Vidafy MLM Review. Another MLM Wellness Scam or a Genuine Opportunity?

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Vidafy Inc. embarked on an International expansion campaign in 2021. This Vidafy MLM review will take an in-depth look at the company, the people behind Vidafy, and IF their headline product Curcumin Plus, is just another overpriced wellness supplement.

What does Vidafy Sell?

Curcuma Plus ingredient label. Used in the article Vidafy MLM review.
3 bottles of Curcumin Plus on a white circular base as promoted by Vidafy.
Image: Vidafy Liquid Gold.

Vidafy’s signature product is called Curcumin Plus, which is extracted from Turmeric rhizomes, (the bulb found below ground), using a technology called BioMS, which stands for biotechnology with micelle solubilization.

The benefits Vidafy’s curcumin include vitamin D3 with the added synergy of ginger and vitamin c for extra immune and intestinal support.

You may have seen the image on the right in promotions on social media.

Other Products include.

  • Nanofy with BioMS. It contains curcumin and vitamin D3 
  • Synbiofy: This formulation is scientifically designed with all-natural herbal and fiber ingredients together with magnesium and more than 5 billion colony-forming units.

Some FAQs on Curcumin.

What is Curcumin?

People also ask if curcumin and Turmeric are the same thing.
The scientific answer is:
Curcumin is one of over 100 active phytochemical compounds found in Turmeric belonging to the Curcuminoid family. It makes up between 2-8% of the compounds found in Turmeric which help give it its yellow colour. Ref: 1
Turmeric is part of the ginger family, you may know of it as a spice used in curries, mixed spices and supplements.
Note: Much like honey has been used for treating wounds and ailments, Turmeric has been used in India and surrounding areas for millennia.

What does Curcumin do for you?

Research suggests that curcumin can help in the management of oxidative and inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, anxiety, and hyperlipidaemia. It may also help in the management of exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness, thus enhancing recovery and subsequent performance in active people. Ref: 2

What is Nanofy?

This original formula NANOFY with BioMS Technology contains curcumin and vitamin D3 which provide support to your body for a healthy response to inflammation, oxidation, and intestinal challenges.
Vidafy’s patented BioMS Technology overcomes the lipid absorption barrier for curcumin (the active ingredient of turmeric root) with proven absorption levels up to 277 times greater than native turmeric powder.

What is Synbiofy

Synbiotic is a mixture of lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) and dietary fibre (prebiotics). The fibre functions as a food supply for the bacteria on their way down to the intestine. Once in place, they feed the bacteria so that they can multiply. Ref: 3

Is Curcumin safe to use Daily.

Taking up to 12 g (12,000 mg) of curcumin daily is likely safe, according to a review. That said, the dosage used in research studies is usually lower than 12 g, which suggests you may see benefits at a lower dose. Ref: 4

These are the three mainstays of Vidafy’s product line up.

They are available in various pack sizes, so marketing is simple and on point.

Disclosure. This Vidafy MLM Review has been thoroughly researched from information and scientific evidence that is available in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!]

Business Details and Founders of Vidafy Inc.

Business Details
Head Office registered address:510 W 1885 N, Orem, Utah, 84057, United States
Phone Number:(801) 849-9025
Founders: Shane and Laura Brady
Revenue: Estimated at $5million per annum.
Shane and Laura Brady. Used in the article Vidafy MLM review.
Shane and Laura Brady.

Shane and Laura Brady had the idea for Vidafy while they were living in Mexico in 2016.

Prior to 2016 Shane Brady was based in Mexico as Vice President of Kyäni (now part of Amare Global), responsible for the Latin America and the Latino USA markets.

Kyäni bragged about its products being infused with Alaskan blueberries and Sockeye salmon, creating a “Triangle of health.” ie:- health, wealth and life.

Other roles and MLM companies he has been involved with include…

  • 2007-2012 Mexican and Colombian General Manager for Xango (now trading as Zijo).
  • From 1999- 2007 he was a marketing manager for Unicity‘s Latin American operations, the last two years of which he was a director of Latin American operations as well as the Latino USA market.
Tyler Sharp Profile photo.
Tyler Sharp.

Key Personnel.

  • Director of sales: Tyler Sharp. Formerly Chief Sales officer at Juvenaé Skin Care, (which had claims from distributers of not being paid), and previously International Director of sales at Kyäni which was acquired by Amare Global in September 2022.
  • Lucy Martinez: Business manager. Little relevant information is available about from a basic Linkedin profile.
  • Guadalupe Oropeza: Independent Distributor. Again not much on her background, but she has a few videos published about Vidafy.
  • Luis Castillo: Double Diamond level in Vidafy. He trained as a graphic designer and was involved with Sanki Global a Japanese health and wellness MLM with a presence in The USA and some South American countries.

Is Vidafy Legit?

All though Shane Brady’s or Tyler Sharp’s names are not mentioned (from my research). The lawsuits filed against Unicity, Xango, and Kyäni, included international bribery, financial impropriety, and a host of other issues, before those companies were taken over by other entities.

As for Vidafy being legit? Legally, yes it is.

The devil, as usual is in the detail which is the compensation plan, and whether or not the focus is on selling product or recruiting members.

Currently I don’t see any complaints or internal troubles with the company unlike some other MLMs.

But, if Vidafy (or any other MLM), get on the radar of the Federal Trade Commission they will be closely scrutinised and may face court action.

How do you Make Money with Vidafy?

A poster showing two bottles of Curcumin liquid and a side panel listing the health benefits.
Sample Vidafy promotional material.

After 20 years of high level positions in other MLM companies Shane Brady would have in-depth knowledge of compensation plans that appeal to distributers.

Nutritional supplement MLMs generally follow the same script, with a focus on looking good, feeling good, a hint of medical magic, and money magic, where your financial problems become a thing of the past.

Vidafy is no different.

Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities combat intestinal dysfunction and provide relief from their symptoms. Proper Cognitive Function: Curcumin combined with Vitamin D has been shown to support the body in combating degenerative brain function.

Vidafy. Along with a disclaimer:- This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The 3 ways you can earn money with Vidafy.

  1. Retail commissions based on wholesale-retail
  2. Residual commissions are based on sales from your team or downline
  3. Various bonuses through the compensation plan

Those 3 ways are then broken into 12 further subsections for making money with Vidafy.

  1. Customer Sales: These pay up to 50% for retail sales, preferred discount pack orders and something called Wellness Ship, which is actually a discount for product purchases.
  2. Vidafree Retail Rewards: You receive a free bottle of Nanofy every month you gain 3 new retail customers.
  3. Start up Bonus: This pays up to $250 for every start-up sales kit bought by someone you personally enrolled into the program.
  4. Start up triple bonus: Sell 3 start-up kits and receive a $120 bonus if you personally enrolled them into the program.
  5. Rapid Pro Bonus: Qualify as a “Pro Entrepreneur” within 30 days and collect a $300 bonus.
  6. Rank Advancement Bonus: Earn up to $250,000 for achieving certain milestones.
  7. Start-up Global Pool: Earn shares each month from the 10% held in trust from the sales of start-up kits
  8. Lifestyle Rank Bonus: Earn up to $10,000 a month for repeating a level of achievement each month.
  9. Generational Royalty Shares: Earn a royalty each month on residual orders from within your downline.
  10. Generational Leadership Bonus: Earn a bonus commission for your leadership level paid on residual orders each month.
  11. Diamond Global Pool: Diamond executives earn a share of global sales each month.
  12. Vacation Club: A loyalty based travel program open to Pro Entrepreneurs and above.

However before you can start making money with Vidafy there is a cost involved.

The Vidafy Compensation Plan.

Unfortunately I am not able to access a complete plan as you need a sponsor to provide those details.

However there is a video on their website which goes through the details.

The video is not able to be shared, but I can say that the residual bonuses stop at 7 deep.

This PDF will give you a good overview of the income plan and how much you get paid.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Vidafy?

Like all MLMs there is a cost to become involved.

So far as I can see you have to be sponsored in, then complete your application and payment online.

There are three starter kit packages.

  1. Kit 250. The cost is $280.00 and the retail value is quoted at $395
  2. Kit 500. Costs $535 with a retail value quoted at $975.
  3. Kit 1000. This will set you back $1,189 with a retail value quoted at $2240.

Obviously the more you pay the move PV you receive.

Once you purchase a kit you will also receive a personalized website customers can order from, a back office login, as well as access to all there training.

Can you make Money with Vidafy?

Maybe! To make money your income has to exceed your outgoings.

But how much money are you looking to make? Is it a side hustle or a full time effort.

Most people will make something.

For those putting in a wholehearted effort and are prepared to devote a couple of years to marketing and promotion, then anything is possible.

However it should be noted MLMs have a high failure rate (over 97%), as evidenced by other companies I have reviewed in the MLM section.

If trying MLM for the first time, you are going to struggle until you build a large following.

When considering Vidafy, remember you need a minimum 100PV points a month to stay active as a Vidafy entrenpreneur.

Usually a PV =$1.00 so you need at least $100 dollars in sales every month.

Above entrepreneur level you need your PV value plus a dollar amount of group volume. Take a look.

  • PRO Entrepreneur – 100 PV + 2,000 GV
  • SENIOR Entrepreneur – 100 PV + 5,000 GV
  • MASTER Entrepreneur – 100 PV + 10,000 GV
  • PREMIUM Business Professional – 25,000 PV
  • ELITE Business professional – 50,000 PV
  • DIAMOND Executive – 100,000 PV
Google trends for Curcumin searches over 5 years.

As you can see by the above graph from Google trends, world wide interest in Curcumin is pretty steady at around 60,000 searches per month.

2019 stands out as a high search topic and it should be noted that Vidafy around that time went on a big marketing push.

Google interest by region for Curcumin.
An screen shot of Mary Ruth's turmeric gold drops.used in the article Vidafy MLM review.
Mary Ruth’s alternative

More recently the countries where Vidafy is expanding its market, show an interest in Asia, and Europe as reasonably high.

Is Vidafy’s Curcumin Overpriced?

The problem I see with Vidafy is the retail price for their products compared to others in the marketplace.

A look on Amazon gives you plenty of choices. And possibly a visit to your local health store may uncover more options.

Mary Ruth’s might be their biggest opposition as they offer a similar product, using similar marketing terms.

Vidafy’s curcumin plus sells at $60.00.

Mary Ruth’s sells at $23.95.

I am reluctant to say Vidafy’s products are over priced, as MLMs generally are not competitive with other brand name products due to different product sourcing, variations in product and marketing strategies.

However, I am not sure that Vidafy has built enough value into its product.

It seems strange that Indians have had no trouble absorbing curcumin for the past 4,000(?) years, but Vidafy somehow thought humans had problem absorbing curcumin and created a process for it.

I guess that is the way of the world we live in now.


Although I have not seen any complaints requiring 3rd party intervention, Vidafy is not listed with the Better Business Bureau and I don’t see a listing for it in the Direct Selling Association.

This should be something you take into consideration if purchasing a kit or buying from a distributor.

While Vidafy will appeal to some people due to the patents they have for the technologies giving their product a uniqueness, people do like to shop around.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is your marketing costs and factoring in the fuel costs of going to and from meetings to keep your team active.

These could easily surpass the minimum PV value you need each month to stay an active member.

It is to be expected that the costs of getting your business started will be greater than the return you receive for a couple of months at least.

If you decide to become involved with Vidafy, all the best and good luck to you, but I think there are better options out there.

Thanks for reading.

Scientific References.

Ref: 1

Ref: 2 Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects.

Ref: 3. The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) consensus statement on the definition and scope of synbiotics

Ref: 4.

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