Automate Social Media Posts with Social Rabbit and Save Hours with this Awesome Plugin.

Automate Social Media Posts With Social Rabbit and Save Hours, on the time you spend with social media marketing. Whatever your business, this is sure to help you.

Another piece of wizardry that looks pretty good. Lets see what it does.

In a nutshell, it is a piece of software that will automate your social media marketing, leaving you free to concentrate on other areas of your business.

The big Promise: Save hours and Automate your Social Media Posts

Posting on each social media platform can be tedious and time consuming process. People promoting their wares on social media don’t really have enough time, as they are already busy with creating content, or optimization of their products, and a hundred other things.

This piece of software is another creation by Yaroslav Nevsky. I have written about Yaroslav previously on this site.

Although many reading this may not have heard of him, he is the tech wizard helping hundreds of people achieve life changing circumstances with his innovations.

My business Analyst colleague, Sirnivasan Mahanti. (Rab), was drawn to Yaroslav’s innovations because of the Immense value being offered to his customers.

Social Rabbit is not solely for WordPress / WooCommerce, It also works on Shopify and the developers are looking at other integrations.

  • Many of the products developed by Yaroslav, can be purchased with a one off payment. Unlike the monthly payment schedule of most other developers.
  • He offers Free Trials, and has very good support systems.
  • Regular updates to keep your plugins up to date and compatible with your WordPress theme, shopify or Woo-Commerce store.

Justification of the Costs to Automate your social media

Like any business the costs never seem to stop coming.

Someone told me a long time ago, it is opportunity lost if you are multi-tasking everything yourself.

The thing with Social Rabbit is, it is a one off payment, if your using WordPress or $19.00 a month if using Shopify. $15 a month if you pay annually.


It is proven that Multi Tasking Decreases Productivity. Causes accidents and mistakes, requiring a rework of some jobs, we’ve all seen it.

Delegating tasks makes good sense. Even to a piece of artificial intelligence !


Lets take a look at Social Rabbit and how it will help you to get exposure on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Screen shot of the steps to set up Social Rabbit in WordPress, used in the article,Automate Social Media Posts With Social Rabbit and Save Hours With This Awesome Plugin
3 steps to set it up

Social media automation tools lets us get on with our work in the main game, instead of us wasting time on social media.

Which we all have a tendency to do occasionally (often ?).

The dollar cost of various automated social media posters varies.

Most require a monthly subscription of $29 up to $200 a month for about 10 of the most popular (I know of).

There are hundreds of schedulers that automate social media posts.

But I want to focus on Social Rabbit because of the duality of its features.

Whether your a Drop Shipper, Affiliate Marketer or any other E-Commerce owner this will work for you.

Benefits of social media automation

The dual nature of the plugin allows you…

  • Hands Off automation of all your social media posting.
  • Social Rabbit gives you the ability to create engaging posts with photos and videos.
  • You can publish articles from your blog or affiliate site and automate your social media posting.
  • You can auto post products from your Woo Commerce, Shopify and AliDropship stores to the top 4 social networks of Pinterest, FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Allows you to select the time frame for delivery of your posts / products.

Social Rabbit, makes it very easy with the automation options for posts and images. Plus …

There is an entire Media Gallery to keep your post images in one place.

You can manage them in three ways:

  • Import them from free databases from within the plugin. (Pixaby or Giphy )
  • Activate the automatic update of media files according to relevant keywords and categories.
  • The app will update your images from time to time for the most up-to-date imagery.

The Benefits to your Site or Store

  • You can find relevant content for re-posting, as well as liking, commenting and following other peoples posts.
  • Social Rabbit will free upwards of 70% of your social media workload.
  • Promote your social media pages 24/7 on autopilot.
  • Drop Shippers can advertise and grow sales.
  • All you need to do is set it up ONCE – then enjoy a constant flow of people who are likely to buy from you.

Analytics for Improved Targeting.

Use the stats make your marketing campaigns even more effective and increase your profits !

Automate Social Media Posts and Save Hours With This 1 Awesome Plugin.
Campaign monitoring


With Social Rabbit, you can use one of the most effective methods of promotion on Instagram…

Shoutouts – completely automated.

Automate Social Media Posts and Save Hours With This 1 Awesome Plugin.

What’s more, you can diversify your account and make it more lively with the help of Grabber – the tool for re-posting content of other users to your profile.

Scheduling. A look at some Social Rabbit settings

Automate Social Media Posts and Save Hours With This 1 Awesome Plugin.

Scheduling items, if your a drop shipper, (or articles if your an affiliate marketer), you can plan social media posts in advance, saving you a ton of time.

Automate Social Media Posts and Save Hours With This 1 Awesome Plugin.

Does the User Experience Match the Expections?

At the time of this writing there are 51 reviews with a 4.9 rating.

So it is performing quite well to have such a high rating at this early stage.

Goggle is always updating its Algorithms and social media is a continual churn of love hate relationships.

Social Rabbit has a great suite of Analytics.

So regardless of what Google is doing, reviewing your analytics in conjunction with any Face Book ads or Pinterest ads, will give you invaluable data to measure where your advertising spend will be the most effective.


This is a good plugin that will prove invaluable to drop shippers, Affiliate marketers and other internet marketers

It requires the human element to set it up of course.

But with an easy to navigate dashboard, this should prove to be relatively easy for most people.

Two of the benefits given is better indexation by search engines and quality traffic from social media.

In my opinion…

These are The two most fickle areas of doing business on the internet.

But with your promotions and cross promotions over all the social networks, it is logical that your publicizing would bring results.

What makes it so powerful?

It posts smart human-like posts for your content, because you are a human who took a few minutes to set up your posts and the schedule.

You can then expect hassle-free promotions on your social accounts, 24/7.

The Social Rabbit Plugin will work on any WordPress Site and any Woo- Commerce site and does not rely on the AliDropship plugin to be installed.

It is also available for Shopify but that app is different from the WordPress plugins. As you might imagine.

As usual Yaroslav offers his plugins at a price point that makes him ultra competitive, and he offers his usual…

Free Life Time Support and Updates.

Charlie from Ireland Loves it.

I am a big fan of this plugin but for some reason, I haven’t left reviews on it until now.

So, what do I like the most – product poster feature. It is amazing for store owners!

You don’t have to download all the product images, think up various same type posts and schedule them for a week.

The plugin will do this work for you, while you can, for example, prepare a sale on your store.

My second favorite feature is Stories.

Not all soft’s and programs have such an option but the Social Rabbit has. It helps to keep your followers in close contact and remind them about you and your store.

I can write a lot about this plugin, I adore it. But I better thank the team now and shut up

A 7 day free trial is available to try Social Rabbit Plugin then a single Payment of $69.00 No more to pay.


A special coupon code has been set aside for you. If you email me

I will send you a code to use at the checkout for a special discount.

You still have full access to lifetime support and updates.

Click here to go to Social Rabbit checkout.

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Final Analysis:-

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Social Rabbit
Automate Social Media Posts with Social Rabbit and Save Hours with this Awesome Plugin.

Automated Social Media posting

Price: $69.00

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Operating System: Any

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