Is Mindvalley the Answer to Overcoming Life’s Stagnation, Unlocking Personal Growth and Renewed Energy?

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EVER felt like you’re like a dog chasing its tail, with your personal and professional life stuck in a perpetual loop? In an online/offline world flooded with self-help advice and personal development courses, finding a path that genuinely leads to transformation is more like a tug-o-war of “Try this>>>”Do that.” So, Is Mindvalley the Answer to Overcoming Life’s Stagnation? or just another over hyped MLM type program.

I think it’s time we had an in-depth exploration into the world of Mindvalley, and see what this so called revolutionary learning platform in personal growth, spirituality, and wellness actually offers.

If you are a U-tube user most likely you will have seen some of a Mindvalley advertisements.

They usually begin with a story…eg: “…Helen Kadsel was able to win any contest she took part in. She was known as the contest Queen...”

Actually, I like the stories, they are very well told, and I am sure they are extremely successful in drawing people into Mindvalley’s web.

Founded by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley has carved a niche for itself by offering what he claims, the traditional education systems overlooked.

From mindfulness practices to courses on emotional intelligence and holistic well-being, Mindvalley promises an empowering journey towards a more fulfilled and purposeful life utilizing the success stories of little known, and some well known remarkable people.

But, does it truly hold the key to unlocking your potential and breaking free from life’s stagnation?

Let’s take a look at Mindvalley’s extensive offerings, innovative learning methodologies, its global community approach, try to sort the chaff from the hay, and see if this platform can be the catalyst for overcoming the stagnation that many of us face in our daily lives.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Some Background on Mindvalley.

  • Founder: Vishen Lakhiani, an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, founded Mindvalley in 2003.
  • Initial Concept: Mindvalley started as a digital publishing company but evolved to offer a wide range of courses, programs, apps, and events focused on areas like mindfulness, meditation, personal development, physical health, and spirituality.
  • Purpose: The company was created with the vision of revolutionizing education and personal development. Lakhiani’s aim was to focus on transformative education, holistic wellness, and personal growth, extending beyond traditional academic subjects.

Mindvalley Company Structure.

  • Global Reach: Mindvalley has grown into an international company, with employees and customers from various parts of the world.
  • Product Range: The company offers online courses, live events, apps (such as Mindvalley Quests), and other educational materials.
  • Community Approach: A significant aspect of Mindvalley is its community-oriented approach, aiming to build a global network of like-minded individuals focused on personal and societal growth.

Income and Business Model

  • Revenue Streams: Mindvalley’s income primarily comes from its subscription model for online courses and programs, sales of tickets to events, and app subscriptions.
  • Growth and Financial Status: Specific financial details such as annual revenue or profit margins are not publicly disclosed (estimated at around $97m). However, the company has been recognized for its innovative approach, and has seen significant growth in the personal development industry.
  • Employees: Approx. 350 employees split between its offices in Malaysia and remote workers in other parts of the world.

Evolution and Impact

  • Innovation in Education: Mindvalley has been noted for its efforts to innovate in the field of education and personal development, using technology and modern pedagogical approaches.
  • Recognition and Awards: The company has received various accolades for its corporate culture and innovative approach to learning and development. Example: The winners The World’s 10 Most Beautiful Offices of 2019 of the Malaysia’s Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality 2019 Awards.

Who Signs up for Mindvalley Courses?

People sign up for Mindvalley courses for any number of reasons, normally related to their personal and professional development goals.

Here are some common motivators:

  1. Personal Growth and Self-Improvement: Many individuals are attracted to Mindvalley for its focus on personal growth. Courses that target self-improvement, mindfulness, and personal empowerment can be appealing for those seeking to enhance their life quality and personal fulfillment.
  2. Spiritual Exploration: Mindvalley offers courses that delve into spirituality and consciousness, attracting those interested in exploring the esoteric aspects of their lives more deeply.
  3. Health and Wellness: Courses focusing on physical health, mental well-being, nutrition, and fitness draw individuals looking to improve their physical and mental health.
  4. Professional Development: Some Mindvalley courses offer skills and knowledge that can be applied in professional settings, such as leadership, productivity, and creativity, attracting career-focused individuals.
  5. Community and Networking: The sense of community and connection with like-minded individuals is a significant draw. Mindvalley emphasizes building a global community, which can be appealing for those seeking support and networking opportunities. Mindvalley regularly holds conferences at various locations around the world to broaden its connection with people.

The Mindvalley manifesto states that:

We are not an “American” nor a “Malaysian” company, but an “Earth” company.
  • Innovative Learning Experience: Mindvalley’s use of technology and innovative educational methods in its courses may attract those who prefer modern, flexible learning formats over traditional educational models.
  • Access to Renowned Experts: Courses are often led by experts, authors, and speakers renowned in their fields, which can be a major attraction for learners seeking high-quality instruction and insights.
Mindvalley lecturers, discussing courses. Used in the article, is Mindvalley the Answer to overcoming Life's Stagnation?
Image: Mindvalley
  • Holistic Approach to Life: Mindvalley’s holistic approach to various aspects of life, including work, health, relationships, and spirituality, can attract those who are looking for an all-encompassing approach to improve their life.
  • Curiosity and Exploration: Some people might join simply out of curiosity or a desire to explore new ideas and philosophies.
  • Recommendations and Reviews: Positive reviews and recommendations from friends, family, or online communities can also influence the decision to enroll in Mindvalley courses. Currently the review ratings I have seen average out to around 4.5. So that is not to shabby.

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Mindvalley’s Educational Philosophy

“Teaching What Schools Don’t”

A Holistic Approach

It is easy to be skeptical, but Mindvalley does it so well by focusing on a holistic educational philosophy, addressing areas often neglected in traditional schooling. This approach is not just about acquiring knowledge, but fostering personal growth and self-awareness.

  • Personal Growth: Courses designed to help individuals understand and realize their potential.
  • Spirituality: Programs that explore deeper existential questions and spiritual paths.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Emphasis on understanding and managing emotions for better personal and professional relationships.
  • Mindfulness: Training in mindfulness practices to enhance mental clarity, focus, career, and peace.

Lifelong Learning

Mindvalley champions the concept of lifelong learning. This is very much an “eastern” thing (in my opinion), which encourages a mindset where education extends beyond formal schooling. The philosophy is rooted in the belief that learning is an ongoing journey (emphasized more in eastern cultures than western cultures), essential for:

  • Continual Personal Evolution: Encouraging individuals to constantly evolve and adapt in their personal and professional lives.
  • Adapting to Change: Preparing learners to navigate the complexities and uncertainties of the modern world.

Integration of Technology and Community

Digital Innovation

Mindvalley integrates digital technology to make learning more interactive and accessible. Key innovations include:

Mindvalley Quest apps.

This is a platform that offers gamified and community-driven learning experiences.
Mindvalley Quests are a series of educational and self-improvement programs offered through their platform, and are designed to be engaging and transformative.

These quests cover a wide range of topics such as personal growth, mindfulness, health, relationships, and professional skills.

They are structured as short, daily lessons that include video content and interactive exercises, aiming to provide a more dynamic and community-based learning experience compared to traditional online courses.

The focus of Mindvalley Quests is not just on acquiring knowledge, but on making a real difference in individuals’ personal and professional lives.

Online Learning Tools.

Mindvalley utilizes a variety of online learning tools to enhance the educational experience of its users. These include:

  • Video Lessons: Mindvalley’s courses primarily use high-quality, engaging video content featuring expert instructors. These videos are designed to be visually appealing and easily digestible.
  • Community Interaction: A significant aspect of Mindvalley’s platform is its emphasis on community. Users can interact with each other through discussion forums, social media groups, and live events, facilitating a sense of connection and shared learning.
  • Mobile App: Mindvalley offers a mobile app, making its content easily accessible on-the-go. This app includes features like offline access, allowing users to learn without an internet connection.
  • Daily Challenges and Exercises: The courses often include daily tasks or exercises to encourage consistent engagement and application of the material.
Happy Mindvalley students. Used in the article: is Mindvalley the Answer to Overcoming Life's Stagnation?
Image: Mindvalley.
  • Live Webinars and Q&A Sessions: Many courses offer live webinars or Q&A sessions with instructors, providing an interactive and real-time learning experience.
  • Progress Tracking: The platform often includes features for tracking progress, such as completion percentages, to help users stay motivated and on track.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Mindvalley attempts to tailor the learning experience to individual needs and goals, offering recommendations and personalized paths through their content.
  • Meditations and Mindfulness Practices: Given their focus on personal growth and wellness, many Mindvalley courses include guided meditations and mindfulness exercises.
  • Interactive and Gamified Elements: To make learning more engaging, some courses include interactive and gamified elements, like quizzes and challenges.

These tools collectively aim to provide a comprehensive, engaging, and transformative learning experience, focusing not just on information, but on personal growth and community building.

Global Community

A significant aspect of Mindvalley’s philosophy is its global community, fostering:

  • Networking Opportunities: Connections with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Facilitating an environment where learners can share experiences and grow together.
Mindvalley in Colombia.

Personalized Learning Paths

Flexibility and Customization

Mindvalley allows learners to tailor their educational journey, offering:

  • Customizable Learning Experience: Courses that cater to different interests, career paths, and personal development goals.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Enabling learners to engage with content at their own pace and convenience.

Case Studies and Testimonials.

There are hundreds of these on the various Mindvalley websites. I will post a couple and leave a link for you to do your own research.

Some Extraordinary Achievers.

⭕ 2019 US Tennis Open Champion Bianca Andreescu

⭕ R&B Icon: Miguel

⭕ NFL Legend: Tony Gonzales

⭕NBA Superstar: Reggie Jackson

“These improvements have been pivotal on the journey to our first $5 Million in revenue”

I’ve been a community member of Mindvalley from 2013 and have been inspired ever since. And now, participating in Mindvalley’s Business Mentoring program with Vishen and our inspiring community has been great for both my personal and professional life. 
This program has equipped me with concrete, actionable skills that have improved my startup’s performance — from implementing effective and better KPIs to enhancing our webinars. 
These improvements have been pivotal on the journey to our first $5 Million in revenue. 

Could I have done this without Business Mastery? Sure. But my investment and engagement in this program has significantly accelerated everything, and that’s what we’re paying for. I’ve also picked up quite a few wellness strategies along the way to add into my personal regiment. My deepest gratitude for this transformative experience!

Alex Echols
Miami Beach, United States

Bianca Andreescu on Meditation, Manifestation & Her Legendary U.S. Open Victory.

She told Vishen, “At that moment I really thought that I could eventually accomplish what I wanted to.” All of a sudden her dreams to win a Grand Slam and become the No. 1 tennis player in the world didn’t seem far off.

For it to become a reality is so crazy,” she said at her post-match news conference with a sigh of relief. “I guess these visualizations really, really work.

Bianca later explained how she applied creative visualization concepts from the book like Jose Silva’s ‘mental screen’ model to envision her win, and moved toward it with confidence until the day it finally happened.

>>>You can read more on that story Here. <<<

If you have the time here is a link to 21,160 other case studies and stories.

Critiques and Limitations of Mindvalley


Economic Barriers: the pricing of Mindvalley’s courses may be a barrier for some, limiting access to those who can afford the programs.

Becoming a member is relatively easy at about $200 a year or $16.58 monthly.

See Membership Pricing here.

The costs for specific courses can range from $200 to around $4,000, which will limited participation from people in undeveloped countries, and even developed countries if their economy is less than buoyant.

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Does Mindvalley Have an Overemphasis on Positive Thinking?

Mindvalley, like many platforms in the personal growth sector, has a huge emphasis on positive thinking for quite a few reasons:

  1. Appeal of Positive Psychology: Positive thinking is one of the core tenets of positive psychology, with focuses on the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. This approach aligns well with personal development programs aimed at enhancing well-being and life satisfaction.
  2. Market Demand: There’s a substantial market for self-help and personal development resources that promote positivity as a tool for transformation.
  3. Simplicity and Accessibility: Concepts of positive thinking are relatively easy to understand and apply, making them accessible to a broad audience. They provide clear, actionable strategies for individuals looking to make changes in their lives.
  4. Success Stories and Anecdotes: Personal development platforms frequently highlight success stories where positive thinking has led to significant life changes. These stories are powerful and inspiring, though they may not represent the complexity of every individual’s situation.
Naveen Jain Mindvalley user and American Entrepreneur. Used in the article: Is Mindvalley the Answer to Overcoming Life's Stagnation?

The Quests all rely on positive thinking however they are combined with action guides you need to complete as well. Still, while all this positivity may sound good, you may need to give a serious thought to your own circumstances before jumping in, keeping in mind the following points.

  • Not a Substitute for Professional Care: Positive thinking strategies, while beneficial in many contexts, are not a substitute for professional mental health care when dealing with serious psychological issues like depression, anxiety, or trauma.
  • Risk of Oversimplification: Relying solely on positive thinking can oversimplify complex mental health issues. It might lead to the misconception that positive thoughts alone are enough to overcome deep-rooted psychological challenges.
  • Potential for Neglecting Negative Emotions: An overemphasis on positivity can sometimes lead to neglecting or invalidating negative emotions, which are a natural and important part of the human experience.

While positive thinking is a useful tool in personal growth, it is most effective when you are actually wanting change and taking steps to achieve your goals.

Let’s play Devils Advocate and Look at the Limitations

One-Size-Fits-All Approach?

The potential limitation of applying the same methods and philosophies to a wide range of personal development areas and individual circumstances can be like like firing a scattergun at the side of barn. Ok, your going to hit something.

While Mindvalley covers a diverse array of topics like weight management, diet, wealth, career, and personal growth, the limitations of such a broad approach should be considered from several angles:

Limitations of a One-Size-Fits-All Approach.

I feel that all of these points below carry some validity. Feel free to disagree in the comments.

  • Cultural and Societal Differences: Mindvalley’s global audience means it deals with a culturally diverse group. A single approach may not resonate across different cultural or societal norms and values. Practices and philosophies that work well in one cultural context might be less effective or even inappropriate in another.
  • Complexity of Human Issues: Human challenges, such as mental health, career growth, or personal well-being, are complex and multi-dimensional. It could lead to solutions that only scratch the surface rather than addressing deeper, underlying causes.
  • Personalization vs. Generalization: While Mindvalley attempts to provide a personalized learning experience, its courses are designed to cater to a broad audience. This can lead to a generalization of content, where the nuances of an individual’s specific situation might not be fully addressed.
Tony Gonzales NFL hall of famer and  Minvalley user. Used in the article Is Mindvalley the Answer to Overcoming Life's Stagnation.
Image: Mindvalley.
  • Different Learning Styles: Learning styles vary greatly among individuals. A singular method of delivering content (like digital courses or interactive apps) might not be equally effective for all learners. Some may benefit more from hands-on experiences, one-on-one coaching, or other learning formats, as I have mentioned in other course reviews.
  • Expectations vs. Reality: The broad marketing of such programs might create unrealistic expectations. For example, a course promising to help with wealth creation might not take into account individual financial situations or market dynamics that profoundly impact wealth.
  • Depth of Expertise: Covering a wide range of topics can sometimes lead to a compromise in depth. Experts in specific fields (like nutrition, psychology, finance), spend years delving into the nuances of their specialty. Although Mindvalley relies on “super experienced” instructors in their field, more generalized courses might lack this depth.

It’s really up to you to do your own due diligence to assess how well a course’s content aligns with your specific circumstances and needs, and whether or not to supplement these courses with specialized advice or learning.

Let’s Balance Things a Little.

To be fair I have not seen where Mindvalley claims to be a stand alone solution to everyone’s problems. So, let’s look at Mindvalley as a supportive or supplementary resource, rather than a standalone solution.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Different Focus Areas: Traditional education primarily focuses on academic and professional skills, while Mindvalley emphasizes personal growth, spirituality, and self-improvement. Utilizing Mindvalley alongside formal education can provide a more well-rounded developmental experience.
  2. Practical Life Skills: I mentioned sports stars above. Mindvalley might give you the attitude, but it will not improve your tennis, football or basketball skills. You need coaching and practice to get those skills happening at a high level.
  3. Lifelong Learning: Traditional education is often confined to the early stages of life, whereas Mindvalley encourages continuous personal development beyond formal schooling. (nothing wrong with that, it does happen in academia as well).

Will Mindvalley make a Difference to Your Life?

Maybe. I guess you will never really know unless you try it.

Mindvalley’s unique blend of personal growth, wellness, and spiritual enlightenment, backed up with its innovative use of technology and a strong global community, does offer a pretty compelling proposition for anyone looking to break free from life’s stagnation.

It’s important to note that personal development experiences are subjective, and can vary widely among individuals. While some may find significant value in Mindvalley’s offerings, others may not experience the same level of impact.

That is just a fact of life in any program.

Additionally, the presence of a celebrity or public figure endorsing a program does not necessarily guarantee its effectiveness for everyone.

Mindvalley offers a path, but it’s up to each individual to walk it. It can be a powerful ally in the quest for personal growth, provided you approach it with a clear understanding of its strengths and limitations.

There are many who will resonate with its philosophy and methods, and Mindvalley just might-be-the-thought-engineering platform that unlocks for you, a more fulfilling and dynamic life, where personal stagnation is not an endpoint, but a turning point towards greater self-discovery and transformation.

As I say do your Due diligence. A link below for more information.

Thanks for reading.

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