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Palomino Colombia.

The Barefoot Affiliate, aka Michael Dubhthaigh

About the Barefoot Affiliate

Welcome fellow Entrepreneur.

Having a single income sucks.

The one-income life is a terrible life.

Worse is no income.

This site is all about solutions, some you may like, others…well…?

But, we have to start somewhere.

Getting a job or generating an income through other (legal), creative ways is as essential as breathing.

We all have to enter the job market, become entrepreneurs, invest wisely, or make money in other creative ways so that we can provide food, shelter, and other necessities.

Crime and doing time never interested me.

Working hard for other people will only keep the average person slightly better than poor.

That is the way society is structured.

Starting a side hustle doing something you like, is the best way of generating income streams, that builds into something bigger is one way to get a better life.

Playing the big casino on Wall Street is another, but you need money to start, and then keep your emotions in check riding the highs and lows.

Which happens regularly.

Don’t get me wrong, some people love their jobs and would happily work for nothing.

I have worked at “mates rates” at different times.

A bit of cash and a few beers, and was happy to do it just to help someone out.

Many of us probably have done that.

As Robert Kiyosaki said in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, “The poor and middle-class work for money, the rich have money work for them.”

The best way to move out of working to pay bills is to start a side hustle, some say a second job.

It is not an easy decision.

A side hustle will usually require some money up-front.

A second job puts a few dollars more in your pocket each month.

I tried the second job option for a while.

It sucked. I was cleaning windows at a school after work.

I wasn’t that good at it either.

Still, the extra cash came in useful at the time.

Whether it be a second job or an online side hustle, the benefits will not be great in the beginning, you may earn enough to buy the kids a treat, or get a new set of tyres for your car.

A guy with empty pockets and two blank credit cards. Used in the blog About the Barefoot Affiliate
Maxxed out again.

But those are benefits that start the ball rolling.

You didn’t have to put the tyres on the “never never” and pay them off at 18% interest.

If you invest your side hustle money into financial instruments that return a dividend, you are on your way to living life on your terms.

The mission of this site is to help entrepreneurs find the best starting opportunities for earning online or offline.

These are opportunities for you to build and grow, even sell your side hustle (as many people do), and move on to bigger and better things.

On this site, there are reviews on…

  • Work from home resources for earning online or offline.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • Self Improvement
  • SEO for those who want to fine-tune their appearance on Google.

The resource page here.

Many articles on this include some personal experience.

I have tried most of the ones I write about, with the exception of MLMs.

I know many who like MLMs. I am not a fan of them.

Hopefully, the reviews are of interest to you.


If you are thinking about a second income or a retirement top-up, hopefully, the opportunities I have reviewed favorably give you the encouragement to dive in.

The outcome could be life-changing.