as a way to pay for its services.

The article talks about Diaxagate as a “luxury car company that does tours with Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s” at about $8,500 U.S. for a spin around Bejing. I followed the link and found the Pic below.

Two parrots on a paint can and a rainbow with Chinese writing Global Quality Good Professional Paint, used in the article Dagcoin MLM: What a Mistake!
We are Accepting Dagcoin.

A Paint Company !!

Part of Dixagte’s promotion is to export paint to Russia, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, Yugara and other countries.

Where the hell Yugara is I have no idea, I might Goggle it later.

But it’s hard to imagine North Korea having a swag of Dagcoins to pay for paint, or (even more unlikely), some North Koreans deciding to visit China for a fun weekend and taking a spin around Beijing in a Lambo or Ferrari.

I just don’t think North Koreans have that sort of money to splash out on. Anyway, I saw nothing on the factory’s paint website to indicate that they do anything but make paint.

Maybe they have a sideline business? I don’t know.

The other link that worked was which is the “Official Trading Company” for Dagcoin. I have mentioned SwipeX above.

So far as I could make out, the only cryptos they trade are Bitcoin and Dagcoin.

So I will take anything in that article with a grain of salt.

However they do have some business’s that accept Dagcoin, a couple in Medellin, Colombia others in Estonia, Iran and Yemen.

These business’s seem legit, however no mention of Dagcoin is mentioned on their websites.

Also they claim to have some athletes (a Kick boxer, a skier, and a formula 3 racer), signed up. All from Estonia.

Final Analysis

It’s hard to say anything positive about the Dagcoin market other than they’ve found a way to get people to part with their real money in exchange for a fake currency.

The best that you can hope for is that other people invest in it too so you can get some of your investment back.

Even then, it will be months or years before you can access whatever money you make.

And while it might seem like a big company with big numbers, there is no way to verify any of their claims—from the number of members to the amount of Dagcoin in circulation.

Currently in February 2022, there are 500,000+ members.

There is a dangerous lack of transparency and, given the CEO’s past involvement with another mouth-twitchingly bad crypto MLM, I wouldn’t be putting my hopes and dreams in Dagcoin.

Although the company claims to have faster and cheaper transaction fees than other cryptocurrencies, it hardly means anything because Dagcoin only works in its own ecosystem, where the company can do what it wants.

With so many shady things going on, you almost forget that Dagcoin does not sell any products or services either! So there’s another red flag for an MLM scam for you.

Should you invest in Dagcoin? At the end of the day, it’s up to you.

If you’d like to invest in crypto MLM and future technologies, then do so at your own risk.

Probably a better option for a crypto mlm if your determined to become involved might be iHub Global.

Rating: 1/10

Phot of a crypto coin with scam written across it in white with a red background used in the article Dagcoin MLM: What a Mistake!
Our verdict for Dagcoin.

Want to know which other bad MLM companies to avoid? Find more advice here.

Thank you for reading. As awlways feel free to add any updated information, opinion or comments in the section below.

3 thoughts on “Dagcoin MLM: What a Big Mistake!”

  1. Hi Elena & Michael. Im just starting my adventure with cryptocurrencies and posts like this are extremely helpful. I was reading about Dagcoin and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking at your review it seems obvious that its scum and on longer term you can’t earn on it. Thanks to you I’ve saved lot of money. Highly appreciated !

  2. Michael Dubhthaigh

    I don’t know of “potential” profitable crypto’s but you might want to take a look at this review I did some time back.

  3. Thanks for explaining Dagcoin. I’m interested in investing in cryptocurrency, but I feel Ethereum, Bitcoin and other famous cryptos are saturated. I heard Dagcoin and was hoping to invest some of my cold money there, but it seems the profit potential is just an illusion. Any other suggestion for ‘newer’ legitimate cryptocurrency?

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