Starting a Dropship Business. 1 Hack to Protect Yourself from the Next Crisis.

Starting a Dropship Business. 1 Hack to Protect Yourself from the Next Crisis.
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Today I am on one of my favorite topics, drop shipping. I believe starting a dropship business is one hack that offers anyone a realistic opportunity to provide additional income and help provide you with a layer of security should things in the offline world go pear shaped.

I will share some thoughts with you on why you should consider developing something that can earn you income online.

The ‘flexibility’ of plans is now a pre-requisite of modern life. We have to be able to adapt routines to manage the changes occurring around us. It’s certainly true of this year where work adaption has been a major theme. For many it will remain that way for some time.

In fast changing times like these it is dangerous to be relying on the traditional methods of earning an income. As good as they have been in the past, times like these call for a different approach.

The ‘flexibility’ of plans is a pre-requisite of modern life. We have to be able to adapt routines to manage the changes occurring around us. It’s certainly true of this year where work adaption has been a major theme.

That makes this is a good time…the best time, in fact…to take stock and start to regain some control over what matters most. You can put the wheels in motion to protect yourself and or your family.

This is not going to be a drop shipping for dummies type post, and definitely not a “starting a dropshipping business with no money”.

To start you need some money, not a lot ,but you need some… if you are serious.

Platforms for Starting a Dropship Business.

I am assuming you know what a drop shipping business is. If not, have a look here or scroll through the pages on this site.

Like I said you need some money. Normally they take time to set up. Some, like Sellfy can be set up inside a few hours, if you have only a couple of products you want to sell.

Others like Shopify or Wix or Woo Commerce take a little longer.

Setting them up is the easy part though. I could do a drop shipping for dummies type post which you may follow to the letter and have a drop ship store set up this time tomorrow.

But rushing these things is not advised. Your working with technology. The work is often repetitious, you need images optimized and any content should be SEO optimized.

You may need to take your rose coloured glasses off, because doing this properly, so that it is set up to make a lot of money, takes a little effort.

Different Ways to set up a Dropping Site

The Old School Way for a 2020 Dropship site.

When setting up a drop ship site, the following items set out below need to be taken into consideration. Ticking these off your to do list will give you the basics for a good website.

To give an idea of the work involved in setting up a drop shipping store this brief overview of Sellfy will give some idea of what is involved.

Obviously there are variations between products or niches.

Sellfy is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that is easy to create and manage.

Your first step to setting up a drop ship store is to make a road map of what is needed.

Feel Free to copy these.

Niche selection

Theme selection

Plugin selection

Domain selected and purchased

Hosting access provided

WordPress installed

Products categories

Select Products Categories

AddPricing Markup formula Installed

Products imported and edited

Review imports

PayPal credentials setup

Payment gateway for credit cards

Payment gateway test

Design created

Custom Design

Add Contact details

Add Business

Branded email

Create Mailing Service Setup

Currency settings

Edit Google Analytics


Meta data

On-site SEO

Top quality SEO backlinks

Home page article creation

Home Page Video creation

Final QA

Promotional Planning.

On top of these, you will need to set up your social media, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook business profiles as well as adding…

Starting a Dropship Business. 1 Hack to Protect Yourself from the Next Crisis.
A cut away look at part of the Woo Commerce dashboard when finished. Note, the Social Rabbit plugin.
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Promo banners creator
  • Customer reviews page
  • Lead generation system. Initially built for selling digital products (such as eBooks, videos, or music), Sellfy has all the necessary components for selling physical products as well and is renowned for its outstanding ease of use in both cases.

All the regulars like Shopify, Wix, Big Commerce, others like Etsy, Woo Commerce require a similar amount of effort to create a professional looking store.

Sellfy works great for creators, bloggers, and businesses looking to sell digital products, subscriptions, or physical goods to their audience on social media, or their website through the option of embed products and buy buttons.

Also, Sellfy allows you to utilize built-in marketing tools (incl. email marketing, discounts, and analytics. Plus, you can connect with over 2,000 + third-party apps using Zapier.

Plugins and Niches.

Whether your going to use Shopify, Sellfy or Woo Commerce, you will want plugins.

A plugin is only a piece of software that adds a specific feature to an existing program.

So, as well as effort, you will need some tech skills when setting up your drop shipping business.

They are not so extensive that you need to be an IT expert.

Initially the plugin most people get first is a plugin to imports products to the store.

If your in a broad niche where there are a lot of products these are an awesome tool to save you time.

Depending on how tight you want to keep the outlays, a better option might be to first buy a plugin that makes sales, before buying one that import products. Social Rabbit is one such plugin. See Here.

But I do recommend checking out importing plugins and at least evaluating them. One Here

Another one here.

As I said, there is an expense involved, not a great one compared to the effort, but when you are putting a drop ship site together, you are no different to any other business owner trying to keep expenditure to a minimum.

The Costs Involved in Setting up a Dropship Store.

Lets look at some costs and these should be taken as a bare minimum. I am basing everything on the lowest plans available online. I will include a couple of infographics.

Starting a Dropship Business. 1 Hack to Protect Yourself from the Next Crisis.
Sellfy Pricing

From the big guys, Shopify, Wix, Magneto et el. Look at about $30.00 a month minimum.

Starting a Dropship Business. 1 Hack to Protect Yourself from the Next Crisis.
Shopify pricing.

The Shopify costs are pretty much the average of the bigger players through out the industry. Sellfy is at the lower end of the pricing, but it is still popular and has 30,000 users.

When I see questions in the forums about starting a drop shipping business with no money, I am reminded of Go Ten. If you weren’t worried about the $19 a month payment for Sellfy, you could build out a good store, because it costs nothing to download from GoTen.

Actually if you take up the Sellfy offer, you have 6 weeks for $19.00. 😎

The Hidden Costs

Shopify, Magneto and Big Commerce have been the major players in the drop shipping space for a number of years now. They all have extra charges on top of their monthly fees.

Costs like transaction costs for credit cards, use of plugins for pop ups, email captures, plugins like Spocket for downloading products, they all add up, as well as your fees for domain name and hosting.

The expectation of a profitable site is one of the reasons many people go with well known brands such as Shopify or Magneto.

However unless you have a well thought out plan for your niche your chances of success diminish with each out of niche product you down load.

Brands such as Sellfy are usually the domain of experienced store owners, or people who are content to plug along and learn as they go.

Many of them only have a few products they specialize in, and the learning curve to list, add descriptions and payment processors is not all that difficult.

Done For You Dropship Stores

Starting a Dropship Business. 1 Hack to Protect Yourself from the Next Crisis.

A lot of creativity sits at the edge of mainstream society. In political speak it is called the fringes. And that is about where I sit.

Years ago I had a drop ship site on the Artfire platform. I remember it took me about 4 or 5 days just uploading product photos and adding descriptions for about 260 different cut out coins in different configurations. Golf ball markers, earrings, Belt Buckles, Pendants etc.

This was sometime before 2010 and the biggest drop ship stores back then were, Amazon and E-Bay, Etsy, Artfire and Bonanza. If I recall correctly, Amazon was the only one where you could buy a done for you dropship store and it cost about $6,000.

2020 and it is all too easy. Get a platform on Shopify, pay a monthly subscription for Oblero or Spocket and for about $60 or $70 a month you got your self a drop ship store.

Compare that to the payments on a brick and mortar store.

For a really successful store though, It depends on a lot of small things being done properly to have one large thing (your store) making sales and delivering you a profit.

If you have no E-Commerce experience, I’m am of the opinion that with experienced competition exploiting Search Engine Optimization hacks, having an ability to build quality landing pages, for one off products, indepth knowledge of facebook audience insights. and other promotional avenues via Twitter and Instagram plus utilizing Pinterest.

If your new to E-Commerce what are your chances of building your own profitable store and then compete with all those expert in all of the above and more?

For sure it can be done, if you follow the road map I have further up the page. When I set up a store drop shipping cut out coins, my first couple of sales were off E-Bay, selling golf ball markers. That route is too hard these day’s because the guy your buying stuff off is selling their too and at a cheaper price than you are buying it from him !

I think I cover it in this article.

A Better Option…

Is to start with a ready made store. Professionally built, optimized and ready to make money. You can see some here.

You will notice you have plenty of options, and this is one area people come unstuck, by opting for the cheapest option. If you have some online experience then, ok fair enough, but why not get it happening quickly giving you the freedom to expand at your own pace.

My question would be, if you opt for the least expensive option here.

Why not go to Sellfy above ?. Because the amount of work involved is not that different and Sellfy is cheaper again.

However… in reality… DID YOU KNOW  over 95% of success in the dropshipping business, comes from running a high-converting, professionally-designed website?

My Recommendation is to Get ahead of the competition, click on the green button and get one of those set up.

Starting a Dropship Business. 1 Hack to Protect Yourself from the Next Crisis.

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