The Wealthy Affiliate Scam.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. – Revealed

I have mentioned it before and I will repeat it here.

Research shows the majority of us don’t believe there will be long term stable employment as we move further into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. – Revealed.

I am no physic, but I think the writing was on the wall 15 years ago ( maybe longer ). Amazon, E-Bay, and others, pointed to the direction the world of commerce was heading.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed

Money maker

Over that time many people have tried to earn an income online and come unstuck, lost money, suffered embarrassment, or had a hard time pulling themselves  back from financial / matrimonial disaster.

Why would this be any different you may ask.

I am an affilaite of wealthy affiliate. So, you might be thinking,  this look at wealthy affiliate is about as useful as kicking a rock.

Not so, just because I am a member doesn’t mean I like everything about them and will gloss over the bad. So, First a Question.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam ?

Short answer is NO.  One thing I loathe when people are promoting products / courses etc, is, calling the other a scam and showing unreal screenshots of earnings. 

For me screen shots of “earnings” is the number one turnoff and totally irrelevant  because, If it is true, Is it a guarantee that you will do the same or better?.   No, of course not.   Is it motivating?  hmmm, Maybe ?.

It is certainly a lazy way to promote something. “Don’t say too much, just show some money”. Greed is not an ethicial metric to promote something,  as far as I am concerned.

It doesn’t say is how much work it took, and / or cost to get this level of earnings. This is the ultimate glossing over of facts. And many in Wealthy Affiliate are guilty of using this as a marketing tactic.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed

Look at Me

All it tells you is that,  yes there is the potential to make money using this program or app or whatever. But you could assertain that youself  by looking into the program and seeing the tools and lessons involved. (if that information was given).  Then it is just a matter of determining whether the risk is worth the reward(s).

What is Wealthy Affiliate and How Would it Help You

Many people think they can jump from a “normal” job into some online “job” and start making an income immediately. In some cases you can. See here. or another  Here.

But in the blogging and E-Commerce sphere there is a learning curve involved and it can take some time to get it all to-gether before you start to bring home some bacon.

  • If you are an entrepeneur ( young or old ), with a start up business looking for a plan that works, then, the wealthy affiliate scam, deserves through investigation.

or if you can answer yes to any of these 

  • Your a Stay at home Mom or Dad and want to learn how to earn an income on line.
  • Your growing business is looking to expand their marketing plan
  • Individuals who want to promote a product /  service online.  You are able to get a free domain name / purchase a website, have your website hosted, and receive internet marketing training to grow your online business.
  • Those who want to make an additional stream of income
  • You have signed up to other “programs” and failed because you were left to figure it out yourself without the support of a highly engaged and positive community.

The Need to Ask Yourself A Question.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed

I should have done this

Wealthy Affiliate is basically a learn as you go system, where you learn something then put it into action. Below I have compiled a fairly extensive list of the training available

The list try’s to cover the main points, but there are thousands of hours of tutorials and videos and there is only so much I can put on here. It may seem like there is a lot of bells and whistles.

But follow the procedures as set out when you begin with Wealthy Affiliate, and you will find your self at a place where you have the knowledge to tackle any online opportunity.

The question is,  “How Committed are you”?

How I started with Wealthy Affiliate is related  here.

Online Entrepreneur Training

Upon Joining ( and you start this for free ). There are two options to get started with.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed


Online Certification. is designed to get you up and running by creating a website, selecting a niche and populating the website with information about that niche, you follow the training, learning the techniques to get your work ranking in the search engines, gaining you maximum exposure. (and sales of what ever you promoting).

The Boot Camp Training.

This is the other option you have. Most people will do both, as the fee includes everything within the site.  The boot camp is a little more in -depth, but the skills are transferable.

This is where you start, many with previous experience breeze through them, and can have their sites up and running and  indexed in google within a couple of weeks. If your new to this then it is a matter of being patient. There is always help available, usually 24 / 7.

The get rich quick schemes flooding your mailbox may tell you otherwise, but for sustainability you cannot beat knowledge.

Lets look the tutorials and videos.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed

Other tuition

These are the core lessons that are designed to get you started with a monertized blog. In addition to these, there are hundreds of tutorials and videos on nearly any subject related to an online income. Such as…

Building a Local Marketing Business

How To Create An E-Commerce Store

Product Development

Creating a Beautiful, Professional Looking Website

Instagram Feed & Story Posting Strategies

How to create a Screen Video FREE for MAC – Short Training –

How To Create Your Own Logo For Free

Creating Custom Sign-Up Pages – Maximizing Your WA Invites

Keyword Mastery – Keywords are the Foundation of Your Success

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. - Revealed

More Tips and Tricks

And way much more. this is only a very small sample of what is available at Wealthy Affiliate.

Each week there is a live video on a topic relevent to online activity that earns an income. Building a local Marketing Business that gets results for example. With so much information available it can be hard not to become overwhelmed with too much information.

Which can lead to:-  Too Many Campaigns: The Mess That Kills Success. 

How do you overcome the tempation to create website after website?. Some do it and succeed, many try it, and crash and burn. Wealthy Affiliate hads been around since 2005, so the advice is start with one.  Over time many others go down a different path,  like these   and their blogs become a secondary source of income

Although you have 25 sites available (if your a premium member), there is no requirement to go and start creating 25 immediately !.

The Site Community.

This is an area of Wealthy Affiliate where you can post messages and get involved in chats, just as you would on facebook. This is one area that lead to time wasting, but used properly it is a place to gain motivation, study other writing styles, ask questions, answer questions, relate experiences.   It is there 24/ 7

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews.

Most of the negative reviews I have read include subjective out of date data, or using the popularity of Wealthy Affiliate  to get eyes their own program, most of them are comparing apples and pineapples.

What, many reviews don’t look at, is Wealthy Affiliate is not one dimensional,  it goes into other areas of earning an income online.  You can learn ANY topic related to building an income online.

What you get with Wealthy Affiliate

With Wealthy Affiliate it is an all-in-one package. When you pay for your membership you pay for much more than just training. 

You pay for fast website hosting, a network of other affiliate marketers, updated training and keyword research tools.
From the fundamentals of WordPress, to coding, to affiliate marketing,  building a business online, content marketing, etc.  the live video lessons each week include a live Q&A at the end of the lesson.

See Video Here

SEO training, there is a lot on this and how to utilise Wealthy Affiliates keyword finder. Jaaxy. One of the most advanced keyword finders in the world  and is the industry’s only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

With new innovations to the site and up dated training coming, 2020 is going to be a great time to be with Wealthy Affiliate.

What you need to do.

Don’t flip from program to program. You may have looked at a few others but, for the price, and what is included, is there better value ?. I don’t think so. But feel free to tell me if you see something.  

There are others. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.  Check out the key metrics,  training, diversity of opportunity, ethics and relevance to modern e-commerce. And of course Cost.

As Wealthy Affiliate heads into its 16th year, despite numerous online bad reviews,  it is still the number one affiliate training site in the world.

If you are someone who wants to earn an online income and build an asset then click this link. 


I Write Here.


See above.

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7 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Scam. – Revealed

  1. Dr. SD

    The extensive training session within Wealthy Affiliate is not comparable to any other online organization. I can say it honestly after gaining direct experience from several other sources.

    If you are looking to make money online with the lowest investment, there are no alternatives to affiliate marketing, and it needs in-depth knowledge and proper application. However, Wealthy Affiliate provides you exactly what you need (or maybe more). If you can apply them proper way to your online business, you must be experiencing success, but if you don’t focus you may experience the worst result.

    SEO training is the most important thing for affiliate marketers throughout the world, in fact, success in e-commerce is also largely dependent on SEO. And Wealthy Affiliate offers the most fundamental and update SEO training (I have no confusion about it). Jaaxy keyword research tool is the world-class addition to the WA platform (I absolutely agree with you). But a bit more in-depth e-commerce training may add some more clarity and fulfillment. But for the affiliate marketers, the lessons are more than enough.

    It is needless to say, success comes after hard work and time, and you must have to follow the lessons to get success in WA. “Get-rich-quick” is a forbidden term, and Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t offer you to get rich quick.

    1. Michael Dubhthaigh Post author

      They certainly are Doc,
      Thanks for insights. There are so many avenues you can turn your hand to at Wealthy Affiliate as you go throught the training, you see more opportunities in the live training and many have transitioned form affilaite marketers to SEO experts, E-Com,merce and setting up local marketing business’s in their home towns.
      Wealthy Affilaite is not as one dimensional as many in the field would have people believe.
      Thanks for your comments on the wealthy affiliate scam
      Much Appreciated

  2. Norman Richards

    Wealthy Affiliate has a proven track record of helping anyone to have online success. when you look at the training, the community and the tools you know that once you join Wealthy Affiliate you are a part of something great. I would encourage anyone to become a part of Wealthy Affiliate who is helping so many people to live their dreams.

    1. Michael Dubhthaigh Post author

      Hi Norman,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. The internet is full of companies overpromising and under delivering.
      The Wealthy Affiliate scam is no more a scam than I am a horse. As for promotions of wealthy affiliate many of its affiliates don’t, and choose to do other things with their websites. or begin a a local marketing business using the knowledge they have gained from wealthy affiliate training.

  3. Joseph William Stasaitis

    Thanks Michael for this insightful and informative post about Wealthy Affiliate. I most agree it does take a commitment to implement what you learn over time to be successfu.

    I also agree is is easy to get into information overload and get overwhelmed by just how much training is provided. Taking things one step at a time, and building one website at a time is important so that a person does not spread themselves too thin and not see the success they desire.

    I appreciate the information in this post and it is a very good reminder to stay focused, consistent and patient.

    All the Best.



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