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Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For

Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For

Its  Free. 

Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For

….And Pigs are Flying .….

With Web Hosting Companies fighting hard for your dollars, knowing what you are paying for can be a little confusing. 

Here I take a look at two companies offering Free Website builder and Hosting.

First.  Why the Competition?

On a Google search we have nearly 23 Trillion results. How many with the headline Free?  I would hate to guess.

Way too many for me to trawl through, but lets compare two business’s competing for your business (and mine).

Some where in the scheme of things we will pay for our “Free Website Builder and Hosting”  That is a given !.

Offering something for “free” is the best way to attract attention. It is an impulse for most people to at least have a look. That is fine.

You have a look and make an evaluation, usually you will see the future costs and some price point that makes you think you should compare it to an alternative.

Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For

Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying ForOhhh …  only free for 15 days. 

On Crazy Domains I have a few domains parked and an email account registered there.

On Wealthy Affiliate I use their website builder and domain hosting and an unused E-mail account.

What is Hosting.

Websites are built using many types of programming codes, which is inserted into pages along with images, databases, scripts and more. After your website is finished, it needs to be accessible for everyone to see it. This is what Web Hosting does.

Lets compare Wealthy Affiliate and Crazy Domains.

Both have dedicated hosting for WordPress. Crazy Domains also is a Windows hosting manager. For those who have not heard of Crazy Domains.

It is an Australian Company that claims “Blazing fast web space for your website and databases“.

It has offices in every state in Australia, as well as in Singpore, Europe the USA and Hong Kong. It is a Division of DreamScape Networks FZ-LLC .

Wealthy Affiliate is based in Canada and uses the internet to spread its message. It claims quality unlimited hosting.

Crazy Domains points to a 99.9% up time.

Wealthy Affiliate claims 99.99%.

Both are able to back those claims with verifiable proof.

For a brief overview of the comparison, below is Wealthy Affiliates Specs. It does promote its hosting capabilities,  in an understated way.

So keep these in mind when comparing to Crazy Domains which does actively promote its hosting capabilities.

FYI.  This is the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plan. $19.00 for the first month then $49.00 per.mth. A discounted Yearly rate is also available.

Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For

However there is much more that should be looked at when comparing these two.

Comparisons between Web hosting companies can some times seem like a comparison between Beer and Coke.  Often Hosting is only a secondary part of a companies main focus, or niche.

Crazy Domains has hosting as a major part of their business model. Cheap domain names supported by quality hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate has Website builders supported by quality hosting.

Between the two there is a crossover. Wealthy Affiliate also has Domain Names and Crazy Domains has Website building. Both promote WordPress, and both have dedicated WordPress hosting.

Crazy Domains will host websites built on other platforms. Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much 100% WordPress dedicated.

How does the Crazy Domains Business Model Help You.

The Hosting ,  Apart from the costs of registering your domain name, (which are low).  There are also the certifications. Domain name certification, DNS certification, Domain privacy, Domain listing. These are all Add ons. As well as email.  Email hosting for the domain is an additional add on.

Costs for a dot com domain name on Crazy Domains is $12.50. (for one year), this includes Free management, Free Cloud DNS services, Free Transfers, and 24/7 support.

The Extras. DNS will cost you $19.95.

Domain privacy is $14.00 for two years.

Domain listing is $9.00 for 2 years.

Unlimited email for One Year,  $144.00

Premium email protection at $36.00

At the back-end of their services is Web Page design and Web Site builds, plus Logo design Services. See more at the link. Build Your Own Website

That is about it. Crazy Domains like so many other Web hosting companies offers much the same as many others. Domains, Hosting, Websites, On Line marketing , Secruity and E-mail.

It delivers you a domain name, It will Install WordPress, (you choose the theme),  and 24/7 support If you are having Technical issues.  It will link an Email address to your domain ( extra $).

On the economy plan you get one website, The Premium plan gives you two websites.     The Ultimate plan gives you  5 websites.

All plans include enough bandwidth to handle 100,000 visits on the economy plan up to a 1,000,000 visits if you purchase the Ultimate plan

Sounds great, and it is important to have a hosting platform that you have confidence in for  safely running your business on.  

A hosting platform that will take care of all the technology, security and monitoring for you so that you can focus on more important things like growing your successful business.     

That is the focus at Crazy Domains.

But what if you have no idea how to set up your e-commerce page or blog, or a web page for your brick and mortar business?   Which plugins you should use, keyword research,   What will a million people be looking at?

Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For

Basically it gives you a tool box, but little in the way of instructions on what to do with it.

Web Hosting

At Wealthy Affiliate

If you have a domain name outside of Wealthy Affiliate and you do not wish to transfer it,  you need to point your domain to the Wealthy Affiliate servers. It is a simple step as shown below.

Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For

With the domain platform at Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to all the features you would expect other domain registrars to charge for. Included with every domain is WHOIS  Privacy Protection, 24/7 Support, Next Year Guarantee Pricing, Domain Security, Unlimited Email Accounts,  Advanced DNS Management and Instant Set-up.

As a Premium member, you will have access to all of these features for no extra cost with any domain that you register through Site Domains!  The cost of registering your domain at WA is $13.90. A domain name is your asset.

Wealthy Affiliate  does not concern itself with providing Website building and Logo design services.   It teaches you how to build your own website, 

Suggests which plugins to add,  you can add others. In the community people are always commenting on the latest whiz bang discovery. Beware,  because too many plugins will slow your site down

Most importantly,  it guides you on adding content to your WordPress site, via two course options. 

One a 5 phrase 50 lesson course. The other a  7 phrase 70 lesson course.   

Wealthy Affiliates focus is on you building an asset.

Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For

A Higher Level of Web Hosting.

What are SSL Certificates. SSL certificates are becoming standard fare in Website hosting.

It is a computer networking protocol that manages server authentication, client authentication and places a encrypted communication between servers and customers. Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For It can be identified by an “S” after the HTTP.

They provide the highest levels of industry standard secruity for Vendors and Consumers to conduct safe, secure E-commerce transactions.

It’s well known now amongst the Web Site servers and developers that Google takes sites with SSL Domain Certificates as more trusted than websites without them.

A Crazy Domains standard SSL certificate will cost you $35.00SSL Certificate

AT Wealthy Affiliate.

Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For

Since January 2017 SSL certificates have been Free for premium members of Wealthy Affiliates.  With all the features of the one above plus it  blocks all automated comment spam before it gets to your site.

Other upgrades to the wealthy affiliate site occurred in 2017 with the addition of Site Plus.

These are a new set of features and services that is associated with all of your websites that are hosted at WA.

With this new platform, you are able to toggle on and off features of your website that have been built from the ground up at WA to improve how your website functions, how it is perceived by Search Engines, how it’s experienced by your visitors, and how secure it is.

As you can see mine needs work. Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For

Wealthy Affiliate does not make a lot of noise publishing their back end products. But a look at them reveals they are as potent as any of the main stream players in this market. See Here

Wealthy Affiliate headlines.   Education, Websites, Hosting, Site Content, Keywords, Community, Support, and Success.

Crazy Domains headlines.    Domains, Hosting, Websites, On Line marketing , Secruity and E-mail.

The Costs of going on your Own.

Some of the costs of having a website hosted by Crazy Domains are detailed above.

If you want to build your own Website they have a platform called Sitebeat, where you can select from  4 different packages, starting at  $9.00 a month and up to $40.00 per month for an E-Commerce site.

The E-Commerce server is one of the usual suspects.. Shopify.. And.. you get a 15 day FREE trial.

Which is fine if your a Web Master. Although Sitebeat is promoted as easy to build.

Wealthy Affiliate promotes its Site Rubix as easy to build too. The only difference is, you can do it for free.   For as long as you like,  and with a heap of tutorials.

Question is, if you are getting a website to join the online income community (sounds better than workforce), would you competent to undertake all that is required to achieve you goal without help?

How do you know if the content you populate your new website with is of any relevance for a search engine to pick up and rank it?

What Key words would you use, and where?

If you are wanting to create a blog or E-Commerce web site to make you a few extra dollars and you start with a Blank sheet from a Web Site Hosting Company, then,  I am afraid it is a bit like having a car and not knowing how to drive it.

Crazy Domains has a On Line Marketing feature. How much it costs, I don’t know.

Wealthy Affiliate says. Quote ” People are your business. Without people, you have nobody to sell or advertise to.

Within the first few lessons at Wealthy Affiliate you will learn all about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get an ABUNDANCE of relevant customers to your website.

Wealthy Affiliate members OWN Google rankings, and own a huge share of ALL traffic online. That is a fact”. unquote.

Really,  if your just starting out in the online income economy it is probably likely to cost you bundles with out any chance of a return, if  you are flying blindly into something that requires structure, and consistency to make a dollar.

On your own you can become disillusioned and give up because you have no where / one to turn to for help.

15 Days Free vs Forever Free.

If you had a plan to get a website for your personal use, blogging , E-Commerce is 15 days enough for you to make up your mind as to where your going to take it ?.

If you have a job and can only “play” with your new site for a couple of hours after dinner, then after a week you might have only worked out what goes where and what it does, let alone write any content.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can have Forever Free. Here are some of the basics of the Free membership.

2 Awesome Looking Websites  

20 Free Lessons Guiding you through the process of building a concrete foundation for your first online business

7 days to the 24/7 Live Chat where you can ask for any help or have all your questions answered.

An Overview Here

Then there is the Video library, literally hundreds of them.  You have access to these for as long as you are a member.

Free Website Builder and Hosting. Knowing what you are Paying For


Wealthy Affiliate just offers so much if you want to be a part of the new economy and make money on line. Even as a Free member you can make money with this.

Many disadvantaged people from many places in the world have started here and gone onto bigger and better things.

You can be paying through the nose for on line marketing, website analytics etc.

These things are not that difficult to learn and they are included in your Premium membership.

As I have said in Other Posts  have a serious think what it is you want to achieve with your Web Site. If you decide it is not for you then there are other alternatives HERE

Crazy Domains. I like Crazy Domains. I have some domains parked there with one page mini sites. 

I use an E-mail account there. Ideally they are for the Corporate’s and Web Masters, but they keep a small niche in the personal website space.

You may know of some one who is trying to earn an income on line, you may have tried it yourself and found out it is not an easy road.

With Wealthy Affiliate you have somewhere to turn to and guide you to the path of success.

If your a Webmaster with an idea of you want to build, then 15 free days is probably more than enough for you to  Build Your Own Website

Wealthy Affiliate gives you a lot. The Free package of 2 Websites and training, plus the opportunity to earn some income is pretty much a no brainer. 

The Premium Package at $49.00 a month or a discounted yearly price is a great option if you want to upgrade and become serious about earning an income online.   Check it All out HERE

I am sure  that even If you had the free website and hosting from WA,  you would learn enough to help someone else.


I use This.

copyright ©the barefootaffiliate Feb.2019

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