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How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19

How to earn online post covid -19 After Amazon Ambushed Thousands of Online Marketers, Forcing Mass Competition For Disappearing Low Cost Business Opportunities.

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19

Earning online got very messy last week. Crashing like a massive pyramid scheme. Many affiliate marketers, having done (sometimes) years of work posting reviews of Amazon Products, had that income taken from them at the stroke of pen.

Their commissions to be reduced to near Zero.

Many felt they had been ambushed, no warnings given and coming as a brutal shock to many. A few days later WalMart gave a similar notice to their affiliates. But for most, it was just a case of get up of the floor, brush off the sawdust, and move into bigger and better things. Others just walked away from the whole sorry saga.

How to Earn Online Post Covid-19

This could be a problem, because there are also hundreds of thousands more entering the earning on line space, due to COVID -19, and many have no idea how to earn online, and will be easy prey for scammers.

Compared with those who have just been shafted by Amazon and WalMart, who have had years of experience affiliate marketing , setting up websites (some have 2 or 3, or more websites). Many coaching, mentoring and running courses.

The problems for newbies as is often the case, is understanding what is fair value, and how many swipes of the credit card are needed before realizing that your being ripped off.

Income Stagnation

The stagnation of income has for many, made starting a side hustle difficult. With costs set in US Dollars. The exchange rates of various countries is down near half or less of what the US Dollar is.

Being at the mercy of the tier one corporate’s and the market manipulators at the Central Banks, is becoming harder for people to break out of that little straight jacket.

A friend of mine in Australia pays a monthly subscription of $49 US. At the moment (March 2020), equal to $79.00 AU.

Big deal, you might say. But when you are down in the trenches trying to make ends meet, every little bit counts. If I can put something here to help your side hustle earn quickly, I will put it in these pages.

Which is why you should subscribe :- (copy and paste to your email)

The up side of course, if you are selling items priced in US Dollars, the exchange is working in your favor. But, you need to be making consistent sales to have it work for you.

The last thing any marketer needs, Is a merchant who decides to pull the rug from under you.

The Corporate’s, Post COVID -19

As readers of this blog know, I travel a lot. Today this appeared in my inbox.

PriceSmart inc. (NASDAQ) psmt. Sees Sales Surge Almost 20% In March. Postpones 2 new Colombian Stores, To Launch Online Shopping & Delivery Option

The story gathers interest as you read further down the page. Costa Rica Opening Postponed, Jamaica & Colombia Store Developments Halted. Although sales increased by $48 million over the March 2019 figures, currency fluctuations took $7.7 million off the bottom line for March 2020.

You can see where this is going from the last piece of the headline, ie “To Launch Online Shopping and Delivery Option”.

The full story here.

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19

Shopping Complex’s

Tenants in large shopping complex’s haven’t been happy campers for a long time. High rentals, restrictive hours, many are paying franchise fees and hardly any are making a sustainable return.

The business model of Price Smart is the same as Costco, WalMart, Bunnings, Home Depot, et.el. Running large, stand alone centers of their own.

In the post Covid environment, it is likely to be some time before we (as consumers), know what restrictions, shopping complex’s and stand alone warehouse type business will have to operate under.

The 3 major hurdles business analyst Sirnivasan Mahanti, sees for the retail sector coming out of this shut down are.

  • Warehouse retail outlets and shopping center complex’s, will probably have some restrictions on numbers allowed to shop at any one time.
  • Until things settle down ( which, could be as much as two years away, the fluctuating dollar ( currency manipulations by central banks), is going to create havoc with profitability. Not to mention imports and exports.
  • Increasing numbers of retail outlets will close their doors and move to an online presence, much like Amazon.

Who is Sirnivasan

Sirnivasan specializes in small to medium business. He is also a respected financial analyst. He predicted the 2008 financial melt down because he was seeing overheating currency markets as well as…

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19
Presenting the winning award at the ceremony for the 2016 RBI Policy Challenge, to students of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

Increasing oil prices, increasing demand for debt and large numbers of Ratings moving from AAA to lower levels in the medium loan markets, resulting in the calling in of toxic loans, triggering the meltdown of Global financial markets.

Looking back, Sirnivasan say’s, the main driver for the financial collapse was the dramatic increase in Chinese industrial outputs fueled by Western consumerism for Luxury goods.

Some remember it as the era of people buying T.V.s bigger than their cars.

For years Sirnivasan helped people take an idea, or small operation to the next level. Some are still popular today.

Others, he helped take from an office at the back of a house to a mainstream brick and mortar store. Some offer franchises.

So it is fair to say he knows what he is talking about when talking business.

How certain scenarios are likely to play out, and what the next trends are likely to be.


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Private Label Goods

Many of the products sold by Price Smart, Costco, Amazon, Wal Mart and others are private label, (or white label), products not normally available in many 2nd and 3rd world countries.

One of the reasons these companies are so popular even in 1st world countries), is the Generic branding and Cheaper pricing !. I am sure you get the picture.

Entrepreneurial people started utilizing private (white), label products years ago. Today, thousands now appear in Amazon’s catalogue, in WalMart, in fact any retail outlet you care to think of.

Now with Amazon and WalMart slashing payments to affiliates and suppliers, Drop shipping is now a very attractive option. Those with an entrepreneurial mindset are now sniffing the breeze, ready for a huge shift.

Lets face it, Amazon and Walmart aren’t the only two business on the planet. Get in here and have a look around and you will see thousands.

To learn about starting your own private / white label business, here is a Special New user offer! Up to 75% off.How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19

Sirnivasan, nicknamed RAD, because of his lack of car reversing skills (reverse and dent), says the informal economy, (common to so many 2nd and 3rd world countries), will become more visible in 1st world countries, albiet under a different name “ the gig economy

How to Earn Online Post Covid- 19
uber in Colombia

He says while ” governments are happy to have corporate’s like Uber run the gig economy, their current lack of profitability will see fragmentation among the participants, and more people move on to do their own thing”.

Countries like Australia, will have to loosen their industrial relation laws so as not to have an unemployment rate bounce, of up to 5%, or maybe more, which, in the short term, which would take the “official unemployment” rate past 10%

Of course there will be greater policing of the gig economy and its participants, to “safeguard” workers rights. “But you would expect that the principal of unintended consequences will undoubtedly kick in”, Sirnivasan said.

Planning for earning online

Like the old saying, if you don’t have a plan, then you plan to fail. So, over the next couple of weeks of the corona lock down, there will be plenty of links on this site to read through.

These will open the doors, so you avoid becoming a pawn in the new economy. Some require some money up front, I don’t know of any profitable business that started with nothing. Even the Colonel had to buy some chicken and spices to start.

If you have $1,000, then getting started with one these will leave you a buffer of working capital with which to build on. These are the best importing / drop shipping opportunities available today. One here.

I wrote a warning about importing safely from China a while back. It may be more relevant now. I should probably add that China is only a hub for much of Asia. You can read it here

This next link, is big on management structure. The mainstream media may not be giving this branding favorable reporting at the moment. But it really is only a play on a business name, legally “ripped off” by a Russian computer expert for a plugin.

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