About the barefoot affiliate

About The Barefoot Affiliate

The Barefoot Affiliate is about finding ways to earn income independent of the ever-changing economic treadmill most of us accept as being the only way to have an income,  for the provision of food, shelter and security for ourselves and our families.

These times of employment uncertainty is reason enough to look more seriously at how to earn an income online. The reasons for wanting to earn outside the normal sphere of employment is not necessarily due to employment trends. More likely in my view, a change in personal preferences.  I mention some below.

Employment Trends.

Recent research by one highly regarded economic think tank looked at the past reasons for jobs moving offshore and found lower costs was only part of the reason many companies moved their operations offshore.

The ready availability of workers was also a key motivating factor. Because there had been years long trend of employment in western economies that moved from skill based to knowledge based.

The skilled based demographic of western economies shifted from manufacturing to more service based industries, for example, an aging population saw an increase in health care vacancies, customer care and service industries, travel consultants, building, handyman type services etc;

Scientific and medical research is also showing an increase in demand for specialists. But over half of all new jobs in the next decade will be for positions that do not require post secondary education.

The forecasts for future employment in this ever encroaching technological world is for an increase in demand for customer care and service based industries .

Where does this Leave You?.

How to Earn an Income Online

Only you know that. But, changing employment circumstances should not be viewed pessimistically. The largest demographic to struggle with the changing employment circumstances is the millennial generation. Many have university degrees, no job and a big debt.

The demographic least affected (surprisingly), were the skills based group, who, despite all the doom and gloom of what would happen when their employment went offshore, adapted and transferred their skills to another field.

It would seem the millennial generation struggle because they lack the life skills that the skills based group accumulated over their time in the workforce. However, there have been some good success stories among the millennial group that should inspire others. How to Earn an Income Online

Optimism or Pessimism?

I would like to think optimism. Have things really changed that much? A little, the robots have taken over the repetitive tasks that were done by hand.

That should free us to do more of the things we like (you would think), and this is where the pessimism creeps in ( I think), with all this change our incomes are usually less than what they should be.

These days people are more likely to keep finances ticking over by taking side hustles to their normal work and using this money to advance themselves. There are many issues,  people in well paid jobs are over the 9-5 routine, people in service industries are tired of changing rosters.

More and more people are looking at earning an income from online work for whatever reason.  Working online means different things to different people.  More freedom, potential of more income, a side hustle, geographic freedom to work anywhere, relief from poverty, support for volunteer work , the list could be endless.

How to Earn an Income Online

In a review on this site, one stay at home mom highlighted some issues facing on line workers in traditional type business’s that had embraced online employment. You can See it Here.

There are other type of online business that were empowering people to make good money. E-Bay for example (at its most basic), was only turning your local garage sales into national and international sales.

People soon realised that they could buy an item in one country and sell in another without taking delivery of the item. So drop shipping  small items became popular.

These days governments have got into the act and now taxes are being levied on the smallest of items.  Mail order, once so prominent in magazines and newspapers has all but disappeared.

Affiliate Marketing. Getting Paid to Write.

Which is what The Barefoot Affiliate is about, but other areas such as Drop Shipping and MLM are also covered, as well as other configurations of work from home systems , Fiverr,  Upwork, for example.

No matter the system, we test the legitimacy of the systems we know or uncover.

There is no way I could know of all of them. Occasionally I am made aware by others of some programs, that are complete scams, example here.  

There are many online courses,  not all are equal. I believe Wealthy Affiliatee gives the best value, with its comprehensive tutorials,  SEO tuition  Live training and interactive community.

Don’t just take my word for it, Sign up for free and learn more from the people who have made the transition from 9-5 work days to choosing their own work hours. You can do it all here

Can you make money with Affiliate Marketing?How to Earn an Income Online

Yes. But don’t count on becoming a millionaire in the next couple of weeks. Essentially affiliate marketing is something that has evolved, because most companies these days’s have an online presence.

The online market place allows smaller companies to show their products to a wider audience.

It is all about growing their business. Many manufactures and wholesalers still sell only in their country of manufacture, but it is all about getting the word out there and it is a relatively inexpensive exercise for them.

The Affiliate pays for any advertising he does, he pays for the web hosting, and uses his creativity in how he promotes the product. If something sells from the affiliates’ website, a commission is paid.

The affiliate has no other involvement with the product, whether it is a physical product or a digital product.  The company handles all distribution and after sales back up.

For companies with physical products affiliate marketing is a godsend, and has allowed many smaller companies, some which started with a digital product to expand and create employment with physical products.

Which products should you Promote.

about Barefoot Affiliate How to Earn an Income Online

As mentioned in employment trends above, you should be looking at products that would be required by, or of use to people in those categories.

Dieting and Health are popular, but, (always a BUT ), there are a lot of scams involved with those.

Where I said affiliates have no involvement with any product they promote,, you can still be held accountable if you do not have a disclaimer on what ever it is you are promoting. You can find all this information and more through the community at Wealthy Affiliate

The products I promote are ( I hope), useful to someone who wants to get started in earning an income online. I do have a MLM product  I am an affiliate of,  I don’t promote it much, rather, I use it because it has a lot of useful resources I use.

If you are new to earning an income online, Remember, anything advertised for FREE has a very limited value. This one  and this one  offer unlimited try before you buy, and have limited ways you can make a small income from their free memberships.

Happy Travels.


How to Earn an Income Online

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