Corona Virus and Work. Is this the Road to Nowhere?

Corona Virus and Work. Is this the Road to Nowhere?

It makes me wonder if work is worth pursing…

Corona Virus and Work…

As a topic?. This one will be around for a few years.

Strange though, many of us were going places and doing okay only a few months back.

Now we look back over our shoulders, and see an empty road … that seems to have no ending.

Maybe it is one big circle, with no finishing point.

So, Where the Hell Have We Come From?

Was it all a dream…did some one make this up?

Corona Virus’s has been around for Ages.

Snake and Tattoo's on a woman's leg. Used in the article Corona Virus and Work.
A pet snake.

If Veterinarians have known about Corona virus’s for 25 or 30 +? years, why did the pet “health” companies just focus on worm tablets and flea powder?.

“Real” pet owners can be saved by antivenom.

But the generic pet owners?

What a web we have woven.
Why is it only now, that it is deemed important to have a vaccine for corona?

Is there an ulterior motive?

We know how to treat Rabies.

I will have to ask the one armed guy as he zig zags up the road, straining to hold the lead attached to his pampered pooch… if it is vaccinated.

The Winding Road to Surviving the ‘Rona.

As usual there will be winners and losers. Saving lives has become the mantra of the political class and there lackies.

The same people, only a couple of months ago were calling for de-population.

Of course with a stalled economy, it suits their mantra to keep business shut down for as long as possible.

The more business that close their doors, the more customers the government will have…

Great for bureaucrats, they will be lots more opportunity to be re-deployed to a make believe job for more little fiefdoms within governments.

Who will have a Job?

As we look at the road ahead, we see it is winding downhill. Could this be an omen?.

Maybe it is an easy ride ahead… Or the fast track to disaster.

My crystal ball is foggy… Damn.

Corona Virus and Work. Is this the Road to Nowhere?

Lawyers and Accountants will have a job.

Some places have death duties, governments will be right on to those deceased estates.

Particularly those who were of working age when they passed away. “How dare they”.

Economists should be ok.

With printing presses working 24/7. Any one with an economic degree will be in demand, to “help” manage the distribution and value of the newly printed notes.

School Teachers ?

Sorry school teachers, the government has found an alternative to you…

The’re called parents, and they are cheap!.

So cheap in fact…

The government has bought in huge supplies of lemons, so at the first suggestion of education by any reporter, the government person has immediate access to a lemon to take any hint of a smile off his face.

Plus teachers will have to vaccinated and probably the kids too. So while everything is locked down parents are getting experience home schooling their kids.

This will be useful if the teachers decide not to be jabbed, or the parents resist having their kids getting the shot(s).

Medical Staff.

At the moment they are the “heros”. But what about the future, if they see too many adverse reactions?

Do they keep their jobs?

The plot thickens.

My Inbox

Is full of get rich, work from home webinars.

They have really zoomed in on the Corona Virus.

A couple of weeks back, my inbox was relatively quiet.

Now, my emails are shouting at me. “We Didn’t see you last Night”.

If you sent one of those to me, I am sorry.

“I was watching T.V.

There was this thing on about Penguins in Antarctica. I find stuff like that interesting.

Actually, it was a bit sad in one part. Where the mother Penguins have to climb this icy cliff with the chicks sitting on the mothers feet. Many of the chicks fall off, and slide all the way back down the icy cliff.

Thank you for understanding.

If you have a replay on See how Frank made $359,625.37 last week, I will try and have a look.

My internet reception is pretty crap though.

If You Could Re-schedule Your Webinars

That could help a lot. During the day I am not allowed to do much, so if you could reschedule them for my daytime, I might tune in.

You know, Frank making all that money last week must have been an amazing experience!”

Where was I ?

Oh Yeah… The winners and losers in the job market… Probably the “Tradies” are going to be losers. I mean who will be able to afford to have a house built, if they are only working two or three days a week ?.

But “tradies” are resilient, I know I used to be one.

It is hard work this predicting stuff, particularity with my foggy crystal ball, and government printing presses working 24/7.

My brother makes stuff so it easier for mechanics to pull cars apart. Maybe I should buy shares in his company.

Lets face it, with enough revamped Beamers, Chevy’s and Ford’s mingling in with the push bikes, we could still look like a first world country.

I mean…

If your a legal Secretary and your husband is an Chef… The restaurant is closed, or only allowed to serve takeaways, he is not going to be bringing home much bacon.

Perhaps it depends on the use by date on the bacon I guess, as to how much he brings home.

And you, because the Legal firm you work for has a “Social Conscience”.

Your job sharing, with three other secretaries ( two, who are being paid less than you), even though there is a back log of “Social” cases on top of all the deceased estates.

What is the Point of all This ?

Seriously ?


It gets back to basics I think. We all know that underlying this Corona virus thing, there was a massive lack of surplus dollars for any country to stall its economy.

Companies may have been ticking over reasonably ok. And we all know in good times they tend to get a little bloated.

Many did learn their lesson in 2008, recovered and paid heed to the past. It took some time though… And many were only just getting to a safe threshold…

When everything went bust in 2013 !

And many had to start climbing the rungs of the ladder again.

The reality now though, there is no need for the number of retail outlets we have. Much of what is available is now surplus.

And that includes a lot of our personal items.

The End of a Fools Dream.

China was the epicenter of everything. What ever the West wanted… China could do.

It was all a unanimous, “lets move all our pollution to China”, conscious decision by government… acting in our best interest.

Didn’t matter how dirty the process was, as long as the West didn’t have to manufacture it, and got a clean, green product off the boat at better than mates rates.

A pity though…

The mark up on these needed subsidies, so the population could afford them.

The West and China are on shouting terms now.

You don’t need me to predict what is going to happen to trade.

No freight then a lot of freight, and distribution channels chocked.

It is all in our best interest… But you know that.

It helps to stay optimistic, my daughter had a travel agency. She is saying she can work from home.

A Pity, because she only took on the lease of a main street shop in October 2019.

What Should we Do

Become as practicable as possible. If you can’t make stuff with your hands… Write.

Some one somewhere will need something written. If you don’t like writing, learn a craft.

I know a doctor who is very good with wood.

No, he doesn’t make coffins to hide his failures.

I have always built things using my hands. Much of my website is about physical things and online work. I mean Paid online work.

I hang out here sometimes.


1 thought on “Corona Virus and Work. Is this the Road to Nowhere?”

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Happy you enjoyed the article. There does not seem to be much to smile about lately. And yes “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. I agree we tend to take things too seriously. We should be a little kinder to our selves.

  2. OMG, Michael…loved this article. The twists and turns in imagery was indeed a refreshing play on words – I couldn’t help but smile at how you wove it all together.
    COVID-19 is indeed no joke and it has certainly changed the lives of many – for good and yes for bad. It simply depends on your perception and how you choose to view things – is the glass half-empty or half-fun or can it be re-filled?
    You know, this thing called life certainly can put ‘a spanner in the works’ and ‘stop us dead in our tracks’…in more ways than one.
    The moral of the story here is to simply make the best of whatever it ‘throws your way’…as the song goes – ‘what doesn’t kill us makes up stronger’. Yes, not something we might appreciate when it all seems to be crumbling around us, and yet, it can also provide the solace we need and the strength to move on
    Thanks again for the thought-provoking summary of life as we now know it.
    All the best,

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