Is Livegood MLM Legit? Checking the Red Flags in this Health and Wellness MLM.

A photo of Ben Glinsky CEO of Livegood. Used in the article Is Livegood MLM legit.
Ben Glinsky CEO of Livegood.
Livegood logo used in the article Is Livegoodmlm legit
Livegood Logo.

Livegood is the latest in a string of companies associated with Ben Glinsky. Of the 25 companies he has been associated with over the past 20+-years, 14 are still reported as active. So, Is livegood MLM legit?

Let’s find out.

He is probably best known as the the Founder of Skinny Body Care which was sued by the FTC back in 2012 for not disclosing the terms and conditions of their distributor program.

The case was settled with a $1 million fine.

In 2019 Skinny Body Care was purchased by Valentus Europe (according to a FaceBook post). Skinny Body Care is now essentially eliminated, and Valentus continues as an MLM, marketing the products it absorbed in the SKB takeover. Livegood kicked off in Florida late in 2022 using the MLM business model, with the full launch of the company in March 2023.

lets review some of the important aspects of this company and see whether there is a real opportunity or not.

Is Livegood MLM Legit?

Yes. It satisfies State and federal legal requirements, also the director of product development has doctorate in pharmarcy and a degree in science and nutrition.

I do see one or two potential red flags for consumer dissatisfaction.

So far as I can make out the products are made in the USA.

Ben Glinsky has a background in various business from selling real estate, being a part of other MLM businesses, lead generation (ProBuilder).

I guess he has been around long enough to know how to follow the legal process when setting up a business.

As for ethics, that is another story.

But let’s just say they are making a great attempt to appeal to the “little guy” or looking for “easy pickings,” you could say.

Some products are the same products Skinny body Care marketed. *Instant Youth and Ageless Skin Serum for example.

Whether that breaks any agreements with Valentus Global is anyone’s guess, but I guess there would be some clause in the agreement allowing this when the deal was signed.

The Founders and Business Profile of Livegood

Founder(s). Ben Glinsky. Entrepreneur who formerly owned Skinny Body Care. (A MLM).
Director of Product DevelopmentRyan Goodkin. Pharm.D. Palm Beach Atlantic University. BSND. Florida State University
Director of Nutrition Education Lisa Goodkin. Masters degree in exercise physiology (MSESS), and Batchelor of Science in nutrition (BSND).
Director of Network Marketing.Nauder Khazan*
Company Address. 1201 Jupiter Park Dr. Unit 5
Jupiter, FL 33458
$Turnover, business rating and Membership. Estimated at $5,000,000 after 3 months of operation with 130,000 paid-up members. AA+ business rating. Source. Business for home

* Who is Nauder Khazan?

Previously he has been involved with Pyramid schemes, a company called AliveMax which marketed energy sprays among other things.

These days it is nowhere to be seen.

A photo of a young Nauder Khazan used in the article Is Livegood ligit"
A young Nauder Khazan

This guy knows his way around MLMs. So they have made responsible for getting the membership up to levels where the company $turnover moves from dribble to “rolling in it.”

Another MLM Nauder has been involved with is Globalee, which, so far as I can determine is still active.

What role he now plays within that organisation (if any), is probably best left to the imagination.

What does Livegood Sell?

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Livegood sells nutritional products.

A photo of Livegood's nutritional products.
Used in the article Is livegood mlm legit or another health and wellness scam?
Livegood sells these.

More specifically:-

A screenshot of a bottle of anti ageing serum marketed by livegood carrying the skinny body care brand.
Skinny Body Care
  • Magnesium
  • Protein PowdersMulti-Vitamins
  • Vitamin D3-K2
  • Super Greens Powder
  • CBD Oils (for humans and also their pets).
  • Super Reds Powder
  • Powdered Coffee fortified with Fiber,
  • Maca & Green Tea.
  • * Instant Youth Wrinkle Cream (Skinny Body Care?)
  • * Ageless Anti-Aging Serum (Skinny Body Care?)
  • Ammino acid beverage mix.
  • * Power Endurance Electrolytes (Skinny Body Care?)

Note:- It is possible that Valentus never acquired all of Skinny Body Care products. It happens often in takeovers, companies will only take products that align with their products.

What are the Benefits of LiveGood products?

According to Livegood, their products can boost your immune system, enhance your cardiovascular health, provide relief from stress, improved eyesight, stronger bones, and healthy aging—

At a budget-friendly price!

Livegood Product Pricing.

This may come as a shock. Livegood’s pricing is ultra competitive. Lets take a look at some samples.

a jar of Livegood's Super Reds showing retail price and members pricing, used in the article is livegood legit.
A bottle of Livegood's Ultra Magnesium Complex showing members price and retail price.
A jar of Livegood's organic coffee showing members price and retail price.

I am not sure about you, but compared to some of the MLMs I have reviewed, Vidafy for example, this is some of the best pricing I have seen for MLM products.

I have put a red flag under the coffee because it is “out of stock” more on why it is a red flag below.

You might be asking how anyone in an MLM can be making money with those low prices.

The same question probably doesn’t arise when we talk about Aldi, Costco or Price Smart.

We walk away thinking we have a bargain and know those stores are likely to be around next week.

Like Price Smart you pay a membership fee and you can take advantage of the lower prices.

Unlike Price Smart you will be hustling for recruits to go on your downline.

At a glance the cost of Livegood’s membership is quite reasonable at $99:95 per/annum, or $9.95 per month.

But those are the visible costs.

How do You Make Money with Livegood?

First lets look at the bait.

They say you can earn up to $2,047.50 per MONTH without ever enrolling a single person. ?

That is a big statement, but it actually is a possibility… A very slim one… but still a possibility

The idea is simple:

You pay a one time fee of $40:00 plus your $9:95 membership and sign up as an “Affiliate.

When you lock in your position with LiveGood, you are given your own business center in their 2×15 Matrix.

As more people join LiveGood every week, they are placed in the matrix UNDER everyone who is already in there, following their enroller.

As shown on the following chart.

Earnings Per LevelUnrankedBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamond
Livegood’s Matrix Commissions.

This sounds like a pyramid, but it is not finite, and is based on 150 members under you in the Matrix.

Now, you are not likely to have 150 random people sign up directly under you within a few days of you signing up.

It is all hypothetical of course and relies on your efforts along with some spillover.

Spill over usually occurs when your upline (whoever recruited or sponsored you) places customers or affiliates under your powerline.

They will be staggered, some this month some the next and the next etc.

But, if those 150 stayed paid up then by the time all have paid up for their 3rd month then you will “earn” $2,047.50.

The only other MLM I have reviewed that does this is SFI. (Success Future International).

It recognized that you could fill a persons downline with online enrolments years ago. But it has seriously complicated things over the years since and these days it is a confusing maze.

The Compensation Plan.

Includes these 5 ways to make money with Livegood.

  1. Weekly fast start commissions.
  2. Matching Bonuses
  3. Retail Commissions
  4. Influencer Bonuses
  5. Diamond Bonus Pool.

1. Weekly Fast Start Commissions.

Anyone you personally enrol and pays $49.95 you get 50%. This only applies to your first level though.

2. Matching Bonuses

This one opens up all sorts of possibilities.

If you have 10 personally enrolled people who are each earning $6,000 per month in their matrix, then you will be paid $3,000. So, you get $30,000.

This sounds good if you say it fast. To me it comes across as a?

Actually it is beginning to sound extravagant, and the ??are appearing because of the low cost of the products and your even lower cut of the profits.

Screenshot of Livegood's matching bonus template
Livegood’s matching bonuses template: See more Here.

Accumulating $6,000 a month from everything you do with Livegood, signing up new members, selling stuff etc; seems a big ask.

Even unrealistic, in the short to medium term at least.

As an example. The everything pack retails at $449.95. The members price is $299.95

You are paid 50% of the difference between member price and retail price, which in this case equals $75.00.

That is 80 everything packs you need to sell in a month.

I know the $6,000 could be broken up between sales, new members, kickbacks from downline sales etc.

But it is most likely unrealistic for the majority of people who actually do get off their butts and make an attempt at succeeding with MLM.

Rather than appeal to greed with big numbers something more realistic could have been used. ANYWAY…

If you were selling in large quantities, the last thing you need is product unavailability.

Screenshot of Livegood's everything pack. Used in the article Is Livegood Legit.
More red flags ???

In nearly every MLM I have reviewed on this site, product unavailability is one thing that not only turns affiliates, distributors and consumers off, but also invites trouble from the authorities.

Related article Here.

3. Retail Commissions.

As mentioned above you get 50% of the difference between member price and retail price on any product, every time someone in your downline purchases at retail price.

If they are on your second line you get 10%, 3rd line 5% etc.

If you have attained silver ranking you only get paid to 4 deep.

Gold goes 6 deep, Plutonium goes 8 deep, and Diamond goes10 deep, but it drops to 1% at 8 deep.

Screenshot of Livegood's influencer bonuses, used in the article Is Livegood legit.
Snapshot of influencer bonuses.

4. Influencer Bonuses.

For all you TicTok, Twitter and Instagram influencers you might do well with this.

Instead of getting 50% of the difference between member pricing and retail pricing, on your referred customers, you receive additional % bonuses on a sliding scale from 60% to 100% of the the difference.

If you have a large following this is doable, at least in the lower levels.

Diamond Bonus Pool

Once you achieve Diamond rank, you will share in 2% of total company sales every month!

To qualify for Diamond ranking You must have 3 separate Enroller Tree legs with a Platinum ranked Affiliate, plus a total of 2,500 active members in your team.

Or 2,500 active members in your Enroller Tree team with no more than 500 counting from any individual Enroller Tree leg.


I don’t mind the concept of becoming a member to get items at cheaper rates.

It is not common in MLMs as they have a reputation of being overpriced.

Some of the potential earnings are overstated IMHO and I see a few issues with all the claims.

Maybe they are growing pains, but apart from those I am not impressed by the extravagant claims being made about how much you could earn.

Some MlMers with large followings may achieve those numbers, but I think for most it “may” just be a dream, cum nightmare.

 Just like Amway, Avon, Herbalife, Forever Living and all the others.

If after only 3 months there are already supply issues with Livegood, then they are already turning off “affiliates.”

No-one likes hearing excuses, and excuses from MLM companies are often taken with a grain of salt.

MLM is not something I do, however while this one ticks a lot more boxes than some others I have looked at, I would still treat it with caution.

Essentially you need 3 fully paid up affiliates under you to cover your monthly dues.

Then you need to cover your marketing costs etc.

Some people love the drama of the hunt with MLMs,

I think there are better opportunities around.

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