4 Tips on Writing for a Living Online.

4 Tips on Writing for a Living Online

4 Tips on Writing for a living online. 

  Writing is a great way to pick up a side income.  A lot of people think of writing being about story telling,  poetry, or writing essays, but the world of online content creator opens a rich array of possibilities to you as a writer.

So here are 4 tips on writing for a living online, where you can turn a profit by spending a little extra time writing online content, emails and blog posts. 

1. Post on  websites like Fiverr.com or Upwork.com

These two websites are a freelance writers bread and butter. Each of these websites is useful for finding freelance work, and the two sides work in a complementary manner to each other. (sort of, they are independent of easch other)

Fiverr. If you have not heard of it. Is a website for freelancers to post the work they are willing to do online, and then customers can find the type of work they’re looking and place an order through the website.

This website is ideal if you are just getting started in freelance writing. Lots of people are willing to take a chance on a brand-new writer and help them get their business going.

On the other hand, Upwork Is a website where customers post the jobs  they want done and Freelancers  bid on gigs or apply for jobs through the website.

The competition on this website is very stiff, and it takes some time to find work, but it is a great place once you have established yourself, as you will continue to bring in well paying jobs.

It is possible to be contacted by clients through Upwork, but it is not as likely. Usually, you need to apply for work through their website.

4 Tips on Writing for a Living Online.

2. Start a blog.

4 Tips on Writing for a Living Online.
                        The Old School Way

Again, if you are brand new to the world of freelance writing, a great idea would be, starting a blog. this can help you get your feet wet in a number of the skills you will need to be successful as an online content creator and writer.

Not only are you creating your own content, but you also have to inspire people to come read what you write and then, have them come back. One place to help you write amazing content on any subject Is this one. 

It allows you to practice your marketing skills, your social media strategy, fine-tune your writing skills, and find your voice as a writer. in addition you can also build a following  which can be very helpful in finding other jobs in the future.

It can help you to develop a portfolio, so if clients do ask you to see samples of previous work, you already have a backlog of content to show them that also showcases what you’re good at and showcases your voice.

3. Become a guest poster or guest in other places.

If there are other blogs that you admire or other podcasts that you listen to, consider asking them if you can have a guest spot on their show or website.

This will expose you to a whole new audience as well as give you a chance to try out some other content areas.

It’s a great idea to contact people who are in a market or have an audience that is adjacent to yours, but not competitive with yours. if it is natural for them to go from one to the other then chances are they’re willing to take a chance on you and check out your work.

Make sure that they know where to find you whether it is on social media, your email, or your own personal website. You need to make sure that you have a strong brand and that people know where to find you. They won’t be able to ask you for work if they don’t know what they’re looking for.

4. Post your work online to websites like Wattpad.

If you primarily identify as a Storyteller, this is something you already should be doing, especially if you are working with an audience who is more tech-savvy.

4 Tips on Writing for a Living Online
Everyone loves a story

If you like to tell stories or write novels this is the place to begin. Wattpad is a great website to go ahead and build an audience. They even have avenues for you to monetize your stories and get great feedback that could lead to publication.

At this point, It would be all about getting exposure and getting your name out there. Lots of others have found success this way and there is a reason that these websites will be around for a long time.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to find success and make money as a writer. Making your words count is something many of us struggle with or aspire to do in our own lives, and it does take hard work and diligence. But a little bit of this will lead to success for you.



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