Drop Shipping Business Opportunities

Why drop shipping.

A Drop shipping business has the opportunity to be a very profitable online business. Done with proper due diligence it can be a life changing business. The promotions by the big E-Comm and hosting platforms highlight this in their advertising, Selling the sizzle and loading you up with extras after you have bought the sausage.  E-Commerce companies such as  Shopify, Big E-Commerce are a couple of names that spring to mind. This look at drop shipping business opportunities should give you the enough information to make an informed decision about whether or not this is a path you want to go down. I have posted on this subject previously, but I keep seeing knew players entering the E-Commerce hosting sphere and am wondering why is it becoming so more popular now, when you still have Amazon, E-bay as well as old favorites like Etsy and Artfire, which although listed as arts and crafts have a large part of their membership drop shipping. Shopify has been around for a awhile, Woo Commerce,  and  Big E-Commerce, et el,  but seeing T. V ads by companies like Big Daddy, using a well-known actor to promote their E-Commerce credentials. It would seem there is a rush to get on the band wagon started by E-Bay all those years ago. Com And Hosting The lure of earning an online income has become popular and drop shipping is probably the most basic way to tempt people into setting up a website.  Unfortunately you will probably be populating it with stuff that thousands of others have listed as well.

Is it likely to be profitable for you?

The short answer is probably not. Unless you have a very specific niche and you just focus all your energies into that one niche, then maybe after some time you might make enough to cover your costs, and maybe,  become very profitable. One company with a novel approach is Salehoo, it has a research app which shows the most popular items being sold on Amazon and E-bay. It is worth a look if you want to step away from the mainstream hosting companies and the “noise” they generate publicizing their apps and add ons.

 The costs

They add up when you are being charged small percentages for credit card buyers, or users of Pay Pal, your shipping costs need to factored in correctly so you need to be mindful of these as well as your monthly or yearly hosting fees, and any add on’s. Drop Shipping Business opportunities Face book advertising seems to be the preferred way E-Commerce companies push to their members to get sales. Not only is face book advertising expensive, but finding the particular audience for your product requires a lot of research and is really a steep learning curve for anyone wanting to earn an income online. Not to mention the time involved.

For instance can you

Create search-optimized, high-converting product descriptions for your online store ? Test different versions of a product description to find out which converts best ? How to write like a copy writing master, without actually being one ? All of this is time consuming and if you are new to drop shipping or any internet business then it takes time to get your head around all of this. When the “Gurus” are talking “which one converts best” or doing “A and B testing” it involves spending money usually lots of it. You have the search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo to contend with. If you, like so many just use the descriptions given on the manufacturers page then it is likely that Google will see that as duplicate content and penalize your site, and,   no one is going to see your site.

SEO for E-Commerce

SEO Some say it is not needed. That is a myth. Before you set up a website decide on what product you would be selling. Then look through some Key phrases / keywords that you could use for the title of your site. Just pick a word, type it in to the keyword space and see what comes up, either on a tool you have or, if you don’t have one,    here is a free one. Use common sense when choosing a name for your site.  Make it relevant to the products you intend to sell. Obviously you might not be able to use the whole phrase, but,  you might get lucky. An overview on how to use it is shown Here As well as painting a picture in your potential customers minds with your descriptions you also need good quality photos. The manufacturers site will have photos, but not all be of a quality suitable for your product to stand out from similar products on other sites. The only way around this is to buy a sample product and take your own photos, Even making a video and uploading it to your site will go a long way to enhance your chances of being found by the search engines and making sales. The thing is to leave no stone un-turned.  Starting with a good relevant keyword name for your site. The description of your item would be headlined with a keyword. The description should be appealing enough to the reader so they want to buy. Don’t worry about keywords in your description the headline will take care of that. The description should just focus on the attributes of the item. Photos and videos. should be of the best quality. Check your hosting provider as to what is the most applicable size for your photos so you don’t have slow loading pages. Get this part right and you could be on your way to earning an income online. Possibly a very good one.

Why listen to me

I am not really selling anything, I have a couple of ads on this site which might pay me a small commission if you buy from them, but that is about it. I am not a “Guru” selling the latest whiz bang concept on how to set up a website in 60 seconds and make a million dollars by tomorrow morning.  But I have a good background in drop shipping. For 10 years I sold jewelry, hand made coin cut outs that were fashioned into things like golf ball markers, belt buckles, necklaces, ear rings, cuff links. etc. If you don’t know, Jewelry is probably the hardest of all products to sell, either physically or by drop shipping. I would not recommend it to anyone, unless of course you have a particular unique item that appeals to a certain segment of that market, and the pricing is such that it is worthwhile promoting.

Which E-Commerce Service Would I Recommend.

I have used shopify,  it is ok. It has lots of add ons which if you are not careful can add to your costs considerably. I don’t think you need all the gadgetry the e-Comm hosts encourage you to try. Your primary purpose is to have sales of your items, not play with gadgets, which will only slow your page load times down. My experience tells me three things are important. A unique product that will make you a profit and can be expanded upon. A market for that product,  and an appealing SEO friendly website. Of course you need a good email client, But for me anything else is just bling. Then,  it is up to you find the best marketing avenues to maximize sales. this is where the rubber hits the road. I will do a post on that at some stage, but,  If everything is in place on your website then you will have the time to choose your medium for sales.  Above all be methodical and get value for money. if you don’t want to go to all the trouble of setting up a website, and are not able to spend  the time required to get it up and running here is  A free E-book  that will help you with some ideas to start selling online. Cost wise and for a choice of suppliers,training and a good help desk  make Salehoo hard to go past. Michael Work towards Freedom

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  1. ajibola40

    Thanks for writing this article on drop shipping business opportunities,i must commend you for taking your time to write this article on this and the fact remains that you want people to start earning like you. I have hear many things about drop shipping over time and now I have interest in it without knowing how to start.but never the less I will follow up on how to create my drop shipping website to get started. Thanks 

  2. Ola

    This seems to be a very lucrative business that you can run from your home. I have heard about drop shipping many years ago but i had never tasted its benefit this much. what it offers is truly amazing and can provide persons with a full-time income.
    I have been researching this form of income generating for some time now and I have seen some great reviews.

  3. Adamu2

    I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.I was convinced enough on your article about drop shipping business. Have been looking for other means of making a passive income online with affiliate marketing. 

    I would give it a trial with my blog, hope it work for me. Thanks for the information. Best regards 

  4. Rgpratap

    Hello Michael,

    Really interesting to know about drop shipping business from your post. Actually, I know very little about this business and your article lends valuable information which is beneficial to me. I like the part SEO for E-commerce the most. Because this is something that I need for the moment. Helpful post indeed. Thanks for sharing.


    1. admin

      Anything we can do to help just message us. Thank you. 

      I have updated my SEO post with some new information which may be of interest to you.
      A BrightEdge study, completed by analyzing billions of pieces of content, found that organic search engine results are responsible for 51% of all visits to both B2C and B2B websites. (Social media, on the other hand, sends only 5% of visitors to B2C and B2B websites.)
      Statista predicts that the amount spent on SEO marketing in the U.S. will reach an impressive $79.27 billion by 2020.
      A recent report from Borrell Associates backs that predication with a similar predication of their own: SEO spending will grow to nearly $80 billion by 2020.
      I could go on (more stats about SEO here), but the point is:

      Companies who don’t optimize their online presence for search engines are falling by the wayside
      Thanks to AWAI.

  5. Rony


    This site tell about drop shipping business opportunities.It’s an E-commerce site.This is promoting by E-commerce sites.It’s too much profitable for a businessman.I’m fully supporting this idea.Cause every one can get too much benefits from there. it”s an easy way to make money easily .In this article writer tell all thing about it . So this article is very helpful for a online businessman.Thank You for sharing this with us .I really love it.

    1. Michael Dubhthaigh Post author

      Thank you Rony, 

      If the work setting the web site up is done thoughtfully and methodically then there is a good chance that it will earn an income. 

  6. mzakapon


    I have read your informative and educative article fully and understood the drop shipping business idea. I was planning to establish an online business and purchased a premium domain for that. Now I think that drop shipping business will be a great choice for me. High-quality unique content and SEO is an important factor for the drop shipping business. I am going to research more on this. I have to bookmark your article for my future use. Thanks for writing this helpful content.


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