How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing in 2021

How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing in 2021 Updated for 2023.

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How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing in 2021
Old school way

One of the fall-outs from this covid shut down , is many people have gone online searching for ways to make an income.

For those who have the right information, many may never return to the daily 8-5 grind.

This short guide on how to make money from affiliate marketing might help you become self sufficient, and not worry about rejoining the daily commute. Lets move onto…

How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is not just being a salesman / saleswoman for a company making products for the consumer market, the industrial market or medical market or scientific market.

You are setting up a business, with lots of variables thrown in. It doesn’t matter who you are, there is something in this business for you to become successful. You just have to stick with it.

Of the 4 markets I listed above there has to be something in one of them that you have a passion for or know something about.

Think about it for a moment. Many people have got into affiliate marketing, not so much to make money, but to promote something that helped him overcome a problem, and then passing on this information as well as other information, that is helpful for his readers.

Some like Mark who had some serious health problems, then discovered mountain bike riding. He makes a good side income these days writing about mountain bikes.

So, first off …

Discover Your Passion or Something of Interest to You.

How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing in 2021

For some people, the stand downs due to the coronavirus were a blessing in disguise.

Although it caught many working people short, until “government” money started arriving in peoples bank accounts or letter boxes.

  • Coming not long after the expenses of Christmas and the New Year
  • The restart of school
  • Or just as people were just getting their accounts balanced…

Many people decided to do something they liked rather than go back working for the man.

As someone once said to me ” It is just as easy to go broke fishing, as working for nothing, and I would much rather be fishing better than working”.

I mentioned Mark and Mountain bikes above.

Prior to a health scare Mark never had much interest in push bikes. It was certainly not a passion.

It was only after his health scare and buying a bike for the daily commute that he developed a passion for push bikes.

In the online world it is called a niche and narrowed down to mountain bikes it becomes more specialized and focused on a targeted market.

Many of us have a broad like of things with out any of them being a passion. If you want to become involved in affiliate marketing, then this is fine too.

I was uncertain of my own path in the beginning.

I tend to write more on earning online or work from home than I do on affiliate marketing. And that is fine because it all ties in.

Choosing a product or a service that will interest you and your potential customers is something that is significant when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing.

It’s often brushed aside as something obvious.

Jude, a young Mum who wanted to spend more time home with her children in their formative years, started a blog in the baby clothes niche.

English is not Judes first language, but she found a company whose products she was happy to promote, and has been pulling in $80.00 commissions and more with her affiliate site and pushing her business on social sites like Pinterest and Face Book.

Even starting her own face book group. Once she had her site up and running.

Once you find things you’re truly interested in, your audience will be more willing to take the action you want them to. 

Not Sure What to Promote

This is not something you should be even worried about at this point. We will look at that a little further down.

First you have a check list to go through.

  • You need a domain name, hosting and a website.
  • You need a structured plan to follow
  • You need to know some of the tricks of webmasters ( not many just to make life easier).
  • Understand how to work Social Media.
  • Understand video and its role in affiliate marketing
  • PPC advertising.

It is one to know how to blog. But your not setting up a blog, your setting up a business.

One that will provide for you for many years to come if you are serious about it.

I had better mention SEO. The key steps to SEO are:

  • Researching a keyword, it’s search volume, and competition.
  • Creating in-depth content that is better than whoever’s in the top results.
  • Making content user-friendly (YouTube timestamps, table of contents on blog).
  • Using your keyword in the right places (title, description, content, video file name).
  • Increasing click-through rates (titles, custom thumbnails, Google’s featured snippets).

SEO is where you can expect to get most of your traffic from . Many claim Social Media is where the bulk of their traffic but both options are covered in wealthy affiliates and solo build its learning modules.

Shop Now!

How much does it cost to set up an Affiliate Marketing Business.

The two top companies to learn the ropes on affiliate marketing have extensive learning modules, and support systems.

The question of how to make money from affiliate marketing? Well… you got to spend a little… Not too much, but some.

My top two companies to give you the best possible grounding in setting up your business are Wealthy Affiliate and Solo Build It.

A quick review of wealthy affiliate can be found here.

A review of Solo Build It can be seen here.

I have yet to do a side by side comparison, but at the moment Solo Build It has a distinct price advantage of about 40% last time I looked.

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Is Affiliate Marketing a Good Business Model?

There have certainly been some very good success stories from both the wealthy affiliate and solo build it platforms.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is you can promote anything.

  • Gambling, You will make money.
  • Sex, you will make money.
  • Services and products for business’s,
  • Religion will make you money.
  • Consumer products

How do you find them? Below is a partial screenshot of wealthy affiliates list

How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing in 2021 A partial list of affiliate business's.
Pages of business’s to promote.

How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing Without a Website.

Is it possible? Certainly. You do need other online marketing skills though. Knowledge of how to market using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would be useful.

Products could be sourced from ClickBank the worlds largest Affiliate wholesaler.

Most of the business’s on ClickBank have their own sales pages. Your job is to get people to land on those pages and hope those pages are good enough to elicit a sale.

In the world of marketing, particularly online marketing, the data is people don’t buy until they have seen something about 7 times !

The traditional affiliate marketing methods used, have a “cookie” that has a time limit of between 30 – 90 days, once someone has “fired” your link. So you have plenty of time for the shopper to came back and look again.

If your prepared to outlay some cash for advertising and are confident of your skills in Face book marketing, then this could be a lucrative earner for you.

There is much more to this than can be said in a short post. I have provided links for you to check out what is on offer. Over the next couple of weeks I will feature a comparison between the two biggest players in the Affiliate space.


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