Online Home Business Turns $200 Into $12,000 in 5 Mths in $90B Market.

Newbie Online Home Business Turns $200 Into $12,000 in 5 Mths.

Let’s take a look at drop shipping and how one newbie turned $200 into $12,000 in 5 Months.There is all sorts of help available for entrepreneurs to get started in the $90B (and growing), online home business enterprises.

Other entrepreneurs who have used their training in computer science/ internet technology, to create inexpensive tools that save time, allowing people to get started with an online business while still doing the 9-5 thing, until their business starts bringing home the bacon.

Not too shabby for about an hour’s work a day.

But, he is only one of the hundreds of thousands throughout the world, taking advantage of time-saving technology to lift his standard of living and become independent of the ebbs and flows of mainstream employment.

The media, forever pushing a bull market of doom and gloom does its best to keep people in a state of anxiety, and afraid to try anything different fearing the backlash from their peers.

$12,000 in five months may not seem much to many people, but it is $12,000 extra he has to put towards other things he may not have been able to afford or to pay down some debt.

In reality, it was about 6 weeks before he made a cent.

He needed time to get his business website sorted, select a niche, and add products, all the time putting up with the family nay-sayers.

So while his friends and family drank beer and laughed at him in their spare time, he built a foundation for his business.

Now he is waving cash at them and planning for a $40,000 a month profit.

Creation of The Alidropship Plugin

Yaroslav Nevsky

It was created by this guy, Yaroslav Nevsky.

Yaroslav started experimenting with this idea way back in 2005 when he was running a drop-ship store selling Harry Potter stuff.

The profits were helping pay his way while he was, studying computer programming.

But it wasn’t until 2015 that he released his plugin to a few friends to “beta” test.

His friends, who were also drop shipping to help pay their way through university, gave feedback on the performance of the plugin, as well as other aspects of the plugin’s capability.

Like Yaroslav, they saw no point in having another “same old, same old” plugin on the market.

So until Yaroslav was completely satisfied that it was up to the standard demanded by people who wanted…

  • As much automation as possible:- making it easier for you to allocate resources to areas that need attention.
  • A reliable plugin that is easy to understand and use. Complete tutorials and support from Yaroslav’s team if you run into any problems.
  • A plugin that didn’t slow the loading time of the web page. Plugins are notorious for slowing down the load times of Web Pages, and causing trouble if they update with conflicting code to the web page.

Finally, in 2019, the AliDropship plugin was formally registered at The United States Copyright Office.

So, the better ones are copyrighted. In the long run, this protects the developer and the consumer from potential clones which are usually of inferior quality.

Importantly, it gives the developer legal rights over his invention for a limited time (10 years).

Online Home Business How $200 Became $12,000 in 5 Mths in $90B Market.
AliDropship plugin copyright.

The AliDropship plugin was created based on our solid and diversified experience in building and running drop shipping businesses. Every single feature was tested on dozens of our own projects – and tested with the help of drop shippers from across the world. This hard work and joint research resulted in a product that really drives businesses to success, and we are really proud of it.

Yaroslav. Alidropship.

Benefits of the Alidropship Plugin

Plugins are also available as an add-on with Shopify, Big E-Comm, Magneto, etc. Most haven’t been upgraded for years and leave a lot of manual work to do on the listings they import.

Don’t get me wrong, they are great for downloading stuff.

But, you are constantly working between your plugin and the store’s back end.

What Yaroslav decided to do was to reverse engineer the process, and have the plugin do much of the work from the website back end, so you didn’t have to.

Now, you can download the inventory from the WordPress Admin center, and it does the bulk of the optimizing and processing which also includes the payment gateway.

Just for good measure, it includes some themes for you to choose from to give your website a killer professional look.

There are No Monthly Payments.

Together with his team of millennials, Yaroslav set about helping people make an online income.

As well as the plugin he thought “Why not make this a true online home business?

Below is a screenshot of the monthly costs for a well-known dropshipping platform

Plus, on top of this, there will be a % of sales above a certain amount.

No easy way out of the 9-5 with these guys.

Newbie Online Home Business Turns $200 Into $12,000 in 5 Mths Thanks to Humble Russian Computer Genius.
Rent payments each month just for a website Website

Yaroslav could be asking big dollars every month, for his plugin.

This isn’t what he is about though. He knows, his team knows, drop shipping can be a tough gig to get started in.

So, they have come up with a way to get rid of recurring payments for your dropship store.

And also his team will help you navigate the setup and include everything to fast-track your success.

Alidropship offer Full Support and a Money Back Guarantee.

Newbie Online Home Business Turns $200 Into $12,000 in 5 Mths Thanks to Humble Russian Computer Genius.
Lifetime Support and updates or if you’re not satisfied a 30 Day Money Back,

They will offer as much support as you need.

But, they know this is not for everybody.

This is why they are taking on all the risk themselves. If you find something better in the next couple of weeks or you want to stay in the 9-5 Job, whatever…

You have 30 days to get a full, no questions asked refund.

Features of Most Plugins

The majority of plugins in the drop ship business, import inventory with a basic description, price, a couple of scratchy photos, and little else. I call them digital vacuum cleaners.

There are different variations between the various plugins, the very basic is like the vacuum cleaner type, you can usually get them for free, while others charge a monthly fee to use.

And others, you pay per the number of products you download. One Here Nothing wrong with it, but that is all it does.

The difference between the AliDropship plugin and the others is that you can download inventory from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Connecting shopping carts, gateways, variations, shipping options, etc.

This is what makes it a drop shippers, drop shipping plugin.

AliDropship Plugin Features

Yaroslav has done his best to make life easy for you. To get you started the first 50 imports you download are free.

  • One Click Import from Aliexpress. Straight from your Word Press Admin Dashboard.
  • See an item you like on, click on it, and it imports completely with variations, photos, and descriptions.
  • Fully Compatible with Woo Commerce. Enhance the functionality of your store with Woo themes and plugins.
  • Free Package of 50 Best Sellers. After the AliDropship plugin installation, you get instant access to a database of 50,000+ handpicked AliExpress’s best-performing products in a variety of different niches.

It has been developed as a way to make it easier for you to manage your business from within the plugin itself!

  • All-in-one solution to Manage your Business. All your products, pricing, sales, profit, traffic stats, and orders are available and managed within one single control panel.
  • Free built-in themes. The Plugin comes with professionally designed themes that you can easily set up, switch and customize.
  • Pricing Automation. Use an advanced pricing markup formula to apply your rules for particular products or all items in your store.
  • Place Orders Automatically. Once a customer places an order, just click the ‘Order’ button and confirm the order on AliExpress. All the details will be passed on to the merchant.

Customer service is just as vital for a drop-ship store’s success, as it is with any brick-and-mortar store.

Alidropship has thought of nearly everything with this plugin.

There is a customization feature that allows you to present your products to your customers in the best possible light.

This helps you, help your customers.

The AliDropship plugin has the super efficient E-Packet shipping option. Plus Auto tracking, so the customer can check where their package is during the delivery period.

  • Auto-Updating. The auto-updating system keeps your product info fresh and corresponding to the latest data from AliExpress.
  • E-Packet Shipping Filter. Offer your customers fast and free delivery with our e-Packet shipping option that makes finding products a breeze.
  • Auto Order Tracking. The Plugin checks your orders for tracking updates and sends email notifications to your clients automatically.
  • Payment Gateways Integration. AliDropship Plugin supports all the most popular payment processors like PayPal, 2CO, Stripe, PayU, and many more.
  • Product Customization. Edit your products anytime including changing titles, descriptions, images, prices, and variations, and you can even add your own items.

You can see more features by going to this link.

Product Descriptions.

Writing product descriptions can be a pain in the butt.

If you have a store made by Alidropship most of your products will come with English descriptions.

There will be some that need editing.

The person down at the back office will get what they can done in the time allowed, but expect to have to do some yourself.

They now have a solution.

An AI tool for product description editing. It may be something for an article at another time but here is a link to it.

Giving Your Store a Name.

After purchasing the AliDropship plugin, you need a good domain name for your store. There are a couple of ways you can do this. I use Jaxxy to give me niche-relevant domain names.

Niches need not be hard to establish. If you like cameras, you could break it down to cameras for tourists, or Cannon Cameras for bird watching.

Since Coronavirus restrictions, there are lots of things that are now being done at home, that were once done at a Gym, school, or workplace.

While you may think these markets are likely to be over-saturated, all “Niches” have a ton of sub-niches within them.

For Gyms, there are also protein powders, homemade gyms, (see U-Tube), Indoor exercises, Jogger shoes, track pants, drink bottles, hats, caps, and insulated jackets.

I think you get the picture.

You can also check for popular niches here

Search Engine Optimization can play a role in getting your listings seen by more people as well.

You might just want to get going on your online home business and use the Ali express pre-made store as explained in the video below.

There are no hard and fast rules on registering Domains, just get the best deal you can find.

But try to have your domain name have some reference/relevence to your niche.

If you’re new to Making Websites this will Help.

There are so many whiz-bang webmasters around these days telling people how to build sites the wrong way.

Most websites are a disaster.

The last thing you need to be doing is fooling around with a poorly made-website.

Yaroslav and many in his team have been building websites, developing plugins, and writing code for themes for more than 15 years.

They are University trained computer programmers, they developed the Alidropship plugin and some WordPress/ Woocommerce themes.

They do regular updates to keep the themes consistent with WordPress changes.

They know what they are doing.

They want your business, they will move mountains so you can benefit from all their experience and knowledge, to help you to succeed.

A snapshot of the differences between the Aliexpress Plugin and the Aliexpress Woo Plugin. It is recommended adding no more than 400-500 products to your WooCommerce site. It can lead to issues with high CPU usage on your server and heavy database load created by multiple WooCommerce queries. 

Let’s Crunch Some Numbers for the Plugin.

The costs so far……AliDropship plugin is $89.00 (less a 10% discount), so $81.90.

You normally have to pay you’re hosting a year in advance so, the minimum hosting is $48.00. The spend is now, $129.90.

For me, the hosting is a bargain.

The basic level ($48.00), entitles you to 5 websites and includes the SSL. which tells Google that your site is secure.

It also includes the WordPress CMS setup and installation of the Alidropship plugin.

You will need a license key to activate it.

The pages are fast loading and perform well.

The support is very good as well. I had no issue with them.

What to look for in Hosting.

There is Money Left Over.

From the $200 we started to build a website. $70.10 left for the Domain name. Normally about $15 -$20.00.

Once you have paid upfront you only have the yearly hosting, and domain name registration fees to take care of.

Of course, you don’t have to do it the way Rahul did. You may not have the time or patience for it.

When for the sake of $150, it may be easier for you to get a store loaded with products people are buying and start your business on the front foot.

A Quick Review of Domain Names

Domain names can sometimes become a fight over ownership, even though you were the one who registered it.

A website can become a very valuable property, much like real estate

So always keep the details of your domain name registration safe.

You can see more on domain names here.

The Chrome Extension.

The chrome extension for the AliDropship plugin. Allows direct import of AliExpress products to the user’s dropshipping store.

All the chrome extension does is allow you to add your own products (one at a time). To use it you need to have the AliDropship plugin enabled.

  • Search lower-priced AliExpress products identical to the one you’re considering
  • View the AliExpress store rating and evaluate the seller’s trust
  • See an AliExpress products price changes over time
  • View real-life product photos left by customers
  • Filter the AliExpress products that have an ePacket shipping option
  • Import the desired products directly to your AliDropship-based store

Online Home Business Turns $200 Into $12,000 in 5 Mths in $90B Market
Get ready to make money

Making Money

Before you can do that you will need something set up to take payments.

So you need a Payment Gateway Integration. Yaroslav has included this in the plugin as well.

The Plugin supports all the most popular payment processors like PayPal, 2CO, Stripe, and PayU.

You can see a whole heap more here.

Setting up Your Merchant Account is Not Hard.

If you have some experience in setting up websites then providing the details to the payment provider to have their Payment Gateway on your site should be easy.

Otherwise if don’t want the chore of doing it yourself…..

Newbie Online Home Business Turns $200 Into $12,000 in 5 Mths Thanks to Humble Russian Computer Genius.
Helen Gurneva

There are options for you. Maybe Helen, one of Yaroslav’s team members could take some info and set it up for you. And once that is done …

The rubber hits the road. Get your site out there into the big wide world.

Marketing…Can You Beat $12,000.00?

To make $12,000, online is no mean feat. But, you need to be single-minded about this. Once you make the decision don’t back off.

Rahul. The $12,000 guy. For some time, he experimented with various opportunities to make money online, but after he tried the AliDropship plugin, he decided to stop looking at shiny objects and just stick to one thing.

Where to Start Your Promotions

Yaroslav and his team have put together a good collection of marketing tips for you.

If you are new to online marketing I would advise you to start here.

There is Facebook marketing, Instagram, how to market Adult toys, U-Tube marketing.

Targeting an audience is one of the hardest searches people have when trying to find a buyer for their products.

How to find customers using social media is popular, but you need knowledge on how to use it to your advantage. Some answers to all of these can be seen Here.

Another option I have found useful at times is over at Fiverr where people and experts in marketing, can help your marketing efforts and keep costs under control.

As well you can always ask questions and read other user’s tips and tricks Here

Success Stories.

In the link at the end of this paragraph, Rahul, tells us about his dropshipping journey.

There is also an opinion about the technical side and possibilities of the plugin at this link.

A bit of legal stuff for the above link.

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in the AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, store screenshots, and personal photos are left unchanged.

But The World Wasn’t in Lockdown Back Then.

You might be thinking that this guy started in good times. The world wasn’t shut down, and economically things were going along pretty well.

Only a few weeks ago some experts were suggesting working online from home deserves a new look in light of the Pandemic.

Obviously, they are looking at it from the corporate point of view, not the self-employment angle.

A review can be seen here.

This Lady set up an AliDropship store and made $11,491.45 in sales in 3 months while on maternity leave.

As you have seen, many of the people here have more than one store and are doing way better than an average income.

More importantly, it can be more than one stream of income. If sales are down in one store, there could be a torrent of money pouring in on the other.

How is this possible?

I am sure you have heard the term seasonal…

Football in winter, watersports in summer.

The beauty of the AliDropship plugin is, you are able to have as many stores as you want because you are not forking out monthly fees.

So when things are out of season in one store, sales in the other kick in, and your income maintains consistency.

Ok, let’s see what people are saying.

A BIG THANK YOU to Yaros and the entire Alidropship team! I have two stores created by the ADS team and I am extremely happy with the amount of dedication and professionalism they have extended toward making my stores. Special shout-outs to Elena Baranova for being extremely helpful in guiding me in the entire process of my first store creation, and Vlad and Egor from customer support for helping me with Plugin update issues.It is very exciting indeed to launch your very own e-commerce business with the support of the ADS team, who is always there if you need to fall back for any hiccups. Keep up the good work team and I look forward to many many more awesome product releases from you all!

ADG. California.

AliDropship rocks!

You guys are super talented and you got great service. Thank you, Ksenia my project manager for all the hard work you have done for this project and to the whole team I have worked with till the success of this beautiful store. I really appreciate everything and everyone and once again “THANK YOU ALL” and keep up the great work.

Laila, from Oman.

If you are still on the fence then try a free consultation with one of the team members who will help with any other questions you may have. Go Here


Yaroslav is a founder of the AliDropship Community.

Helping people worldwide to start and run a successful dropshipping business.

You are welcome to get the most out of our Aliexpress dropshipping plugin and our customer support: it’s time to start building your prosperous future.

What happened to Debra,

There are two things I have done recently that have turned my life around. The first was to read a blog about a one-product store, the second was an introduction to Picasso theme.

You know that feeling when you see something and you just know that it’s better than anything you’ve ever seen before and that excitement that just rises up from your belly into your chest.

Well, I had that feeling when I saw Picasso for the very first time. So I bought it.

I wanted a product that would do justice to Picasso so I searched and searched.

Amazon Best Sellers and Google Trends, Hot Lists, you name it.

Well, I believe I have found a few winners, an amazing product, supplier, price, and a WOW experience for anyone who passes by my store.

And would you like to know the best thing? It will take a morning to set Picasso up. It is that easy.

Because Alidropship has really raised the bar on this one and done absolutely everything for you.

This rating is off the charts, like 20 out of 5. Really if you are undecided, get an amazing product, something you really believe in, Picasso and you will really be on your way.

Thank you to all involved in my dropshipping adventure.

Debra Basson,

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

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