Automate Social Media Posts. Save up to 70% of Tedious Social Media Promotion Time with Social Rabbit.

Feeling Like You’re Running a Marathon with No Finish Line?

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Are you drowning in the never-ending sea of marketing your business on social media? If you’re reading this, chances are, you’ve got a business to run, a life to live, and the clock’s ticking faster than you’d like.

Imagine this: You’re at your desk, a to-do list a mile long, and there it is, mocking you—the relentless world of social media marketing. It’s like trying to catch a train that never stops.

You’re hustling, sweating, and feeling like you’re chasing your own tail.

You might be thinking, “Is there ever an end to this? Can I ever get off this never-ending treadmill of promotional work?

Well, take a deep breath and relax. We’ve got your back.

In the next few minutes, we’re diving into a game-changer, a solution that’s about to give you more than just your time back. It’s about reclaiming your sanity, finding balance, and making your business soar like never before.

Ready to say goodbye to endless hours of social media management and hello to a new era of efficiency and growth?

Let’s begin.

The Problem with Manual Social Media Management

Managing social media manually? It’s like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle on a tightrope. You’re constantly hustling to keep your audience engaged, and it’s exhausting. So, what’s the big problem here?

Challenges and Time Constraints.

Ever tried to post regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest? It’s like trying to herd cats on roller skates.

Each platform has its quirks, and managing them manually eats up your precious hours faster than a chocolate cake at a kid’s birthday party.

Imagine having to remember to post at the perfect time, every time, across all these platforms. Oh, and let’s not forget about finding the right content, creating engaging posts, and responding to comments.

It’s a full-time job!

Meet Social Rabbit: Your Social Media Savior.

10 Reasons to Automate Your Social Media Posts.

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Screen shot of the steps to set up Social Rabbit in WordPress, used in the article,Automate Social Media Posts With Social Rabbit and Save Hours With This Awesome Plugin
3 steps to set it up

Social Rabbit isn’t just any rabbit; it’s your knight in shining armor in the world of social media.

1. Hands-Off Automation

Think about it – Social Rabbit takes over the tedious work of posting for you. It’s like having a personal assistant who never takes a coffee break. You set it up, and it tirelessly keeps your social media game strong, 24/7.

2. Engaging Content Creation

Creating engaging posts with photos and videos is a piece of cake with Social Rabbit. No more scratching your head, wondering what to post next. It’s like having a magical content genie at your service.

3. Content Sourcing and Sharing.

Remember the struggle of sourcing content from your blog or affiliate site and then sharing it manually? Social Rabbit does that automatically, like a chef whipping up your favorite meal without you lifting a finger.

Plus, it plays nice with WooCommerce, Shopify, and AliDropship stores, so your products get the attention they deserve.

4. Multi-Network Auto-Posting.

You know those days when you wish you could clone yourself to post on multiple social networks simultaneously? Social Rabbit makes it happen. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – it’s like having a social media army!

5. 24/7 Promotion.

Do you want your social pages to be buzzing while you’re catching Zs or sipping on a margarita? Social Rabbit’s got your back. It’s the ultimate party animal, promoting your pages around the clock on autopilot.

6. Flexible Scheduling.

Weekly or monthly posts? No problem! Social Rabbit’s scheduling planner tool lets you call the shots. It’s like having your very own DJ, but instead of music, it spins posts on your timeline.

7. User-Friendly Dashboard.

Navigating complicated dashboards is so last season. Social Rabbit’s dashboard is as straightforward as reading your grandma’s recipe book. You’ll be a pro in no time.

8. Customizable Delivery Time.

Imagine being able to control the exact moment your posts go live. Social Rabbit lets you do just that. Whether it’s high noon or midnight, your posts will hit the bullseye.

Tired of hunting for images in the labyrinth of your computer folders? Social Rabbit keeps them all neat and tidy in one place, like a super-organized closet for your visuals.

10. Analytics for Improved Targeting.

You want to know if your posts are hitting the mark, right? Social Rabbit doesn’t just post; it’s like your personal marketing guru. It provides analytics to help you fine-tune your targeting and potentially boost those profits.

Scheduling. A look at some Social Rabbit settings

A screenshot of social rabbits social media post planner. Used in the article Automate your Social Media Posts.
Social Rabbit advertisement saying "Jumpstart Your Shopify Store with Automated Social Media Marketing"  Used in the article, Automate Your Social Media Posts.
Social Rabbit Shopify

Analytics are Easily Understood.

A screen shot of the Analytics screen of Social Rabbit. Used in the article: Automate Social Media Posts
Campaign monitoring

The Failures of Multitasking and Why You Should Embrace Automation.

Multitasking, often seen as a heroic juggling act, can paradoxically lead to a significant productivity nosedive. When we divide our attention among multiple tasks, we’re essentially fragmenting our focus.

This constant mental context-switching incurs a hidden cost—our brains need time to recalibrate every time we shift gears. The result? Reduced efficiency, more errors, and a slower pace.

In the end, it’s a recipe for decreased productivity rather than the superhero feat it’s often hailed to be.

More Benefits of Using Social Rabbit

A screenshot of Social Rabbits media gallery used in the article Automate your Social Media Posts.
Comprehensive Media gallery

Now that we’ve had a whirlwind tour of Social Rabbit’s capabilities, let’s talk about the juicy part – the benefits.

  • Time Savings Remember all those hours you spent on social media? Social Rabbit gives them back to you. It’s like finding a time machine in your pocket!
  • Consistent Engagement Your audience doesn’t nap, and neither does Social Rabbit. It ensures your online presence is as consistent as your morning coffee routine.
  • Enhanced Product Promotion Got an online store? Social Rabbit isn’t just your marketing sidekick; it’s like having a marketing army that promotes your products while you sip a latte.
  • Improved Social Media Strategy Who wants to play darts in the dark? Social Rabbit’s analytics shine a light on what’s working and what’s not. It’s like having a GPS for your social media strategy.
  • Increased Profit Potential Profit margins feeling a bit thin? Social Rabbit can fatten them up. It’s like a financial advisor for your online store, helping you maximize your earnings.

Shoutouts Completley Automated.

Let’s take a look at Social Rabbit and how it will help you to increase your exposure on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram

With Social Rabbit, you can use one of the most effective methods of promotion on Instagram... with the help of Grabber – the tool for re-posting content of other users to your profile.

A screen shot using Grabber an app for reposting content from other niche related Instagram accounts. Used in the article, Automate your social media posts.

Users are Loving it.

Charlie from Ireland Loves it.

I am a big fan of this plugin but for some reason, I haven’t left reviews on it until now.

So, what do I like the most – the product poster feature. It is amazing for store owners!

You don’t have to download all the product images, think up various same-type posts, and schedule them for a week.

The plugin will do this work for you, while you can, for example, prepare a sale on your store.

My second favorite feature is Stories.

Not all soft’s and programs have such an option but the Social Rabbit has. It helps to keep your followers in close contact and remind them about you and your store.

Your Social Media Transformation Awaits.

Feeling like you’ve just embarked on a rollercoaster ride, and now you’re back at the platform, wondering what’s next? Don’t worry; we get it.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Is this too good to be true?” Can Social Rabbit really change the game for me?” Well… you’re not alone in that thought.

Imagine you’ve been pushing a boulder uphill all your life, and suddenly, someone hands you a bulldozer. That’s Social Rabbit for you. It’s okay to be a little skeptical; change can be intimidating.

But let’s rewind a bit, shall we? Think back to those hours you spent wrangling social media like a cowboy herding cattle. Remember how it felt like you were chasing your own tail? That frustration, that exhaustion – it’s real, and we’ve all been there.

Now, let’s fast forward to this moment. You’ve just taken a glimpse into the world of Social Rabbit, and it’s like you’ve found the key to a treasure chest.

It’s not a silver bullet, but it’s as close as it gets in the world of social media management.

With Social Rabbit, you’re not just getting a tool; you’re getting your life back. Your time is no longer held hostage by endless posting and content creation. Instead, it’s yours to spend on the things that truly matter to you.

Consistency? Social Rabbit’s got that covered, so you can finally build that strong online presence you’ve been dreaming of.

Running an online store? Brace yourself for increased sales as Social Rabbit tirelessly promotes your products.

Remember those days when you felt like you were posting blindly, hoping something would stick? Social Rabbit’s analytics will shine a light on your path to success.

And what about those elusive profits? Social Rabbit can help you snatch them from the jaws of uncertainty.

So, here’s the deal. You’ve just scratched the surface of what’s possible with Social Rabbit. It’s like learning a new dance; the more you practice, the better you become.

Your social media transformation is just a few clicks away. You’ve got Social Rabbit in your corner, and it’s time to let it work its magic.

So, here’s to a life with fewer social media headaches and more time for the things you love. Here’s to the potential for bigger profits and a thriving online presence.

Now, go out there and make Social Rabbit your secret weapon. Your audience is waiting, and your online success story is just beginning. The standing ovation? Well, it’s all yours to earn.

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Image: Social Rabbit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Automation

In your quest to make your niche profitable, you’re likely to come across some burning questions about the world of social media automation.

Don’t worry; you’re not alone in your curiosity. Let’s dive into these commonly asked questions and shed some light on this transformative tool.

Why Social Media Automation?

You might wonder why you should bother with social media automation in the first place. After all, isn’t it about authentic engagement? Well, yes, it is. But social media automation isn’t about losing the human touch; it’s about making your life easier while enhancing your online presence.
Imagine having a tool that can handle the repetitive, time-consuming tasks, leaving you more room for genuine interactions with your audience. It’s like having a personal assistant that ensures your social media game stays strong even when you’re not actively managing it.

What Does Automation Mean in Social Media?

The term “automation” can be a bit of a buzzword, and you might be wondering what it actually means in the context of social media. Is it just about scheduling posts, or is there more to it?
Social media automation encompasses various tasks: It’s not limited to scheduling posts; it includes creating engaging content, sharing articles, and even promoting products from your online store. Think of it as a multifaceted tool that streamlines your social media management process, making it more efficient.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Posting?

Benefits, benefits, benefits – that’s what we’re all after. But what exactly do you gain from automated posting on social media? How does it translate into real-world advantages for your business or niche?
Automated posting offers a plethora of benefits. Firstly, it saves you time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. It also ensures consistent engagement with your audience, promotes your products, informs better strategies through analytics, and ultimately boosts your profit potential. In short, it’s your secret weapon for success in the digital age.

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  1. Michael Dubhthaigh

    Yaroslav and his team don’t make their creations public until they are satisfied there are no downsides to site load speeds. The price is not bad for what it does I think. there are also discounts.  Tailwind is only for Pinterest, and nothing else. 


  2. There are so many Social media schedulers and posting tools. I wonder what makes Social rabbit stand out from example, Tailwind for instagram or Tailwind for pinterest or Promorepublic? Yes it is a plugin. That is a difference. I think the price is quite high too so it better be much better than the rest. And I wonder how the plugin affects my sitespeed?

  3. Michael Dubhthaigh

    No mail chimp is not optimised for social media. Social Rabbit is  the new tailwind.

  4. Thanks for a great review of social rabbit. I’d heard of it before but it’s hard to pick a paying plugin that will pull its weight. So far I’ve been relying on MailChimp but I think they are not really optimised for social media. Having a free trial is a really great opportunity. I think I’ll give this plugin a go once I start needing more automation

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    You still have to set it up Phillip. It needs human hands to give it life. 

  6. Wow! This is really great to see here. On a more serious note, this is the first time that I will be seeing anything about social rabbits before and I must say that I really like what it offers considering that it can really help us to get started and focus better on what really matters in terms of our social media presence. Being able to get everything done with out actually doing them yourself is a good thing and I really appreciate this here. Thank you so much for sharing

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