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Are Certified Event Planning Courses Difficult ? A Review of the Efforts Required and Costs.

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Knowledge is power.


But do require a disciplined approach to complete them successfully.

As for costs, they are reasonably inexpensive to start (from less than $200.00), only becoming expensive for Diplomas and Bachelor’s degrees, which can be up to $50,000.

A bachelor’s degree in event planning is generally part of a bigger curriculum. Hospitality, travel, marketing, communication, etc.

The cost to complete an “advanced” certified event planning course from a reputable college, is generally in the US$400 – $1500.00 range.

The less expensive courses usually have some conditions attached.

SUCH AS:- You may have to show previous experience in event planning or a related field or, have completed an introductory course and received good grades to be accepted into an advanced certificate course.

Often numbers are limited.

As you can imagine event planning courses cover a very broad field.

If you just wanted to specialize in one area, say wedding planning, or party planning, then there are short courses specifically for those and many others. See the link below.

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Become a professional wedding planner

Most of the courses for wedding planners etc, are quite inexpensive and can be completed in a matter of weeks.

Just make sure the college is reputable!

Let’s take a closer look at the costs…

The Costs of Getting Started with Event Planning Qualifications?

There are inexpensive courses online (and off), you can get started with, these cost around US$150.00 – $400.00.

These are designed to give the student theoretical knowledge.

Basically, they give an overall picture of what is involved and enough information to get a foothold in the industry.

Or enough information to get into trouble as my father used to say.

The offline courses are dearer because you are paying tuition costs. Around $500 – $1500.00 is average.

Although these are certified, they basically do little more than give the student prior learning credits, if they wish to continue on in the industry.

Advanced Event Planning Courses Online

The cost of these can range from $400.00 – $4,000.00, depending on the school

Most colleges require that you have completed the introductory event planning certificate, before you are able to do an advanced certificate.

Coming from a related field may be acceptable to some colleges, (hospitality or event management), and you may be able to have your prior experience recognized and do the course without doing the introductory certificate.

Someone asked if experience in Logistics would count as prior experience.

It all depends on the college.

If you want to save money don’t be afraid to ask.

If you have no prior experience then the cost of the beginner certificate should be added to the cost of the advanced certificate.

The IAP college, publishes a course “value” which is the maximum you can pay.

At different times of the year they run special price deals, which make it easier for people on tight budgets who want to push ahead with an existing or new career.

I can’t give definitive prices here because they do change, but if you were to add the “value” figure of the two courses together you will pay about $1200.00.

My timing for specials is usually bad. I see them, then see half a dozen other bills needing attention.

The IAP college has a Prerequisite of at least an 80% pass in your beginner’s event planning certificate before you can attempt their Master Event Planning Professional Certificate.

As well they limit the number to 15 students for the MEPP.

IAP Career College

A Diploma in Event Planning

This certification is more common in countries like Australia, India, Africa, and some others.

These normally take 2 years of study but can be less with recognition of prior learning and/or previous work experience (ie. certificate programs).

The cost of these varies from $5,500.00 – $12,000.00.

Much depends on which college you attend.

What is the best Event Planning Certification?

The top event planning qualification you can achieve is a University Bachelor’s degree. Event planning will normally be a module that is either an elective or a prerequisite in hospitality, communication, marketing, or a business degree.

Whether it is the best I am not sure, as it usually has only one or two modules of a degree course.

They typically include event management in the module as well, so it covers every aspect of planning and management as well as including other modules like resort management, marketing, etc.

Still, it is one thing to be an academic, and another to be a highly effective hands-on organizer.

For this, you can expect to pay between $15,000 to $25,000 (for tuition only) and as much as $30,000 to $50,000 or more depending on the University or college.

Nearly without exception, these are all in classroom settings.

So you are going to have to allow for additional costs. Travel, maybe accommodation, books, etc.

How Difficult are Event Planning Courses? A look at IAP’s Event Planning course

Silhouette of a guy sitting at a computer in front of a window, with earphones on, a cup of coffee behind the computer, a clock on the wall in the background and a cat behind his chair.. Used in the article Are Certified Event Planning Courses Difficult
Getting serious.

More busy than difficult I would say. And this would be true of most of their courses.

Although the sales pitch is to do it in the comfort of your home at your own pace, there are time limits.

You need to be serious about getting it done.

The IAP college has an expectation you will complete this in 12 weeks or 120 hours, and take no longer than 24 weeks.

If you have some experience in this vocation you may be able to complete it within 12 weeks. There are no issues with completing it earlier.

I wanted to enroll in a course to refresh because things has changed so much when planning events the course really woke me up to things I thought I was doing correctly. Now I can adjust.

I wanted to enroll in a course to refresh on the new and improve event planning so while i scrolled the internet I came across IAP that the course fitted into my daily life. And it was self guided to complete at my own time.

Date of experience: November 06, 2022


What does the Course Cover?

You are going to have to complete assignments.

As well as theory, there are two assignments (one optional and one required).

You have to detail your experience with an actual professional project, you had been contracted to do either before or during the 12 weeks of the course.

To get a good mark you will need to supplement the assignment with before and after photos or videos, client testimonials, and a copy of the contract.
As well as a diary of the negotiations, costs and an evaluation of the project’s profitability at the end of the project will all help to get a good mark.

Record everything.

So rather than putting an academic-type thesis together, you have to get out and do something.

But you are not alone.

Included in the cost is up to three hours of personal teaching assistance or professional mentorship from a faculty member.

That’s up to one half hour per week for 6 weeks with personal attention from a professional mentor.

IAP College

It may not sound much, but when you consider that most questions can be answered in 5 minutes or less there are quite a few problems that can be solved.

You can see what is included in the IAP Master Event Planning Professional Course by clicking here icon

All courses at IAP come with a 100% hassle-free money-back guarantee.

If you decide to become an event planner, the best of luck to you.

I am sure it will be a worthwhile venture, even an adventure!

Thank you for reading. To see if IAP is legitimate click Here


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