How to Star Affiliate Marketing

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Today.

How to Start Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing

How to start affiliate marketing today, follows a similar process to affiliate marketing when people in European cities were doing it last century or even earlier.  

Although affilaite marketing has been around for eons. Back in the day, knowing how to start affiliate marketing was restricted to mostly the legal and merchant clique.

Back then there were cumbersome legal conditions attached to agreements which had to be adhered to. It was almost like a franchise. 

It is very different to referral marketing where the legalities were less formal.

Maybe we have just loosened the shackles. The entry requirements these days are little easier, thanks to the digital era, which has made promotional resources cheaper.

But it is still an endevour to be taken seriously and there conditions attached to all affiliate agreements. 

If you don’t, then you not only waste your time and resources but also those of the company you are affiliated to.

If you asked most people what  Affiliate Marketing  is, they would probably give you the modern answer, like “ run ads on facebook promoting someone else’s product and they pay you a commission”.   Sort of like a Sales Rep.

In a way that is correct but there is a lot more intellectual depth to affiliate marketing than that statement.

How to Start in Affiliate Marketing.

There are many options, Amazon probably being the best known. Like many of the big organisations Amazon relies on your creativity to make sales, it doesn’t really give a path to follow.

It relies more on its brand to generate income for itself and its affiliates. I would put Amazon more into the referral marketing domain rather than it being affiliate marketing.
How to Start  Affiliate Marketing
Branding is one of the hardest things to build in any venture, online or off.

There a few good training online training sites that have in depth course structures to build not only a good brand.

But with the use of other resources show  how you can build a very substantial business in the Affiliate Marketing world.

I have written previously about being an affiliate or sales rep. Unfortunately for many who become involved in affiliate marketing,  a lack of fast substantial earnings sees them move from one idea to the next whiz bang thing.

It is not the only reason though.

Affiliate Marketing is initially foundation building, then accumulation. Once the foundation is built, accumulation builds at a greater pace, usually from organic sources.

From there you are able to easily branch into other areas. If you so desire.

Affiliate Training Platforms.

When looking at training platforms for affiliate marketing it is sometimes better to look past the cost. Instead look at the back up you are likely to receive.

It is not the cost of a product that will determine your success in this field it is the help and encouragement you receive along the way.

Many people coming into this profession are working day ( or night ),  jobs and want to have a good understanding of what is required, particular in the initial stages when they are building out their foundations, simply because their time is limited.

Waiting 3 or 4 days for an answer on SEO, or web page layout literally slows down the whole learn / work process and is a major reason for discouragement and high drop out levels in many online training courses.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

The understanding should be to show respect to new members, who have joined for the chance of having a different career outside of the one they already have, or the person looking for a new well paying career.

Questions need to answered promptly with detailed explanations, so the answer is comprehensively understood, saving time so the student can move on with confidence.

Wealthy Affiliate is one affiliate training organisation that does understand the need of having its primary goal set at helping new affiliates, otherwise all else falls by the wayside if it fails at this. 

See the graphic below

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate comes with a solid reputation in the training of affiliate marketers. the screen shot above is of a question being answered by one of its more experienced members.

Wealthy Affiliate lists 4 things of importance for anyone thinking of entering this field.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

A video giving a walk through of how the program is set up. How it tries for maximum efficiency,  and the difference between Starter Membership and Premium Membership.

How to start Affiliate Marketing

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money ?

Short answer is yes,  and It is definitely not a scam. It may not be the best in the world but it does offer a lot for what you pay.

Particularly for those who have not had serious internet marketing experience.  Lots of content, peer support, SEO techniques and tools, to get your site ranking in the search engines, a huge library of videos, super fast free hosting, and much more.

It can be overwhelming, initially, but it is a great place, and a real eye opener.  If you want to start a good online business, Wealthy Affiliate offers you that opportunity. 

If you have some experience you could fly with this.

Money wise?,  don’t expect too much in the beginning, it could be three months depending how much time you are able to put into it, or how much previous experience you have. 

But anything can happen. A 16 year old kid made four sales in his first 2 weeks.


How to Start Affiliate Marketing

For a short time wealthy affiliate is offering a discounted first month premium membership of $19.00.  You still have the option of trying Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Remember at the end of the day how successful you are or are not, depends on you. All the tools are there, from what I see there is no stone left unturned.

Feel free to leave a message.


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