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What is Online Affiliate Marketing.

You are helping small or large companies to get their products to a wider audience. By doing this companies, keep their overheads down, and their products are more able to be accessed by more people. All you need to do is provide space on your website for a link to their business.

Many people have a good idea of what it is, If your one of them and keen to get started with your free training in online affiliate marketing, you can be up and running in a couple of hours.  Just click here  no credit card, no obligation. 

Passive Income Streams

The great thing about affiliate marketing is you are building a asset that will deliver passive income streams potentially for years to come.

This is one of affiliate marketing’s most overlooked secrets.

Drop shipping needs continued input, other biz ops rely on costly upgrades, for apps and looking for new avenues of buyers, as they in too broad a niche.

Find a Niche.

Try and Identify a problem and think what the best way is to solve that problem, then work from there. 

It could stem from a passion you have, say you like bike riding, and some one has developed a new helmet that has better safety features than the current helmets.

Who could use these helmets 

Free Training in Online Affiliate Marketing. Start Today.
That will keep the sun off.

Remember. The priority of anyone looking for a solution to anything,  is to find a solution. Not hand you a fist full of cash.


The company issues you a set of tools including a tracking link included in some code for you to place in your website.
Also, they will likely include text links, banner codes, email swipes, and product reviews.

So, you provide your web-page or email list, use your knowledge of SEO, and marketing to get sales and that is about it.

Knowledge of Keywords?  This might Help.

Easy huh?   if only.

  • The research should include. At the very least.
  • What do consumers find useful in this particular niche?
  • Who are the biggest players in that field
  • Do they have an affiliate program?
  • If so, how much does it pay.

What are the options available to you for promoting this product?  Do good due diligence and read through the terms and conditions.

It is a Scam ?  Plenty of them around.

Is it a product that could be expanded to include other relevant products?

Expanding on your product Idea.

Let’s say you see DIY as a market where people are in need of Ideas and solutions.

So, you establish a likely profile of those who are in this niche

You could start with how to books from Clickbank.   Example here  A  his & hers Here.

Home decor products from Walmart or Amazon.

Health products or Recipes (some research required here).

Animal products or training. (always popular).

Depending on your expertise you could expand further by adding a higher value item(s)

It could be tools, photography, (again, another how to). Or something else that would make a fit into this niche.

The secret to all of these is to have some knowledge of what your promoting, preferably a lot on one and some on the others.

Can you make money with affiliate marketing?

The short answer is Yes.    The long answer is It depends on so many things.  

To begin with there are 4 parties involved.  The affiliates website, The affiliate network, The Advertiser and The Buyer.

You need to organise your web-page in such a way as to make these items available. having a web-page with no focus  will look cheap and scam-my, don’t fall into that trap

Free Training in Online Affiliate Marketing Start Today.
Keep the money tree growing

As with so many things in life you have to learn before you earn. it all takes time. To get a harvest you must first plant seeds.

You may already have some knowledge about setting up web-pages, which is fine, it might have been a small blog and viewed by friends and family.

Or an e-commerce site which you were able to display and organise products and add shipping etc.

You might be an expert graphic designer. Whatever,  affiliate marketing is a completely different realm.

A google search on say, fitness products, will generally bring up Amazon, E-bay, some “How to’s” and maybe some e-commerce stores on the first page. To find a manufacturer your google search needs to be specific.

The major task for any affiliate is to get onto the first page, although not everyone stops at the first page. If I am looking for something, I will often go to the 3rd or 4th pages.
Who knows what gems you might find there.

The trick is to get your site ranked high enough so you have a chance to make some money off it. It might take 3 months before you see any return, and 6 mths. before you make enough to take your partner out for dinner.


In internet land 3 months is baby steps, it is the time you should be writing reviews on your products, comparing it with other similar products. Making sure the photos are good quality, the links and banners are in the right places.

There are different theories on marketing. Some think loud and colourful is the way to go. But you must remember your page is only the gateway to the product,which then goes to the actual advertisers landing page.

Does it appear enticing? well laid out with clear photos and descriptions of the product. Take ownership of the product you are promoting, try and create enthusiasm and desire, that this product is just the thing to solve the problem the reader has.

What Help is available

Believe it or not there are not many places that have dedicated affiliate marketing programs, Cilckbank has Clickbank University with the latest offer being 50% off for 6 months.

See the promo here    Click bank is better known as promoting vendor’s products, some of which unfortunately have high refund rates. Particularly E-Business type products. Personally I like ClinkBank, they have some useful products.

While Clickbank university is reasonably priced with the 50% discount. It lacks many of the tools of other Affiliate programs. Essentially all the lessons are done via video and if you live out side of their time zone it can be awkward to keep up depending on your own commitments.

If you are new to Affiliate marketing it might be a challenge to make it work for you. Remember the Statistics for failure of internet businesses is around 90%.

Clickbank shines at promoting vendors products. It has all the tools and it is the core of its business.  If you have, or are thinking about developing a product you could do a lot worse than using Click bank to promote your product. For Vendors

I bought this nearly 10 years ago and it is still one of clickbanks best performing products today.

Not only that, I still use it.

That is the power of Clickbank and is essentially what it is best at.

There are numerous advertiser sites that offer products and affiliate assistance. But essentially they are only monetization sites and offer limited advantage to anyone serious about making money online as an affiliate.

The more popular ones are Amazon,  Share a Sale, Offer Vault, Commission Junction (for years it imitated Click bank), and of course Big Commerce.  Add in MLM and a few scams who ask you to pay  for a banner ad  to place on your website, then promise to pay you so much for every click it receives. Ad flippas and others. More on those in an another article.

Rakuten is another advertiser site which has some affiliate tips and tools to make promoting products easier. The Bento box for deep linking is a useful tool.

Other places to monetize your site are Second Hand stores with affiliate programs, Clothes, health, Adult stores, Sports, Wellness. Beauty, Aging, Share trading, Collectibles,  the list goes nearly to infinity, the important thing to remember is ‘Don’t be a one trick pony”.

 Sign up with the free membership and if you go Premium within 7 days receive up to 60%off your first months membership.

Free Training in Online Affiliate Marketing. Start Today.


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