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Is Lovewinx a Good Side Hustle? Some Pros and Cons of this troubled Business.

Lovewinx Brochure with Is lovewinx a Good Side Hustle. Some Pros and Cons written across it in black ink. And written across the bottom of the brochure. Used in the article, Is Lovewinx a Good Side Hustle
Lovewinx Work from Home Side Hustles.
Be You bath and beauty products by Lovewinx, used in the article Is lovewinx a good side hustle.
Bathy and Beauty lotions.

If you can sell $10,000 worth of Lovewinx’s product in a month you get a 5% cashback bonus. It sounds generous so, Is Lovewinx a good side hustle? Let’s look at the red flags, including their compensation plan where most people will never advance beyond the first 2 levels.

The Products: What does Lovewinx sell and Can I make Money?

There is a varied array of bath and beauty lotions, scrubs, bubble baths, massage oils, and hemp body oil.

For men, beard balms and roll-on deodorants.

And sex toys. including some basic BDSM items, lingerie, as well as the usual dildos, etc.

Prices seem expensive but what the quality is like I am not sure.

Most of the sex toys are silicone except for some of the BDSM gear.

However, two things that don’t normally mix well are:- Oils, lubes, and Silicone.

Silicone will break down with the regular use of oils and lubes.

Lovewinx and the BBB

Lovewinx isn’t a member, however, there are no complaints on the Better Business Bureau which is where many complaints about MLMs end up.

Some Background on Lovewinx

There are two separate divisions of kits: One for the USA and one for Lovewinx Canada.

These days the face of Lovewinx is Jaime Lamp.

She, along with Holly G Bates and Erin Bies started the company in 2014.

Previously they were consultants for Slumber Parties.

Slumber parties were taken over by Pure Romance in 2013.

They worked for a time under Pure Romance’s umbrella, then decided to branch out and form their own company, selling the same or very similar items.

Unfortunately, Pure Romance smelt a rat in the cheese factory, and found that Lovewinx relied on important parts of Pure Romance’s proprietary confidential business information, trade secrets, and vendor relationships.

As a result, Pure Romance filed a lawsuit in July 2014 claiming:-

Unlawful misappropriation of trade secrets and other confidential and proprietary business information, breach of contract, civil conspiracy, and tortious interference with Pure Romance’s business relationships

A mutually agreed injunction was reached in October 2014.

The injunction prohibits Lovewinx, from using any of Pure Romance’s proprietary business secrets and procedures, and policies.

And, not to approach or try to solicit any of Pure Romance’s employees or consultants.


This would not be the last time Pure Romance sought relief from former consultants setting up a competing business and copying their business formulas.

In 2017 they filed a lawsuit against former consultant Letty Brown, alleging many of the same things as they did against Lovewinx.

This was settled out of court, with Letty Brown banned from operating her business (Dear XO), for a year, as well as having to pay $1620:00 of profits, to a charitable foundation run by the owner of Pure Romance, Patty Brisben.

As well she was to return any of Pure Romance’s materials with trade secrets (according to court records).

Fantasia MLM

Fantasia is based in Canada.

Fantasia Home Party Products is based in the USA.

Fantasia was founded long before Lovewinx.

In fact, about 10 years before Jaime Lamp started her MLM career with Slumber Parties.

There is a lot of speculation that Fantasia is nothing more than a high-level distributor for lovewinx.

However, it may be that Lovewinx, sought out Fantasia to source products using Fantasia’s suppliers.

Whatever the deal was (is), Fantasia appears to operate separately from Lovewinx as can be seen in this article.

Lovewinx’s mission statement states that they:-

Seek to educate and empower everyone at every stage of life through our products, professional demonstrations, and business opportunities

Lovewinx Inc.
A screenshot of a Lovewinx consultant with a headress of peacock feathers, and 4 dildos in one hand and a note with happy halloween, used in the articleIs Lovewinx a Good Side Hustle
Lovewinx seller on Reddit.

With so many creams, bath, and lingerie products, I am of the belief that sex toys are not necessarily the best sellers for these companies.

With most of them around $150.00 – $200.00, you could get better prices on most online shops.

By the look of things if you were to become a seller of lovewinx products you would need more front than a shopping mall.

The thought of walking into someone’s lounge room and talking about dildos to a group of casual friends and strangers is something you would need to be comfortable with.

Lovewinx’s Pros and Cons

Lovewinx and Fantasia both use a Unilevel MLM plan.

Lovewinx’s goes 7 levels deep.

A MLM unilevel plan going down 4 deep. Used in the article Is Lovewinx a Good Side Hustle
A 4 deep unilevel plan Pic. courtesy of Bydesign Technologies.

The Pros

You need to be comfortable exploring sex aids on your own and passing on your experiences to people you barely know.

  • Having consumables, such as creams and lingerie can make for repeat orders.
  • The education programs could be beneficial to some people.
  • You get a replicated website to sell products online.
  • This link will take you to Lovewinx’s compensation plan.

The Cons

  • The vast majority of people are introverts when it comes to talking about sex.
  • Unless you have a friend selling this stuff, you need to pay for the product to check its quality.
  • Tough compensation plan which most people have no hope of achieving.
  • You need to maintain $100.00 in personal sales just to remain at the consultant level.
  • The top 4 levels require personal sales of $2,000 a month.
  • No details on the commission paid from online sales.
  • This link will take you to Lovewinx’s income disclosure.

 As with most other MLMs, only those at the top make enough to truly “change their lives.”

Everyone else is fed empty promises that they’ll get there too if they just build their empire and book more parties.  The quicker you say it the easier it sounds.

There is not a lot that is original with this company, product-wise or anything else.


In this article I noticed a couple of the MLM businesses were set up using what looked like Shopify’s dropshipping platform.

If you are comfortable talking about and selling sex aids, then maybe you might like to look at other options, such as setting up your own sex-toy dropship store.

They are not uncommon, you can still run parties, but without the MLM structure.

You would do as well, or better than someone out there flogging someone-else’s merchandise and sharing the income.

And, sell more exotic apparatuses than the usual sex aids and creams.

Examples here.

There are plenty of other platforms besides Shopify to so shop around.

Sellfy is one that may fit the bill.

Or you could set one up yourself using WordPress quite easily.

Thanks for reading.

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