How to Import Safely From China. Using My Secret Tool

How to Import Safely From China.
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How to Import Safely from China Using My Secret Tool

  • In this article, you will see why importing from China is not always safe.
  • I will show you How to Import Safely From China using my secret tool.
  • I will also be giving you other tips you can use to figure out whether a Chinese supplier can be trusted or not.
  • A list of products imported from China.

First, You need to do research.


  • Importing from China is not always safe to do, unless you do due dilegence before jumping in and importing products to your site.
  • Some Chinese suppliers will take your money, and not send the product to your buyer
  • And some Chinese suppliers will not send you legitimate products. If you get knock-off products, you risk being prosecuted, even if you don’t sell them, because it is illegal to buy them.
  • This is relevant particulary to items from movies, or T-Shirts, Designer footware, Replicas of antiques, there is so much there, that what looks to be bargain and a potentially popular selling item, could land you in big trouble with the originators of the product.
  • Normally they don’t hold back and guard their trademarked / licenced products like zealots. Which is understanderable because they are being deprived of revenue and there will be contracts in place protecting the licenced sellers of these items.

However: if you can verify that the supplier will send you the stock and will send you legitimate products, then it is perfectly safe to import from China.

Some, who started dropshipping from China and succeeded with their dropship business have moved on to importing and running a physical store.

This is not the easiest thing to do. Although it sounds like an obvious next step, many of the sellers on Chinese sale sites such as Aliexpress etc, are “wholesalers” not manufacturers.

If you have this intention in the back of your mind when you are starting a dropship store then you need to be dealing with a manufacture from the begining. 

Salehoo helps you do that. 


Sometimes the manufacturers are foreign manufacturers who have set up a plant in Asia. This can be problematic if they still have stores in their home country.

So do good research, establish a good relationship and this will lead to bigger and better things further down the road.


s it safe to import from China ?.  How to Import Safely.

I will just touch on jewelry and give some tips on this niche. I have mentioned it before Here

Most of the worlds semi precious stones are traded through Thailand. If you are buying Jewelry from anywhere other than Thailand your pricing very well could be at a disadvantage if you are setting up a dropship store in this niche.

Jewelry and art products are probably the toughest niche to become involved in, particulary if you are looking to make a full time income from dropshipping.

You have Etsy, Wish and Artfire stores plus E-Bay and in spring and summer there are markets in cities and towns across the world that have local artisans and importers of jewelry. So it is a niche with competition everywhere.

In saying that, there are individuals who specialise in unique products and who will have a dropship program. Feel free to contact me.

The Dropship Business

The dropship business once set up and making sales, requires little maintenance. Orders can be sent to a virtual assistant who takes care of that side of the business, leaving the owner to concentrate on other opportunities.

Or in the case of others they just keep the dropship business running to support other ventures they move into. Most experience some failures if they move into areas they know little about. So it is important to keep your head if you have made a success of your dropship business.

Don’t forget, these days governments want a cut of everything you earn, so keeping good records is important. This can be outsourced if you have a good  virtual assistant.  

My secret tool: SaleHoo

How to Import Safely From China.

 Here are some more tips for how to import safely from China without SaleHoo


  • Only deal with suppliers that have been selling products for 2+ years. Look at their history.
  • Check the feedback. less than a 4. 6 rating be careful.
  • Check for reviews from suppliers online. Do not use a supplier that doesn’t have reviews.
  • Ask for samples first, and buy only small lots first.
  • If they have a website, check the WHOIS details, and see if the website has been online for 2+ years.
  • Use tools like Google Places to verify their physical location exists.


I have reviewed other opportunities  and although many people think it is an oversaturated online business, My opinion is that it is here to stay

Shopify and E-Commerce are popular and they have their apps. Amazon is the biggest drop shipper and Salehoo is able to tap into that.

The best thing about drop shipping I think is that once you have it up and running you have time for other pursuits.

How to Import Safely From China.



I like Juan Valdez Coffee.


Please know that some links in this email are affiliate links and if you decide to purchase, I will  earn a commission (at no extra cost to you),  As well, I am an Amazon Affiliate and I will earn income from qualifying sales. This allows us to continue to provide information, education and promote ethical business’s. Needless to say, if I promote a product, I make 100% sure that the product works as described by the vendor and is 100% ethical. But it is always recommended to do your due diligence before you invest in anything – after all, it’s your money, not mine.


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