SEO Rank Checker. Using the Worlds No.1 Keyword Tool.

SEO Rank Checker. Using the Worlds No.1 Keyword Tool.

You can see your website, but your are wondering if anyone else can.

This article will show you how you can use Google as a seo rank checker and how it compares using the worlds No1 keyword tool Jaxxy.

There is a link further down you can click on to try Jaxxy for free.

Bing can give you data, as well as other apps. But Google can give you quite an extensive amount of free keyword research.

Depending on your site you may need more precise data than google can give you. But for initial checks of your site, Google is not a bad place to start.

For instance, if you’re a drop shipper and sales have been falling away over the past 4 or 5 weeks. A quick check of your page’s position on google might give a couple of clues as to why.

How to Check Your Website Rankings.

For a quick check, accessing your Google search console is the easiest. The latest upgrade to Bing Webmaster Tools also contains vital information. However…

If you aren’t working through (at the very least), Google search console you should be. Other wise you are flying blind.

Below is a screen-shot of one of my blog posts using the Google seo rank checker. It gives me the basics of what I need to know.

It was about number 3 or 4 on page 1 in Google for its search term.

CTR (Click Through Rate), is ok, people are reading the post. A CTR below 1.5, is not good. As you can see impressions are low.

Obviously, this is still a fairly new post that could do with more impressions, which will translate to more clicks.

It does have a good CTR and rank though.

SEO Rank Checker. Using the Worlds No.1 Keyword Tool.
Good CTR, Good Position, Needs more impressions.

How To Get More Impressions.

This is requires a little bit of work, but not too much. If you are not using dedicated software like Jaxxy to analyse keywords, you can still do this using Google trends.

Like any any foundation it does pay to spend a little time doing some research before you settle on you main keyword(s).

For this exercise I have logged into Google trends and typed in SEO Rank Checker which is the headline I am using for this post.

SEO Rank Checker. Using the Worlds No.1 Keyword Tool.
Googles top 4

The initial return by Google has given me the following terms.

These can be broken down even further simply by clicking on them.

You might have noticed a couple of these search terms already in this post.

This is one way to get more impressions. Adding more relevant keywords to your article in a sensible way, gives your article a little more SEO firepower.

Read through your article and see if you cannot utilize keywords in place of other words.

If you keep doing these small things it all contributes to good search engine optimization.

Can you Predict the Number of Impressions.

SEO Rank Checker. Using the Worlds No.1 Keyword Tool.
Consistent searches, a little broad perhaps but this is typical of many searches on Google trends

Generally, you can. The above chart from the google keyword checker starts at zero and moves up in increments of 25 points.

A look at the chart you can see the searches are consistently between 25 and about 85 searches over a 60-day period which should give us around 800 – 900 impressions.

You can repeat this process for other search terms you might use for paragraph headings.

Quantifying the numbers off the google chart is an estimate at best, but it is data you can work with.

If each of your subheadings shows around 800 searches over 60 days then 5 sub-headings equals around 4000 impressions for your article

Not too shabby. And, from those impressions, you should get eyeballs on your content.

Combine that with searches for other keywords on your site, and it doesn’t take much to have a couple of thousand on your site at any one time.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Impressions, keywords, SEO, and ranking are all part of search engine optimization. Every term has a part to play, and your job is to put this little jigsaw together.

I have done an article on this previously that is still relevant although the article is over 12 months old.

I use Jaxxy as an optimization tool, it is inexpensive and accurate.

There is a free version you can use. The results are the same as the pro versions.

You cantry it here It is not going to cost you anything to try.

Wealthy Affiliate underwent a major makeover during 2022. This article covers it in more detail.

Combining the data from Jaxxy and Google, I can target places where people who are asking questions using different keywords ( for the same question), if my article contains one or a number of those keywords then the searcher may find the answer they are looking for on my site.

We can see from the data given to us by Jaxxy we get close to the numbers given from the Google chart above.

SEO Rank Checker. Using the Worlds No.1 Keyword Tool.
Jaxxy results

SEO rank checker averages 659 impressions a month according to Jaxxy

You might notice google seo rank checker is number 1 out of the top 4 on googles list above.

Jaxxy is telling me it only gets 141 impressions a month, and not much traffic.

Still the data from Google is useful, because you can expand on it in their system.

Is it Worth Having a SEO Rank Checker

For me yes. If your just starting in the blogging world or setting up a drop ship store there some great options available for you.

For a blogger who wants to get serious and have a blog that earns some money, and lets face it, wages don’t cover too many extras these days, you need value and help on your mission.

The two best choices for value and help in my opinion are, Wealthy Affiliate and Solo Build It

Both come with a lot of tools for working with keywords.

If your drop shipping the pickings appear pretty slim for you, in regards to what is included for you to improve the SEO on your site. But it is better to have your products optimized for the title keyword than not !

Google trends and keyword searches are fairly broad. As you saw above with the comparison between Jaxxy and Google rankings for the keyword. SEO Rank Checker.

SEO Rank Checker. Using the Worlds No.1 Keyword Tool.

The search numbers are okay, but notice how Googles number 2 and 3 terms had keyword in the term.

On the Jaxxy results opposite, only two results with keyword in the term would be worth bothering with. The traffic is just to low.

So if you are a drop shipper you might say the trend is your friend, and if you have a general type store, you probably work your advertising around the trending items.

If your a niche type store you might not be so lucky, and are working hard through your niche forums and social media.

Having a tool like Jaxxy will help the niche drop shipper, knowing which terms are best used to get better seo rankings.

If you shoot over and try the Brainstorm idea feed which could help you come up with some ideas. This feature is updated every day and includes Amazons best sellers.

To take Jaxxy for a spin click here. It won’t cost you anything.


In a very competitive online world keeping your site(s), up to date is very important. Equally important if you are new to all this, is stay in a narrow field.

This site is focused on work from home and the laptop lifestyle.

This is so you can take steps to never again have to tolerate the employment / financial carnage that has affected so many this year (2020).


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