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Is the IAP Book Editing Course worth the Money or a rip-off?

Editorial:- This site has an affiliation with IAP Career College and should you purchase something from a link I may receive a small payment at no cost to you. I am not an employee of any company mentioned and all opinions expressed here are mine and are not representative of any company.

The IAP website states that the quality of their book editing course is equal to or superior to other similar courses that are priced much higher than theirs.

They say they have chosen to keep their prices competitive to ensure the highest number of people who want to participate, are able to participate. 

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Online book editing/book publishing courses have been popular for some years, with various well-known and little-known companies and colleges offering them.

Unfortunately, there are so many scams online and off, that it’s imperative to verify the accreditation of an online school Before you enroll!

Let’s take a look at the International Association of Professions Career College otherwise known as IAP, and see if we can find answers to some common questions about the IAP book editing course.

  • Who they are and how can they help you?
  • Which organizations recognize an IAP qualification?
  • What does the IAP Book Editing course include?
  • Is IAP legitimate?
  • Are IAP courses worth the money?
  • Testimonials.

Other Common questions asked include:-

  • What complaints do people make about IAP career college?
  • How will an IAP certificate in book publishing help me?
Start Your Dream Career Today (Right)

 Established as an online education center in 1999, specializing in non-traditional careers, the parent company of IAP Career College is an award-winning organization named…FabJob… “the #1 place to get published online” according to Writer’s Digest.

Who is IAP and how do they help you?

The IAP Book Editing Course is one of over 100 online certificate courses offered by this company. As well there is also a Book Publishing Course.

IAP has structured its courses so they are relevant to the core subject being sought, and you are able to complete them quickly.

According to IAP: Their training certification courses have been designed to meet the highest academic standards in relation to the “real world” experiences sought by businesses and industry and they are constantly updated to reflect current trends.

It is registered with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

Which Organizations recognize an IAP qualification?

The parent company of IAP is FabJob.

Sounds kind of strange for an education company, but I guess it does have a certain appeal to it.

FabJob guides and courses are accessible throughout the libraries of universities across America and Canada.

The list includes:-

  • University of Texas
  • Columbia University
  • Wellesley College
  • The Fashion Institute of Technology
  • As well as numerous public libraries in cities from Vancouver to New York.

George Mason University and Harper College in Chicago, among many others — have used IAP guides for courses ranging from Event Planning to Fashion Design.

If you complete a certificate course from the International Association of Professions Career College and pass the final exam, you will earn a certificate showing that achievement.

It should be noted though, that IAP is not an online college providing state-designed curriculums.

It provides training in non-traditional careers like Brewery Owner, Candy Store Owner, Closet Organizer certificate course, Dog Day Care Owner certificate course, Event Planning, etc.

It is career-specific training that focuses on real-world experiences.

They do have traditional courses such as Human Resources, Bookkeeping, Business Analyst, etc.

They also do prior experience recognition certification, for employment where you are considered a professional but lack the paperwork verification.

Still, their certificates are accepted by many leading organizations and government bodies, due to the extensive focus on workplace relevancy.

The IAP Book Editing course includes the following In depth Modules

  • The benefits of being a book editor.
  • Grammar and language skills.
  • Learning book editing by doing
  • Creating a business plan.
  • Contracts and getting clients

The certificate earned at IAP is generally accepted in the USA and Canada by government licensing bodies.

Quite a few other countries will accept their certifications as well. Death Doula for example.

Although IAP does not guarantee that it will be accepted by every company, State licensing body, or Individual.

Many of IAP courses contain links to State and Province licensing bodies in the USA and Canada.

IAP states on its website that it is up to you to determine if a certificate from IAP Career College will meet your needs.

If you need to be licensed, take a look at your state licensing requirements first.

If your potential employer specifies a College degree, unfortunately, the IAP certificate won’t cut it.

However, many workplaces do accept IAP certificates, plus if you want to freelance, then having a certification will give you the opportunity to earn more for your services.

the full money back 100% satisfaction guarantee green and blue symbol used in the article, the IAP Book Editing Course,
All certificate courses are backed by a full 100% money-back guarantee.

Is IAP Legitimate?


I will go into the complaints and reviews a little further down. However, they have the following credentials. which are verifiable.

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Their guides have been used as textbooks for more than a decade by various universities and libraries.
  • You are able to re-schedule your course for up to 6 months after the official start date if needed.
  • They offer a full 100% refund on any course
  • They are able to be contacted from anywhere in the world either electronically or by telephone.

Are IAP college courses worth the money?

It is definitely not a “rip off”. And yes, I think they are good value for money.

Most basic courses can be completed in 6 weeks.

As well, there is help from Faculty members to help you through the courses.

IAP Career College

What complaints have people made about IAP career college?

With over 500,000 customers over the past 10 years, the complaints are nearly non-existent!

Checking out the BBB (Better Business Bureau), of which it has been a member since 2015, and searching other sources.

I have been able to find only 5 complaints.

All were of a technical nature. Email typos or files landed in a spam folder and are probably deleted.

Two refunds were issued.

One who received a refund, promptly re-registered for the course they had received a refund on.

All five cases were resolved satisfactorily.

Average review ratings from both the BBB and TrustPilot are 4.9 / 5.

So it is a legitimate business, with an extremely high degree of customer satisfaction.


From the IAP website.

Susan Stephens is one of many who is grateful for undertaking an IAP certificate course.

I wanted to attend a traditional school, but I could not afford to do so because I am a stay at home mom. Your online course had the most to offer and included the tools I needed, so I registered. I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to the entire team at the IAP Career College for helping me through. I now have my own business and I am building my dream. Thank you so much again.

Susan Stephens – New York City, New York USA:

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to IAP Career College for offering the certificate program. It really gave me more knowledge and tips for career advancement and gave me the opportunity to be closer to my dreams. I love the flexibility to learn the modules at my own pace. I will highly recommend the courses offered by IAP Career College to those who wish to learn more about the various industries and those who need guidance to begin a business venture.

Sherry Wong – Singapore:

A photo of an IAP certificate in book editing, used in the article Is the IAP Book Editing Course worth the Money or a rip Off
IAP certificate

How will an IAP certificate in book editing help me?

  • You will know what a book editor does.
  • Develop your skills to succeed in a book editing career,
  • How to get hired as a book editor
  • Starting your own freelance editing business.

You also have access to a tutor.

They have a time expectation that you will be able to complete this in about 12 weeks or less.

But extensions are available. Taking into consideration that you may have a full-time job or other commitments.

The IAP book editing course covers topics of vital importance to anyone who wants to become an editor of adult fiction or non-fiction books.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The rise of non-traditional forms of book publishing, such as self-publishing, and print-on-demand has seen more change and growth in the previous decade than in the previous century.

As of 2020, more than 2.2 million different book titles are published annually.

How much does the Book Editing Course or the Book Publishing Course.

There are online courses using outdated IAP manuals currently selling for over $1,000.00.

You won’t pay that!

The IAP book editing course is a high-quality course that meets industry standards and you have access to highly qualified tutors.

Plus all the advantages of having a certificate from a highly regarded organization.

Such as:

  • Higher earnings (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in Certificates).
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