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WooCommerce. Selling Online Using WordPress.

WooCommerce. Selling Online Using WordPress.

WooCommerce. Selling Online Using WordPress.

46% of online marketplaces use WooCommerce. It is a derivative of the WordPress platform so widely use by many bloggers.

Whether your want to sell physical or digital products online WordPress has you covered.

This post will take you through those first tentative steps of setting up an E-Commerce site.

There is of course a reason for using WordPress.

WordPress is as open source code and free to use. It is relatively easy to build a website using WordPress.

There are premium WordPress themes and plugins that all go to make WordPress an extremely versatile platform.

It is estimated that 35% of Americans have a side hustle. It does not mean they are all online side hustles, just people trying to earn a few more dollars doing any number of things for any number of reasons. So lets talk about…

Selling Online

Some time back I wrote, “Research shows the majority of us don’t believe there will be long term stable employment as we move further into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For many of us who follow the gyrations of the economic ebbs and flows, the writing was on the wall well before the ‘Rona struck. That article Here

While it is true, that before the Coronavirus, the USA was creating a lot of jobs, as were other countries, there was an under belly of remote jobs within the mix.

All through the “Rona” drama many of those people never missed a day and were collecting regular pay cheques ! I am joined for lunch most days by one of these people.

Last year I had another colleague do a review of two companies who rely on remote workers.

They have been advertising quite heavily of late as well. See the review Here

So the consensuses that many people didn’t believe that stable full time employment has really come to fruition.

There are a lot of countries whose populations over the past few months have become used to buying online. Go here to read my article about them

WooCommerce. Selling Online Using WordPress.

As noted by my colleague Sirnivasan Mahanti, many retail business’s will opt. for an online model coming out of the ‘Rona.

Already there are media reports of massive increases of online purchasing, so it is only to be assumed that this trend will continue as people have gotten familiar with it.

Here I will show you how it does not need to cost an arm and leg to get into selling online.

Normally I say you need a $1000.00 to get going, and that would be true if you went to Shopify or Magneto or one of the models from here.

You can easily start with half that or much less Check out this article.

Lets have a look at WooCommerce.

For the most part the cost with Woo Commerce, is the time involved in setting it up. (like a normal shop, it needs organizing)…

But this is not unique to Woo Commerce.

Before you Can Start

This is one of those places where you have to part with some money.

Lets start with a Domain name for your site. Base the name on what it is you intend to sell (if you can).

I have eurekagoldandsilver as a name for a jewelry store, I have the online umbrellashop, as a name for … umbrellas.

Keep it as simple as you can, and easy to remember.

The benefits of a simple domain name will bring you big dividends further along in the business, and will lead to a cleaner URL product structure that will help your customers, and also, search engines when they crawl your site trying to understand its structure.

You can get more domain names and hosting at Bluehost or SiteGround, which has an interesting list of possible names. Dot travel, dot coffee, etc;

This is great for your customers. You probably have been frustrated by slow loading websites, and understand that would be the last thing your potential customers need.

Also Google ranks fast loading pages higher. I will mention a bit more on this further down the page.

These make a domain easy to find. Daves fishingshop, or something along those lines.

Any of the links in the above paragraph will get you a domain name and hosting. From here, you can start building your website on their platform.

And you will find the expense painless !

Setting up a WooCommerce Store.

WooCommerce Selling Online Using WordPress
They will ask for tax details.

I would suggest, before going to a premium theme try a free one, get one here.

If it works well for you, then buy the premium of that theme to get more features.

There are thousands of free one ones to choose from, but the premium themes offer so much more versatility with plugins and design.

The free themes in the WordPress Repository, are officially approved after going through a strict review process. They will be compatible with free plugins found in the same place.

Clicking this link and choosing a free theme, it will down load with compatible plugins. There are video instructions and more on how to install these themes, to the point of it all being a fool proof process.

Dedicated Woo Commerce Themes.

A dedicated WooCommerce theme is recommended over a WordPress page, even though nearly all wordpress themes have woo commerce capabilities.

  1. Your site’s overall architecture will accommodate showcasing products effectively.
  2. Your website’s overall appearance will be far more coherent & consistent.
  3. You won’t have to tweak/play around with certain settings just to get the basic site layout you need for a WooCommerce store working.

I could go into great detail about themes.

Lets leave that for another time it doesn’t having to great a bearing on what we are trying to achieve here.

Really at this point you just want to be focusing on having a great page (theme), and getting it loaded with products.

The information I am giving here will give you an excellent theme with good built in SEO features and designed for Woo Commerce.

Couple it with Rank Math SEO plugin and your done with the… intangible IT stuff.

Up to here you have a good foundation.

  • You have a Good domain name
  • Good hosting
  • A Good optimized theme
  • A good SEO plugin.
  • And you have barely spent anything. $50 – $60 maybe?

Product Downloads.

You may find these useful. They do cost a small amount each month, but they are Ok.

WooCommerce. Selling Online Using WordPress.

Spocket. It has undergone a big renewal over the past 12 months. Spocket and I go back about a few years when it was offering its services to Etsy sellers.

Spocket offers products from the USA and Europe, plus some from South America which you can select and download to your site.

Spocket is now Aliexpress’s official partner.

They have built a chrome extension to help you out with sourcing products. Also, you can process hundreds of orders with one click on Aliexpress. You can start for free.

Have a look at spocket here

Alidropship has a download app for a one off payment of $89.00 There is a lot more at Alidropship than plugin’s. They build sites, they are active drop shippers as well as IT experts, so they know what works.

See the Alidropship plugin here.

This is not a download app. but an app I have used on and off for over 12- 13 years.

It has undergone upgrades over that time and it is a great tool for finding products that are selling at a good profit margin. To see it go to this link


Throughout this blog site you will find references from me suggesting that there is no better time to be investing in your self than now.

If you have a brick and mortar business get it online. If you don’t know how contact me

If your new to all this don’t be daunted or feel overwhelmed by the work involved.

I have been involved with drop shipping for over 10 years. One of my first websites was on Artfire.

I sat at home over a weekend, manually adding photos and writing descriptions for about 220 items.

Previously, I had dabbled on E-bay and my first experience with a serious E-Commerce business was having an Amazon website, where I was doing descriptions and content in HTML code then uploading them to the site.

It is a lot easier now. You have these ready made sites and plugins. The’re good, they work, but you still need to redo the product descriptions.

Often people buy one of those first, then set up there own shop.

I don’t push Shopify, because there is just as much work setting up a store on Shopify as there is on WooCommerce.

I hope you take advantage of the links in here. It is a tedious job setting up a drop shipping store. and those first couple of steps I laid out will lay down a good foundation.

Don’t rush it, there are places where you should put the break on, and review your work, as I mentioned above.

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