Low Cost Business Opportunities

Online Business Ideas for Beginners

Online Business Ideas for Beginners
Everything here can be dropshipped

Home Based Business Opportunities

If you have been thinking of doing a side hustle then these online business ideas for beginners show that it is not a complicated process.   

The expansion of the internet opened up a whole new wonderful world for individuals to unleash their inner soul and become as creative as they can be. 

There are many , Social media, freelancing, are now so intertwined there is no chance life can revert back to the limited choices of earlier years.

In this post I will get into the details of dropshipping. Which can become a very lucrative home based business. 

Now is an Exiciting Time.

Man or Woman you have more choices as to which path you follow, for many it has become an exercise in finding their true calling.  

T.V ads by hosting companies promoting, start your own business and work from home idea, is  proof that the world is becoming more open to taking advantage of opportunity and encouraging you to  “have a go“.

In this Post I wrote about blogging, which has been popular for years, either writing for profit and writing for fun.

We should be eternally grateful to the creators of WordPress for putting a platform up for non tech people to experiment with, and improve their understanding of web design and coding, as well as, sharing knowledge and experiences. 

Of the 10 million most popular websites  33 % are on a WordPress platform.    Incredible.

What business should I start with no Money

Online Business Ideas for Beginners
A few dollars

Short answer. only ones where you are trading time for money. Freelancing, Coaching, E-books, maybe online courses and blogging.

Starting a physical work from home business, can be done with a small starting bank. I have written about it  Here.     In recent years many parents discouraged their kids from going into trades, It was a mistake I think, a trade has a lot to offer people who thrive on creativity, and love accomplishing things done with their own hands.

Although some money is required up front for a handyman type operation, it is usually not a great amount, essentially you are still trading time for money.

Time spent setting yourself up properly and in the initial stages if you pick the jobs that require little capital up front, it will only lead to bigger and better things.

Online With some money, drop shipping and buying and selling on E-bay is popular although not as popular as it once was.

Dropshipping Business Opportunities

Shopify, Big Commerce and a few others are always pushing to gain more customers, ( aren’t we all ?). The trouble is, it appeals as a low cost start up, and many get involved just because they can.

In a short time the low cost start up has ballooned past what they can afford for the promotion of their products.

Could the problem be to many stories of people striking it rich overnight?. I am sure it has some bearing.

Online Business Ideas for Beginners
Tools are popular dropship items

The other would be people want to become more independent of their employer and move away from the 9-5 routine.

As an online business opportunity drop shipping is pretty good, you have the chance to make a good profit. 

Many say it is too competitive I say don’t worry about it. Pick your fights, and you will do well. There is a tool below to help you do that.

The start up cost is not much, but you do need something in reserve until sales beat expenses. Maybe $1000.00

To start

Like any business you need to decide how you will operate. As a sole proprietor, limited business, or a corporate entity. You will need to set up a credit card or Pay Pal account.

 Depending on where you live you may have to have a business number, register for GST, Vat or comply with whatever tax system your country has, as well as have a GDPR privacy policy.   Example here


Online Business Ideas for Beginners
Guides on how to start are important

What to Sell?

You may already have an idea. it might be something you make or something some one else makes. What ever it is you need to do some research and see if the product or products are viable.

You could search Google Trends to see if your product or idea is trending, or is more of a seasonal item.


Find a Supplier you can Trust

The hardest part is finding a supplier you can trust. There are risks in drop shipping, and it can be challenging to find reputable wholesalers with affordable products. 

Often the first place people go is Aliexpress. or some other supplier from China.

Online Business Ideas for Beginners
You need to be careful with clothing

Many times the supplier’s are themselves selling at retail, so sorting through them can be a time consuming effort.

Then there are the scammers who take the money and don’t deliver, giving you a bad reputation which could lead to your hosting provider shutting down your store and forcing you to pay back the money for the undelivered items,

There are verified suppliers of European and U.S.products Here

These can be uploaded directly to your WordPress Woo Commerce store or a Shopify E-Commerce Store. If an item is out of stock it is automatically deleted from your web page.

it is a two tiered set up, The free downloads stop at 25 items, and there is a paid version which has unlimited items.

it has a lot of hand made items in its inventory and if you are already making and selling things on sites like Etsy, then you could also be a supplier, if you don’t mind sending out items sold off drop ship sites.

A Win Win proposition I think.

SaleHoo is a drop shipping site with Verified suppliers, and it has an amazing tool called research labs, which follows trending items being sold on other sites, the average price an item is selling for, and the profit potential available to you.

Salehoo has a wholesale supplier directory that connects dropshippers to suppliers. It includes suppliers in a variety of niches that serve the United States, UK and Australia.

Signing up for SaleHoo  costs $67.00 per year or $127 for lifetime access. and has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Although this comes at a cost  ( not that great), it is probably the best tool I have seen for anyone interested in starting a drop ship business. or, even just to sell on E-Bay.

Shopify has lots of apps but there are mostly for marketing and the cost of these can balloon out of control if your not careful.

There are other download apps, but I am not sure the product suppliers they import from are as thoroughly vetted as those of Sprocket and Salehoo,  obviously some would be.


These are only two wholesale / manufacturing suppliers linking to drop shippers,  I know out there in internet land there are hundreds of others.

Many are individuals with small workshops supplying items in very tight niches. Belt buckles, Pet urns, Cut coin jewelry, hunting knives, or some other item that is easily able to be posted.

if you have contact with your supplier, it could lead to other opportunities, personal contact is always good.

So often many who started drop shipping had few skills of value in the mainstream world, where they could not make a reasonable income trading time for money. 

But become successful serving a niche with drop shipping and expanded into importing and exporting. 

I use this as my writing platform



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