Can you make money from blogging? Includes a Free Trial

How You Can Make Money From Blogging. For Free.

The Online Gig Economy.

Regardless of the online media, it involves writing.  Web pages need content, videos need scripts, photos need tags,  products need selling points, questions need answers. 

Here is one established program which shows, How you can make money from blogging, for free. 

Free of course is subjective. You will not have money handed to you on a platter. Just the tools.

So in saying that :-  

This No Strings Attached  Free Offer.  is the best opportunity for you to leave the daily commute behind.     

Let Me Explain

How you Can make money from blogging.  For Free.

Not all of us have an Academic past filled with numerous honors.

Flunked English at school?. Some of the most successful affiliates did,   

Others have English as a second language. Many are average people without undergraduate degrees, and they are doing very well.

The urge to work smarter is what drives people to take on challenges, regardless of color, creed, education, race, age, disability or any thing else.

Can you make money from blogging?   Try it for Free.
Welcome a New Day, A New Life

They all have one ambition and they all did one thing.

They stepped out of the circle of fear,  and took serious steps to achieve financial independence, for themselves and families.

Two types of blogs.

How you Can you make money from blogging. Try it for Free.

Social Blogging where you are just posting daily events or holiday experiences, kids experience, etc. and you don’t care about google rankings, it is only for friends and family.

A monetized blog, offers a service that people have a need for. This could be a product or product review. Something that answers a question about a problem or helps in making a decision about a product. Health, Travel, Weight loss,  fashion, tools, kids, etc; etc.

If you have been thinking about starting a Blog,  What, are the questions you are asking yourself?.

  • Is it possible to have a successful Blog?
  • How can it be done?
  • I can’t make a web page.
  • I am not sure of my writing skills.
  •  Here,  you will have all the definitive answers to any of your questions.
  •  How much it will cost you, ( if you decide to go premium),
  • What you need,
  • What you need to do,
  • How to do it,
  • Where the return on your investment will come from.
  • All at no Risk to you.
  • No Credit Card
  • No Obligation.

All the keys to starting an online Business Blog are there for you.

Some Crystal Balling.

You probably know this, maybe you have experienced redundancy, and are tired of liviving a life of disappointments

Research shows the majority of us don’t believe there will be long term stable employment as we move further into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How you Can make money from blogging.  For Free.
Service Industries are predicted to have a net gain in employment in the future.

Although that report tries to be balanced, it paints drastically changing employment demographics many which are already being implemented.

For example:- …The World Economioc Forum Predicts,  ” nearly a quarter of companies are undecided or unlikely to pursue the retraining of existing employees, and two-thirds expect workers to adapt and pick up skills in the course of their changing jobs.

Between one-half and two-thirds are likely to turn to external contractors, temporary staff and freelancers to address their skills gaps”.

More than 90% of companies surveyed are changing the way they will operate in the future.”  un quote.

As you read this, it is estimated that globally, Companies are spending, ( or have budgeted for ), $300 Billion annually on digital marketing, and that expenditure is expected to increase by 15% in the next year.

Not all advertising agencies are large corporations, so,  a lot of income is filtering down to freelancers,  because outsourcing is needed to help keep up with demand.

But, millions of companies are now by passing Ad agencies, and listing their products with Affiliate marketers,

Basically everything on line (apart from most social media),  is either technical writing or copy writing.

  Should you be worried?

How you Can make money from blogging.  For Free.
What can I do?

No. There’s an old Green Day song that goes, “every new beginning is the start of some other beginning’s ending.”   Life goes on,  or we move onto some other Gig.

As more business’s, increase their online presence, they are needing help to boost their online presence..

Financial Freedom

By joining the ranks of successful bloggers. You could have the type of financial security many people only dream about.

The only change you need to make,  is to make the shift from working harder for someone else,  to working smarter for you !

The Future of Blogging

This report    Shows demand for digital marketing talent sits at 59%, with active supply at 19%. Similarly, creative services demand is at 43% while supply is at 18%.

In all other marketing functions, the report says the markets are mostly saturated. These include communications, traditional marketing, product marketing, research & analysis, relationship management and marketing operations.

The most in-demand expertise is digital advertising (45%), content creation and curation (42%) and content strategy (39%).

There is an absolute abundance of opportunity. All you need to do is,  Take that first step.

If you can read this,  you can write it.   It is no more complicated than that

How you can Benefit.

The internet has changed the work demographic exponentially.  You could be one of the thousands of people out there earning a very good income,  working the hours you choose. Even working from exotic locations with only a laptop.

How you Can make money from blogging.  For Free.
Love Exotic Places

There are Blogs on any theme you can imagine.

How You Can Make Money From Blogging.  For Free.
The online choices
  • Social Media
  • Computers
  • Kids
  • Affiliates
  • Jewelry
  • Cooking
  • Push Bikes
  • Motor Bikes
  • How to ?
  • Ceramics
  • Tattoo’s
  • Weight Loss
  • Finance
  • Music
  • Gardening
  • Travel
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Leather Making
  • Bee Keeping
  • Carpentry
  • Mechanics

I could add more.

What is your passion?.

Could you do Blog Posts on dieting, health, travel, Bees, Cars, Education, dating ?. Thousands of companies need affiliates to promote their wares in the new economy. 


If you have a skill or product you have a ready made skill to pass on. All you need do is pass what on what you know to help others. The rewards will follow. 

The Frustrations to Making Money Online.

People pay,  Hundreds even Thousands of Dollars for a course or system that promises the world.  Then you keep receiving emails asking you to “Upgrade” for the next ad on, or “bonus”.

How you Can make money from blogging.  For Free.
Labouring and Casual Work is on the rise.

You can learn and earn here  with out spending thousands of dollars for a single course. or sending out hundreds of resumes, hoping to land that dream job.

Some of the work from home / online opportunities leave a lot to be desired, see here  for a review of a Work form home opportunity.

There are other work online / home sites like these   that are popular with stay at home moms, students etc., These are not a bad side hustle. Not great, but okay, for supplemental income.

Be aware though, Many work from home gigs are scams that will take your money and leave you disillusioned, frustrated and broke.

The really good money, is made from blogs,  and, there is none better than this one. 

Starting a Blog Site

How You Can Make Money From Blogging.  For Free.
Words = Dollars

What to Do

Align yourself with a proven, reputable business. With Wealthy Affiliate there are 1.2 million members worldwide.

Note: Scammers are slowly being filtered out by the search engines

Wealthy Affiliate is Not a one trick pony, there is so much more. 

For instance. Heidi started with one idea, and after building two Websites as she went through the Wealthy Affiliate training, learning new skills, she re-evaluated her life’s purpose.

Her Story.

Coaching – A New Direction  Can you make money from blogging?   Try it For Free.

I have been mulling over and then setting aside this major decision for quite some months now. Wondering if I truly have what it takes. I’ve tried to push down the thoughts. To quell the rising excitement mixed with a good dose of anxiety as I sway between action and indecision”.

The wonderful training which is provided here, through the Certification Training & Boot camp coupled with Jay’s weekly live webinars has caused me to grow and re-evaluate what I have to offer the world.
My vision is to create training and a simplified path to online success specifically for working women.

Using task based training  (like we receive here at WA), so busy women can cut to the chase and be guided step by step to build a successful online marketing business” .

With two affiliate web sites, earning her passive income. She is transferring skills into another niche from lessons learnt at Wealthy Affiliate.

 Another example of Wealthy Affiliate Success.

Carol went in another direction.  Can you make money from blogging?   Try it For Free.

….. it is official ! I have my first full paying client for my Local SEO business”.

“My very first professional meeting last night with a new client, and we have agreed on a new website and also to straighten out their social media marketing”.

“My first client is a local transport & earthworks business”.

“To say I was nervous about the meeting would be an understatement. It felt like everything for my future in this business was riding on me doing a good job”.

“Could I cut it with a “proper client” one who would pay me what I think I am worth to build their site?”

“As it turns out I really enjoyed the meeting, I am super excited to do an excellent job for them. And I found out,  as the meeting progressed that I actually do know what I am talking about and I do have immense value to offer to my clients”.

“I can make a difference for their business and their online presence.”

The cost? . Start Free, and for the next 7 days have access to everything the pros have.

Step out of the circle of fear and see what is on Offer

  • Get education directly from industry experts. Take part in live online classes and take your knowledge to new heights!
  • Get instant help and coaching. Jump into a live chat and interact in real-time with fellow aspiring and successful internet entrepreneurs.

Wealthy Affiliate has:   Super Reliable web hosting,  Loaded with tuition that has your best interests at heart. You will learn how to build out an authoritative blog.,  get your site ranked in the search engines and  most importantly,  MAKE MONEY..

You can start now, with NO  risk. 

An interesting Stat.

82% of blogs posting once a day gained new customers. It is hard to create relevant content once a day, but the take away is,  be consistent.

Today, 88% of the internet users around the world head to search engines to research products they want to buy, before they take the financial leap and make a purchasing decision.

Internet users currently conduct more than 12 billion searches each month – despite this though, the click-through rate of paid advertisements is only about 2%.

So, by creating unique, relevant, and high-quality content on a web page, blog, or social media account, you can easily build an audience and develop a solid reputation.

Which in turn leads to more income for you.

Don’t Do

The more you spread yourself around the less chance you have making a success of anything. One thing the internet loves is consistency.

Why Pay Hundreds even Thousands of Dollars that teach only one discipline and then leave you to find your own experience?.

  • At Wealthy Affiliate, for the next seven days you can have access to everything the premium members have. 
  • World Class training using World Class Technology with industry experts.
  •  You join a very active community.
  • 24/7 help is always available.

If you’re looking for the latest fad… or the unproven, barely-tested magic box of the month… you’re in the wrong place.

Jumping from one program promising easy riches to another,  will not advance your chances of earning an income online. It will cost you ! 


See for your self, One of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the world,   Loaded with  advanced training, resources, tools and support,  that pay’s out MILLIONS annually,  HERE

No risk, No Obligation, Nada.


I write about life hacks and teach. TEFLEN and TEASOL accredited.  Contact me. for copywriting, local SEO and content writing. 


See Above.

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  1. Hi there Wilmer,
    Thank you for your interest in Wealthy Affiliate. Actually being able to speak another language is an advantage I think.
    More and more people are gaining access to the web and this can only lift their lives to a higher level. Being able to take what you learn from one area
    of expertise, in one language and transfer that into another is an invaluable skill that I admire.

    All the best,

  2. I always thought about blogging but I am not a great writer. I like this program because it sounds like people like myself (English is second language) could be coach into becoming a great blogger. The tools mention for this platform are incredible. Most us dont even know this type of platforms exist. Thank you for sharing this information in this article. I will look into it.


  3. I am glad I started learning digital marketing long time ago because I can see how my skills are needed by many businesses this day and age.
    This post just give me more of a drive to keep working hard.

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