The No1 Drop Shipping Business Opportunities – Exposed

Drop Shipping Business Opportunities

Drop shipping business opportunities

Profitable items

The big players, Shopify, Big E-Commerce, Squarespace and even hosting companies, are promoting drop shipping business opportunities as a way to give up the 9 – 5 J.O.B.

Done with proper due diligence,  drop shipping can dramatically improve your lifestyle. 

I am a ten year± veteran of dropshipping.   I know, if it is done wrong,  you will finish up in a financial bodybag. 

I don’t like negativity, but sometimes you got to call it as you see it.

In this post I will walk you through some of the traps, and pitfalls of  drop shipping  to give you enough information, that will have you up and running a profitable business. 

While most others are trying to manage a nightmare.

The Problem

The big players are selling the sizzle, and people are loading up with all sorts of apps and extras after they have signed up.

Some before they even have a product to sell. Go figure. 

Many have been stung, and worse, they continue to get stung because they suffer shiny object syndrome.

 Is it a Saturated Market ?

I have posted on this subject previously,  but I keep seeing heavy  marketing by the big E-Comms trying to get rank newcomers to enter the E-Commerce sphere.

I am wondering why there is so much noise, when you still have the established players controlling the largest chunk of the E-Commerce market.

Amazon, E-bay as well as old favorites like Etsy and Artfire, which, although listed as arts and crafts have a large part of their membership drop shipping.

It has lead me to the conclusion, This is as good an opportunity as it has ever been!

Shopify has been around for a awhile, as have Woo Commerce (one of the first),  Big E-Commerce, et el.

 I am seeing T. V. ads by companies like Big Daddy, using  well-known actors to promote their hosting and E-Commerce credentials.

It would seem there is a new supercharged push to get on the band wagon started by E-Bay all those years ago.

Com And Hosting

Is it likely to be profitable for you?

By signing up with one of the big players with just a basic plan?.  The short answer is probably not. In fact I would say NO,  won’t happen.

By the time you pay the monthly outgoings for hosting ( the cheap easy part),  any apps you might have signed on for, transaction costs and advertising,  little or no sales, you are going to be left feeling,  gutted and praying for divine intervention.

Some of the “Gurus” claim to make $1,000,000 a year. What they don’t tell you is,  they spent $800,000+ on advertising alone,  they are not counting the running costs !

I have never seen these figures on a year on year basis. So,  flash in a pan is my thinking on them.

It is also a cost that will eventually outstrip their profit, because of the rising costs of PPC, face book advertising, cost of apps, fluctuating sales, virtual assistants and all the rest of it.

There is Another Way.

I will walk you through something that will give your business a very unfair advantage.

One company that helps you find highly profitable products is  Salehoo,

It has developed a research lab that shows what products are in demand.

  • It shows the average selling price 
  • The details on where it is selling   
  • The ratio of sales to listings

Using this little known app puts you one step ahead of the competition.

Combining it with another little known app (see below),  you will be so far ahead of the game.  While everyone else and their dog are on Google trends, looking for things.

 Your product will be out there.

** Many are high ticket items which will give you good returns with enough margin to adjust your prices against the competition.

Drop Shipping Business opportunities

Put Money in your Wallet

 How Else Can Salehoo help you.

If you are new to drop shipping and working within one the big players platorms,  it could be a long time before you get your head around how to take advantage of this great opportunity. If ever.

listening to “Gurus” is going to be lethal to your finances, and your life will sink, to the depths of traumatic wretchedness.

Salehoo has everything you need in one place. 

  • A complete guide to starting and running a dropship business.
  • 8000 Verified Suppliers
  • Amazing support to answer all your questions.

Get an Unfair Advantage

All the information needed to give your business an unfair advantage. 

Then build it out into a highly profitable business, giving you financial resources you only dreamt about.

Drop Shipping Business Opportunities

All this and more in one convienent place.

SEO for E-Commerce

The No1 Drop Shipping Business Opportunities - Exposed

Doing research

Some say it is not needed.

That is a myth. Outside of Salehoo this is the only app you do need.

This app will tell you the number of searches there are for a specific product, so you can have your product ranking higher in the search engines.

As I mentioned earlier about Google searches.

An overview on how to use it is shown Here and it is free for you to test.

The thing is to leave no stone un-turned.  Start with a good relevant keyword name for your site. The description of your item would be headlined with a keyword.

Why listen to me

I am not a “Guru” selling the latest whiz bang concept on how to set up a drop shipping website in 60 seconds, and make a million dollars by tomorrow morning. Nor am I encouraging to boost face books coffers. 

I do have a good background in drop shipping though.

For 10 years I sold jewelry.

Hand made, coin cut outs that were fashioned into things like golf ball markers, belt buckles, necklaces, ear rings, cuff links. etc.

Drop Shipping Business Opportunities.

Cut out coins.

If you don’t know, Jewelry is probably the hardest of all products to sell, either physically or by drop shipping.

All I am doing here is walking you through a jungle.

Showing you how a small relativity unknown company, that has been around since the days when E-Bay was a baby, is still flying under the radar and its members are making a killing.

The questions asked on the forums  by people wanting to know

  • If drop shipping is a saturated market
  • Or
  • If people are making money using Shopify ( and others).

Only highlights the divide between successful marketing by the big players and entrenpenuers suffering empty wallet syndrome. 

How you can avoid being ripped off with this exceptional  opportunity.

With the Big Guys

You are essentially buying a webpage which is fine, and if you are using Shopifiy, just be carefull not to load yourself up with useless expensive apps.

 With SaleHoo.

It has lots of private manufacture’s with whom you can link up with. Over 8000 of them.

From headphones to Warehouse liquidations to smaller private manufacture’s wanting sales of their unique products.

Drop Shipping Business Opportunities

Which would you buy? Hand made designer or run of the mill from Aliexpress.

Do this and you are immediately away from the noise of the gurus and the big players .

Potentially saving yourself Thousands of Dollars.

Drop Shipping Business Opportunities

Reviews tell the story.

 The E-Commerce Business

I use shopify,  it is ok. It has lots of add ons which if you are not careful can add to your costs considerably. ( Sorry for repeating myself ).

But it ticks all the boxes. As does Squarespace. You can get all the pros and cons of these and others at  Salehoo.

Your primary purpose is to have sales of your items, not play with gadgets, which cost money and slow your page load times down.

This is why Salehoo is the stand out when it comes to drop shipping business opportunities.

This is where you will acheive the greatest success.

Why haven’t you heard of it.

Why compete against the deep pockets of the big guys?

Salehoo’s prices haven’t gone up in years. By keeping promotional outgoings to a minimum, there is more they can do for you.

  • More up to date learning materials
  • Better lab management,
  • Better management support for you.

Most importantly keeping your costs stable.

My experience tells me the two most important things you can have is. A unique product that will make you a profit and can be expanded upon.

And stable costs.

If costs are stable then the less price adjustments you need to make on your products. Keeping you competitive as others raise theirs. 

This is what Salehoo offers,  and along with some help from this world class SEO tool.

You will be so far ahead of the game, your family will be asking how you can afford to throw lavish parties.


For me, a webpage was secondary. In the overall scheme of things , It costs very little and takes little time to set up.  So until I knew what niche I was going to work, it wasn’t a priority.

I had a site on Artfire, before I went to Shopify, the reason I shifted was because of a price increases using Artfire, and I felt shopify had more advantages over bland Artfire pages with no email capture.

The best thing about Artfire was, there were no apps to play with, yet my site was still successful.  hint, hint.

Drop Shipping Business Opportunities

Review by Steve

Of course, you do need a good website,  and Salehoo can help there as well. as I mentioned above. 

But you are better finding out what will sell, before you even think about a website. Do the research.  Here

The Cost to find out what sells and what does not.

You have two options. A yearly fee of $67.00.  OR  a one off lifetime purchase of $127.00.

The nearest competitor  doesn’t even come close.  It costs nearly $300  and no lab research tool. 

With Salehoo, there is an iron clad money back guarantee if you are not happy.

Salehoo values its credibility and are quite certain, you will find this instantly valuable.

drop shipping business opportunities

short review.

What Support Can You Expect.

All SaleHoo members have access to personal email support from their support team. You can also chat with other SaleHoo members and SaleHoo staff inside their bustling members forum.

Drop shipping business opportunities.

!00% guarantee. Nothing to hide.

To remove any seeds of doubt and have this impressive tool working for you.   Go here

drop Shipping Business Opportunities

some of what is available


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Work towards Freedom

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7 thoughts on “The No1 Drop Shipping Business Opportunities – Exposed

  1. Norman Richards

    I have heard about dropshipping in the past and was one time very interested in it although I never followed through don’t remember why but thanks so much for sharing this information that is so informative with tons of information.

  2. Joe Stasaitis Post author

    Thanks for the info on dropshipping and Salehoo. Much appreciated. You have given many good details about this way of marketing. All the Best.
    Joe Stasaitis

  3. Jan

    What a huge opportunity you share with us! In fact, I had the opinion that the market was saturated and that it was more trouble than opportunity to start with e-commerce.
    But with what you say about Salehoo, I might revise this idea.
    It seems like a perfect opportunity and the sale and selling price difference is huge and enought to get me curious.
    But there must be some negative side to it, or not?
    Just my fear talking, but I had to ask, before I try it out.
    Best wishes,

    1. Michael Dubhthaigh Post author

      Hi Jan,
      There are negative sides to everything. It is how you handle them as to whether they stay negative or not.
      I have seen your website and to me you have all the ingredients to become a successful online marketer.
      Specific niche.
      multiple choices within that niche.
      You just need the products and the knowledge to be able to market them. Well a website too of course.
      I don’t believe any market is saturated. There are markets that are over serviced.
      like general merchandise, but even these can and sometimes do have a item go viral which gives them a good payday.
      With your site affiliate marketing, and a commerce section set up within your music blog or a completely separate commerce site you are are already half way there. You just need the product.

      All the best hope to talk with you again.

      1. Jan

        Thank you so much, Michael!
        Do you also coach? I would love to follow your advice and add a product page.
        Which products would you suggest for my niche?
        Do I have to buy them before I sell them? Or can I just buy them when I sold a product?
        You see, I am a full rookie in e-commerce.
        I’m still find it reassuring that I only market products but don’t sell or buy.
        Isn’t that a huge step?
        I’m taking advantage of your availability to answer questions here! That is so rare on the www.
        Grateful for any help you might want to give me,

        1. Michael Dubhthaigh Post author

          Hi Jan,
          Great that you have an interest in this.
          You may know some of this, but I will go through it all anyway.
          Drop shipping is a supply chain management system where you do not keep products in stock.
          You only pay for the product when the product is sold.
          With affiliate marketing you are paid a %
          With drop shipping you know how much you need to pay to the Manufacturer or wholesaler.
          Then add your margin 30% is a good starting point.

          Then,This is the critical part, do some research on what the item is selling for elsewhere.
          Check E-Bay, Amazon, Craigslist, Aliexpress, Bangood.
          The price it is listed at should be the retail price with slight variations.
          The price difference between the wholesale and retail price is your gross profit.

          Is it enough? Shopifiy has research that shows that the average selling point for an item is around the $30.00 mark.
          which after costs leaves you with about $10 – $15 profit.

          I feel this is a bit skewed because of the large numbers of drop shippers using Aliexpress.

          In the article I show a cut out coin. I had 200 variations of coins, ranging in price from $36.00 – $400.
          They sold. The guy who made them was an old sailor who lives in Michigan. USA.

          Another photo in the post shows a lady in a bikini. She doesn’t make the bikini, but she makes the cover and scarfs and also sarongs, bags and purses. (found her on Salehoo). Her prices start around $100.00, and she has been in business for years.
          So do not be afraid of big ticket items.

          On a personal note sometimes I buy things off aliexpress, I bought some $3 pet urns once. Showed them to a friend whose parents owned a funeral parlour. They ordered 200 off me. and they still get them off me.
          For you Jan? I am not sure.
          What you need to do Janie is brainstorm a product.
          Remember product first, then website.
          I have some ideas,
          But I will keep them confidential for now.
          All the best


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