The 1 Online Hack to Self Reliant living The Cynics Scoffed at 20 yrs ago.

The 1 Online Hack to Self Reliant living The Cynics Scoffed at 20 yrs ago.

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Hello and Welcome,

For 20+ years Solo Build It has made use of cutting edge online tools, helping individuals achieve self-reliance. It’s their thing (aka “mission”). The 1 online hack to self reliant living that Solo Build It does so well.

Today, they have an amazing offer for you.

But you need to act fast as the time available on this offer is unpredictable.

Basically it is first in, best dressed.

A Quick Background.

If you don’t know who Solo Build It is…

20 years ago the cynics scoffed, when Solo Build It said they are going to help people ditch the 9 to 5.

The cynics said it couldn’t be done. Then they tried to copy the formula. Then they denigrated Solo Build It.

The copy cats come and go, but…

Solo Build It is still here. Most of the copiers are not ! And many of those who stuck with Solo Build it are now earning passive income. They have money coming in while they sleep.

They didn’t just create a website or write a blog. They built one that become a profitable online business, that delivered on their goals, no matter where in the world they are living.

Self Reliant Living

You might have thought you were self reliant. A steady job, regular pay and benefits, nice home (maybe not fully paid for, but you were getting there).

Now, land taxes are due, you have Corona virus Isolation, or job loss and distancing rules to deal with, and your income has shrunk and your savings are disappearing.

The 1 Online Hack to Self Reliant living The Cynics Scoffed at 20 yrs ago.
woman excavator operator.
Independent Woman

Becoming self reliant is more important now than ever.

During these incredibly hard times, Solo Build It will be focusing more on “mission” and less on “our business” (Solo Build It wants YOUR Business to thrive).

Solo Build It, are on a missionYour mission, to get you self-reliant, and feeling secure again. 

With more than 2 decades of experience in bringing entrepreneurs up to speed, they do become truly independent. Here is How it works.

The 1 Online Hack to Self-Reliant Living …

Is actually a series of steps. It is just not a “Sitebuilder” or “Webhosting”.

It is actually a process, putting advanced secret, but easy-to-learn methods with a massive set of tools, built up from over 20 years of online business knowledge.

Many who have followed the process, and now have highly successful online business’s, still make themselves available to help those serious about being self reliant on Solo Build It’s platform, by supporting Solo Build It
Free 24/7 support line.

Right now they understand things are tough. Probably you are feeling vulnerable and wondering how to adjust to this ” new normal”.

Solo Build It are wondering this too.

But, leaving that to one side, the owners thoughts turned to how they could help you navigate through this worrying time and build in the resilience you need to never have to worry about finding money to put something on the table again.

The experience gained over more than 20 years speaks for itself …

We’ve helped our community and people from around the world — take control of their future.

They can do the same for you.

The first step was knocking the price back to “break even.”

As any one in business knows, if you are breaking even, you are actually losing. As I mentioned at the top, this promotion can end at any time.

Cutting the price was run past the members of Solo Build it. The people who have used and are prospering with the training offered. They understood the initiative, the reasons for it, and agreed it was time to give something back.

The 1 Online Hack to Self Reliant living The Cynics Scoffed at 20 yrs ago.

It is all part of Solo Build It’s DNA.
If your willing to help your self, then Solo Build It and it’s community is willing to help you. Period!

They are also now doing Bi-Weekly Zoom calls.

Even before 2000

Solo build it was championing “work from home” and the opportunity to live on your terms way before these were ever mainstream internet terms and over the years there have been some amazing success stories.

You don’t have to take their word for it. You can see some great success stories here.

I have written previously that to succeed, you need to commit some time understanding WordPress, or another web based platform, and saying that turns many people off becoming involved in an online business. Really it is not that hard and most can have a site up and running in a few days.

However like any business you have to commit some effort… The best part, when you sign up with Solo Build It, you are not alone. you have tutorials, community help and site support all willing to lend a hand, so that the learning curve is condensed and you should start making money with your online business between months 3 and 6 after joining.

Obviously some make money earlier and some later. But 3 to 6 months is the base average. Solo Build It is also taught at some Universities and Colleges. This is definitely no scam.

Solo Build It!

Self-Reliant or Self-Sufficiency?

The two have different meanings or interpretations and are often interchanged.

I look at Self Reliance as the key to being Self Sufficient. More detail here. if you are interested.

It is a pretty pointless argument anyway.

Lets Call it Crisis Proofing Your Income.

It’s natural to be worried, these day’s being careful and cutting back, making sure that the money going out is only for necessities. We are in a crisis situation unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime and who knows when things will stabilize.

You may be looking for answers to these questions…

  • When will my job return to full time.
  • If I become a member of Solo Build It, can I expect a return on my income?
  • Can I work and still do the work I need to in Solo Build It

The short answers are. I don’t know, Yes, and Yes.

In about 3 months you should see something, 6 months and beyond, you should be starting to see the beginnings of financial independence.

If you are at a crossroad in you life, these are the opportunities open to you.

  • The ability to work from home or wherever you like
  • Being in control (no more boss who can let you go!)
  • Doing something you enjoy 
  • Reaching a global audience
  • Having a direct positive impact on the people you reach
  • Requiring little start-up money
  • Keeping you excited long term!

All this looks good but you still may have a couple of niggling doubts like…

The 1 Online Hack to Self Reliant living The Cynics Scoffed at 20 yrs ago.
  • How to overcome self-doubt 
  • How to deal with feeling isolated when working from home
  • How to stay motivated  

Solo build it can help you with those issues, it is a get help- give help community.

With Zero risk to you.


The Best Gift to Give Yourself, is the Gift of Self Reliance.

This is not about just building a blog or a website.

It is about building a Web Business.

An online business… You get the tools to know when you have a winner, and then the tools to run with it and succeed, no matter what your business may be about.

Creating passive income for you, and providing valuable resources to your customers.

All you need do to start, is Follow the Action Plan Spend some time on this one step, and your future is secured.

Solo Build It 2020: Details, Pricing, & Features.

$20.00. ?

I am not kidding.

They know how tough it is, families, pensioners, single people, are all keeping a tight rein on their budgets.

How long can Solo Build It keep this offer running?

The truth is, they are not sure. They have always held cash reserves in case of unforeseeable problems.

But they never imagined hard times of this magnitude. 

This offer ends when things turn around or when it is no longer affordable.

You can get started now on building an online business.

With Absolute Zero risk.

Please Review and Complete the Order Here.

P.S. Most offers are for 30 days. Today there is a 90 day guarantee.

Solo Build It has been around for over 20 years and they like their good reputation.

Your ambition is what matters to Solo Build it, they stake their reputation on helping people achieve.

The Order Form Here.

I understand, you will do what is most effective for you at this time.

But this offer at the chance of independent self reliance could easily disappear tomorrow.

It is all as simple as the Chief Accountant walking into the CEO’s office and saying… Enough !.

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