The Wealthy Affiliate Scam.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam- Secrets Revealed.

Fellow Entrepreneur,

I have mentioned it elsewhere on this site and I will say it again here.

The majority of us don’t believe there will be long-term stable employment as we move further into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. For many, Covid has probably reinforced that view.

Other statistics show that 36% of Americans already have a side hustle of some description to help boost their income.

This creates a huge demand for scammers wanting to cash in on the demand of people wanting to start an online business.

One in 30 adults in the USA will fall victim to fraud every year. That figure is rising and it jumped by 34% in 2018, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

91% of targets who were contacted by scammers over social media engagement, and 53% lost money. Similarly, 81% of respondents who encountered fraud via a website, engaged with it and 50% lost money.

The Damage is done by Scammers

I am no psychic, but the writing was on the wall 15 or more years ago when Amazon, E-bay, and others were pointing in the direction E-Commerce was headed.

All things being equal,  the opportunities at that time were great… If you became involved with a reputable platform.  

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed

But at that time, many people who tried to earn an income online.

  • Lost money
  • Suffered embarrassment
  • Found themselves among the smoking wreckage of a financial and matrimonial disaster.

Online Purchase scams were among the most highly reported and successful scams documented by the study.

Of the 84% of respondents who reported online purchase scams and engaging with them. 47% lost money as a result of their participation.

Many are not reported.

According to the study, these scams proliferate on websites such as Craigslist, E-Bay, Kjiji and others that directly connect buyers and sellers.

Photo of Carson Lim and family used in the article, The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Revealed.
Carson Lim.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam-Reveled

Kyle Louden and family used in the article The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Revealed.
Kyle Louden

Let’s take an in-depth look and see what it is all about. Is it a scam?

No. I see no red flags with this. There is no building downlines or any MLM type activity.

First a bit of background. Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by two Canadian entrepreneurs Kyle Louden and Carson Lim

Kyle has expertise in business and marketing and Carson’s (whose parents are teachers), expertise is in computer science.

They were working independently of each other for about 10 years before deciding to join forces and create wealthy affiliate.

Their ambition is to show people how to properly build a business online, in any niche.

What they Teach

You are going to learn all about affiliate marketing and how to earn from over 550 million products/services as an affiliate without dealing with all of the headaches of Ecom (shipping, transactions, customer support, refunds, etc).

It is a brilliant business model.

The first focus is going to be creating the audience and defining yourself as an authority within a given niche or category.

What you promote at the end of the day is going to be completely up to you, but understanding traffic and how to get it for free (through search engine optimization) is essential for your longevity in business, and sustainability.

Since 2005, the goals of Wealthy Affiliate have remained the same.

That is to help you develop a method to make an online income, by providing in-depth, knowledgeable and personalized help to bring your ambitions to life.

Over the years wealthy affiliate has helped thousands of people achieve financial independence and continues to help with newly updated advanced techniques, which essentially lead you by the hand…

  • To create ongoing passive income.
  • To start living your passion and confidently move your business and you to a level of financial freedom by following an advanced, easy-to-implement process.

If you are ready to move your life to a position where the money is staggering, and the lifestyle options leave you spoilt for choice…

Then it is time to get moving on getting what you really want

Click Here to get started,

or read on.

  • In the Wealthy Affiliate Community, you will never stop learning from the many members who share their latest discoveries. 
  • You’ll no longer be forced to read dozens of websites, magazines, and books to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and tools.

Who should join Wealthy Affiliate and Why.

In the blogging and E-Commerce sphere, there is a learning curve involved

Many people think they can jump from a normal job into some online job and start making money immediately.

In some cases you can, if you want to fork out a truck load of money to some guru, although there is no guarantee that you will make it back.

Or you’re happy to make a reasonably safe, steady income as many have done on Upwork or Fivver

Disputes with payments have been known to happen with both of those.

The reality is, you need to know what works, and what doesn’t, and take advantage of all the help on offer to get you making real money.

The First Benefit You Receive

It is possible for a new member of wealthy affiliate to have a website up and running within the free week

Many choose that free week to go through the lessons, before committing any money. Given what I have written above, that is understandable, it is not for everyone. However…

Even after two months, you should not have paid anymore than $20.00 to have a website with content, indexed on Google and implementing strategies to maximize your earning potential. 

Not everyone does this of course, but once you have selected your niche and built a website, then you are on the path to long-term success.

Who Should Join: Everyone coming to WA comes from a different background, with a different story.

Do you belong to one of these groups?

  • You’re a stay-at-home Mom or Dad,
  • Retiree or suffer from some disability and are looking for additional income
  • A brick-and-mortar business owner who wants to improve the bottom line of your store
  • Sick of workplace politics and want to ditch the 9-5
  • You have failed at other programs.
The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed
I should have done this

Ask Yourself a Question

Just to re-cap first.

Wealthy Affiliate is the go-to place, where you learn something, then put it into action.

There are plenty of people there who will follow your progress, and lend a hand along the way.

Below, I have compiled a fairly extensive list of the available training you can utilize to drive your business and change your life in ways you can only dream about today.

I cover some of the main training. But…

As well as this information, there are pages and pages of secret online strategies, that give you the keys to unlimited wealth creation.

The question is: How committed are you?

How I started with Wealthy Affiliate is related here.

Online Entrepreneur Training

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed

Online Certification is designed to get you up and running. First by selecting a niche, then creating a website and populating it with useful information relevant to the reader.

As well there are advanced techniques to get your work ranking in search engines. Giving you maximum exposure and earning income.

The Boot Camp Training.

This is another option for you and can start for free.

Most people will do both, as the fee after the free period, includes all the tools and tips within the site. The boot camp is a little more advanced than the online certification, but the techniques are transferable.

If you are new to all this, it is a matter of being patient. You are setting up a process that will have you earning a passive income for years to come.

Best of all, with wealthy affiliates training, there is help available 24/7

The get-rich-quick schemes flooding your mailbox may tell you differently, but if you are doing things ethically then you earn wealth and happiness, and for sustainability, you cannot beat knowledge.

Let’s look at some of the tutorials and videos.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed
Other tuition

The above are the core lessons to get you started with a monetized blog. In addition to these, there are hundreds of videos and tutorials showing insider details on nearly any subject related to earning an online income.

Things like…

  • Building a Local Marketing Business
  • How To Create An E-Commerce Store
  • Product Development
  • Creating Beautiful, Professional Looking Websites for clients.
  • Instagram Feed & Story Posting Strategies
  • How to create a Screen Video FREE for MAC
  • How To Create Your Own Logo For Free
  • Creating Custom Sign-Up Pages – Maximizing Your WA Invites
  • Keyword Mastery – Keywords are the Foundation of Your Success.
The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed
More Tips and Tricks

 And a whole lot more.

Each week there are multiple video tutorials you can take advantage of to help you build your online business.

For Example: Building a local SEO business that gets results.

With so much information at your fingertips, it will be hard not to be successful.

Over time as your business stands alone with very little effort from you, people move into other areas, taking advantage of their discoveries and moving into other lucrative niches.

The Site Community

This is an area of wealthy affiliate where you can exchange information, ask for help, post tutorials and even chat with other members from around the world.

Used properly it is a place to gain motivation, learn new ways of optimizing your websites, find new obscure lucrative affiliates, answer questions, and have some fun.

It is there 24/7

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews.

Most of the negative reviews I have seen cherry-pick subjective out of date data found on other outside websites or forums. generally, they use the popularity of wealthy affiliate to get your eyes on their program.

In a way, it is like comparing apples and pineapples.

What many reviewers don’t look at (often because they don’t know), is that wealthy affiliate is not one-dimensional.

It goes further into other areas of earning an income online than many can imagine. In fact, you can learn Any topic related to building an online income.

Screen shot of wealthy affiliate classes in the article The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Revealed

What you Get With Wealthy Affiliate

You have an all-in-one package. When you pay for full membership you get more than just training.

  • You get super-fast web hosting
  • A network of other affiliate marketers
  • Updated advanced training and keyword research tools.

From the fundamentals of WordPress to coding, affiliate marketing, building a business online, content marketing, etc.

The live video sessions include a Q&A at the end of the session.

Video Here


SEO training. There is a lot on this and how to get the most out of Jaaxy. Possibly the most advanced keyword finder in the online world. You can try it for free Here

It is the industry’s only keyword tool developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

With new innovations, new recently updated advanced training Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be for 2022.

Don’t take my word for it Though.

Here is what Others are Saying.

What really won me over with Wealthy Affiliate was the opportunity to try out the platform free of charge.

I had been looking for a training platform to learn about affiliate marketing and online business, but everywhere I looked the price tag was in hundreds and sometimes thousands.

With Wealthy Affiliate I could try out the platform first to see if I liked it, and as soon as I joined up, I realized this was the place for me. Each and every course lesson has a step by step video tutorial making this in-depth training easy to follow and just my speed.

By day 2 I jumped in as a premium member for a fraction of what other platforms cost and I never looked back.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is a very welcoming and helpful one. Soon, I was interacting with and getting help from people just like myself.

Everyone here has a common goal, and it makes this journey that much more enjoyable.

As I’ve pushed forward with the training, it’s like my eyes have been opened to a complete new world.

I’ve learned how to build a website from scratch, how to create quality content for it that my target audience will find, how to generate consistent traffic to my posts, and how to turn that traffic into revenue through affiliate marketing.

I had no experience with building websites or affiliate marketing when I started, and now not even one year later I’m extremely proud to be the owner of a successful professional website that is getting great traffic and bringing in over $1000/month.

In fact, this month it’s going to trigger $1500 to me in passive income and I couldn’t be happier.

With all the tools and training here at Wealthy Affiliate, the support, the mentor ship, the live video classes, the course lineup, the live chat, the accessibility to incredible mentors.

I can say with absolutely certainty that this is the best training and mentor ship platform for building a successful business online, hands down. Ron Murphy. Current premium member.

 Alan Hocking, Current Premium Member say’s

After looking at several other programs and getting rather disillusioned with the whole internet marketing business.

I decided against my wife’s wishes to give Wealthy Affiliate a try and if I’m totally honest it was probably the free trail they were offering that swayed my decision.

I ignored my wife’s constant messages of “It’s just another scam” and “When are you going to learn?” and decided that as it wasn’t going to cost me anything to look I would give it a try and if it didn’t work I had lost nothing but my time.

I’m glad I did!

The first thing that really impressed me was the personal welcome I received from the owners Kyle and Carson within half an hour of joining.

Something that was unheard-of in the industry back then (2012) and it didn’t take me long to realize that this was the real deal although I didn’t upgrade to the premium membership until three months later.

Probably down to my wife telling me not to do it rather than my own feelings that the training at Wealthy Affiliate actually worked and the premium membership was the only way forwards.

I have since watched WA go from strength to strength with the constant improvements and innovated updates to the membership platform and I now run my entire online business from inside my Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped me turn what was once a hit-and-miss hobby into a full-time online business and I know I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the tools, training and 24/7 support that is a part of the premium membership.

So if you’re reading this and you’re still sitting on the fence about upgrading, catch me in the live chat (I’m on there most days) or drop me a message on my profile and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about my personal experiences here.

Alan Hocking

What you need to do now.

Stop flipping from program to program. At wealthy affiliate nothing is held back. It is an open book, no scam. When you con people you spend a life on the run. After 16 odd years, the management at wealthy affiliate hasn’t changed.

Check out the key metrics, training, diversity of opportunity, ethics and relevance to modern E-Commerce.

And of course… Cost.

As wealthy affiliate heads into its 17th year, it is still the number-one affiliate training program on the market today

Do not click the below link unless you’re ready to build a valuable asset that will provide you with a passive income for years to come.

However, if you want a path to awesome success your next step is easy…

Click This link.   

There is no obligation, no credit card needed, just a few basic details so we know who we are talking to.

See you on the inside.


9 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Scam- Secrets Revealed.”

  1. Thank you Michael for the in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliates programs. Yes it is a very good learning platform about affiliate marketing all in one place. There is no need to browse thousands of sites to learn about affiliate marketing. 

    I like the way you have analyzed Wealthy Affiliates program, step by step. You have really shown that this is the number one program in the world. 

    Thanks a lot,

    Ernest Felix  

  2. You point a handful of extremely valid points. I like how you mentioned the employment situation, especially how it relates to our current post pandemic state. I agree, there were alot of jobs and businesses that were lost during the pandemic and nobody really knows what the future will hold. The best way to combat all of these unknowns to create multiple side hustles. I am a firm believer in multiple streams of income as a hedge against future black swan event. I’ve created the Side Hustle Academy on my website

  3. Lizzy Stabel

    At first, when I read the title, I was getting upset haha. Because I don’t think that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam at all. And then I read on and saw that you don’t consider it a scam either, so I was relieved 🙂

    I must say that I am very happy to have joined Wealthy affiliate in 2020. It took me a while to learn the ropes and to write enough blog posts, but now I am definitely seeing success!

  4. Thanks Michael for this insightful and informative post about Wealthy Affiliate. I most agree it does take a commitment to implement what you learn over time to be successfu.

    I also agree is is easy to get into information overload and get overwhelmed by just how much training is provided. Taking things one step at a time, and building one website at a time is important so that a person does not spread themselves too thin and not see the success they desire.

    I appreciate the information in this post and it is a very good reminder to stay focused, consistent and patient.

    All the Best.


  5. They certainly are Doc,
    Thanks for insights. There are so many avenues you can turn your hand to at Wealthy Affiliate as you go throught the training, you see more opportunities in the live training and many have transitioned form affilaite marketers to SEO experts, E-Com,merce and setting up local marketing business’s in their home towns.
    Wealthy Affilaite is not as one dimensional as many in the field would have people believe.
    Thanks for your comments on the wealthy affiliate scam
    Much Appreciated

  6. Hi Norman,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. The internet is full of companies overpromising and under delivering.
    The Wealthy Affiliate scam is no more a scam than I am a horse. As for promotions of wealthy affiliate many of its affiliates don’t, and choose to do other things with their websites. or begin a a local marketing business using the knowledge they have gained from wealthy affiliate training.

  7. Wealthy Affiliate has a proven track record of helping anyone to have online success. when you look at the training, the community and the tools you know that once you join Wealthy Affiliate you are a part of something great. I would encourage anyone to become a part of Wealthy Affiliate who is helping so many people to live their dreams.

  8. The extensive training session within Wealthy Affiliate is not comparable to any other online organization. I can say it honestly after gaining direct experience from several other sources.

    If you are looking to make money online with the lowest investment, there are no alternatives to affiliate marketing, and it needs in-depth knowledge and proper application. However, Wealthy Affiliate provides you exactly what you need (or maybe more). If you can apply them proper way to your online business, you must be experiencing success, but if you don’t focus you may experience the worst result.

    SEO training is the most important thing for affiliate marketers throughout the world, in fact, success in e-commerce is also largely dependent on SEO. And Wealthy Affiliate offers the most fundamental and update SEO training (I have no confusion about it). Jaaxy keyword research tool is the world-class addition to the WA platform (I absolutely agree with you). But a bit more in-depth e-commerce training may add some more clarity and fulfillment. But for the affiliate marketers, the lessons are more than enough.

    It is needless to say, success comes after hard work and time, and you must have to follow the lessons to get success in WA. “Get-rich-quick” is a forbidden term, and Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t offer you to get rich quick.

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