Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship.Com

Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship

This review of Money Marketeers LLC and Alidropship has come about because recently, I wanted a dropship site built. If you are new to this blog, drop shipping has worked well for me in the past and I am looking to get my toes wet again.

All I knew was, I didn’t want to build a new site my self.

I have built sites on Shopify, Artfire, Bonanza and this one on WordPress, and so, like looking for a used car, one of the sites I came across offering to build websites for drop shipping was Money

Who are Money Marketeers LLC and

Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship.Com
Money Marketeers logo.

Money Marketeers.

Money Marketeers has the most basic of a shopify site (nothing wrong with that), and although google lists the site as Money Marketeers and the site Logo says Money Marketeers the URL says…

Any online business likes to get up on the front page pages of Google and these guys have got a leg up from …ok good luck to them, not an original hack, but they did it anyway.

It does raise the question though, what other underhand practices they are likely to get up to. And I know they are not the only one to do it.

A look at, tells me that it is a charity, run by a university.

Dot com and dot org… there is a lesson here, and it is not new.

For years people and companies have been manipulating trademarks, registered business names even copying patents, making minor changes, and claiming the idea as their own.

Your domain name is like a piece of real estate. An inexpensive way to protect it is to take your domain name with dot com, dot net, or dot org extensions. This has a cost of about $40.00 per year and is tax deductible.

Generally, dot org extensions are meant for charities and non-profits. it is an indication that the organization is providing information and is not selling anything.

Dot com represents commercial.

I should have said “were meant for charities“, as these extensions are no longer policed, due to the volume of businesses and people registering domain names.

They have a reputation of not being mobile-friendly or as versatile as a dot com extension.

Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship.Com
Doubt they build webstores..

About Money Marketeers

The drop ship website builder not the University.

It is hard to find out much information on them from their website, or even face book. Instagram is a different story though and I will get to that in a moment.

Owners of Marketeersmoney.comUnknown
Business Building E-Commerce websites
Registered Company AddressSomewhere in Spain ?
Physical OfficesSomewhere in Sweden
Uses Third Party ContractorsYes.
The Basics.

Reading their “Privacy Policy” and “About Us” everything seemed fine. The privacy policy clearly states that money marketeers use third-party contractors. So, nothing unusual in that.

The MarketeersMoney Offer

Their website contains very limited information. A one-page write-up on the drop ship business model which can be seen here.

And to date (11/11/2020), they have done 3 stores one priced in Euro two priced in Dollars. One of those is selling watches using the old “Free just pay shipping” trick, and one store is under construction. (apparently).

The Costs

Money Marketeers, offer two packages see screenshot.

Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship.Com
The costs.
Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship.Com
Your options.

What Isn’t Included in These Costs

Having previously owned a Shopify Store I think these costs are a little over the top. Shopify Stores are not that hard to build.

Product descriptions are the most time-consuming part of the build.

They have apps you can use like Oblero or Spocket for downloading items, There is also the Social Rabbit plugin for automating your social media advertisements.

Lets review some of the features of Money Marketeers Premium Webstore build. There seems to be a lot of “Fluff” in the list.

Product AnalysisNormally this is done according to a system. Once this data is programmed into a plugin. it will select the products.
Import ProductsAgain, a plugin will do this.
Free Domain About $13.00 which will have to be renewed yearly.
Instagram account These are not hard to set up. Cost is in time only.
Brand Logo There is a cost for these and they are often done by 3rd party’s.
This is some of the work

The cost of $1,797.00 and $1,197 seems a little expensive considering it is a Shopify website. After viewing the completed stores I thought they lacked customer engagement.

“We will build a store for you with the best selling products with high profit margin of your own niche or the niche we will have chosen for you if you don’t know where to start we will analyze the market and pic a wining niche for you. We will also make sure that the customer feels safe when they go to your store. When we’re done with the website (3 to 15 days), we’ll log out and give you your login information.”

There is no indication as to how many products you will get, I don’t see any mention of the monthly cost of plugins or continuing with Shopify costs which you can see here

On top of your $1197 or $1797.00, those costs soon add up and no-body has mentioned e-mail!

I am taking the “Mentoring“, “How to deal with customers and “How to close a deal” as a back up service (at a cost?), once the site is handed over to you.

Money Marketeers Social Sites.

We have looked at the money marketeer’s website without finding out much information at all really. There is nothing much here that would inspire me to have them build me a website.

However, Instagram looks quite busy, without prying too deeply.

Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship.Com
783 posts lots of followers.
Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship.Com
Seems like your paying for tips. Not sure what the 100% success is about.

It could be that they get a lot of work from Instagram. Their website looks like a forgotten-about good idea. Surely a ” Check us out on Instagram” note would not take long to include on your website.

They have the Shopify logo on Instagram too, so wondering if they are also affiliates of Shopify. A lot of questions here.

Here is a link to one of their custom-built stores.

Ohh it is coming soon.

But this is where the activity stops. A look at the book of faces and there is a page there, but no one is home.

Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship.Com

My Conclusion about Money Marketeers.

My biggest problem is their website. If they are website builders as they claim, their own web site seems a little bland and really it comes across as unfinished.

Compare it to this one to see the contrast. I wouldn’t say Money Marketeers is a scam, but I would want some guarantees before parting with money, which seems quite expensive for a Shopify store as I mentioned earlier.

There is too much left out of the webstore build. With Shopify you need to continue with a monthly payment, you are paying a monthly for any plugins you use, then there are transaction fees as well.

I think all this should be explained before hanging out the shingle looking for work. If your a webmaster then it does not take long.

My Preferred Dropship Webstore Builder

Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship.Com

Is Alidropship. They have a plan they work to. You have a Project Manager who will ask you to set up a communication channel Skype or similar for exchanges of questions or requests.

Alidropship has a flow chart program they use and at the end of each day it is distributed to the people involved to see at what stage it is at. See screen shot below.

Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship.Com
Near completion

To purchase a drop ship store go to this link

Thanks for reading,


Review. Money Marketeers LLC and AliDropship

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